You’ve made me so very happy…

I am always happy whenever I see Melissa eating well and enjoying herself a lot. I find that she takes things a little too seriously especially where her studies are concerned which is a good thing…but I would love to see her relax a bit and pamper herself sometimes. We certainly do deserve it when we reward ourselves for having worked very hard and putting in our best in whatever we do.

That was why I was delighted when I heard that she went go-karting with her friends…

Mel go-karting

…and during the Easter break, she went paintball shooting some more…

Mel paintball shooting

…and had a great time!

They enjoyed eating too…like this nasi bryani one of them had at a food court at some place called Queensgate…

Nasi bryani Queensgate food court Wellington

She and her friends wanted to have a barbecue one night but I think they had problems in setting up the fire and ended up getting a complaint from an irate neighbour for producing so much smoke. As a result, they had it indoors…

Mel & friends - indoor barbecue

…and used the oven to cook the meat.

On another occasion, she went to see a movie, “Paul”, with her friends at the Embassy Theatre in Wellington…

Mel @ Embassy Theatre Wellington

and after that, they went for an Indian dinner…

Lamb curry @ Little India Wellington

…at this place called Little India and had a great time enjoying Wellington by night…

Wellington by night

Well, Easter break is over and it is back to the books, lectures and tutorials, assignments, tests and examinations but I do hope that she will take some time off whenever she can to let her hair down and have some fun. That would make me so very happy…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “You’ve made me so very happy…”

  1. Wah…. the nasi briyani looks so yummy… lucky i just had some yesterday, or else i would be drooling by now!

    It certainly looks good. I wonder how much that cost…

    1. Yes, looks very good… I tink it cost quite a fortune? Yesterday the one I had cost me Rm7.50. Sobsob. So mahal!

      RM7.50? That’s cheap! I’ve seen more expensive nasi bryani at the nasi kandar shop in Penang. In Sibu, just slightly cheaper than that…

      P.S. Check my reply to Claire. Muahahahaha!!!!

  2. I do understand very well what you mean… when they are happy, we are happy.. that is what we want for our kids!

    Ya…and when they get married also – one must be able to make the other happy…and the parents will also make sure they are both happy. Wink! Wink! Hehehehehehe!!!! 😀

    1. *PENGSAN* tak habis habis hinting. I tell u both wud la… go cari my kakak… she’s a very experienced matchmaker!

      Oops!!! You’ve seen it! Hahahahaha!!!! 😀

    2. heehe.. cleff pengsan many times liow!! hahaha.. woke up, pengsan again.. she beh tahan liow… hey, u must do your bit la.. let her see the boy’s pic.. hahahaa….
      cleff pengsan again!

      Hahahaha!!! She probably finds us shocking…. Desperate parents! LOL! 😀

  3. Good to see Melissa enjoying herself!

    Yeah, Australia and NZ can be prone to neighbor complains especially if there’s too many people or if the crowd is too noisy.

    When I was there, we did our barbies in parks – they have all the facilities there – the pits, water, etc and you can be as rowdy as you want. 🙂

    Yup! I’m glad too that she’s having some fun sometimes… So hard to live there… Should be more tolerant especially when it’s just once in a blue moon. I think they had it in the park once but that was in the daytime.

    1. Yeah, I think the parks are only open for BBQ during daytime. They are also very strict about fire, and for good reason. When it’s summer, it’s very hot and dry and it’s not humid like our country so it’s easy for sparks to ignite and start a bush fire.

      Yup, in Oz especially… Just a cigarette butt can do the trick…

  4. I think eating and enjoying is in everyone’s blood. They never need to be taught about this. My 3 daughters in UK love food and cook wonderful food themselves. Luckily they know how to make their own money to support themselves. A relief for us.
    I always tell uni students… enjoy yourself when you still can. Uni life is the only time when they can have all the fun and freedom they wanted.

    True… Once they go out into the world, start working, settle down…responsibilities, commitments – it’s going to be a whole new world. Better make the most of it now.

  5. wow nasi briyani…hmm…there is a new indian shop near my hse. Yet to go and try out.hmmmmm hope they have nice briyani there

    Over there…no problem one. Indian shops everywhere… 😉

    1. 😦 Mamak shop is everywhere here, but the food… not necessarily good. Some of their briyani and curry I tell u… diluted punya. No rasa!

      Yup…the same everywhere. Not necessarily all are good – you need to know the best ones to go to.

  6. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)

    If you’re happy and you know it, stomp your feet (stomp stomp)

    If you’re happy and you know it, shout “Hurray!” (hoo-ray!)

    If you’re happy and you know it, do all three. (clap-clap, stomp-stomp, hoo-ray!)

    Whoa school is fun!!!!!… Lyrics & Muzik

    Clap! Clap! Go search on youtube: Edward Neil Britain’s got talent 2011 and see how he sang all the nursery rhymes to the tune of Snow Patrol/Leona Lewis’ song…. Really good!

    1. Edward Reid He is a terrific twinkling little star now..watched twice..haha. tQ.

      Yes…he’s really creative, innovative…so original and natural. A drama lecturer – if only all teachers are like him. Happy ending – clap clap clap…happy ending – clap clap clap. LOL!!!

  7. When in Egypt during our camel ride the camel boy took some pix for us sitting on the camel with the pyramid at the background. While returning the camera asked us to check the pix if its OK and then said this “You happy I happy.. give money” Got style and rhyme as well, wow you just cannot resist not to give him tips.

    In this world, where got anything that’s free one… Of course lah! Must tip! 😀

  8. Well!…well!…good to see that Melissa is enjoying herself. Yeah! parents, when our children are happy we also feel the same.

    Oh!…the nasi briyani looks good…wish I could have it right now. BTW, is that indian curry or something else cooked with tomato. Looks spicy!!!!…………..

    Some kind of lamb curry in the Indian restaurant they went to, I think. Indian restaurants like that – just like the one we went to in Kuching, the curries don’t look like our Malaysian ones but taste good especially with the naan bread…

  9. That’s good for her. 😀

    Like her, we need to pamper ourselves from time to time.

    We must! Life has no meaning if it’s all toil and cares… 😦

  10. You’re watching a little girl becoming a woman….from being protected to being (more) independent..heh..heh..heh…it’s a good thing tho buddy, sooner or later, the bird will leave the nest and it’s more reassuring to see them have strong wings…credits to both u & missus. Cheers!

    Yes, no running away from that. Can’t be around for her forever so she will have to take care of herself sooner or later. Good that she gets to learn to do that. Lots easier with sons, you reckon? LOL!!! 😉

  11. Wow, not bad Mel, huh…go-karting and paint ball…hehehe. Too bad I was not around during the hols or else she could come and visit me.
    Indian food in NZ very nice leh…I like. Even the rice pun sedap…sebiji-sebiji.
    Don’t know why la, Arthur when I went back to Malaysia this time, I was so disappointed with the food. Not as nice as I remember them to be and portions very little. Everything is mediocre and some even quite bad…sigh! I am sure it’s not me with alien taste buds as everyday pun I makan Malaysian food masak sendiri…but I managed to makan Malay food…so syiok..hehehe.

    Yup…like when we went to the nyonya restaurant in Penang, one of my cousins said that we might as well stay home and eat our own cooking – everything below par and we were criticising like hell. LOL!!! 😀 I think it is worse in KL…where you see the stalls manned by Bangladeshis and Myamarese and the boss not around to ensure quality control.

    Come, come to Sibu… I’ll make sure that you get to eat the best of the best and you will want to keep coming back for more. You’re coming in September, you said?

    Ya…I would love to have Melissa go and visit you when on holiday – for one thing, I’m sure she will be very very well-fed. LOL!!! 😉

  12. So true the saying that all work and no play makes Melissa a dull girl.

    Yup…like many students/young people today. So pathetic, their lives…study…study…study. Come to think of it, they do not even have a life. I had so much fun during my school days – some of the best years of my life.

  13. heya! sorry for not being here around for such a long time. Been very busy lately but i am happy to be back now…hooray!

    Welcome back…and next time, don’t stay away so long! Tsk! Tsk! 😦 Hahahahaha!!! 😀

  14. oh hey i wanna try Paintball too.. I remember there once had a Paintball competition held here in our place though i failed to get some tickets.
    ei that’s nice, you mean you will cook the foods all by yourself ?
    I once tried an indian dish. as far as i remember it’s called Vindaloo and Luchi… don’t like the taste though hehe

    Ooooo…I love vindaloo, not too sure what luchi is. No truly Indian restaurant here as so very few Indians around, so I can only get to eat when I go to the bigger cities here. I like! Ummmm…what food did I cook all by myself? The barbecue ones? That’s my daughter and her friends’ in NZ, not mine. I guess young people should try and experience as much as they can…but I think I will draw a line at things like bungy jumping! *faint!!!

  15. by the way STP
    can i ask for a favor
    can you “share” my entry via Facebook
    here’s the link
    Story Behind their Success
    The “Share Button” is on the Top left corner of that article
    It was actually for a contest that I joined…
    oh and please leave a comment too, even just a short one..
    thanks a lot my friend

    Ok, done that! No problem! That’s what friends are for…

  16. Arthur, you must hv felt very grateful and contended looking at your girl’s pic… wht is more important thn our own little sweet pie hvg so much fun with bundle of great friends!^^

    Definitely! Always happy when she’s happy and grateful that God has blessed us abundantly… 🙂

  17. it’s sure fun studying overseas! 🙂

    That’s what I always tell the students – must go abroad for that “overseas experience”, open up their minds…not be a frog in a well…and it may even help them appreciate home more when they see with their eyes and their minds. Being away from home has made my daughter appreciate home a lot more. You probably feel that same way…since you’re working in KL, not at home?

  18. The song Butterfly Kisses suits you very well. I’ve never seen a father so close to his daughter *chokes*.. sobs.. u r super nice STP! Happy Father’s Day way in advance! 😀

    Hahahaha!!! My daughter hates that song! She does not like the end where the daughter gets married and leaves the father. Like that, how, Claire? Muahahahaha!! 😀

  19. It’s so great seeing Melissa having fun there in NZ. Upon graduating and looking back , I realize that the best times are to be had when one is in Uni … Here’s wishing her all the best in her future undertakings and more fun times ahead 🙂

    Thanks. Thought you’re still studying, doing your masters? Too bad that many young people get so stressed out when studying, and never ever have any fun – to them, uni life is hell…and to many, it starts as early as kindy! Real pathetic, young people today!

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