Girls just wanna have fun…

My daughter is on her 2-week Easter break right now but unfortunately, it’s coming to an end and she and her friends will have to go back to class next week. She did not go anywhere even though I kept telling her to but she did do a lot of things with her friends and had quite a bit of fun…and ate some nice stuff too – like the things they had at this yum char or what we call dim sum outing…

Yum Char in Wellington 1

…with some of her coursemates.

Yum Char in Wellington 2

The char siew pao certainly looked better than what we have here…

Wellington char siew pao

…and the yam puffs seemed pretty good too…

Wellington yam puffs

Melissa has always been a fan of these fried pork dumplings or shui jiao

Wellington shui jiao

…and Portuguese egg tarts…

Wellington Portuguese egg tarts

…and I must say that the chee cheong fan certainly seemed a whole lot better than what we can get here…

Wellington chee cheong fan

All in all, they paid NZ$13.50 each which is not cheap by our standard. Well, nothing is cheap there but what would be most important is that the food is good and they have a great time…

Girls havin' fun in Wellington

I would always tell Melissa to go out and pamper herself sometimes and not study and struggle with assignments and examinations all the time, indulge a bit…eat all the nice things that they have over there for it would not be long now before she will be coming home for good and who knows when she will ever pass that way again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “Girls just wanna have fun…”

  1. Never mind lah… once in a while makan good stuff it’s okay wud. Looks like ur girl is the sweet kind. Baik baik duduk rumah. Other kids sure go on field trip or something liao.

    No problem at all – I always encourage her to go out and spend on anything nice to eat. Indulge…and no need to cook unless she wants to or the weather’s not too good for her to go out! Actually, without converting, the price is reasonable for a place like that – our roadside kopitiam dim sum isn’t much cheaper… 😦

    Yup…like father, like daughter – not very adventurous…not so much into touring butfood tours, ok lah! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. I dun think that the price is expensive…. even after converting. I makan some midnight dimsum in a kopitiam before. Din take much, but cost more than Rm70 just for the three of us. Imagine that!

      Exactly what I was saying – not cheap at all to have dim sum here…and not even nice like one place my friend and I went to for supper at Jalan Alor – two or three items, bill came up to over RM50! Never again!

  2. Yeah la…. Good to indulge in good food once in awhile ! Furthermore , the daddy damn loaded with cash & kampua mee ! Haha……

    Not loaded lah… My dear girl worked so hard through school, now on government scholarship so all my hard-earned money that I have saved over the years for her further education is for her to use in whichever way she chooses – she deserves it. For one thing, I know very well that she will not spend it foolishly – that’s my girl!

  3. I think Melissa is a good girl who knows what to do best,,, she will not simply spend one lah, you have brought her up well,, you must share some good parenting tips with me ya?

    have a great long weekend cikgu

    She is – you’ve met her so you would know. Your boys are very good boys too *pat on the back. You’re a good father, keep it up. No long weekend for me 😦 I have to replace the lessons missed when I went to Penang.

  4. aiyah you! No wonder lah Melissa doesn’t want to go anywhere, with you saying things like “not cheap”, “so expensive”, etc. By NZ/Oz standard, a meal of $13+ is very reasonable lor.

    No lah…I always ask her to go and spend – so scared that the money will “say phoo”. She’s just not that type… I don’t mind anything – cheap or expensive…as long as it’s good. Very cheap but not nice, also no use…

  5. indulge a bit….daddy, you`re the best πŸ˜‰
    have a nice long weekend πŸ™‚

    Yes, yes…so scared that she will stay and not go out and have fun. Like I told Eugene, no long weekend for me 😦 Have to bayar hutang!

  6. Like father like daughter. She takes really good pictures of food! πŸ˜€ You’re blessed to have a daughter who knows not to indulge too much and she’s blessed to have a father who encourages her to indulge!!

    Indeed, I am indeed truly blessed…and my only prayer is that she is too. I do indulge myself sometimes – go for fine dining, never mind that’s it’s expensive. Must pamper oneself once in a while – life is not about work…work…work…save…save…save. It has got to be a lot more than that…but whatever it is, spend wisely and within our means, that’s important.

  7. Ooh yum cha! Mel not the only one who didn’t go around, and at least she took pics of the food she ate. The only place Daniel went to on his two and half weeks easter break was this shopping centre called Chadstone, and the Aquarium!!

    I’ve been to the yum cha there (in Auckland) – definitely better than what we have here – two places mainly – one obviously KL-trained, everything like the dim sum there…and the other one was really good when the Shanghai chef was here, nowadays still quite o.k. but not that great anymore.

    Ah well! Count our blessings. Better than they going out all the time, painting the town red and shopping till they drop. Muahahahaha!!!! But I’m sure yours doesn’t get highly strung when it comes down to his studies? πŸ˜‰

    1. Wong Kok Restaurant dim sum has moved to a nicer place in KK, and apparently is still the best in town!
      As for highly strung, not at all, which is a good thing, in a way maybe….dunno.

      It is! It is! LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Hmmmm…haven’t been to KK for years, wish I could make a trip over soon…

  8. Melissa is certainly the homely type of person….careful in spending and know what is best for her. Grateful of you to have a daughter like her. I can sense she follows your footsteps…venturing more into food, hahaha!….

    Drooooooling!….from the char siew pao to the chee cheong fun. All looks kinda nice and yummylicious!……

    I’m sure they all are. Yes, she’s very homely…even here, she prefers to just stay at home, may go out sometimes with friends or with me or my missus or her auntie to shop, eat or go for a movie. I’ve a niece here – whenever she’s home, she’s never home…if you catch what I mean. Thank goodness my daughter’s not like her.

  9. the foods look very good! glad that she enjoys the food there. hehehe, she will be back before you knew it! πŸ˜‰

    Yup…tomorrow’s already May, some 6-7 months to go. So fast! Time really flies…

  10. Yea, the dim sum certainly look good – much better than some that you find over here. Good advice to Melissa, papa Arthur…indulge and pamper once in a while. After all, all work and no play/fun/good food makes her a dull girl! πŸ˜›

    Precisely. While young, must enjoy…and make the most of the opportunities available. πŸ˜‰ I see the students in my tuition classes – like zombies, and so ignorant of most things…even things around them. So pathetic. I keep telling them – go get a life!

  11. I miss my university day although I realised that I had spent too much time working part-time. Worked as a waitress in Chinese restaurant, cleaning rooms in B&B owned by Welsh and a bartender in Indian restaurant (all at once). I worked hard to earn living expenses which very high in UK (although cost of living in Wales is comparatively low in UK) and even managed to earn a fraction of my school fees. I was trying to lighten my parents burden although they did not request for me to do part-time work.
    My friends spent their weekends & Christmas hols etc going to France, Italy , Amsterdam while I was stuck in Wales washing glasses and changing bedsheets. Thinking back, I should have sacrificed some holidays spending money instead of earning money. I did went for Europe tour after graduating but it was not as relaxing as weekend tour just to one city.
    It was a good experience for me though. I realised how hard it was to earn money and one must not be afraid to work hard.
    Your daughter is really lucky to obtain a schorlarship and you have extra money for her to really enjoy her university days. I hope I can do the same for my kids in future.

    Many of my daughter’s coursemates work too and they move into cheaper places to stay, sharing with others to save the money…so they can spend on shopping and enjoying themselves. Otherwise, not much money left after paying the rent – like in my daughter’s case as her apartment rental takes up most of the allowance. But I always make sure that she has money at hand…so she would not need to worry about having to work or running out of money for this and that…and even that, I do not need to top up as she does not spend much really. Doesn’t matter really as long as she’s happy, comfortable and eating well – that’s good enough.

  12. did melissa go back home or she stayed in nz? πŸ™‚

    Nope, two weeks only…and after deducting the days flying and travelling, there would only be a week left at home…plus she’s not that keen on flying on her own. So she stayed back in NZ…and it would not be long now, half a year only… πŸ™‚

  13. OMG! I miss all the good food in Wellington!
    Once she’s had Yam Char there, the Dim Sum here at Mitsu will be nothing compared to it!

    Yup, that’s for sure. You came later- when they first opened, they had a Shanghai chef and it was really good…but the standard has dropped drastically, the obvious reason being the guy had gone back or some place else. I guess it still is the best we’ve got…unfortunately. 😦

  14. and the pictures are looking very good too. STP, you have to get a nice camera!!!

    That’s a Canon iXUS… I’m very tempted to get the latest model but not too sure whether I should since the old one I’m using is still good enough.

  15. Yalor… how come the dim sum look better thn wht we hv here huh?! Must be real pricey thn!

    Very reasonable if you do not convert. Ya…they’re different from those dim sum places in coffee shops and the like in KL. If you go to the hotels and restaurants like last time when I went to Concorde KL and another time at Tai Thong @ Melia KL, the dim sum served look more like what I had in Auckland…

  16. yes, i have to agree, the dim sum look very good, especially the char siew pao look very very good! Yum!!

    Tell Melissa, enjoy herself before she comes back. πŸ™‚

    Ya…I’m sure she will. Her friends may not want to go that often though…if it is so expensive and she does not fancy going alone, not like me. I don’t care… Used to it but of course, I’m a guy…not the same.

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