On top…

Not too long ago, I had a post on Kate’s pulut panggang and everyone started talking about the ones with sambal filling inside. I’m not really into those, as from my point of view, whether it is nice or not would depend on the filling and not whether the pulut (glutinous rice) is lemak (rich in santan or coconut milk) enough or whether it has the panggang (wood-cooked) fragrance or not…in which case, it will be, more or less, something like these…

Sambal pulut 1

…except that the sambal is on top and not inside…

Sambal pulut 2

These are available at a number of places in town but I usually buy them at the coffee shop at the back of the Sibu Medical Centre here, selling at RM1.20 for a packet of two…

Sambal pulut 3

As far as I can remember, they have always been good but these days, they are extra nice because the sambal is extra pedas (chilli hot) probably from the use of cili padi (bird’s eye chilli). Somehow, these days, the chilli that we buy at the market are extra huge but not hot at all. Even the sellers will tell you that they’re only good for decoration or for colour. I don’t know why this is so – probably the result of the excessive use of fertilizers.

And since we’re on the topic of teatime snacks, I bought these curry puffs the other day…

Loke Ming Yuen curry puffs 1

They were big and cost RM1.50 each but unfortunately, the filling was made up of mostly potatoes…

Loke Ming Yuen curry puff 2

…with hardly any curry taste at all. In fact, I thought that it tasted kind of funny and was a bit sweet and I certainly did not enjoy it at all. That is why I am not going to mention where I had bought them from…and if you see anything that looks like it, don’t bother buying any. You might as well go and buy these as even though, they may not exactly be great, at 80 sen each now, they’re a lot cheaper and despite the absence of meat, the filling has that curry taste…and is a lot nicer.

So, what are you going to have for tea today? Care to share?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

40 thoughts on “On top…”

  1. Yeah, I can totally relate. I hate the curry puffs with a lot of potatoes inside too. I feel that curry puffs should have more meat.

    I have found a travesty at the rest stops on the PLUS highway (the main north-south highway which you have to drive down when you’re going out of town) – pao with potatoes!

    I don’t think pao should be mixed with meat and potatoes – meat only is the way to go.

    Now tea time today was good coz we picked a friend up from the airport and she came bearing gifts. Home made cheese tarts.

    These cheese tarts taste like good cheese cake (the creamy ones like in Tanahmas or Secret Recipe) except it’s tiny (about the size of a 50 cent coin). Delicious.

    Made in Miri, RM 30 for a 12″ pizza sized box filled with it (don’t now how many exactly). I heard it’s home made.

    Yup…craving for nice and spicy and meaty curry puffs – no good ones around here. Will probably have to make my own but I’m basically very very lazy – just wanna eat. LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Yup! Baked paos too…but steamed buns aren’t too bad with vegetables sometimes, for a change. Cheese tarts? Home made…and from Miri? Hmmmm….I wonder if Mary Goolooloo is coming to town…and whether she knows where to get them. Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

    1. She should! It’s very famous in Miri apparently. πŸ™‚

      Relatively expensive for Miri standards but not for KL’s. It’s really nice, we had it just now, someone was kind enough to bring it for us when we fetched her and her sis from the airport.

      I don’t mind steamed buns with vegetables e.g. like vegetable paos but I don’t like paos solds as “meat paos” but contains 80% potatos and 20% meat. That’s just wrong and they do it all the time in rest stops along the main highway. 😑

      They do? Gee! I wouldn’t mind if they charge more and they’re nice…but meat has to be meat, not mostly potatoes. Tsk! Tsk!

  2. Ooo…. that one is called pulut sambal? What I’ll have for tea? Probably some chicken sandwich…

    Dunno the name… I just call it sambal pulut as there’s pulut at the bottom and sambal at the top and hey!!! I’m talkingabout the kuih, nothing else… Don’t let your imagination run wild! Muahahahaha!!!!

    1. Cis… I’m a little bit sleepy this morning… haven’t thought about any dirty stuff…was garu-ing my head on what you’re tokking about… what top… what bottom. *pengsan* =.= It’s raining here… and I was sleeping just now til I heard nasty thunder clap. LOL.

      Neway, my late grandma make nice karipap…and she would always use lotsa beef and chicken filling inside with bits of diced potatoes. 80% meat and 20% potatoes…very tasty…. can taste the spices. Luckily the she din bring the recipe to the grave. My mum and my aunts can make it. But us granddaughters can’t really get it right. Well, as far as I’m concern… I cannot. Mine not so strong wan the spices taste… hmmm…. 😦 Tak berapa jadi… not sure how much spices to put, cuz count in ‘pinch’…so mine a little bit off la the taste.

      Beef! Beef! Not into chicken when it comes to curry puffs. Going to have a week-long break early June – hope I can make some then.

      1. Yes…. I prefer beef in the curry puffs too… much nicer than chicken.

        Yup! A world of difference! πŸ˜‰

  3. Looking at these near midnight is definitely not a good idea. Makes me hungry and bet I will dream of them tonight. Thought it smart to make the open pulut panggang….less work. I should try that but have to minus the banana leaves. It’s so expensive here.

    Oh? Expensive? Ya…I’ve seen people selling something like this, smaller…wrapped in plastic – no, thank you. LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. That sambal on top doesn’t look like sambal to me, more like fried shredded coconut, sweet too. I never know what those things are called. Sweet fried coconut on glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves.

    Yup! That’s sambal-flavoured grated coconut. With the price of hay bee (dried prawns) these days, you can hardly expect unadulterated sambal and pay that price for the kuih. This is exactly what they have in those panggang with filling too. Savoury, not sweet and when it’s spicy and well-done, it’s very nice…or to me, at least.

    They do have the sweet ones too – grated coconut with brown sugar or gula Melaka. Same price…but I prefer these “sambal” ones…

  5. Regarding the chilli being not hot enough. I don’t think it has anything to do with fertilizer but rather the type of species planted.

    I wouldn’t know, not one with green fingers. Same complaint about the Dayak brinjal (lakia kio) – not sour at all…and it was the lady at my regular Malay food stall who said that perhaps, they used too much fertilisers instead of letting them grow naturally… I wouldn’t know either.

    1. A farmer once told me they have to use a fair bit of pesticide or fungicide when planting Chilli. Ditto melon. Something to keep in mind.

      Hah!!! Must tell my missus this! Every meal, MUST have freshly cut chillies, just simply rinsed… Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

    2. I agree with Kong about nothing to do with fertilizer. It might due to those farmers reluctant to buy ‘new’ seeds from suppliers but instead they cut costs by taking the seeds from their grown chillis and replant in order to save cost.

      Another reason is that since farmers sell their chillis by weight, they would prefer planting bulkier chili (no matter hot or not) for better return.
      Planting chillis and brinjals requires lots of pesticides/ fungicides. My hubby did some experimenting at our yard before he started on a new project of chili planting at their plantation. I start to doubt those vegetables sold outside as organic which seems almost impossible to achieve for large scale production.

      That’s why I like buying from the kampung stalls – the veg may not look very big and nice but those would be what they plant around the house and I would think they’re pesticide free…and not much fertilisers used. Ya…I wonder how organic is the organic stuff really – expensive, never mind. Like those kampung chicken eggs – so hard to get before…and suddenly the whole town flooded with them (but still quite expensive though, cost more than normal eggs) – and then the news of those fake eggs came out. Scary! 😦

      1. You can grow 100% organic vegetable but the cost will be very high. For example, the harvest may be only a fraction if you go 100% organic so are the customers educated enough or willing to pay the much higher price? So if we want more healthy food, both the consumer and producer have to share the same responsibility.

        My cousin’s sister passed this remark about her and her diet of everything organic – she said she was the one who was always sick! LOL!!! Of course if you want quality stuff, you must expect to pay for it – anything that’s good is never ever cheap and one can only hope and pray that they’re really what they claim to be… 😦

      2. I wondered, have anyone actually seen one of these elusive fake eggs? Do they really exist? Or are they one of those urban legend stuff?

        Yes, we are really helpless, aren’t we? In this day and age of advanced technology, we are as ignorant as ever. At least in the old days, ignorance was bliss and people just died, none the wiser for it but these days, everywhere you turn seems to be wrong…and there does not seem to be much we can do about it. Sigh!!

      3. How about this scary thought. 1 in 3 will die of cancer.

        Not scary for me. 60…almost there,anyway…if the world does not end next year!

      4. Now you reminded me of this Chinese saying “Young bull doesn’t fear tiger” simply because it has never seen tiger before.

        Now I will add another one “Past 60’s man aren’t scare of cancer because time is almost up anyway”.

        Yup…I can’t imagine me growing so old and wobbly and unable to eat… I would be so miserable. 😦

  6. I thought the fillings on top are sweet coconut and not sambal… over here, they sell sweet fillings.. the sambal fillings are normally “embedded” inside the pulut.. so this is something special, STP…
    About curry puffs, i dont mind the fillings to be sweet potatoes instead of the normal ones.. over here, one Indian lady sells it fresh and nice at 50sen a piece… for tea! πŸ™‚

    That’s the other type – we also have those sweet types here. So you only have sambal filling inside the cylindrical pulut panggang. Hmmm…another reason to come to Sibu. You can try this when you are here – I’m sure you will like it. I actually prefer it to the panggang with filling.

    1. Yes, I must remember to try this.. panggang ones are common over here..but not this! ok what else…. is tempting??? πŸ™‚

      Many things, don’t ask so many questions! Just come! LOL!! πŸ˜€

  7. Tell u what….. I love the pulut and always never failed to buy it whenever I patronized the nyonya kuih stores. Tea ? Dunno yet…. Yesterday had fish ball noodles for tea…

    Me too…but not all are good and those in KL can be very pricey. I love the ones in Kuching but that also depends on where one gets them from…and sometimes, transport problem so have to do without…or settle for some that are not as good. 😦

  8. sambal? kekkekek…i thought is those sweet shredded coconut with brown sugar… i think i prefer the shredded coconut over sambal…sweet comes first..hahhahahaha

    Not me! Not really crazy over the sweet ones – these sambal ones, anytime! πŸ˜€

    1. Ling got a sweet tooth. LOL… I’d go for the sambal ones first.

      Me too! We memang geng lah! πŸ˜€

  9. oooh, i think these two snacks are just great for tea, with a cup of nice coffee or tea, great!!! but the curry puff is quite expensive, i can get a bigger one at RM1 with one 1/4 egg wedge in it from Brickfields, nice..

    Yum! I had something like that in Sg Petani – so very nice…but they were fried. I prefer baked ones…and I don’t think they were only RM1 each. 😦

  10. This post made me crave for curry puffs!

    Go! Any good ones around your place? So sad…none here that are really very good! 😦

  11. Ohhhh… I hv a soft spot for pulut, just love it especially with grated coconut… huh?!! Those were not coconut but sambal?! 1st time heard of it putting on top too, normally they stuff the sambal inside!

    Looks like that’s another difference between us here and you people over there. We also have this…and also the panggang with sambal filling…and we also have something similar to this but with sweet grated coconut on top. Obviously, we’re not exactly the same…

  12. Oh!….I love curry puffs…fried or baked will be fine with me. The curry puffs look good but I don’t like if the filling is mostly potatoes….would prefer generous meat fillings. Kai Joo Lane curry puffs are nice…yum!…yum!..

    Ehmm!…pulut panggang…odd shape. I thought this type the toppings are usually sweet…made of brown sugar and shredded coconut.

    That’s not pulut panggang lah! Good grief! Ya…we do have the sweet grated coconut toppings but I do not like those as much as these sambal ones.

    Ooooooo….Kai Joo Lane curry puffs – best in the world! The filling is nice and the pastry, shortcrust…I like…and baked not fried. Too bad, the location not so convenient (especially after they closed down India Street) so it is very hard to go and buy especially for people like us from out of town…and usually have to book ahead in advance, – may be all sold out. 😦

  13. The curry puff do not look tempting at all 😦
    Tea break? Haven’t had lunch yet. It’ll be a late lunch cum tea break. Think I’ll have instant noodle….assam laksa flavour. Slurpp!

    Yup…and does not taste great either but compared to instant noodles, perhaps I would settle for these. Muahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  14. unhealthy food for tea today – junk food. haha…. but once a while should be fine.

    I love those malay snacks too…..sambal on top of the glutinous rice. Hardly can find over here.

    No? Gee! That’s one thing I must treat any friends from your side coming over for a visit to then… think they’re very nice, these in particular – worth having…anytime.

  15. i would love to have some pulut panggang for tea time!! :p

    None here! This morning, I dropped by my regular kuih stall at around 8.15 and they were all sold out! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  16. I had biskut kuah kacang hijau as dessert after lunch. My colleague bought back from her trip to KL last week. Sent down with a cup of old town hazelnut white coffee, I had 2 of the biscuits…:D

    Oh? They have good ones in KL? Ummmm…white coffee? No, thank you. Anything with milk makes me sleepy…even in the middle of the afternoon. LOL!!!

    Incidentally, you’re new here, aren’t you? Welcome! Welcome! Thanks for dropping. Do come by often; I’ll link you in my blogroll.

  17. Love the pulut and carry pub ooops curry puff..haha. My 2nd trip to cafe morning my earlier newer laptop tak boleh jalan still need my old faithful to login the cafe internet. I dont like holidays bro haha UNIFI can only send their techicians on Tuesday morning. Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon mati lah Bananaz..sobs…

    Hey! They’re selling iPad2 today… Grab one, quick and your worries are over. Muahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

  18. hmmm…i don’t like this type of sambal, or shall i said sambal and dried shrimp? I don’t like dried shrimp smell and hardly take dried shrimp too.

    Tea break? No tea break for me today, but got late lunch cum tea break a while ago, bread with fried egg and coffee..nice.

    Hahahahaha!!! My true Foochow friend who does not take belacan either. Eeeee….your lunch cum tea sounds more like breakfast! ^^ πŸ˜€

  19. Hahaha!…I thought that is the new type of pulut panggang found in Sibu.

    Now it clicks my mind. Once I bought this pulut sambal as you called it, the lady ask me whether I want the “kiam” (salty) or the “tee” (sweet)one. I just take the sweet one and I don’t bother to ask what is the difference. I think the “kiam” refers to the sambal topping and the “tee” is the gula melaka and shredded coconut topping.

    Yup…the salty one would probably be the one with the sambal-flavoured grated coconut.

  20. the that thing on top, i had it before at sabak bernam, very nice. the curry puff look so not yummy, don’t think i can stomach them… as for my tea, i had wholemeal bread, yeah those tasteless bread. ah for health reason. LOL!
    and guess what, my family had pork leg for dinner. !@@#$$%%@@. and my dinner is still two piece of wholemeal bread.LOL!

    Ooooo….pork leg! Come to think of it I have not had it for a while now. Never mind…can go without it a while longer – can’t be eating all that fat. Save it for special occasions – then can indulge a bit, had good excuse. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  21. let me have a bite of that pulut bro! but the karipap, I’ve seen better ones. You have so many food pictures, do you like snap pictures of everything you makan? Wow, I think the coffeeshop ppl must know you as the dude with the camera!

    Come, have a bite… Ummm…at the pulut, I mean! Muahahahaha!!! No lah…I do it very fast and as discreetly as possible…when nobody’s looking.

  22. wow the curry puffs surely looked puffed with fillings. It’s so big! I wished we get something like that here too!

    Don’t bother. It does not taste nice. I’ve seen on tv those places in PJ or elsewhere selling giant curry puffs? Long queues and they look really good…but fried though. I prefer them baked.

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