This post would certainly get Annie-Q drooling and craving and longing to come back to Sibu. LOL!!!

Well, actually, I stumbled by this place quite unintentionally. You see, I had gone to that part of town as I heard that they are selling kampua noodles here – I had dinner there on more than one occasion and the food was great…but when I went there that morning, it was closed. They do not open on on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays each month, it seems. Looking around, I spotted this shop in the block across the road…

Happiness Corner 1

I am not sure whether it is new but I certainly did not notice it before. Well, I saw both the man and the Indon maid eating the kampua noodles and I reckoned it must be pretty good to want and eat it themselves…

Happiness Corner 2

…so I decided to order the kampua noodles…

Happiness Corner kampua

…and the pork liver soup…

Happiness Corner liver soup

I thought the noodles did not look very appealling when it was served but when I tried it, I found that it was really very good. Not soft and soggy, not too oily and no overdose of msg – it was just right! The soup was nice too – just the right amount of red wine…and there was so much liver inside that I could not finish all of it. I did drink the soup down to the very last drop though.

I’m not too sure how much it all cost but I gave RM10 and got a 5-ringgit note and some loose change back, so I guess it must be around RM4.50 for the two.

Well, that certainly was a satisfying breakfast and I wouldn’t mind dropping by again should I happen to be around that area anytime in future.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

45 thoughts on “Happiness…”

  1. Kesian Annie. Sure she will drool. Ur a bad, bad bad man.

    Hehehehehe!!!! *mean laugh… That will make her come home sooner! πŸ˜‰

  2. Got the GPS for me?

    Go look for it yourself…and come back and share the GPS with everybody. I’m sure a lot of people will be eternally grateful to you for that. 😦

    1. Where is the location of that coffee shop?

      If you click the link at “here”, you will get the location of the place I originally intended to go – the Ming Mei Shi Seafood Restaurant…and you will see the location mentioned ” the small roundabout in the Fortune Commercial Centre (behind Rejang Medical Centre)” and this coffee shop is to the far end (left) of the block directly opposite.

      Dunno how familiar you are with Sibu but if you know Uncle Dom (opposite the original Sushi Tie), turn right at the mini roundabout ahead…and this shop is straight ahead on your right at the end of the block. If you have GPS, then you can try the one Kong has given to Yan in reply to her comment. πŸ˜‰

      1. then i know the place liao… just let me where is the location then i can find out… try out when i am in sibu later.

        Huh? I thought I already gave you the specific directions?

      2. I mean for next time. I know where is the location of this coffee shop mentioned. Thank you Sir.

        Sometimes, when I was in Sibu for a few days, I felt I had not enough time to try the food here and there. In the end, I would choose to stay at home eating home cooking by my mummy. I like her simple, less oil, less salt and sometimes no aji at all dishes.

        Yes, that’s the best! Mum’s own cooking! When my daughter was home, I also made sure that I would cook all the things that she loved…but she had a long holiday so we had lots of time to go around and try the food everywhere as well. I don’t do that much usually as it isn’t so nice going around eating alone… 😦

      3. My parents seldon go around and eat outside, especially my mum. For her, outside food has a lot of aji, oily and salty. She gets cirit birit most of the time when she eats outside. Normally when my siblings and I are at home, we will buy some food stuff to cook at home, enjoying the moment at the kitchen or we go out to eat and leave our parents at home. Sounds bad right. πŸ™‚

        For the main meals, we seldom eat out also…unless there are visitors or some special occasions. I do go for breakfast or light brunch/lunch sometimes when there’s nothing to eat in the house and I’m too lazy to cook anything. Not worth the trouble – for only one or two persons. Dinner, we will usually cook something simple.

      4. That one I agree… Normally no matter how, my parents still prefer home cooking. So… eating at home no matter how simple it is. Eating outside is a bonus for me and my siblings.

        Sometimes, something different for a change…or to pamper oneself – no need to go through all the hassle but definitely not good to eatout all the time – some families do that…or they tapao home, never cook themselves!!! πŸ˜€

      5. I wish I can do it. That one is really very rare in my family. I think the last time I can remember is tao pao-ing the kampua from the nearby shop near to my parent’s house at Salim. 2 packets of kampua is enough for 5 person eating at that time as my dad is not around and the price is worth it.

        Those people no choice – many wives (and husbands) these days do not know how to cook, believe it or not or are simply not bothered (not home-trained or domesticated)…so if they are not staying with parents, they would go out and eat all the time.

        Ya…I’ve noticed that if you tapao, you get a lot more – 1 packet can be shared by two persons, no problem at all.

      6. Ya, when it is tapao, most of the time, the food we are taopao-ing will be double what we eat at the shop.
        Luckily all my siblings know how to cook even if it’s a simple meal. My brother who is ex-SHS (I am not sure whether he was one of your students or not) also can cook well after he finished his studies at politeknik. My youngest sister always claimed she did not know how to cook nice food but can also cook well after started working in Bintulu. Sometimes leaving home will make us learn more and also learn how to live well.
        I miss cooking these day as there is no chance for me to cook during the time I am in Kuching. I am simply missing home cooking, missing home and actually I miss everything…

        Yup, at home, mother will do everything…and in my daughter’s case, father too…so she did not get many opportunities to learn…but she’s learning and is doing very well. Good for her.

      7. Mother will do everything and father also. But we are not really letting my father cook. When parents getting older, the cooking duty will slowly pass to those who are not married and still staying together with parents. Last time when I was in Sibu, I always did the cooking during weekends if I am not going out to meet my friend. I like to cook simple dishes for family.

        My father doesn’t do any cooking – he just earned money to support the family. My mother did everything – even when she was not well, back pain and all, she did everything…and never complained. Eventually, she ended bedridden – too old for surgery plus she has heart problems, diabetes and all… When we are old, we should know that we are old…and not be too stubborn and insist on doing everything like when we were young. Let the younger ones chip in and do their bit…even if they are not up to the same standard.

  3. You got me drooling too. That kampua looks very zen like – simplicity itself. I’ll have to see if it beats Lieng Yew’s in flavor.

    I used to love Lieng Yew – one of the best in town. We used to call it Dr Xavier’s kampua as the guy had a clinic next door or somewhere there long long ago – and I liked particularly the generous amount of fried onions that they put but the last time I went, I was quite disappointed with it. Perhaps I should drop by again one of these days and give it one more try…

    1. I do agree they can be quite inconsistent. Well, I’ll drag you out there one day when I’m in town. Hopefully will be our lucky day.

      Counting the days… Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

    2. The thing with chef and food is, it’s hard to maintain the same taste. One day, the food is nice. The next day, the same food from the same chef could be terrible.

      Shouldn’t be…but as far as I know,sometimes it’s the father, other times the son…or the wife…or the Indon maid, so the taste may vary. If it’s the same person, it should be quite consistent.

  4. At first glance of the kampua noodles….my impression…not delicious but with the pork liver soup to go with, I guess it makes a perfect match.

    Never judge a book by its cover. I also thought it was not nice till I tried it. Sometimes, you go to those expensive cafes,the food looks nice…but tastewise, they fail big time.

  5. Well, if you did not notice it before,then i can safely say it is new lah, cos where got makan place in Sibu that can elude you , kan?

    And moreover, you will make it a point to taste good food or bad and make some sincere comments one, right?

    Of course! Like the one I had here https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2011/04/18/fast/ and I thought it was just all right, not really great so I said that quite clearly in the post but what I do not like, others may like so best for people to go and try and pass their own judgement. Whatever verdict I give is mine and solely mind and mine alone…

  6. Hello, my good friend, you pointed here and there, I clicked here and there too, but I still have not figured out where is this place. I am home this long weekend, and I think I must have that pig liver soup! LOL

    LOL!!! I already smsed the directions to you. Otherwise, you can try Kong’s GPS… Hope you like it too!

    1. I think it should be at GPS 2.29330N, 111.83535E.

      Ok, Yan…you’ve the GPS now, thanks to Kong. Good luck. πŸ˜€

      P.S. Did you drop by this morning, Kong? Any good? The one at Loke Ming Yuen looks good too – yet to try that…and the one at Wonderful Cafe (beside Dewan Suarah) is nice as well. Know of any other nice places that I can try?

      1. No, just passing by. I like the wet fried noodle at Daniel 2.28838N,111.83005E.

        Sometime 1st class. Sometime so-so.

        Never been to that area, so dunno what’s good there. Daniel’s the name of the shop or the guy?

      2. Sorry. Daniel Cafe. Behind Tanahmas Hotel.

        As for Kampua, there is usually a pretty big crowd at Meng Chieng Cafe at 2.28560N, 111.83231E

        Of course at the other end of the same block, there are lot of customer at Ing Lok Coffee Shop 2.28535N ,111.83186E

        Haiz!!! I seldom venture out to town as parking is such a pain and I do not like crowds. That was why I said you should have a blog and feature all these places so everyone would be able to see your photos and decide whether it would be worth the trouble venturing into town for what they would have to offer or not. Come on, it is very easy. Use blogspot…and you may even make money from it.

  7. I love pork liver and kidney cooked in any form. Stir fry, soup etc. I ate so much of them during confinement that my hubby said many pigs were slaughtered because of my demand. He! He! However I have to control myself from eating too much of these organs because of cholesterol level and practising moderation is important.

    We do not eat liver at home…and outside, I only have it once in a long time so I guess it is quite ok. πŸ˜‰

  8. wow..firstly…the place looks very clean!! 2ndly, i am being “tortured” now.. this morning i didnt take any heavy breakfast.. just a cup of oats..gosh.. I better go out for my lunch now.. it is only 12.20pm..i hope my boss will let me go!!

    Yes, two thumbs up for that…but one thing about the coffee shops here, they’re all clean…and of course, some are cleaner than others. If they are dirty, the town council will warn them first and if they do not bother to clean up, they will close it down. Not like those in Penang….eyewwwww!!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  9. AIKS!! Kampua post!!!!!

    Look very good!!! And now can someone tell me where can find a nice kampua in KL??? Puchong too far for me. *sob sob*

    I love pork liver soup with red wine, and the liver in sibu so expensive!! Small piece already cost RM3, and your plate of kampua and liver soup cost RM4.50, cheap cheap.

    Before i read the comment, i also click here and there cannot find that exact location. Ok, somewhere behind Rejang Medical Centre.

    Philip mention that Lieng Yew kampua , is it opposite Methodist Primary School ( my school)? I love that kampua, every time i go back sure drop by there for kampua too!

    Oh no, the more i write, the more i drool, i think my keyboard almost flood with my saliva! STOP NOW!

    Come back, come back to Sibu…Kampua’s waiting! Liver soup waiting! Muahahahaha!!!! Yup! Lieng Yew’s opposite Methodist primary/Masland church. Seldom go there because of the primary school, always congested and hard to find parking.

  10. more kampua noodles. It seems this noodle is everywhere at your place?

    Liver is supposedly good for us right? I do take it once in a while, but not a big fan though.

    This is Sibu kampua mee – the other day was Kuching kolo mee, not the same. You see, they even look different.

    Kampua mee, you can get everywhere here – some nice, some not…but Kuching kolo mee, available at only a few places…and most are pale imitations of the real thing – have to go to Kuching for that.

    Yup…liver high cholesterol, high uric acid…so must not take too often. I’m ok with it…but I can live without it, no problem. Not something that I would die to have.

  11. “Not soft and soggy, not too oily and no overdose of msg – it was just right! ”

    @_@ sobs… how come we can’t find such a thing here? 😦

    Come! Come! Hop over here… You’ll love it! πŸ˜‰

  12. Gosh, so much liver! YUMZ
    Over here, we have to practically beg to get some scrawny pieces. Even if we pay extra for a seperate bowl of liver and kidney, the tiny morsels certainly can’t satisfy us.

    Well, in a way, it’s good for you. Shouldn’t eat too much of the stuff. LOL!!

  13. CHEAP man~~! RM4.50 for 2 dishes and most important it’s yummy!

    Yup…I think the liver soup was RM3 (small) and the kampua mee without meat was RM1.50. πŸ™‚

  14. aiyo…u really crazy about kampua noodles! Seems like every day also kampua noodles…hahaha

    Where got everyday? That day, it was kolo mee… Not the same. See! You mainland people can’t tell the difference. That’s why so many stalls all over KL and Selangor claiming to sell Sarawak/Kuching kolo mee but they do not even look like the real thing, much less taste like it. Ignorance is bliss? As long as it tastes ok, just eat?

    1. I do really not like wantan mee at KL or those called Sarawak kolo mee at KL. I’d rather have fast food as my meal if there is no choice.

      Me too…but compared to fast food, I would rather have those. Not into those stuff…no, thank you….unless stuck at an airport, for example, not much choice… 😦

      1. Not up to my appetite and some even less milk and put sugar in.

        Oh? The Sibu ones? They have them here? Or are you talking about the Kuching ones.

      2. Kuching one, I have not tried before. I mean the Sibu one here.

        I see. Well, I don’t know where they have it in Sibu…so I don’t know. Never had it before.

      3. You may try a stall near Academy Book Store or stall behind L&S Department or some Malay stall along Jalan Kampung Dato.

        Nur Islamic, that one. No, thank you…since you say it’s no good…

      4. For me, Nur Islamic offering nice nasi Brayani only and nice plain roti canai. No add on like kaya, milk etc. Just plain roti canai.
        The shop behind the Land and Surveys Department offering nice roti canai kosong and nice roti sardin but I could say poor in QC control. Once I ordered roti susu as my officemate recommended to me that it was very very nice. After I tried, I found that it had less milk and even I found sugar in it. Normally roti susu is roti canai with at least more than 2 spoons full of susu pekat without adding any sugar.

        Nope, tried Nur Islamic roti canai…not nice. The bryani is nice. They say the thosai is also nice but available 4pm onwards. Haven’t gone to try yet. The giant roti canai at Islamic Nyonya (near Sitt Travel) is good but all in all, I love the ones from my kampong stall best… No susu for me, thanks…makes me sleepy.

      5. Maybe next time, you can ask them to try for kopi canai – seems Malaysian are creative. Nur Islamic Cafe’s canai, I have not tried for ages actually, so I cannot say it is nice. I just learnt it from my officemates that that coffee shop serves nice canai. I seldom eat canai because it is too oily for me.

        Everyone praises it to the sky, not just your office mates…so I went to try and was so disappointed. My canai stall at Bandong in the morning is a lot nicer…

      6. Which shop at Bandong?
        From my place to Bandong is quite far… never try any food from Bandong yet.

        Ya, I know… That’s why I seldom go to places around your place. Check out my old posts – I’ve mentioned it many times. Search for “roti canai” and see the suggested posts. >.<

      7. From one place to another place… Salim to Bandong… actually is far.

        Not by Kuching standard…and no jam! πŸ™‚

  15. OMG!!! THE KAMPUA LOOKS GREATT!!!! i’m going back sibu next week!!! wait for me oh-so-delicious kampua!!

    ROTFL!!! You haven’t found great kampua in Kuching yet? πŸ˜€

  16. wahhh i feel like having the pork liver soup now. I am also drooling! It’s been too long since i have such soups.

    Nah…you go for the high class stuff mah! Your friends don’t call you datin for nothing… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

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