I’ve got mine…

You’ve got yours, I’ve got mine…and if you’re wondering what I’m talking about, you may remember that on my recent trip to Penang, there was all this hoo-haa especially among my cousins from Kuching over the beh teh sor or heong peah and tambun biscuits but one cousin in Melbourne, Australia said that she would prefer our Sarawak’s own phong peah (80 sen each) anytime…

Phong peah 1

The filling is soft and sweet, a bit like what one can find in heong peah except that it is not so sticky and gooey…

Phong peah 2

I do not mind these but I’m not a fan as it does not have the fragrant crusty, flaky skin like the heong peah…and I seem to scent in  the filling a very strong almond taste – those bottled ones that one dilutes with water and drink as an ailment  for sore throats.

But we do have very good tau sar peah (70 sen each) here…

Tau sar peah 1

…with a choice between or tau sar (black bean paste) filling and pek tau sar (white bean paste)…

Tau sar peah 2

I bought a packet of mini tau sar peah at Air Itam in Penang once because I thought they looked so cute but as far as the taste went, I would just say that I would never buy them again. These that we have here are definitely a lot nicer…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

38 thoughts on “I’ve got mine…”

  1. LOL… the kakak sumbat-ed me heong peah from Ipoh. Yet to makan them. Mebbe later gonna makan for tea. 😀

    Aiyor…bring all the way. Cheaper there? Can buy in KL what… Here, only one place selling…but not the brand(s) that I like. 😦

    1. Cikgu ..must get something to sumbat her else she will cry coz tarak bawa her meet Claire.

      Ahem ahem…can mintak 1 -2 biii sarawak phong peah when u come ka?*muka tebal* Looks nice. Too sweet or not ah?

      No problem… Dunno when I will get to go again though. These are non-perishable, no need to freeze…and tak mudah pecah…so no problem. Will bring some for everybody to try when I go over. Some more coming up…watch out for my future posts! LOL!!! 😀

      1. See… the kakak knows me so well… sumbat my mouth full of food so that I cannot complain that she never kidnap me and bring me along to Ipoh. ROFLOL.

        Ooo… she muka tebal over here, I oso wanna muka tembok over here. Never bring heong peah for me nvm… I just wan the masak hitam paste! I gila that stuff, very nice to eat, but can’t seems to get it right when cook from scratch. The taste not the same. LOL!

        Must remind me soon as I tell everyone I’ll be going to KL. Like last trip to KL, I told Annie I would bring her this and that…and when the time came, I could not remember what I promised her. Old man lah, old age…memory not so good anymore. Good excuse. LOL!!! 😀

  2. I would love to try other states’ heong peah.. each have their own “secret recipe”… this Yee Hup put up a sign near their cashier counter, written something like this.. “put in oven (i think microwave also can) for a minute and the heong peah will be very tasty and nice”…. i have yet to try putting in.. each time, it goes to my mouth straight instead of going to the oven… lol..

    Me too…just eat! Hahahaha!!!! The tambun, so many that day so I kept in fridge and then heated in oven before eating – also the same leh. Did not taste better. We do not have heong peah here…just phong peah and tau sar peah. Come, come and try… 😉

  3. Your phong peah looks really soft and flaky leh, I’m drooling already! Paiseh, I hv never hv this before…T_T

    I’m not a fan of phong peah – my parents like them so would buy for them from Kuching sometimes – one shop there, simply the best lah, they say! To me, the ones here also the same, all just ok to me… Hehehehehe! 😉

    1. Where is the shop that Sir mentioned in Kuching? Maybe I can drop by and buy some for myself to have a taste. I am not fans of those pia, but it is acceptable for me.

      It’s in Padungan – block of shops on your left after the bend (opposite Soho) if you are coming from Sarawak Plaza/Tun Jugah side. I think there is a Filipino restaurant somewhere there too… I’m not a fan either – my parents like them.

  4. ya! Anytime i still prefer the pongpia. Sibu ones used to be so good but now i thot kuching ones r better. even ley piang very yumz as well! wonder if they r sold elsewhere besides sibu?

    LOL!! Ley piang – your daughter’s engagement, you did not order how many pikul, give to relatives kah? 😀 I bought for you in November last year, dunno when I will be able to buy some more. Not coming back to Sibu this year? Or if you’re going back to Johore, let me know earlier…maybe we can meet there. Never been to JB before. 😦

  5. Love to eat these but for the tau sah piah, I would prefer the salty ones.

    These aren’t sweet. Maybe slightly sweet, and a bit salty – perfect balance. Not like mooncakes…eyewwwww, so sweet! 😦

    1. I can’t really eat mooncakes… the taste too sweet for me and I will feel like vomiting after eat, even after wash down with tea, the taste linger, cannot tahan.. 😦 But my anak and hubby loves to eat mooncakes…

      I’m ok with them… I would prefer the not too sweet ones with salted egg yolk but they’re simply too expensive. 😦

  6. The way you are promoting Sibu food, you will be making it the next food capital of Malaysia. They should give you the title ‘Food Ambassador’

    Ya, indeed! Are you a member of one of those associations? The Chinese chamber of commerce perhaps? Maybe you can nominate me for an award of something. Monetary award, of course…otherwise, never mind. I’m not interested. 😀

    1. Sorry, can’t help you there. I don’t like joining any association. The only ones I joined are “the one you already know” and Cancer Society.


  7. I love tambun biscuits! I think the best I’ve had is from Penang! But not any shops in Penang, ONLY the one in Burma road – Him Heang! The ones you buy from Air itam or any other places in Penang are never as good as Him Heang. And they only sell it at their main shop in Burma road, never sub out to any stalls outside…

    Not true! They sell them at that Chowrasta market (Penang Road)…and the lady insisted that they had the permission, and she sold them for 50 sen more per box. Yup…those Air Itam ones – good for fooling tourists, I guess. Not worth buying at all. 😦

  8. they r nice provided we take it once in a while.

    Very true. I’m sure you Ipoh people are not as crazy over Heong Peah as we are over here – can’t get them here, that’s why. Otherwise,we probably wouldn’t give them a second glance.

  9. Prefer phong peah & tau sar peah to tambun biscuits…probably because the fillings are not as dry as tambun biscuits.

    Somewhere around Sekama area, there is one shop that people claim to have the best phong peah but unfortunately I can’t remember the name of that shop.

    They’re different…and I’m not crazy about tambun either. Would prefer our tau sar peah anytime, the white ones, that is. Haven’t heard of the Sekama ones…but I did hear that they have a place there that sells very nice Foochow fried noodles (with gravy) there – nicer than Mekong. Can’t remember the name now…

    1. Perhaps it is about time you get yourself a phone with camera. You may not be carrying a camera with you all the time but you do with phone to record the name. And while at it, get one with GPS receiver.

      LOL!!! Those GPS people should give you an award too…or don’t tell me you’re selling them as a sideline? Business a bit slow these days?

      1. I am a believer in win-win arrangement. You get to be able to take good pictures of nice food wherever you go using your Smartphone and I get to have GPS coordinate all the time of where you are getting that same nice food. Everybody a winner.

        Photos on smartphones aren’t very nice…but at least iPhone’s better than Blackberry’s. Still better to take photos using a decently-good camera.

      2. Maybe have a look at these photos

        Nokia N8 @ Bee in action

        Ya…the Nokia ones are pretty good but still cameras are better PLUS it depends on the person taking the photos. I’ve seen really horrible ones in some blogs…and imagine my shock when I see a photo of him/her in action…using a DSLR!

  10. I like tau sar peah better. Maybe it is due to the colour.

    Me too. I prefer the white ones but I don’t mind the black ones. Never buy the latter though as somehow or other, when my missus eats those, she gets dizzy… 😦

  11. i saw banyak shop selling this biscuit tambun kat penang,
    so i bought lor..look cute but i don`t like these..macam too dry ??

    Yup…there are so many brands and there are all over Penang. Ok, nice…just that I would think it is anything great. Wouldn’t find me craving for it…

  12. 25Apr2011 10:00am Dailing : 1300 88 1221
    Ini lah dia ..the response..

    Selamat Datang ke TM
    Welcome to TM
    You have reached the UNIFI Center, If you are calling for your Streamyx or telephone services, please call 100..

    Untuk Bahasa Malaysia.. Tekan 1
    For English.. Press 2
    For Network Help Message.. Press 1
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    For Account Services.. Press 3
    For Sales & Pmroduct information.. Press 4

    Bananaz Press 2..

    To ensure the quality of our service & for training purposes this conversation will be recorded..

    We are sorry all our customer service representatives are engaged. Your call is important to us. Please hold..

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    Bananaz makan tak kenyang
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    Mandi tak basah
    Fingers gatal now typing in Internet cafe yaksss keyboard teruk, noisy, lots of foul lingo $%^&*#@ better get out of here sooner the better. But syiok to see blog muahahaha.

    Oh? You’re a Screamyx subscriber? I thought they have all the very good broadband providers in KL? I’m on Sell-con! Was very good when I started – I guess very few subscribers then…not so good now. They say Maxis is better but then it is still new. Guess it will be the same in due course… I don’t think we have DIGI and the rest yet. 😦

    Ya…I know how it feels. Had to go to one in Sg Petani when I did not have a laptop with wireless connection. All those ear-shattering bombings, explosions…and screeching little Indian school kids… Couldn’t wait to get out of there!

    1. I terminated that so call Cell-com broadband service last year and switched to Maxis. So far Maxis is better than Cell-com and the best still Di-Gi.

      No Digi in Sibu. My missus is using Maxis, seems o.k. No complaints. I hope to switch to DIGI when they have 3G Broadband here…as in KL, I’ve heard many complaints about MAXIS. I used Celcom in KL and Penang – very good there, very fast…not like here. Discrimination – they never really care about us! 😦

      1. In KL the Cell-com is depend on place. I tried using Cell-com at KL before I get it terminated last year. The speed is more or less like Digi and Maxis.
        Some place in KL, Maxis is still better and stable.
        Actually I tried Celcom, Maxis and Digi at KL, three of them give similar result to me, not much different. I only can see the different at Kuching. Celcom not that stable and so do in Sibu.

        Yup! I used in KL and Penag…and I know that only too well. That’s why I said those people are discriminating against us Sarawakians – not much competition here so lousy connection, never mind! 😦

      2. If asked why discriminating us… they always have the answers. I can guess the most popular answer is expanding the service to East Malaysia will cost more and our company is going to expand the service there, please wait patiently.

        I suppose there are not so many people here so not so much business and not so much competition as well compared to the other side so they tend to neglect us. In this world, money talks the loudest! 😦

    2. Ya, those voice recorded customer service is a real pain in the bad side. Out of topic, the best credit card customer service would be Direct Access. Every time you call, the phone does not have to ring more than 3 times before a real customer service personal talks to you. Never any such voice recorded messages. The worst would be Alliance Bank whereby they don’t work 24/7.

      As for Maxis. I have data package on my phone and no, they aren’t much good but then, I have never tried Celcom to be able to make any comparison.

      Handphone, I’m using DIGI but since I’m using a cheap one, not a smartphone, the things I can do on it are very limited. Good enough for me though to check the comments in my blog and for other stuff on Facebook. But they do not have 3G Broadband in Sibu yet, I think.

      Celcom customer service is ok except when you get one of those dummies who will rattle through the list of questions they are given…and do not answer any of your questions. Others are o.k. As for my banks and credit cards, so far no problem at all – very good, in fact but of course, you will have to go through the steps like press 1 for English and so on…

    3. Screamyx is stable, but during peak hours… they really make u go “TMnut!”

      All the same, peak hours…weekends when all the kids are not in school and playing online games all day… Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  13. The Sarawak’s phong peah certainly looks different. Haven’t tried it before but I think I’ll like the good old heong peah better…flaky on the outside, goey on the inside! I also like the tau sar peah…looks good.

    Yup…I like heong peah better too. The tau sar peah’s nice – I would rather have it than phong peah – dunno why my parents seem to like it.

  14. Yes, Sibu one call phong peang and here they call heong peang, size different, here smaller size.

    Not really a fans of heong peang, but when got nothing to eat, eat heong peang with coffee also nice. I always heard people said, Teluk Intan heong peang very nice. I always get my friends to help me to get, after a while, i got sick of it. Now, no more heong peang for me.

    Not the same – the phong peah skin is soft, not crusty…and inside, not as gooey and sticky as the filling in heong peah. I would say they’re two completely different things. Here no heong peah – the brands at Ta Kiong are not my favourite…so have to wait till I go over to buy. When you cannot get easily or all the time, you appreciate it more…

    1. Ehhh? Annie, you like Teluk Intan Heong Peah ah? I used to like them too… but after awhile, I oso get sick of it-each time balik kampung to hubby’s hometown, he sure buy that… but I eat until sien.

      Too much of a good thing, people will just take for granted… 😉

  15. ooo phong peah! only RM0.80! And it looks very sweet and nice.

    I got some tau sar pneah from penang for my colleagues from my trip back last weekend. rm 5.50 for 16pcs Ghee Hiang brand. Not bad taste i would say.

    Sigh! Too bad I’m not in KL…or I’m sure you would give me some too. 😉 LOL!!! 😀 Btw, why did you get Ghee Hiang when everybody says Him Heang is better?

    1. STP, of course i will give you too. LOL you know why? Coz the shop selling Ghee Hiang is nearer to my home. With my limited time in Penang, don’t really have much time to go far and shop. Hahaha.

      Ah! I see… So all settled, fixed…all ready for your grand wedding bash?

  16. I’ve got mine too – Gunung Rapat Heong Peang. Tourists throng this shop in Gunung Rapat, Ipoh, to buy heong peang, reputedly one of the best in the universe!

    Oh? Must KIV this brand. Yet to try – so far my favourite is Bisgood…and that day, one Teluk Intan brand.

  17. Wow, did not know there are so many brands of Heong Peang. My mum is the one who buys the Heong Peang and I just eat without even checking out the brand. The next time I must at least see which brand she buys. Next time if she goes back to Ipoh, I will ask her to buy this Gunung Rapat one.

    Lots! From different places… The most popular long ago would be the ones with red labels…and a tiger in the logo…and inside, each heong peah used to be wrapped in a piece of white paper – not so nice anymore. I’ve not bothered to buy those for a long time now. Btw, your first time here I see? Welcome, welcome…thanks for dropping by and do come again. Will link you in my blogroll.

  18. i like the mini one, done in one bite, not messy lor. hehehe
    to me all the same, not really a fan, only when i crave for something sweet savoury

    The original traditional ones are smaller – those in the long cylindrical packs wrapped in translucent kite paper…but those the pek tau sar, not as nice as these.

  19. Yeah, I have had this a lot as a kid in Sungai Merah. 🙂

    BTW, I love that almond concentrate thing. Heng ying or peng is awesome especially if a bit of Ideal milk (or any other evaporated milk) is mixed in.

    I’ve taken to ordering that sometimes when I’m out in Sibu. 🙂

    Eyew….don’t mind a hint of it in almond longan jelly dessert at the end of a Chinese banquet but not as a drink.Makes me go giddy… Dunno why. 😦

  20. yeah, this phong peah somehow looks nicer to me, compare to heang peah which is a hollow inside, this ones looks more filling and textured.. so it taste like lou poh peng actually??

    But heong peah, I like the fragrant crusty outside. Dunno what lou poh peng is… Direct translation: wife turns? Muahahahaha! 😀

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