Somebody told me once that the Kuching kolo mee around this area was nice so I went to this cafe at the Delta Commercial Centre here…

Toto Cafe Sibu

…with my daughter but it was so bad that both of us could not finish it.

Later, I found out that it was the coffee shop next door, not this one, so I went there to try and I had this…

e-Cafe's Kuching kolo mee
*recycled pic*

It was nice but it was more like Sibu kampua noodles dressed up to look like Kuching kolo mee.

But the other day, I dropped by that Toto Cafe again. My missus would buy the fried stuff from the section at the back occasionally and they were pretty good. However, when I got there, I thought I did not feel like anything fried so I decided to take my chance one more time and ordered the Kuching kolo mee (RM3.00)…

Toto's kolo mee 1

This time around, it certainly looked good and it even had that red colour of Kuching kolo mee if you opt for the char siew oil…

Toto's kolo mee 2

It tasted really good too but it was not exactly like the real thing, ALMOST but not exactly. I think the texture of the noodles is different – these were a bit too soft and not as khiew (firm) as the ones in Kuching and it did not quite taste like those at some of my favourite places around there either.

To be fair, if you simply drop by any place in Kuching, you may get pretty good kolo mee but when eaten together with the best ones around…

Kuching Oriental Park kolo mee
*recycled pic*

…they may not be the same either and will certainly pale in comparison. Likewise, those so-called Sarawak mee in parts of KL and around there may look like the real thing but they do not taste the same. I’ve had some that are very nice like this one at Damansara Uptown…

Sarawak dry mee

…which actually came across somewhat like Sibu kampua mee but there are others like this so-called “Cat City kolo mee” at Asia Cafe…

Cat City kolo mee
*recycled pic*

…that tasted quite horrible. At least, this one that I had at the Toto Cafe here was ALMOST like the real thing and most importantly, it was nice. I liked it!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

47 thoughts on “Almost…”

  1. Well, as far as i am concerned, next time when i organise or claire organises a trip to your taiko land, i mean sibu, you must try your very best to take us all to all those you have mentioned in your blog, only the good ones though…

    i think they will take a month’s time to finish eating lol…

    but as i like it, there must always be chili padi to go along side with kampua or kolo, i like it that way.

    by the way cikgu isn’t kiew in hokkien is elastic in english, firm is teng in hokkien, kan? i don’t know may be Penang’s hokkien is different to that of sibu’s

    Teng is hard…and elastic is like rubber…and fish ball is khiew – same or not, our Hokkien? Very hard to give the exact or accurate translation or equivalent – you just have to know what it means. That’s why students who depend on translation to write their English essays end up falling flat on their faces.

    Cili padi? Gosh!!! Must remember to bring our own when you’re here. Not provided in the shops…but my missus has a lot in the house – part of her daily diet. So when are you all coming?

  2. Wow, more goodies. Looks like I better start looking for the elastic waistband pants.

    LOL!!! You should. Or get one tailor-made. Ample time till you come back in July…

  3. STP, i like the kolo mee pictures.. i feel like eating them now!!
    Just now i scrolled up to read what Eugene has written, yes, it is true, if we go for 2 or 3 days, we must take kolo or kampua mee everyday la.. eat till muak!! hahaha..

    6 meals a day…and of course, best if can stay longer. Can explore more, eat more. Yum! Yum! 😉

    1. hahaha… I thought only government agencies provide 6 meals per day.. but of course the 6 meals in Sibu will be so so much better than the 6 govt meals anytime!!!

      Of course!!! So faster, faster…make your booking, quick! See you in Sibu!!! 😀

  4. Looks more like kolo mee! Anyway, the noodles look around that in Sarawak. My indo friends will love it!!

    You’ve been to Sarawak before? Like the mee here? Nice! 😉

  5. Yep, it definitely looks more ‘kampua mee’ than kolo me…

    The ones in KL, you mean? Not really… The mee looks different, more like what they have in wantan mee there.

  6. Oh dear me!…drooling…THUMBS UP!!!….for this post on kolo mee. As mentioned earlier in your previous post, I am a great lover of MEE!!!…be in fried, kolo or soupy but for goodness sake…not the straight mee.

    No…thanks, I would not opt for the char siew oil, so oily.

    Yes!…definitely, Kuching kolo mee is still the best of the best!….hahahaha.

    My daughter also does not like the char siew oil. I don’t mind but I would prefer to go without it…like kampua mee with dark soy sauce – not to my liking.

    1. I like plain kampua… I do not know anyone like plain kampua or not.

      Sibu people usually like the soy sauce ones – the dark kampua….like Annie-Q but not me. I go for the plain ones too.

      1. I like just plain without any char siew or minced meat on top. When I order kolok mee or kampua in Kuching, I will also tell them I want plain, but sometimes they will serve the kolok mee or kampua like ordinary ones or sometimes they will ask why you want it plain, that is not good plain, it’s not looking nice…

        Sibu, it’s very common – kampua kosong. I don’t think it’s worth it paying 50 sen extra for the few very thinly-cut pieces ofmeat.

      2. I am having same opnion too. Kuching even worse. The shop that I always have kampua … for kampua kosong RM1.80 with meat… RM2.80. Not 50 cents extra is 1 ringgit extra.

        Oh? But RM1.80 for kosong is cheap. I think it is at least RM2.00 here now… 😦

  7. does the toto cafe sells lottery tickets? perhaps you could be lucky by eating there. hehehe

    Nah!!! I ate there…but no such luck! Probably could be luckier if I had not gone to eat there. Tsk! Tsk! LOL!! 😀

  8. toto is the lottery one right?? :p they own this one too?? foods all looks good! 😀

    No lah…just the name only. If I’m not mistaken, the dog is the Wizard of Oz was also names Toto…and there was a popular group by the same name (for songs like “Africa”).

  9. Going to Kuching in Oct, cant wait to try out the kolo mee there.

    You are? Know anybody there? You need to know where the best places to go to are…like the group of bloggers who came to Sibu when I was not around. They simply went any place to eat and were grumbling that everything was not good!

    1. Yea..we have booked the ticket. Hopefully avthing will go smoothly. Nope, we dont know anyone….just going with bunch of good frens and explore around.

      Perhaps you can leave the details in my inbox on Facebook – dates, hotel etc…and I’ll see if I can hop over around that time.

  10. kolo mee, i had something similar here the other day, with the mince meat and all. But it’s mee is like those wan tan mee.

    It’s nice coming here to be educated 🙂

    If it’s like wantan mee, then that’s not it! You just have to come over here and eat…and taste the difference. Any plans? Come for your honeymoon? Best place for that – nothing much to do other than eating and sleeping and ahem…ahem!!! Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

    1. lol you ar!!! its that the only thing you can think offf? Ahem..LOL

      Maybe sometime in the future I plan to go down. Not too soon though. Will definitely visit you when I’m there! XD

      Hehehehehe!!!! Young people, newly-wed…of course lah! Come, come on over…can stay at my place – free lodging, free food,free transport, free tours…who could ask for more? 😉

  11. my oh my…drool, drool, meleleh air liur!!!
    i love mee. esp this type of mee…
    can eat more than 1 bowl 😉
    but i don`t like wantan mee 😦

    Aha! Just like me too! Not a fan of wantan mee though I may eat it if there is not much choice – nothing like our kampua or kolo mee. 😉

  12. Reading through the blog written by Mr. A*****, I start to miss my hometown, Sibu, again. In fact, I was just back in Sibu on 15th April for polling.
    This blog will be my daily reading source besides newspapers, journals (if I am free) for my coming Peperiksaan Bahasa Inggeris (Darjah Khas).

    Well, I do hope it helps a bit in some ways. What exam is that? I’ve never heard of it. Are you a student? A primary school pupil? In Sabah right now? I clicked the link to your blog but almost everything is in Chinese so I cannot figure anything out. Anyway, thanks for stopping by…and do drop by often and I certainly will look forward to more comments from you.

  13. Now almost every week i will have kolo mee twice, ever since that new stall open at the coffee shop nearby my house.

    Taste very good, i like. Noodles not like kampua straight, it got a bit curvy, the couple is from Kuching. I usually order my kolo mee in soya sauce and chili sauce, till one day the boss ask me am i from Sibu, Sarawak, he said only Sibu people will want the mee in soya and chilli. LOL!

    I told him, i miss kampua, since no one can do a good kampua, so i opt for kolo mee.

    The third picture of the kolo mee look very nice! The very nice Sarawak mee at Damansara uptown closed down already, the taste very close to Sibu Kampua.

    Ya…you mentioned that. Too bad as that one was actually quite good…and “almost” like kampua mee. LOL!!! I’ve always said that you’re a true blue Sibu Foochow – I would never want to eat kampua with soy sauce…but so many people here like it that way. Found a new kampua place – nice… Will post on it in a couple of days – don’t forget to come and drool! Hehehehehe!!!! 😀

  14. Wa I hear so much abt this kolo mee…must try if I come to Sibu leh 🙂 actually it looks appetizing to me.

    So? When are you all coming over? Hurry! Hurry! Don’t wait too long now…

  15. I love noodles with minced meat. Simply yummy delicious.

    Nice? I’m sure nothing as nice over there – all those pale imitations. Even the noodles are not the same… 😦

  16. It’s always a race to find the best kampua noodles in Klang Valley, but sadly, it’s a tough battle.

    The best? Or do you mean the closest to the real thing? Well, Annie has found a place that sells kolo mee like the ones they have in Kuching – a couple from Kuching. Have yet to eat it so I do not know exactly how good it is…but many people seem to like it. Well, beggars can’t be choosers. LOL!! 😀

  17. Finally, I am back after a long Lenten holiday. 🙂 How are you? Seems like there is good food posted here. 🙂

    Welcome back… Hope you had a nice holiday. Ya…the food’s always good here. Hehehehe!!! 😉

  18. Currently, I am in Kuching. I am a government servant but not a teacher. I was ex- St. E. student. I write the blog in Chinese because at the time when I started my blog, my purpose was to practise my Chinese since my work is related to Chinese languages. Maybe I should also try to write some English blogs to practise too. Maybe use of words and grammar may not correct. If there is anything wrong, please correct me. Thank you.
    Regarding the exam, it is departmental examination organized by my department where I am now.

    Oh? Interesting that they have such exams in government departments. Looks like the language is a lot more important then many people think. You should blog in English to improve – never mind the errors, they will disappear eventually.

    1. Because I am not in education department, health department or… I am with Judicial Department. English is quite important in Sarawak’s Court. I have to learn English from beginning. I have poor English command in writing since I was in secondary school and always brought a lot of headache to my English teacher Ms. Su.
      This is my English blog,

      Oh? Ms Su’s time? That is quite a longtime ago. Oops!!! Hehehehehe!!!!

      P.S. Ok. Will link it in my blogroll. More updates, please… 😉

      1. I do not deny that I am old and getting older. Ms. Su is the best English teacher I have ever met. I learned how to write a proper essay when Ms. Su was my English teacher.
        I left St. E in 1996.

        I see. Not that old then. LOL!!! 😀 Yes, I knew her well. She’s teaching in KL now after she moved there from Miri where she taught for a few years after St E.

      2. You mean Ms. Su now at KL?
        I think she should love it much.
        I do not feel comfortable in Kuching.

        She’s married now, btw. Why? Kuching is nice…

      3. I don’t know why I feel not comfortable at Kuching. May be getting tired for transferring around with the same position, no promotion and no increment of salary. To be honest is I can’t see any hope in the department currently I am now.

        That sounds depressing. But count your blessings – many people jobless these days – university graduates…and they all go for KPLI and end up being teachers in the jungle. At least, you’re in Kuching but I guess life gets very lonely in a big city – small places are better…and probably cheaper too. Btw, courthouse still at the same place – near Carpenter Street? Lots of nice food, nice kolo mee there!

      4. No more. Moved to Petra Jaya many years ago. As for keeping on thinking of Sibu, there is some personal reason. I pity my parents as my siblings and I have left them behind to work outstation. Including me, all my siblings work all over Sarawak and hardly have long holidays to go back to keep them company, chit chat, share life with them.

        Kuching to Sibu very near – you can check Air Asia, try to get the zero fares or very cheap fares (at times less than RM10). Book way ahead….any weekend when the cheap fares are available and you can come back on Saturday or perhaps on Friday night even and go back on Sunday night. When I was in Kanowit long ago, no road at the time, I had to use the express boat every week, coming home Saturday morning and going back Sunday evening. Young people, should not be a problem doing that.

      5. I was doing it when I was at Mukah for the past 3 years.

        Mukah…even harder. Not a comfortable drive home. Like from Kanowit last time in the hot, smoky and noisy express boat. Easier to take a flight.

      6. Take your advice and searching for the flight. Most probably will take the night bus back to Sibu.

        My cousin’s hubby works here and he takes the MTC back every weekend – not necessarily cheaper but more reliable than the cheap airline, all the delays and cancellations and changing of flights.

      7. Normally. I use 10 30pm bus, then arrive Sibu around 6am. After my mum picks me up, she may go to either the Weekend Market at Pedada Road or Central Market to shop for vegetables, meats and fish etc.
        The day before election, I took MTC back to Sibu and I reached Sibu around 3:00am. For me, it is too early to ask my mum or dad to pick me up. I still prefer 10:30pm bus.

        My problem is I cannot sleep when travelling…so taking night buses like that, I would be suffering for days after the trip. I know my cousin’s hubby uses MTC Sibu-Kuching every weekend but dunno what he uses on the way back.

      8. I have little problem of it and it depends on the condition of the bus and also the passengers on the bus. If the passengers sitting nearby cannot sleep and keep on talking to each other, then I have problem the next day. Normally I will take half a day’s rest after I arrive Sibu in the early morning unless there is an appointment before 10:00am.
        Normally, I will use evening flight, coming back to Kuching.

        In my case, no matter what…I just cannot sleep when travelling…even if it’s overseas flight and I have not slept for 24 hours. Tsk! Tsk! This is that part of travelling that I hate the most!

      9. Going back this weekend and take a day leave for Monday. Will go back to Kuching on Tuesday evening.

        Oh? Bet your parents will be thrilled. Enjoy yourself…and don’t forget to eat lots of kampua and everything! LOL!!! 😀

  19. i prefer kampua!!! i don’t really enjoy kolo mee, maybe coz i keep comparing it with kompia? i am bias coz i am foochow. hahhaha

    Come back tomorrow – kampua post! LOL!! 😉

    1. Today I have fried kolo mee with sunny side up egg. I think it is very foochow style as the shop I go offering quite nice chao chai fong ngan.

      Where is that in Kuching? My cousins like Mekong – opposite Heritage Restaurant – the back part of the block of shops facing Grand Continental Hotel.

      1. Sunrise Corner same block with Hong Leong Bank Pending. I heard that the taukey neo is from Bintangor.

        Yup, I think that’s the name my friend mentioned. Never gone there…so far!

      2. Just because I will pass-by every morning as I am using toll bridge. Less jam and save a lot of time.

        I see. You live across river or they’ve moved the courthouse to across river? I know the old courthouse near Carpenter Street, they had a restaurant – Little Lebanon, dunno still in business or not.

      3. The coffee shop located same block with Hong Leong Bank Pending Branch. I will pass by there almost every morning.

        Pending. Dunno how long I’ve never been there – ever since those years when I used to stay at Rajah Court on travelling duty – I think it’s called Regency now or something. Everytime in Kuching, no transport what to do…

      4. Last time when I came to Kuching for official duty, I didn’t even know where Pending is, where is where. I only know the place surrounding Habour View just because every time I travelled for official duty, I stayed at Harbour View. Most of the time, it was an overnight trip.

        Lucky you. Harbour View is much nicer than Rajah Court and the location too. I did stay at Harbour View a number of times too…and also Grand Con and some of the other hotels in Kuching on travelling duty. Now retired, no more such privileges. 😦

      5. I prefer to stay alone and move around alone – that is why I seldom stay at the same hotel either with Sibu colleagues or department-mates from other stations.
        I choose Harbour View because it is the hotel in the middle of town offering the cheapest price and convenient to move around. Most of my colleagues in Sibu like to share a big room and some even hope you will buy the bill when dining out. That is what I do not really like.

        Me too! But as a senior officer, the department will always arrange for me to have my own room. Yup, many are very calculative. Teachers are also like that. Instead of focussing on learning during courses, they would be busy filling in their claim forms and trying to figure out how they can claim more…even if it is a matter of a few ringgit. Really disgusting, these people. I’ve seen them all! 😦

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