When love and hate collide…

I wouldn’t say that I hate cempedak – let’s just say that I do not like eating the fruit. I find it so hard to chew and when I try to swallow, it is kind of choking. I love boiling the seeds though and eating them even though at times, I don’t like the feeling of the gum of the fruit stuck to the upper gum in my mouth.

On the other hand, I would not say that I love eating nangka (jackfruit) but between the two, I would very much prefer this. Still, I would probably just have one or two seeds and that would be it.

The other day, however, I came across the hybrid of the two – cempedak and nangka

Nangka-cempedak hybrid 1

…and I loved it!

It had the crunchiness of nangka so I did not have to suffer the chewing and the choking of eating cempedak…and the taste had a little bit of both – very nice!

Nangka-cempedak hybrid 2

Unfortunately, the seed looked kind of funny…so I guess boiling and eating them like what I would do with cempedak seeds would be out of the question.

Nangka-cempedak hybrid 3

I hear they are very popular in the peninsula – sold as deep fried fritters. I’m not really a fan of cucur (fritters) cempedak…so probably I would not be a fan of these as well.

All in all, personally, what I love the most is the young cempedak or nangka masak lemak – cooked in santan (coconut milk), that is…

cempedak muda masak lemak
*recycled pic*

…but I’m sure many of you would have your own different opinions.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “When love and hate collide…”

  1. Wahhh… nangka masak lemak or gulai nangka is a killer… damn nice to eat… especially if tambah some sambal belacan when eat the rice. YUMMY!

    Must be cukup lemak, got wangi hay bee and belacan…baru best. Haven’t cooked for a long time, malas. Just buy from the stall…but not as nice as own-cooked.

    1. *dies* I tink later nid to find some nangka muda to eat liao…the pic really makes me drool.

      They have it at my regular Malay food stall everyday… Just buy RM2, a lot!

      1. ya nangka muda very nice. I like to take this lauk also when in malay mix rice shop

        Yup, nice…plus their fried veg usually not nice…so this would be a better option.

      2. Ya… they always have it at those Malay stall… but not all are nice…. have to see properly when buying.

        True, some can do it well…some cannot – like everything else.

  2. You like to eat cempedak seeds ah? Chamz… that stuff is lethal. Weapon of mass destruction. ROFLOL!

    LOL!!! Same family as baked beans, I guess… Muahahaha!!!!

    1. Definitely same family with baked beans. LOL…

      Aiyo… I’m so blessed… today baru aje see ur blog and tot wanna get myself some cucur cempedak… my kakak drop by sumbat me some cempedak along with some other goodies… say she tak berani makan cuz not feeling so well. LOL! Looks like esok my house will nid some emergency evacuation… ahemm! LOL!

      The kucing is back from Ipoh kah? Hmmmm…sure has a lot of goodies for you. Chinese say people with a jaw structure like mine have that”luck” when it comes to food, but yours not like that leh? Must be my luck spill on to you liao… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  3. Hahaha…..I have the exact opinion of both. But don’t think I’ve tried the hybrid one. Maybe tried also don’t know. We do go for the fritters but they usually taste like cempedak. I’d love to try the nangka masak lemak though. Looks like a malay kampung dish? Got recipe?

    Those must be the cempedak cucur then. I don;tlikeit. Yup, masak lemak is a Malay kampung dish. I can cook it – can’t remember whether I had a post on it or not. Not bothered anymore as I can buy it anytime I want at my regular Malay food stall…RM2, a lot…enough for one meal for two with leftover some more.

  4. Being a food connoisseur I am very surprised you didn’t know about these Hybrids? Yes, they are wonderful but a bit hard to find and the 1st time I tried it was about 10+ years ago.

    I’m into food, not fruits. I would eat kayleng chio…and at times, papayas…and I’m not really into any of the rest, not even durians. I would love very good, very lemak dabai…but not at RM45.00 a kg. I swear I would never buy and eat it ever again at that ridiculous price!

    1. LOL. I thought you would be interested in anything edible.

      Oh? Like what they say about Chinese people eating anything that moves? LOL!! πŸ˜€

  5. For me, I love both… cempedak and nangka.. both also I dont mind eating, choking or not.. i get what u mean.. the sweetness sometimes get stuck at the throat there, right? if the nangka is too ripe, it is also “slimy” and makes it more difficult to swallow.. oh by the way, nangka and cempedak, i get mixed up between the two.. one is crunchier than the other… but dont know which is which.. hahaha….

    You’re probably talking about cempedak. Nangka is crunchier… πŸ˜‰

  6. I LOVE nangka! It smells so good! I have one sitting in the fridge as we speak – picked it up while grocery shopping during the weekend.

    Hey, I’ve never seen a hybrid of a cempedak and nangka fruit. What is it called?

    No idea. They just call it nangka-cempedak kahwin. Perhaps they can call it nangpedak or something like that. LOL!!! Not really crazy about fruits so I wouldn’t go out of my way to go and but to eat…

  7. Alamak!…both are my favourite…very heaty fruits.

    Wow!…nangka masak lemak looks appetizing. Craving for it…hahaha!..

    Kpg. Nangka in Sibu…is it somehow related to this fruit?

    I guess it is named after the fruit. Yup…very heaty – should not take too much but I love the young ones, masak lemak. Yum!

  8. I never knew that nangka can be cooked with coconut milk, seriously tak tahu…

    you know when i was small,mom used to fried nangka with flour and it would be the same dish throughout the day, poor then……………….

    have a great week ahead ya..

    You too! Ya…the young unripe ones, we use to cook – masak lemak. Not into those cucurs…and much less if it’s cucur cempedak, no…thank you.

  9. Oh gosh, nangka masak lemak !! So hard to find around here, but so so good ! πŸ™‚

    Yum! Yum! Here I can get it everyday at my favourite Malay food stall – so convenient that I never bother to cook my own masak lemak anymore. Lazy! @.@ Hehehehehe!!!

  10. I don’t like cempedak, find it too squashy to my liking… but I LOVE nangka, the texture is more acceptable for me and not as smelly as cempedak, muahaha!

    p/s: Your cempedak looks great though, I won’t mind to try some since it’s not as soggy like ordinary cempedak!^^

    Yup…then you’re like me. You will like this one then – I did. Thought it was really nice…not like cempedak, more like nangka with a combination of the tastes and textures.

  11. Don’t like Cempedak,smelly but love Nangka! Tupang and yng cempedak is yumz tho esp if cooked lemak or rebus style. We have frozen nangka here but never bought them. Could be from Darwin.There is one I used to like, the fruit like cempedak, but do not smell n very sweet, n the fruits when u open are all in clusters, can’t remember what it is called now 😦

    That’s buah terap. The one with seed like pistachios? They have really huge ones in Sabah! Not that easy to get around here these days, may see once in a while at the market…but then again,I don’t go to the market often.

  12. Be nangka or chempedak…i love themmmmm!!! If fried also as good….definetely not those in masak santan..ahahahha

    Then you’re the direct opposite of me… I’ll go for the mask lemak anytime… πŸ˜‰

  13. Good day bro!,

    For me, I love both of those fruits, be it cempedak or nangka. For cempedaks, I love it when they deep fry it. Mmmm the sweetness coupled with the crunchiness of the flour is just too good!

    ps. i didn’t know they have a hybrid.

    So now you know. Hehehehehe!!! City people – some may not even know what the fruits look like. No, thank you…no cempedak for me – like that or fried.

  14. I love nangka and cempedak! I think I prefer cempedak more because nangka sometimes you can get those that are not that sweet. Also, cempedak after deep frying it DELICIOUS! πŸ˜› But i haven’t seen or heard of a HYBRID before though..

    True, the not sweet nangka can be quite tasteless…but I don’t like the taste and texture of cempedak. Dunno about the hybrid? Another one from the city… Hehehehe!!! πŸ˜€

  15. i love both nangka and cempedak, but now hardly eat nangka because of the strong smell.

    I love deep fry cempedak, so nice, but but very heaty, try not to eat it often. Everytime when pass by the stall at the roadside they fried the cempedak, smell so good.

    Nangka kahwin cempedak? Something new to me, how it taste? Look like peach to me.

    Not a fan of both, though I may eat one seed of nangka when given – that’s about it. Peach? I thought it looks something like persimmon… Nice! I like…compared to nangka or cempedak in their original form.

  16. I always loved fried cempedak, back then, my mom will fry in the kitchen.

    Not too fancy, the raw one though, the smell seems incumbent. As for nangka, tried it once in a while.

    The chinese believes if you got a bad cough, try eating a few without washing. It will certainly drive the cough away!

    Taking too many nangkas will give me much gas. Passing out that is. πŸ˜›

    Oh? I thought they’re both heaty – to be avoided when having a cough? Maybe if it’s a cold cough… Didn’t know about the gas…but I never eat more than one or two seeds anyway…but I’ve heard about the seeds! Bombs away! LOL!!!

  17. I love both but got angin so eat moderately. Wa..I love the hybrid of the two…looks yummy. Here hard to find the cross breed ones …send some over la :p I have yet to cook the laksa you gave me. Have to wait for the Piggies to be back, then I cooked them. One pkt should be enuf for Claire and my family πŸ™‚ She is waiting patiently for me to cook it for her :p

    Btw the nangka lemak is nice. I used to buy them back from the canteen for Joanna loves them πŸ™‚

    Hahahaha!!!! Poor Claire! Just take photo and show her, enough! Tell her that I say if she wants to eat it, she must come to Sibu. Muahahahaha!!!! Ya…there, your poor Joanna craving for it already… LOL!!

  18. Nangka, chempedak, clone or not clone, all I sapu, with biji sekali! ha ha ha!

    Biji nangka? So far, we only boil and eat the cempedak seeds…but the young ones, we cook everything and eat everything – masak lemak. Yum!

  19. you mean there’s such thing as a hybrid? eh how come I’ve never seen this before?!! I also want to try this.

    There is! All your durians – very yellow, very milky, not so smelly…are hybrids. True durian lovers think they are not as nice as our wild durians. For me, all the same…would only eat with glutinous rice and santan…or in pancake and cake desserts. Yum! LOL!!!

  20. i love nangka! i love cempedak too! i always had the hybrid of nangka n cempedak back at kk, πŸ˜€ loving it. πŸ™‚ i also love the young nangka cooked santan too! πŸ˜€

    Oh? Now in KL, no more? So kesian… Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜€

  21. I love cempedak more than nangka because of its soft texture and lemak taste, but I like both ^_^ waaah you make me sooo missing local fruits!! Eh, they are heaty fruits? But my dad told me I could eat neither nangka nor cempedak too much because the gum would cause cold coughs T__T I used to sell nangka around my village with my younger brother on my mom’s modified motorcycle (what is it called eh, it has a box attached on its side to put in our trade merchandise – we just called the whole modified motorcycle thing “teksi” lol). My dad, brother and I cleaned, seeded and packed the sweet crunchy things the night before, and sold them the next day – they were quite a hit – who wouldn’t like nangka without getting the sticky gum? πŸ˜€ Thus the saying “siapa makan nangka dialah kena getahnya” can’t be applied in this modern age anymore eh? XD

    Cold cough? I thought they’re heaty. Not a fan of either but I would eat a seed or two of nangka, if given. Wah…this post certainly brings back lots of fond memories for you, eh? πŸ˜‰

  22. Didn’t know got hybrid of the two (sheesh, malunya)…..nangka, cempedak, both also nice to eat but not crazy over them. Prefer the fried cempedak.. πŸ™‚

    No, thank you… I’m not into those cempedak fritters nor the fruit but I quite like this hybrid. Very nice! πŸ˜‰

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