I wanna know…

This is the bigger version of the mihun  (rice vermicilli) or what we call tua tiaw bee hoon

Delta's lakia hung ngang 1

…and what I wanna know is whether this is what people call laksa and you can find it in a bowl of Penang assam laksa.

Penang Air Itam assam laksa
*recycled pic*

The Foochows call it hung ngang and it is usually eaten in a ginger and Foochow red wine-based soup of preserved vegetables and chicken or fish or whatever – what they call zhao chai hung ngang

Zhao chai hung ngang
*recycled pic*

My daughter loves it and she would even cook her own sometimes when she’s home but I’m not that crazy about it. That was why the other day, I ordered that but fried lakia (Dayak/native) style instead…

Delta's lakia hung ngang 2

And that is another thing that I wanna know – which is why they call it lakia. Normally, people will order lakia mee (noodles) and the only difference I can notice is that they add chillies to it…

Delta Cafe's lakia mee
*recycled pic*

If I remember correctly, they used to sell lakia mee at my school canteen and theirs would have a bit of belacan (dried prawn paste) but I’m not sure whether they have that elsewhere in the coffee shops outside.

Anyway, back to the lakia hung ngang that I had, I must say that it was pretty good. You can drop by that Delta Seafood Cafe & Restaurant (GPS coordinate: 2.307942,111.825264) to give it a try…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “I wanna know…”

  1. 😦 Looks like I’m gonna have to pester my husband to get me my monthly assam laksa fix. LOL! Oh well, can always blame u for my cravings. LMAO!

    Yum! Yum! Muahahahaha!!!!

  2. mr wee, correct me if im wrong.
    Penang laksa is not using this kind of bihun right? they use the glass noodle type if not mistaken. with a bit transparency, more chewy.
    However, Ive ever taste one stall in miri, trying to replace the glass noodle to hung gan, the taste came out totally disappointing 😦

    Dunno. Looks the same to me…but I’ve seen packets of uncooked ones in the supermarket and the name is “laksa”, and then we have the packets of the big mihun and hung ngang. Looks like they’re different all right. The one I had in the Penang laksa here – not like glass noodles (tung hoon) but more slippery/slimy than big mihun or hung ngang, something like cendol except that it’s not green.

  3. When it comes to mihun, I still prefer the finer type.. dont know why, the thicker one does not have the “omphh” when i take them… 🙂 but when it comes to laksa, i prefer the the rounder version called “lai fun” … 🙂 this laksa is making me swallow… something.. hahaha…

    Hahahahaha!!! Drooling, are you? Time for breakfast! LOL!! The finer mihun – we use that for our Sarawak laksa. Elin cooked the paste yet? Don’t tell me she ate it all without calling you… Muahahahaha!!!!

  4. tua tiaw bee hoon…? My late mama would tell me to behave else when we get home she would treat me with tua tiaw mee..ie cane bro. Bananaz very blessed never being caned before very kwai very good boy one muahaha.

    Hahahahaha!!! My brother and I had a good share of the kam chia (sugarcane) during our younger days! 😀

  5. Bananaz have not acquire the taste of red wine maybe pass or if that’s so good would have a go. Lakia looking good btw not fried by kow kia or meow kia?

    Dunno the name of this guy – I’m not a regular at this place but so far, all that I’ve tried here have been pretty good. Would certainly drop by more often.

  6. i actually like this kind of beehoon, more springy and more chewy.. but it’s not very common here at the noodles stall or restaurants.. if i know they have it, i’ll always opt for that instead..

    Aha! You’re like me then. Sometimes, mihun causes indigestion…or maybe I eat too fast. LOL!!! 😀

  7. It should be different from assam laksa, as the ones in assam laksa is really fat and the texture is unlike any noodles.

    The one you had should be a fatter version of normal noodles. It looks nice though, can i have some of it delivered here? 🙂

    I would think so too. You want? Come to Sibu lah… KL-Sibu very cheap…grab the Firefly1 sen seats – can even drop by on weekends.

  8. I wanna know have you…[..] Coming down on a sunny day..what song?

    Aiyor…don’t insult me lah! Ask me if I know CCR! LOL!!! But hey! Since you started singing, it has been raining heavily here. Come, sing some more. It had not been raining, so hot for so many days now… 😉

  9. The fried mee send me drooling!….looks yummylicious. Great lover of mee, be it soup or fried or kolo, as long as it is mee but sorry not the straight mee hor, hehehehe…

    For bihun, tua tiaw or the finer type will be fine with me.

    Eyewwwwwwwww….Zhao Chai Hung Ngang…give it a pass. Tasted once before and till now never….never… like it. Sourish taste.

    I’m not a fan of that too – the ginger will make me fall sick – too heaty but people who love it would insist on it being very sour and with lots of red wine. No, thank you. LOL!!!

  10. i learned bout the word lakia from my sarawakian friend last week. haha!

    I thought that’s a general term – can refer to the orang asli…or the aborigines in Australia even…?

  11. OOOh ! Am a big fan of noodles, and although I’ve seen this type of noodles before, I never knew they could be prepared like this. Looks uber delicious! I wish they could be prepared this way here 😦

    You have? I wonder how they cook this type of big mihun over there. Come to think of it, I don’t seem to see much of mihun, big or small, at the makan places at all. Not very popular?

  12. Gosh! I’m trapped here in the jungle & all I can do is just look at the pics & fantasise.

    You can learn to cook them yourself, not a problem…or better still, come down next weekend. I’ll take you around to eat them all. Not always tied down fighting your Mafia Wars still, are you?

  13. Setting my cardiology lecturing aside… you got to see how far my jaw drops right now. You are practically a full-time malaysian food critic. I’m always jealous… Cravings cravings!

    You’re not pregnant, are you? Muahahahaha!!!!

  14. Zhoa chai hung ngang !! Nice & yummy ! I love the soup , sour sour , now I am drooling and hungry at this hour . 😦 zhoa chai soup got put red wine ?? We only put vinegar . Yummmmzz .

    Oh? I think my mrs put red wine also, add fragrance to the sour taste of the zhao chai. Not too sure, not a fan…so never cooked this myself. So how’s your Firefly booking? When are you coming back to Sibu?

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