No longer…

In a recent post, I mentioned that the kampua noodle stall, the one that I grew up eating, had moved to the coffee shop behind the Sibu Polyclinic…and in my younger days, in that coffee shop named Kiaw Siong, there was a beef noodle stall as well. We called the kampua guy Ah Kow…and then when this other fellow opened his beef noodle stall, he was known as Ang Kau (monkey) and his son who helped him at the stall was Kow K’ia (puppy).

I managed to find out  where this beef noodle had moved to and I must say the present location is a lot better where parking is concerned. It is now in the coffee shop across the lane to the left of Singapore Chicken Rice, the outlet behind HSBC. I dropped by for lunch the other day…

Original Kiaw Siong beef noodles 1

…and found that they have three sizes going for RM3.00. RM3.50 and RM4.50. If you look carefully at the sign on the top of the stall, it seems that this business actually stared in 1963. Gosh! I was only 11 then. Well, I opted for the biggest – the RM4.50…

Original Kiaw Siong beef noodles 2

…and I must say that I was quite disappointed. In the past, when I went to eat at the former location (beside the Sibu Fire Station), without my asking, they would give me the biggest size they had…and it  would be a BIG bowl, the family-size soup bowl. Besides, not only is it no longer the only beef noodles stall in town but it is no longer the nicest as there are others that are nicer…as well as others that are cheaper and just as nice.

I guess I would not be rushing him to eat there again but I may just stop by for a bowl, should I happen to be in the vicinity and do not feel like having anything else that is available around that part of town.

That same day, at that same coffee shop, I spotted a stall selling char siew pao at RM1.50 each…

Mitsu char siew pao 1

They were ok – the filling was nice…

Mitsu char siew pao 2

…but I think I prefer those that I bought not too long ago…and those were cheaper – only RM1.40 each.

They also sold these baked jacket sweet potatoes at the stall…

Mitsu baked sweet potatoes 1

…and RM1.40 each but for RM4.00, you can get three, I bought some and found that they were really very nice indeed…

Mitsu baked sweetpotatoes 2

I would not mind going back there some time and buy some more, that’s for sure.

Only when they packed my orders did I realise that actually, these came from the dim sum place that I would go to quite regularly

Mitsu Sibu

I wish, however, that they would not use those polystyrene containers as they are not environment-friendly and would be thrown away after use. They could have just used plain paper to wrap and tie with a rubber band…or plastic containers that people can wash and reuse for other purposes again and again until they spoil. In view of this, I must bear in the mind that the next time I go to buy those sweet potatoes, I must remember to bring my own Tupperware…

As the lyrics of the song go,
I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “No longer…”

  1. Yay, I’m first today! So kiasu!. Is that cheese on top of the sweet potatoes? Hmmm would love to try it too! Good on you STP for singing that song and for wanting to bring a tupperware next time. Everyone should do their part to help preserve our environment.

    Dunno exactly. It probably is…kind of tasted a bit like custard – very nice. Ya…we should do something even though others do not seem to care at all.

    Ya…you’re first. Dunno where that fairy has gone too – not likely that she has gone home to her outlaws – no public holiday over at your side, no long weekend. Some schools here taking a holiday on Easter Monday some more, so lucky.

    1. Fairy one hit KO early last nite… my parents in town…hahaha…sumbat me makan til I jadi snake liao.

      No wonder…finally getting some decent food to eat! Muahahahaha!!!

      1. Yes… my mum made me nasi tomato and nasi daging and sumbat-ed me wif lotsa stuff. Haih… poor woman… apparently she’ll never get it that she’s never gonna plump me up, no matter how much she feeds me. Still never give up trying to fatten me up after all these years… lol!

        I guess the same with me and my daughter – kept feeding her…and in the end, I was the one who grew fat! 😦

  2. I think I’ll try this whole menagerie, Ah Kow, Kow Kia, Kow Boh, Ang Kau etc when I get back.

    LOL!!! Have you bought your pants with an elastic waistband yet? 😀

  3. Baked jacket potatoes, 1st time heard of it (other than Kenny roaster’s jacket potatoes), but these look far more yummy and tastier! YUM!

    Ya, I prefer them to normal potatoes. I’m sure they have these at dim sum places.

  4. Beef nooddle…not my bowl of noodle**dun eat beef..hehheheh…

    I prefer those Japanese potatoes (purple skin)…very sweet indeed….

    You mean the small Filipino ones? Very sweet, very nice…and very expensive and not easy to get here. Sometimes, we may get to see them around and of course, we will buy without any second thoughts…so nice!

  5. baked jacket sweet potato??!! wow, this is the first time i’ve seen this, so what is that “jacket” actually made of?? cheese or something like the top of polo bun?? hmmm, looks nice especially the orange color flesh, yummy yummy..

    Jacket potato: “A baked potato served with the skin on” and this one is a sweet potato, baked not boiled or steamed or fried.

  6. Among the three, i will definitely opt for the baked jacket sweet potatoes.. actually why baked jacket? i notice the potato skin, for RM1.40, it is a bit expensive though…but then i will still wanna try!

    Sweet potatoes here these days very expensive. Taiwan sweet potato porridge no longer something for poor people anymore… 😦 If I’m not mistaken, if with skin unpeeled, they call it jacket (sweet) potatoes.

  7. Ohhhh!….that bowl of beef noodles, siew pao and baked jacket sweet potatoes certainly looks yummmy….

    Baked jacket sweet potatoes!…ooopssss!…very interesting. Never have I seen or eaten before. Would love to try it. BTW, what is the topping made of?

    It tasted like custard to me but some say it’s cheese – I did see a sprinkling of parmesan on top though. Any good dim sum places in Kuching? Maybe they have these there?

  8. “Ang Kau” heard the name before, but ang kau not selling kampua ? I remember my mum always said go for ang kau kampua?

    Next time try the beef noodles at “Lot 10” in Sibu, not the shopping mall Lot 10 here in KL. 😀 Last year my brother brought me there, the beef noodles i find it is good. “Lot 10” Sibu near that “King Hua” use to have a cinema there, not sure now still got or not.

    Ya, bring own tupperware and “ta pow” food. I use to do that, bring my own tupperware and pack my lunch at the food court.

    I love jacket potatoes but not sweet potatoes. 😛 Add some sour cream and bacon on top, yummylicious.

    Yes, he was originally Ah Kow – typical Chinese name…but somewhere along the line, it became ang kau kampua. I never bothered to find out but what I noticed was when they moved to the coffee shop opposite (next to the fire station), Ah Kow’s son was operating the coffee shop selling drinks and Angkau’s son was selling the kampua. Maybe that’s why it is thus called now.

    Angkau himself and some people called him Lau Eyo (old goat) was selling the beef noodles but I do not see him anymore – dunno if he’s still around or not. One of his sons is doing it now…and another son has a stall at Sing Kiaw, behind Esso petrol station.

    Now the kampua stall at the coffee shop behind Sibu Polyclinic is run by Ah Kow’s son, the former coffee shop guy. Are you confused yet? Muahahahahaha!!! I haven’t had the kampua since dunno when – maybe I should give it a try one of these days…and see if it’s still as good as before.

    Yes, Lot 10 beef noodles (near former Cathay cinema, now Star Cineplex) are very nice – they have another stall at Lanang Road – the traffic lights junction to Li Hua Hotel & Kingwood. I don’t go to Lot 10 though as it is very hard to find parking in that area…and the Lanang Road one is just as bad.

    Yum!!! I love bacon…and sour cream too. Drool!

  9. I never like sweet potato, but would love to try this type of sweet potato. Look so yummy.

    I like sweet potatoes…and I like these too. Never had it done this way before. Very nice!

  10. Hahaha!….wat funny names to have. I know people with funny nicknames like “Too Kia” (piglet). “Ah Ngiaw” (cat) and “O Kow” (black dog). Guess there must be a reason behind to have those funny nicknames.

    …and Ah Gu, Ah Bay… Dunno some of these Chinese names have animal names in them. 🙂

  11. lol, why the names all got kow one.. do you really call them that? Kow kia.. aiyo.

    I skipped lunch today to go service my car for the trip back Penang, and these char siew pao just made my stomach growl… aduh. I wana go makan something dy.

    You know Chinese names – all kinds of animals, they have. LOL!!! Gosh! Must be starving! Well, so am I! It’s Good Friday and I am fasting…till the sun goes down – then, I will have a light dinner.

    1. I heard that Chinese people used to call their offspring not by their actual names but replaced with nick names (usually animal names) due to superstition. They believed by calling them animal names, those ‘wandering spirits’ would not disturb the kids as they thought the kids were animals. Funny practice though.

      I also know that they change the characters in the names – the sounds would still be the same but the characters would be written differently just because the original name is unlucky.

      1. Haha, I am that type of Kiasu person. See one of my blog post below on how I chose my girls name:

        It’s Greek to me…but at least I know how to write my own name. I wish my father had given me an easier one though – he was Chinese-educated…and the characters are so very complicated… Someone who knew Chinese told me that it was a very good name though…the name of a great man.🙂

  12. Polystyrene container… some ppl call it ‘keranda putih’ cuz it’s very unfriendly to the environment. Heard it take ages for them to biodegrade!

    Same as plastic…but at least, plastic containers, we can use again and again and again until they spoil before we throw them away. These are quite useless – many economical fast food stalls use these here, maybe because they are cheaper than plastic…and we throw them away right after use. I do wish they would pass a law to ban it.

    1. If I’m not mistaken it’s banned in some places… like universities…and college… but not officially banned in Msia, which I think is just sad. I would prefer to bring tupperware or the mangkuk tingkat to tapau all these stuff… but when I do that, ppl call me outdated. *FAINT*

      I love the tiffin carrier…but cannot take to buy food at the Malay stall, not halal…my tiffin carrier. 😦

  13. You know, when I was a lil girl…my grandpa would make this ‘baked sweet potatoes’. But the way he prepare it very strange… pluck it out from the herb garden, den tanam inside a hole with hot coal… he’ll leave it there for some time and go do his gardening, and when he’s done, he’ll dig out the sweet potatoes and it’ll be ready to eat…strange… but taste much nicer than those that’s cooked in the normal oven.

    Ah!!! This must be how they cook it in New Zealand. Can’t remember the Maori name for it though. If I’m not mistaken, my daughter said the food cooked that way did not appeal to her.

    1. Wow! They cooked it that way? Now that’s interesting to know. I never knew they cooked it that way elsewhere in the world… all I knew that my grandfather likes to do that during his younger years…he garden, and when he’s done, tired liao, he oredi got something to eat. And usually, the cucu-cucu will menyibuk wanna makan oso.

      Yes… it won’t be appealing to some… but to some orang kampung, ok lah…to me oso ok… cuz the end result is very nice. LOL! Could have sworn whatever my grandfather cooked with the coal in the ground taste much better and much more fragrant than those cooked over the stove!

      Yes, the good ol’ simple ways… We also have our own kind of kampung cooking like tunok, masak kuden, salai and so on – the young ones today may not like but to us, if we get to eat anything cooked in these simple ways again, it’s like heaven on earth!

  14. Oohh so you’re going to be 60 next year!! You don’t look a day over 50 😉 Gosh I love siew bao! The picture of it is SO delicious!

    Ooooo…thank you, thank you. Come to Sibu and I’ll give you a big treat! LOL!!! 😉

  15. Ah Kow (dog), Ang Kau (red monkey) and his son Kow K’ia (puppy) phew those were the days people would name their children. My grandfather’s time used to give nick names to their children in China by numbers…*Hakka* ~ ah it, ah ngee, ah sum so on..

    Wahhhhh!!! You memang terng mia (long life)! I just hopped over to your blog to ask you where you’ve been hiding, so busy eating mango or what…never dropped by. Muahahahaha!!!!

      1. Already said before mah we are great man thinking sama sama got 7 sense woh…haha

        Yes, great minds think alike, fools seldom differ! LOL!!! 😀

  16. The “jacket” sweet potatoes not made of banana skin to eat huan joo *sweet potato* luckily not that huan joo *stupid* but bananaz instead.

    As long as it’s not Tua Huan Chu, you want – that Lau Fu Tze friend. LOL!!!

  17. in my workplace, the use of styrofoam for food container is prohibited that’s why food stalls in the vicinity use paper products:)

    re: use your own tupperware, sometimes it crosses my mind when i want to be an environmentalist 🙂

    Since it’s bad, they MUST ban it everywhere. It’s not that they do not have alternatives. Ya…being a bag everywhere you go, save on plastic bags when buying things.

  18. baked jacket sweet potato got me drooling. huhuhu
    i dislike beef, never try beef noodles.
    the char siew pau look good too . nom3, but isnt it a bit expensive, i cn get it rm1.20 here, but that one veggie char siew pau la. hahaa

    Expensive, very expensive…everything’s expensive now, so buy and enjoy once in a while, o.k. lah! Expect me to buy all the time…so sorry lah! You don’t like beef? Eeeeee….typical Foochow lah! Took this fella a long long time to gain popularity and even today, not many beef noodle stalls in Sibu…and they do not sell fresh beef at the market – have to buy deep frozen imported beef! 😦

  19. Mitsu… Overrated & overpriced.
    Though it’s not stopping people like you & me from going back…

    Not much choice around here – o.k. to pamper oneself once in a while. The last time I was there was when my daughter was home for the holidays. Not going often, so o.k. once in a while. You wanna go?

  20. eh i haven’t seen those baked jacket sweet potatoes before. Would love to try it if they have it here!

    Try the dim sum places – they may have them.

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