Tom’s Diner…

I mentioned in an earlier post that my godson/ex-student, Andrew and his wife, Michelle, came home from Christchurch, New Zealand for a few days and they were so nice as to invite me out and treat me to  lunch while they were in town.

We went to this newly-opened cafe at the Delta Mall which is not very far from my house…

Tom's Too

Actually, Tom’s is a very established eatery in Kuching and has been around for a few years now. I cannot recall having eaten there but I did drop by once or twice for the cakes – reputed to be the best in the city and a cousin of mine loves the food there too.

I  am actually quite surprised that they have chosen to open an outlet here in Sibu, considering that this is not a very happening place compared to say, Miri perhaps.

This is the section outside…

Tom's Too - exterior

…which was not surprisingly, quite deserted as it was kind of hot that afternoon. I did not take a photograph of the place inside as there were other diners and was afraid that they might not be too pleased about it.

I had this terrayaki chicken dish…

Tom's Too- terrayaki chicken

…which came with rice and some cabbage by the side. The chicken was very nice – tender and the sauce was pretty good. Unfortunately, the cabbage was disappointing as it was hard and felt like it was uncooked – I do not think that was supposed to be some kind of salad as it did not taste anything like that. If I’m not mistaken, that dish cost RM12.50 and at that price, they should be able to serve the softer and more fragrant Bario rice which would have been a lot nicer. All in all, I think I would very much prefer the terrayaki chicken set here.

Michelle had the fish and chips…

Tom's Too - fish and chips

…and she said that the fish was good – they used snapper for that, I was told but the batter was disappointing. As a matter of fact, I was quite surprised that she wanted that at all as I’m sure they can get it everywhere in New Zealand and theirs would be a lot nicer than what we have to offer over here. I did not sample any so I would not be in  a position to make any comparisons but so far, here in Sibu, I think this place has the best fish and chips in town. Do enlighten me if you know of any others that are better.

Andrew had their chicken chop…

Tom's Too chicken chop

…and again, I did not get to try so I cannot make any comment on it.

Some of my students have dined here too and they also agreed that the food was nothing much to shout about but they were full of praises of their cakes. The ones I had in Kuching were really great but I’ve yet to try the ones here. But I did hear more recently that the lamb shank and the lasagne are good…and also the carrot cake. Sigh!!! I guess I would just have to drop by the place again one of these days to sample. Anybody else wants to treat me to lunch? Hehehehehe!!!!

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38 thoughts on “Tom’s Diner…”

  1. I like to take my fish and chips with vinegar… does that sounds weird?

    Nope. They do that overseas…but I never acquired the taste. 😦

    1. Yes… yes… they do that overseas, well at least I think they do that in England cuz I used to have the fish and chips all wrapped up in newspaper roll., with vinegar and all.. kinda unhygienic, but it’s nice to eat on cold days.

      But in Msia they dun serve it with vinegar… 😦 the most is tartar sauce… or mayo or some lemon juice. 😦

      It’s not fish and chips if you do not eat it like that. They sell it like that in all overseas countries… I find theirs very oily but the newsprint paper will help soak away the oil.

  2. i dislike fish and chip leh, very jelak because of the oil.
    i would take your teriyaki chicken rice anytime. hehe

    Where? Got oil meh? You don’t like the fish burger at Sugar Bun meh? That one…best lah!!! Bread crumb coating- I prefer that!

    1. goldflower, take the fish and chips with vinegar… or lemon juice… wun feel jelak wan… very nice, in fact…

      Nice with tartar sauce…or just add tomato or chilli sauce lor. And they always give a slice of lemon to squeeze over the fish – I always leave it by the side. Don’t want it to drown the fish taste. Will only use when the fish is not nice…

      1. Yes, nice with tartar sauce and a lot of people take it that way… but i dunno why… i dun quite like tartar sauce and would prefer to squeeze the lemon juice on it. LOL…

        To each his own… My daughter will never ever add tomato sauce, just tartar…and lime.

  3. Yes, I agree with you, sometimes taking pictures, I make sure that I dont simply snap like that, people might not like it, sometimes i pretend to be taking pics of my frens but actually I am taking the surrounding area.. hahahaa…
    OK, STP, next time show us the carrot cake!

    Yup…wait till I drop by the place again to try the cakes and the other dishes that some people say are nice.

  4. Cleffairy is good….she’s always the first to comment -leh! The teriyaki chicken looks yummy. As for the others, look a bit pale -la, somehow fried foods that look a bit more golden and FRIED looks more appetising to me. Also, wanna ask if you have an archive list where I can check out your older posts?

    Nope…but if you want to look for something, you may search for it – just type in that space at the top of the right hand column (e.g. Payung Cafe) above “RECENT POSTS” and click GO! and all the posts on that will appear for you to check them out.

  5. There’s a Tom’s Too in kuching? I only know the one called Tom’s Restaurant. Is that the same?

    This is in Sibu – Tom’s Too – that rhyme’s with 2 (two) and it also means that this place is ALSO a Tom’s outlet. The original Tom’s is in Kuching, Padungan – next to Soho…and if I’m not mistaken, this is the SIBU branch.

  6. Ylor, pity the teriyaki chicken dish, the teriyaki sauce looks so delicious and I think the rice would be tastier of it’s japanese rice. Yeah, the cabbage, didn’t slice evenly and it was drenched in overwhelming mayonnaise!

    You mean the coleslaw in the other two dishes – they did not say much about it, just that the sides are the same. Mine (in the terrayaki chicken) is not a salad – supposed to be fried cabbage but did not taste nice and hard as if uncooked. Actually I asked toe waitress to suggest and she said this one’s very popular…so I don’t know – maybe other like it. I don’t! 😦

    1. Those coleslaw with almond flakes should taste nice lar!;D
      Hehe… you are sure a Makan King, I find it’s hard to satisfy your tummy! ^^

      Dunno…none of that on my plate, so I cannot comment.

  7. Tom’s Too, They don’t have a branch here in KL? Glad you had a good meal . 🙂

    Good meal? Not really. Nothing that’s so nice that I would not be able to wait to go back for more…

    1. ooh, so its mediocre ya. 🙂

      Going back penang this weekend. Looking forward to seeing my parents. The last time i was back in Penang was during chinese new year.

      Have a safe and delightful trip. Looking forward to your posts on it. 😉

  8. Ah!…Ah!…nice food. All looks pretty good x’pecially the terrayaki chicken dish. Feel like getting a bite of that saucy chicken. Drooooooooling!………..

    The chicken was good but not too pleased with the cabbage and the rice.

  9. I think your teriyaki chicken looked more presentable comparing to the other 2 .

    Didn’t really matter – it wasn’t really great, unfortunately… 😦

  10. I don’t want to talk about food, i want to talk about,,mmmmmmmmm. You got god son kan? now can you make me your god brother ka?

    can kah?

    Can, can!! And when you drop by Sibu, you will have to treat me to lunch or dinner too. LOL!!! 😀

  11. It has been a while since I’ve last eaten a chicken teriyaki. Looking at the pic makes my mouth water.

    Why? What’s stopping you? Go ahead… 🙂

  12. The signage is nice and the outside of the cafe looks nice too. Reminds me of the Chilli’s outlet in Bangsar Shopping Center. Your chicken teriyaki looks delicious but the fish and chips and chicken chop looks kinda bland and too pale for my liking. Then again, sometimes looks can be deceiving…

    Here, it’s more of what you see is what you get, if you get what I mean… 😦

  13. maybe is the colour, all the food look so “pale” and look not interesting. 😛

    chicken chop and the fish and chips, both look the same to me.

    I am very particular about fish and chips. Some of it got very strong fish smell and got bone, that’s why i hardly order fish and chips.

    It depends on the fish they use – so far, I like Sugar Bun’s and Garden Hotel’s only. Had it at a few places elsewhere…but not to my liking.

  14. Hope the food didn’t taste as bland as they looked. Would have been nice to finish off the meal with cakes and coffee 😉

    The kopi-o-peng that I had was RM6.50 and unfortunately, not up to the standard of its the price, not at all…

  15. i kinda liked the name – Tom’s too. sounds very catchy too!

    LOL!!! When they were still doing the renovations, I drove by one night and when I saw the name, I was wondering why they were calling the place – Tom’s Loo. 😀

  16. I’ve never seen this place before – it must be very new, as you mentioned. I thought at first glance it was at the row of shophouses under Hollywood Lighting in Apollo (where Eden the Vietnamese cuisine place used to be) – that area seems to have a lot of food establishments crop up but never take off for reasons that puzzles me.

    The food at Tom’s Diner looks pretty good though. Is it just me or has the prices in Sibu gone up? RM 12.50 for a rice dish?

    Just opened a few weeks ago this month at the mall near your house and mine. I guess that’s the standard prices at this kind of cafes round town, more or less…and even at those franchise joints like Secret Recipe or Boston – certainly not cheap to dine at these places.

    1. Yeah, you’re right, won’t be cheap to eat in these places in Sibu. Secret Recipe I can understand, it’s an established franchise. 😀

      Oh Tom’s Restaurant! I remember now – it’s the same one as the one in Padungan right?

      I used to work in Jalan Padungan in Kuching. 🙂

      Yup…the one next to Soho. You would know that one well. Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

  17. My husband like d foods v much expecially lamb shank. maybe extimed time will finish renovation.? tq

    Yes, I heard the lamb shank is very nice…and something else – the lasagne, I think. I did not know what was good so I asked the waitress and she recommended the terrayaki chicken – if that is their best, then I wouldn’t think it is worth going a 2nd time. They also tell me the carrot cake is also nice, a must have! Hope to go back there soonest.

    By the way, why are they doing renovations when they have just opened for business, any idea? Last weekend, they were closed – I wonder if they have reopened or not.

    P.S. Your first time here? Thanks for dropping by and thanks also for sharing. Do come again.

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