By the time I got home from the airport that night when I flew back from Penang, it was already past  11.00 p.m. so I just took my bath and went straight to bed, leaving the unpacking, the laundry and what not till the next morning.

The next day, after finishing all the chores, I went  out…and somehow or other, I felt a craving for kampua noodles. Every time I came home from travelling in the past, unlike many people that I know, I never had any urge to rush to a nearby coffee shop for that so-called kampua fix but this time around, it somehow seemed to be the exception to the rule.

I went to Fast Cafe, a coffee shop in the Sungai Antu area here in Sibu located right next to Courts Mammoth. I am quite positive that it was called Happy Garden many years ago when I used to drop by for brunch every time I had some business on at the Sibu Education Department’s Examination Office located not very far from there. I don’t think the coffee shop has changed hands as I still saw the young and handsome man with a nice muscular built, probably the proprietor, there…or at least that was how he looked then but after all these years, he certainly did not look young nor handsome nor muscular anymore. LOL!!!

I guess the new name would be more aptly associated with speed, meaning that you will be served in a jiffy. I certainly would not want to eat at any place where I would have to fast and end up starving to death. LOL!!! Thankfully, it was indeed the former and my order came pretty fast…

FastCafe kampua & piansip soup

I had the kampua noodles, plain…

Fast Cafe kampua, plain

…without those few thin slices of meat, that is and I requested for the piansip, otherwise known as kiaw in Kuching or wantan elsewhere, served in the soup…

Fast Cafe piansip soup

All in all, it was all right – not the best that I’ve had but should you happen to be in the vicinity and you have no intention of driving all the way to the other places in town, this should be good enough to appease your hunger.

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “Fast…”

  1. Cis…read the title… kena tipu… tot u are fa ting today… mana tau…food jugak…. ishhhhh~

    LOL!!! Don’t wanna talk about fasting and abstaining anymore – some people will come round saying all kinds of stuff….

  2. Cis…read the title… kena tipu… tot u are fasting today… mana tau…food jugak…. ishhhhh~

    Yup…edited your first comment liao! Well, the name of the coffee shop is Fast mah… Fast & Furious! Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. kampua noodles… no sauce? so do they serve really Fast?

    Nope…this is different from wantan noodles but some people prefer it black – tossed with dark soy sauce, i.e… Yes, it was very fast! I liked that. 🙂

  4. When I came back from Singapore the other day, I had the same feel as well…fast fast went to my regular stall the next day then only the Satisfaction could be felt.. lol…
    that is why i understand those who are overseas now, they really miss Malaysian food, don’t they! 🙂

    Ya…as they say – east, west…home is best! 😉

  5. Hmmm..kampua noodles…looks pretty good. Me, a great lover of noodles, be it kolo or fried…janji as long as it is noodles, I would love it…but one thing weird I eat springy noodles and mee pok only and not the straight one…hehehe. The soup “kiaw” is my old time favourite too…

    As the name implies, so the service should be fast…fast…loh!…otherwise ????????????

    Fast, very fast. I think the service at most coffee shops in Sibu is fast, almost instant. 🙂

  6. A craving for kampua? I understand it all too well. And that bowl looks like it will appease my hunger any time.

    Counting the days, Philip? Won’t be long now… LOL!!! 😀

  7. I must really try the kampua noodles someday ! It looks good and healthy !!

    Come on over! I think there is a direct flight JB-Sibu… Grab a cheap fare and drop by for a weekend.

  8. Wow, the meaty wanton… you can’t really get great filling dumplings over here, the shopkeepers were mostly Kiam Siap(stingy) one!;p

    Not really meaty! 😦 They take the skin and apply the minced meat like applying a a thin layer of butter to bread. Would put more if making my own.

  9. You really do carry your camera everywhere, don’t you? I wondered whether you bring it to the bathroom as well. LOL.

    Hmmmm…interesting question. Now what exactly do you hope to see? Muahahahahaha!!! 😀

    1. You always photograph the food you eat, the places you eaten it, the thing you bought etc. Why not the type of soap you used, shampoo, towel, toilet paper and the outcome of it all. LOL.

      Those are not edibles and unless they are interesting in some way. Like I’m looking for a broom – the brand is S.H.I.T. A friend took a photo and mmsed to me… I may post on that. LOL!!! 😀

      1. I remember there was a direct sale product that’s supposed to cleanse your alimentary tract. To prove their product’s effectiveness, they took photo of the ‘you know what’ before and after. They are supposed to look different.

        You want to see my BEFORE photo…you’ll have to be my friend on Facebook…but I’m not adding you. Muahahahaha!!!!

      2. Oh….any different after your Kampua? LOL

        Dunno, not that I noticed. Should there be a difference?

  10. this post is killing!!! I can smell the kampua here, drool big time.

    Yea, everytime when i go back Sibu, before putting baggage at home, must go and have kampua first, cannot wait a second.

    Hehehehehe!!! Torturing eh? You’re a kampua addict, true and true. I’m ok with it…but then again, I guess I’ve never really left home for a long long time so I do not cherish it as much. Can get it so easily…any time. 🙂

  11. how’s the taste of plain kampua noodles? why didn’t you add any meat to it?

    My eXperiences –

    You pay extra 50 sen or more for three or four thin slices of meat, not worth it. It’s VERY nice…but hard to explain – you will just have to come over to try it yourself. I saw Firefly (flying to Sibu staring July), airfare 1 sen only…. Can hop over one weekend.

    1. Yes, some are sliced so thin you could see lights through them.

      …and if they switch on the fan too fast, they may just fly! LOL!!! 😀

  12. YES!!! Firefly!! ONLY RM0.01!!!! I booked just now, but that online payment system blocked my booking!!!!!! Now have to wait for bank to unlock it and i only can book tomorrow night 7pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I saw some comments on their page on Facebook – it seems you’re not the only one facing a problem with the payment. If I remember correctly, somebody said that you can call in to settle everything.

    1. In my experience, it is better to have at least 2 credit cards, from 2 different banks and from 2 different organizations (Mastercard and Visa). AMEX is the least accepted for most purchases from shops but they give the best rebate (1%).

      I’ve two exactly as you say…

  13. hmmm, i just had kolok mee this morning.. i actually wanted to ask, what is the difference between sarawak kolok mee and kampua mee?? one is darker one is not dark??

    The Sarawak (kolok) mee there, as far as I know, is nothing like Kuching kolo(k) mee…and at times, may be closer to Sibu kampua mee in taste…and may taste quite good, just that it is neither one or the other – just a pale imitation.

    Kuching kolo mee and Sibu kampua mee are worlds apart – not the same in taste, in the texture of the noodles, in the things added. Personally I prefer Kuching kolo mee…but we cannot get it in Sibu. Like in KL, we have imitations here – with minced meat, a couple of fish balls and a prawn or two and veg – may look like it…but it’s definitely not it.

    I don’t know if you have dark versions of Kuching kolo mee but Sibu kampua mee, we have – depending on whether you want light or dark soy sauce…

  14. Kampua noodles again! I really should keep a lookout for this around here.. What’s so special about these noodles? They looked pretty plain to me.. LOL! Anyway, glad to know that you reached Sibu safe and sound!! Looks like a very fruitful trip to Penang indeed! 🙂

    The taste of the pudding is in the eating. LOL!! A welcome change from the “heavy” stuff in Penang, that’s for sure. Don’t bother looking for the miserable imitations there – come to Sibu – one weekend would be enough…and you can sample all the yum yum stuff here. Have you heard? Firefly…1 sen only KLIA-Sibu starting in July!

  15. Hi, STP, remember yr post on cream puffs just few days ago. Just now I drop by at Nee’s, Tabuan Plaza on the intention to get the cream puffs…but haiz!!!!!…. so “soi” (unlucky), they closed on Monday…hehehe!…

    I am craving for the cream puffs!…

    I know Nee’s and Tom’s have very nice cakes…but dunno if they have cream puffs or not…and I dunno where you can get nice ones in Kuching. Sibu, I know… Hehehehehe! 😉

  16. Kampau noodles just like the wantan noodles in Penang minus the black sauce?

    Nope, not the same…taste not the same, even the texture of the noodles not the same. You will have to come to Sibu and eat…to know the difference.

  17. sometimes home food is still the best!

    All the time. Other places, good for a change only… Would always go back to what we love best.

  18. lol i am the one fasting from kampua, bring me to rasa sayang when i go back ok.! you said that one the best ma~

    Haven’t been for a long time. People say quality has dropped. Maybe I should drop by one of these days and try…

  19. So you got hit by the kampua-fix!!

    A friend of mine was in Sibu for two weeks to help his party in the recent elections. So his meals everyday were usually coffeshop food, ranging from mee sua, kampua mee and kompia. Three days before returing to KL, he got rather tired of those coffeeshop food so he did not bother to “tapao” any sibu delicacies home. Anyway, he returned to KL on Sunday and by tuesday, he started craving for Kampua Mee!! He was so desperate that he got one of his comrades who was due to return to KL the next day to tapao kampua mee for him. Though it wasn’t as nice as eating it fresh, he was still happy. Apparently, beggars can’t be choosers! He still misses the kampua mee and he twitted that his biggest mistake was not to buy Sibu red wine back. So in an attempt to redeem his mistake, he is now hunting for cheap air ticket to Sibu with extra check-in baggage so that he can buy red wine!

    LOL!! A kampua addict is born eh? Muahahahaha!!!! Well, let me know if he’s coming to town again – will be glad to take him around for the best of the best! And I know where to buy pretty good Foochow red wine. Why don’t you join him too? You will not be disappointed…

  20. Courts Mammoth moved elsewhere. Will be having my monthly meetings there once the place has been renovated.

    BTW I had breakfast at this kopitiam a couple of times right after I landed in town for business. Always had the kampua. Didn’t know the Malay stall at the back was the one you like. Will try next time I drop by 😀

    It has moved to Medan Mall area, new shoplots. I like the old lady’s fried mee special and also the nasi lemak special, dunno about the other Malay stall in front. I did not quite like the kampua there…not so nice. The Malay one at Sunny Cafe at the back is nicer…but of course, no oink oink!!!

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