The music of the night…

This is a follow-up post to the one yesterday on Von & Jon’s wedding and the focus will be on the food at the banquet that evening at the gHotel in Penang

The rose

The bride and groom and their parents were seated at the main table on an elevated platform at one end of the ballroom…

The main table

…and a copy of the menu was placed on every table…

The menu

You can see the couple’s musical influence in the names given to all the dishes that night.

The first dish was the Four Seasons, renamed the Fab Four which was how people used to refer to the mop-topped Beatles when Beatlemania took the world by storm…

The 4 Seasons

The sharks’ fins soup was called Beyond the Sea

Sharks' fins soup

…but I  would have used the French name of the song, “La Mer” instead though – for a touch of class. LOL!!!

I loved the ‘O Pato’ plays the guitar – the duck dish…

Roast duck

…and if you do not understand the name, neither do I. Hahahahaha!!! But  it was really nice…and though it was a teeny-weeny bit tough, it did not stop me from eating so many pieces (despite my being quite toothless) so much so that after I was done, I had to request for some toothpicks for some major excavation works. ROTFL!! As for the name, I would probably call it “Disco Duck” after that Rick Dees’ one-hit wonder.

The King Crimson – the prawns with butter and salted eggs were absolutely heavenly…

Butter salted egg prawns 1

…and rest assured that I did not settle for only the two that they reserved for me while I was at the washroom when the dish was served…

Butter salted egg prawns 2

Jimi Hendrix and the Psychedelic ‘Shrooms Experience?

Sea cucumber & broccoli

Nope! This blurry photograph was certainly not the result of me going on an all-time high on this dish and though it definitely was better than many that I have had, it is still not something that would leave me addicted and craving for more. As any musician would tell you, once in a while they might hit a flat note or two and it’s exactly the same with photographers. Muahahahaha!!!

The Supreme Jazz Chord was good…

Steamed fish

…except that the very moment it was served, they decided to call everybody from the bride’s side onto the platform to propose a toast and by the time we came back to the table, it was already a little cold. I wonder why they did not use those food warmers – the ones with little candles or whatever underneath.

As for the You Belong To Mee

Fried noodles

…I’m afraid nothing can compare to the Foochow fried noodles that we have in Sarawak in general and in Sibu specifically.

Finally, blame it on my sweet tooth or whatever but I loved the dessert so much – the Ice Ice Baby

Sweet dessert

…and I lost count of how many helpings I had. It was thick and rich…and some said it was like melted ice cream but say what you want, I loved it and I certainly was glad I could have everybody else’s share. Hehehehehehe!!!

All things considered, it was a delightful evening with the absolutely splendid dinner and the place, the entertainment, the company…everything was great!

So once again, Von and Jon – all good wishes from me and the family for a lifetime of bliss and abundant blessings. Cheers!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “The music of the night…”

  1. the name all so creative one. lol
    you belong to me by taylor swift. only that one i know. haha
    the duck! aiseh i love duck lah 😦 *drooling*
    oh yeah ! true enough, nothing beat foochow fried noodles. kekeke xD or any foochow dish.

    some semenanjung people went sarawak and said the food taste so bad even dog won’t be eating it. oh i am sooo mad. =/

    Well, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Like a group of bloggers from Kuching came, they went to eat at any place at random and they complained and they complained….and then they checked my blog and decided to go to Ruby for dinner- they loved it so much. Every place the same, you need to know people and you need to know where to go – even KL, a lot of places e.g. along Jalan Alor also not nice…but we do not say that the food is fit for dogs. Many people over there like that lah – ever since long ago, look down on people here, say we live in the trees… Just get used to it.

    P.S. Btw, you do NOT know You belong to me, very old song. Taylor Swift’s is You belong WITH me. Hah!!! See, that’s why people there look down on people from here….

    1. when that song release one? =_=” . i am too young to have had listened about it. i googled for you belong to me, but the first result that came out was you belong with me taylor swift. mwahahaha! opps
      furthermore, i listen to kpop more, so not really knowing english song. haha

      That’s the trouble with the students these days – they do not even listen to Chinese songs anymore – all Kpop…and English is definitely out. That’s why their English is so very poor – no input, no output…like no makan, where got shit? I would notlisten to songs whereby I do not understand the lyrics – Korean, Japanese, Indian, French, Spanish…all no, thank you.

    2. Personally, except for the Penang Char Koay Teow and to a lesser degree the Prawn Noodle, I don’t think the rest is all that great. But then, it could be I went to the wrong place. So I will be going back to Penang soon to check out more of her food.

      Good luck.

      1. Thanks. More names with GPS coordinates would be appreciated.

        No more… Coming to the end of my Penang posts. But there are a lot of blogs on Penang food, just google…and you can go and bug them for the gps! LOL!!! 😀

  2. hey so early of you to post this haha just woke up??

    All my posts scheduled for 5.00 a.m. here…. Dunno what time that is in Manila, same time zone? 😉

  3. oh so this are the ones missing on your previous post hahaha…the foods…
    of all the dishes listed here…. hmmmm i’ll go for the chicken (looks so juicy) and that Supreme Jazz Chord…the fish looks so meaty too… yum yum

    Chicken? Where? That was duck you’re talking about, I think. Hehehehehe!!! It was nice and the cod fish was nice too.

  4. Damn! Lupa pulak today u gonna post food u baham-ed. Cis… shud have makan bfast dulu before come here. T___T

    Hehehehe…you walked right in! LOL!!! 😀

  5. I forgot today’s post will be the food edition…aiseyman!!..drooling habis as the food really really looks delicious. Incidentally, I had 2 of the dishes yesterday…the butter prawns and mushroom but look nothing like the ones in your post.

    Ya…the food was really really good – except the mee. Loved the butter prawns with salted eggs, loved the creamy sauce…different from what I had elsewhere.

    1. Shereen… join the club. I oso lupa today is about food. Sobsob! Teraniaya… cuz I haven’t had bfast, and ended up mopping my drool!

      Hehehehe!!! Don’t worry… Tomorrow’s post will be very kind. Quite safe to drop by… 😉

      1. Cleffairy,
        I’m going to send my computer repair billsss to Arthur..habis my laptop rosak sebab my drool meleleh and drop on the lappy.He should be held responsible..hehehehe

        Hahahahaha!!! That bad eh? Nah! I’m sure you have nice food like this too, or perhaps even nicer over there with the authentic HongKong or Chinese chefs…but perhaps, it may be a bit expensive. Also ok what, people there gaji very high one! 😉

  6. hey time if I have any weddings in the house, I will listen to your suggestions on how the dishes should be named! hahhaa… creation! Looking at the dishes, they must be pricey.. in G hotel some more.. wow.. i guess 1K per table is just normal over there… 🙂 Long time I didnt attend wedding dinners, how come u have so many invitations one!

    Wait lah! Your son’s wedding soon? Wink! Wink! LOL!!! You’re young, all your friend’s children young ones… Me also- long time no wedding in the family…and suddenly one after another. LOL!!!

  7. Awesome photos…=)

    Thanks. Except for the broccoli dish and the duck as well – probably my hands shook a bit. I try to just snap quickly when dining with other people so as not to put them off by making them wait while twisting and turning the plate and taking multiple photos near and far from all angles – I’ve seen people doing that…and I don’t think that’s nice. Not considerate…as the others would all be waiting to dive right in and eat.

    Btw, thanks for dropping by. What took you so long? Hehehehe!!!! Welcome and do drop by again. Will link you in my blogroll.

  8. Nice names and nice dishes! Everything looks heavenly … sorry, I have to rush for my breakfast now. Super hungry liao!

    Bon appetit!!! 😉

  9. Aiya, no MJ black and white, like my tau fu fah kah? ha ha ha!

    Yahor…when I get married again, I’ll have that for dessert…and I’ll call it: MJ – before & after! LOL!!! 😀

    1. gosh…quote….when I get married again…STP, u so daring to say that… tonight u might have to jaga rumah outside! hahaha…

      Shhhhh….shhhhh!!! Don’t let her hear that! 😉 ROTFL!!!

    2. Sir,

      Quote ‘… when I get married again.’ Unquote.

      That would be as near as next universe!!! 😉 Strongly suggest you to scrap that thought off and have a renewal of wedding vow ceremony instead. And YOU would be the one that sending out invitation to the world out there and hence, they would have no excuse or whatsoever reason to not dropping by Sibu. How about that? 😉

      And you could have your ‘before and after’ or ‘everafter and forever’ or ‘together and eternal’… or whatever theme as it may be for your selection of the sweet-in-the-taste-bud, melt-in-the-heart dessert. 🙂

      Sigh!!! My golden… I would be 79 then, dunno still around these parts of the universe by then or not. And who on earth would want to marry me…poor, old, big, fat and ugly…so worry not! It will never happen. Hahahahaha!!!! 😀

  10. Menu all in Engrishhh dont have ‘yes no yes 是不是’ *shì bù shì* ? Guess all the guests and your relatives are mostly angmoh sai aka banana people?. Hard to spell Jimi Hendrix maybe or O Pato the quack quack? ~;).

    Yup…all English-ed people and actually, I was impressed by the number of people in Penang speaking excellent English – even those young boys and girls (obviously teenage students) eating at the nasi kandar shop near the hotel where I stayed. Heard a lot of dialects spoken too all over the island. Over here in Sibu, all Mandarin-speaking mangos…and wedding or other receptions, very rarely in English.

    1. Talking about being shocked by the quality of English spoken. I have the greatest shock when I once met a Sri Lankan monk who spoke perfect Queen’s English in Brickfield KL. Turns out he is a university lecturer.

      Yours should be great, I’m sure. Heard you’re one of the best…if not, THE best in the club! 😉 LOL!!!

      1. You don’t know me. With enough practice my delivery may be OK but when it comes to grammar…….you don’t want to know. I am not called “Mr. Know Nothing” for nothing. LOL.

        BTW, we seem to have some mutual friends for you to say what you just did.

        Sibu is a very small place. They say that if you fart on one end of the town, people at the other end can hear…and smell. Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  11. Hip!..Hip!..Hurray!…another great post is up.
    The food drives me crazy!….glorious and tempting. Look at the pix makes me “lau chui nuar liaw”..hehehe.

    Each dish has its glamorous and unique names and I bet they taste glamorous too!…

    Aiyo!…wrong timing…go the washroom when the best is served…the prawn. Lucky some kind souls reserved for you…otherwise ??????

    The food was great. Usually I’m quite skeptical about such dinners at grand hotels – the food, though very expensive, is often not good. Liked this one a lot. My table…all my cousins lah. Otherwise, probably no more for me… 😦

  12. wow, the food looks so nice.. and you know what?? my favourite is always the first dish i.e. the platters, always love that so much.. maybe that’s always the first one after a long wait that’s why i love it, hahaha!! 😀

    Ya…very hungry then so everything tasted good. This one was nice but I think we have nicer ones at restaurants here in Sibu…and more than four choices. I loved the prawns the most, I think…and the duck…and the fish…and the dessert – well, most everything lah! Hahahahahaha!!!

  13. and G Hotel, i’ve been there.. errr, actually just walk in and see see only lah cannot afford to stay in there.. it is really a nice hotel!! the lobby is so contemporarily designed, i like that…

    Yup, it is expensive. That’s why I did not stay there – only went there for the wedding. 😦

  14. OMG..the dessert looks heavenly….i want..i want it so badly

    I loved it – I think I had three or four bowls even though I was already so very full by then! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  15. Excuse me!…what is inside the “ice ice baby”. Looks very creamy and something like sago and cube sweet potatoes…hehehe!..

    Sago pearls and honeydew in very rich and thick cream, not really sweet – just nice. There were comments that they should add more honey dew – but I beg to differ…not a fan of the overpowering smell of honey dew. Thankfully, I could hardly taste it in this one and that was why I enjoyed it.

  16. Emmm! you don’t like honey dew….I love it. Mistaken the honey dew for sweet potatoes, hahaha!…

    Not me. If it comes at the end of the dinner in an assorted fruit platter, I would usually give it a miss…

  17. oh the buttered prawn… so moist. The menu is so creative and classy.

    Yes, loved it. As for the menu, sure is nice to have something different for a change from the usual mundane ones.

  18. Oh, i thought the dish names were given by the hotel, and i was thinking myself, how come this G Hotel so “creative” with the names. 🙂 Now i know they are given by the lovely couple, very creative and very good idea, make a change from the boring standard dish names.

    Love that first dish – four season picture, clear and yummy and all the food look good, especially the prawns. The mushroom dish, is that sea cucumber or fish maw?

    Sea cucumber – we get that at every banquet in Sibu too, not really crazy about it. The prawns were really great – don’t have that here. Ya…interesting names indeed. 🙂

  19. I see the noodle nice leh. Something special. Coz everytime go for wedding sure it’s either fried rice or the lotus leaf rice

    Oh? I thought I had noodles also at the wedding reception I attended in Penang in November? (…and that one was equally disappointing too!). 😦 Maybe only in KL… The Chap Goh Meh dinner we had in KL…also fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf. Nicer than the noodles, I would say.

  20. I see the couple (and their families) have put in great effort in selecting the food menu. Good choices; not the usual ones you normally see! They look delicious and surely they cost a lot, considering it being held at g hotel! I like the “Fab Four” and “O Pato’ plays the guitar” 🙂

    It certainly looks like it – I’m sure it was very expensive. Never mind – once in a lifetime so must make it as memorable as possible.

  21. I really love the dishes’ names inspired by music! How creative! And it’s a pity those cod fish was cold when you ate it.. LOL at u using toothpick for major excavation works! 😛

    LOL!!! It was true – all the strips of meat stuck here, there and everywhere. Hahahahaha!!! The cod was slightly cold…but still very nice. People over there don’t use food warmers, is it?

  22. whoa cool names, did you make it up or it was stated like that in the menu?

    I would love the last dessert too! Sweetness! 🙂

    Oh? You have a sweet tooth too? Danger! Danger! Very likely will become fat…like me! Muahahahahaha!!! The names were like that on the menu…and we guessed that must be my niece’s idea. Very nice – something different for a change.

  23. wah the photos looked good. La Mer is the name of the cream I am using! hahaha

    This is one hotel ballroom that I like. There seemed to be a spotlight above each table shining down to the middle so while the whole place was dim and cosy, there was ample light to take reasonably good photos of the food… Oh? You’re not using La Prarie? 😉

  24. This is the main reason why I attend weddings – the food.

    I love the way everything was done up at the main table. The menu or rather “ingredients” as Cash would say 😉 … was pretty and the idea of the themed menu was creative and clever. Beautiful!

    Hahahaha!!!! You would not let him forget it eh? Men mah! Can’t tell the difference between menu, recipe or ingredients – only know how to eat. 😉 I love weddings…but of course, where there is good food ande verything else that’s nice, it will be very much appreciated.

  25. what is the dessert made of? 🙂 i like the duck and i have read that you call it pato there? same here 🙂

    Oh? So it’s called pato in the Philippines? Tagalog? Never heard that name before, dunno where my niece got it from.

  26. OMG! Nice wedding banquet. The food looks good – I’m a big fan of the “first dish/four seasons” but have always wondered – isn’t it bad luck to feature that number for the Chinese?

    Anyway, congrats to the newlyweds! Have a great life ahead of you Von and Jon! 🙂

    Yahor! Never crossed my mind. No wonder they have more in Sibu – 8, for good luck. Thanks, Huai Bin… I;m waiting for yours – send invitation soonest. LOL!!! 😉

  27. absolutely great!!! adoi nampak sedap-sedap semua 😉
    nak yang ini, yang itu, hehehehe…

    Yes, on the whole, the food was really great…

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