Expect the unexpected…

Actually I’ve long given up on the char siew pao available at the bakeries in Sibu – most of them aren’t worth the calories at all, so to speak. My favourite would be the ones from Kai Joo Lane in Kuching and more recently, I got these really very nice mr.siew bao ones from my ex-student, Xavier, who brought them back all the way from KL…

mr.siewbao's char siew pao

The other day, however, I dropped by this bakery near the centre where I’m presently attached too. The chicken pies there are great but they’ve increased the price by 20 sen and now cost RM3.00 each. Normally, they would all be sold out by late evening or at best, there would only be one of two left but that day, I saw quite a lot on the counter, no less than 10. I’m sure it was not because of the increase in price…but more likely, times are bad and people are a bit more careful these days with their money.

Anyway, I decided to give the char siew paos a try…

Aroma Bakery char siew pao 1

…and I was pleasantly surprised. They were really good!

I wouldn’t say that they’re better than mr.siew bao‘s but they’re very good and for one thing, they’re definitely bigger by at least one-third and they’re very generous with the filling…

Aroma Bakery char siew pao 2

…and they’re only RM1.40 each. I don’t know how much each of mr.siew bao‘s costs but I think I can safely assume that they’re not so cheap, correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m not sure what meat they use but coming from a bakery, I would guess that it’s chicken. Well, never mind! Whatever it may be, you can expect that I will be dropping by there time and again for more. Anybody want some?

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23 thoughts on “Expect the unexpected…”

  1. Most likely Chicken meat if it’s from bakery.

    Not sure. I was told not the bakery making these (unlike the chicken pies) – some lady making them and the curry puffs and selling them at that shop. The curry puffs so-so only, not great.

  2. So nice of your ex-student for bringing mr siew paos all the way from KL with love to you. Looks like this kind of paos originated from Seremban and most of them were sold here using the name ‘Seremban’ char siew pao all over Klang Valley. Just like ‘Penang’ Char Kuay Teow when d’bozz dont even speak a word of Pg Hokkien. I’m pretty sure you might find some stalls in Sibu claiming to sell Pg CKT or Klang Bakuteh haha. Great marketing strategy..

    Yup, Seremban siew pao – I tried in KL and at one time, they also had an outlet in Sibu…but I did not like. The filling put me off and the pastry also not great. mr.siew bao’s nicer…but soooooooo small.

  3. BTW Happy April *Full* Day and just be cautious of pranks and jokes. Think April 01 is an empty day nowadays not much of fooling around I guess.~;).

    Yup…nothing happened…so far. No point lah. Good things, we preserve – this kind of thing, we can do without.

  4. RM3 each?? wow.. that is a big price for a small pau.. but if they are really quality baked, then it might be worth it.. I prefer the steamed char siew pau than the baked ones anytime..

    RM1.40 only lah… RM3 for the chicken pies I posted about last time – really nice and a lot bigger…width as big as a saucer. Haven’t bought for a long time – even though nice, RM3.00 is a bit too expensive for me… 😦

  5. I backtracked your link and found your old post on Grace Cafe. Didn’t know there’s another place for tianmengu in Sibu! Been going to that old alleyway which is now sadly very diluted. Will definitely give this place a try. Not into baked paus myself, more into the steamed variety.

    I never like the stuff so I never eat…or actually, once…just so that I could blog about it. Didn’t manage to finish half a bowl. A niece of mine loves it at Grace…but I’ve heard a lot of people saying that it is not nice – the original is better…and now people are saying that even the original is also not nice anymore. I wouldn’t know…so no comment.

  6. Hubby’s fave…I can make them myself…NZ never sell,ma…so takda la I drooling sangat…hehehehe. Have a safe flight, don’t eat for 2 and have a wonderful stay in penang.

    Thanks, Shereen. I think I can make too – use shortcrust pastry and with own ingredients, I’m sure much nicer…but the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. Malas. LOL!!! 😦

  7. Talking abt Kai Joo Lane siew pao in Kuching, I don”t think they are that great now when compared to KL siew pao.

    Hear that Seremban has the best siew pao and according to my daughter…as what many claim…those KL siew pao is the same as those in Seremban. They have branches spreading in KL….don’t know how true…but anyway I love KL siew pao.

    Everytime without fail, my daughter would tapau for us if she is back in Kuching…yummy…yummy!….

    I still like Kai Joo’s – the filling is not the same…more like pie filling with peas, a bit of thick gravy and all…and the pastry is not so hard, nicer. Never liked the Seremban sio pao…until mr.siew bao – they’re nice but small and expensive.

  8. I love siew pao, often patron Mr. Siew Pao here. yeah, their filling and crust are nice but too kiam siap(stingy) and not cheap too!>_<

    Have a great weekend!

    You too. LOL!!! Want to have good quality stuff, of course have to pay for it lor… 😉

  9. all the food also increased by 10% but our salary also don’t increase by 10% every year! hmmph

    I’ve not increased my fees since dunno when. I think I should do that… 😦

  10. I just bought siew pao from Mr siew bao the other day. If not mistaken is RM1.60/pcs. The filling is not that generous.

    And they’re VERY small- one or two mouthfuls, habis liao…

  11. Hi Suituapui, greetings from Adventures of Juan Or and Mommy! Saw your link from Small Kucing. Yes, I like to eat Siew Pao too, though not a die-hard fan becos eating too much of it can make me jelak, so I only eat it once in a while, thus I’m not in the position to comment about where-and-where’s siew pao is the best. Talking about times being bad so people are more careful with their money….yes, I’m one of them too. More so when I have just done some preschool shopping and realized that preschool fees are not as cheap as what I used to think.

    P/S: I have included your link in my blog roll. Hope you won’t mind exchanging link with me. 😀

    Welcome, welcome. Sure will link you in my blogroll. Thanks so much for dropping by and for leaving a comment. Ya…it seems prices of everything increasing. That’s why I have not increased my tuition fees since dunno when – don’t want to add extra burden to parents already paying through their noses sending their kids north, south, east, west for tuition classes…

  12. Siew paws are really good especially if served hot. 🙂

    Yup…best when hot…but we can always heat them up a bit in a conventional oven or toaster oven.

  13. These siew paus hot out from the oven, eat damm syiok! LOL!

    See my reply to tekkaus’ comment. If there’s butter in the pastry, even better! So fragrant when heated… Yum!!!

  14. In seremban, those siew pau are selling at RM1.30 (branded one). Those local bakery are selling at RM1.10

    I always prefer the pork fillings. If you eat them while still hot, they are very nice. Normally, I will re-toasted them again in the oven before eating.

    Of course! that’s exactly what I will do – not nice when cold…and never use a microwave. The texture of the pastry will be completely different – not nice anymore!

  15. got one auntie sell those siew pau at my uncle’s coffee shop. she put there and collect at night. sometimes she lepaking there too
    very nice but expensive la for 1.2
    here got vegii siew pau too during 1st n 15th, when some chinese kenot eat meat .. very nice too
    i think i never try a bad siew pau but avoid it coz its expensive laaaaaaaaahh!
    i thought you wont reply coz u in penang, got time reply ya?
    send my regard to bro eugene and congrazz him for the good news ya
    and enjoy yourself, eat a lot
    and also …
    don’t forget to photograph and make us drool. LOL!
    take care and GBU!

    Lots of not nice paos and siew paos in Sibu, baked or steamed…even the big bakeries. Tried once and would never ever buy again, that bad. Ya…will tell Uncle Eugene – you’re so young bah! LOL!!! Sure hope to have lots of fun.

  16. Ah…now you are wondering what kind of meat are those? Let me give you the answer, that is cat meat. 😛

    Haha…just kidding. But seriously, there is a joke here in the Philippines about siopao. Some say that some siopao makers are using cat meat for their siopao. I know it is not true and I have never encountered any siopao that uses cat meat.

    Eyewwwww….all these rumours like some say the beef from Australia is kangaroo!!! And the canned meat from China is human meat! Tsk! Tsk!

  17. Photos getting sharper and clearer!!!! Making people hungrier than ever .. sheesh! 😛 Hello, STP 🙂

    Thank you, thank you. Hello…long time no see! Drop by often and drool…ya? LOL!!! 😀

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