Anyone who has a heart…

The SPM Examination results were released a week ago. Of course, there were reasons to cheer and to celebrate. Personally, I think that it is something like a pass for one to go through and move on to something else and at the end of the day, it is who you are, what you are capable of doing and what you do that will make you stand out in a crowd, not how good everything looks on paper.

Over the years, I have had a class of fifth-formers and last year was no exception. On the day in question, I received an sms from one of them and it went like this:
Sir, I got A+ for my English and A1 for my1119. Thank you very much. May I have your address, please?
I promptly replied to congratulate him and told him, “No, you may not have my address. Just knowing that you have done so well is reward enough for me.”

After my  lesson that evening, as I was leaving the centre, the boy was waiting outside for me. He had dropped by just to give me this…


Needless to say, I was very much flattered by the thoughtful gesture.

Another one whom I would not add to my friends’ list (Get the hint? ROTFL!!!) on Facebook, left this message in my inbox:
Say yo!!! (Oh no! Not Sean Kingston!!! LOL!!!) I got A+ for my English. 1119 is A1.
I replied nonchalantly, “You had a good tuition teacher,” to which he responded:

Knowing the likes of him, a dime a dozen, I asked, “Welcome. Not sending a cake to the centre for me?” This was his reply:
cannot~~blerk =PP must slim down XDDD

Tsk! Tsk! Ah well, at least he had the heart to send a message to say thank you. As they always say, it’s the thought that counts. As far as I know, a number of others got the coveted A grade but unfortunately, I did not hear from the rest… Sigh!

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50 thoughts on “Anyone who has a heart…”

  1. LOL… too bad you were not my teacher… I may not get A for all subjects for my SPM back then, but I managed to drag most of my teachers to my house for some light lunch after school. I made my mum prepare nice, huge lunch for them, just to say thank you for teaching me. You see… I’m a terrible cook… cannot poison teachers… liddat call derhaka… hahahahaha!

    Thankfully, I had a few nice students…but over the years, we seem to be losing touch even though a sprinkling will even me when they get married. Most never bother to get in touch to say hello when they’re back in town. 😦

    1. =.= Not sure if my teachers are thankful that they still have me pestering them around on Fb and whatnot… I’m pretty hard to get rid of… quite a pest…

      You see… after I left school… I see most of my teachers as my friends…when they come to KL, I’d be sure to ajak them out for makan makan….I would attempt to pay, of course…but they still see me as a kid and never let me pay. (I’m soooo BLESSED, Thank you God!)

      Hmm… I go out with one of my former teacher quite often (she’s my best friend’s mum) and occasionally some teachers from school who did not teach me but I tend to pester them in the staff room back den ( but I dun go out wif those math teachers, of course… they detests me and the feeling is mutual. *faint*)

      I have lots of students in my friends’ list…but few will actually interact with me – dunno why they even bother to want to add me as their friend. And those that I see posting stuff in a language that is Greek to me ALL the time, I would just “UNFRIEND” them – no point having them around if I cannot understand a word they say! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

      1. LOL… sakit hati oni horr… teach them English, they go and use other language to communicate these days… LOL! Buat habis air liur aje…

        They will blatantly declare to you, “Woe mern tze hua ren!” (We are Chinese) and when I ask them to name the capital of China or the three main rivers and things like that, they cannot. They don’t know anything…about China or anything else, for that matter.

  2. It is the same everywhere nowadays… Likewise in school too.. Not even a thank you after all the extra effort to push them to the coveted grade. The following year, walks past as if you are not there.. transparent…. sigh……

    Brings to mind the story of the 10 lepers – only one came back. And to think that they all studied Moral Education…and they even got an A+ for it. Just about shows how “educated” they are.

    Year before last, I even gave my hp number and my email so they could let me know their English result…but only a few did. So this year, I did not bother anymore.

    They will remember you all right, even those you do not teach…when they want to write their testimonials to apply for scholarships or universities. I don’t mind helping to edit when they write their own, small matter…but some actually expect you to write the whole thing for them! And they actually got A+ for English, just fancy that!

  3. Sad to say a thing such as simple courtesy like sending a thank you note is foreign to kids these days. When I was about 4 my mom had already taught me to write thank you notes each time I get presents for my birthday, for example. It may be a small matter to some but once in a while everyone likes to know they are appreciated.

    Yes, as the song goes, “Little things mean a lot.”

    1. Like this, I should be thankful when my students give me loads of weird stuff that I dun tink I’ll ever use for Teacher’s Day. LOL! And yes, agree wif Zee…everyone likes to know that they are appreciated once in a while.

      ps: Zee… ur the one I met in Restaurant Muar, is it? Come, letsgo makan again… near my house got halal steamboat… let’s ajak Mandy?

      Teachers’ Day, it’s the general practice to give presents to teachers…and I used to love spotting the ones with cards that read: “To my hardly working teacher!” Muahahahaha!!!! I wonder where they learnt that – not isolated cases, mind you! Did the teachers teach them that in primary school? Or did the mothers teach them that? Teach them till you die also they cannot seem to get it right. Already fossilised!

      P.S. Zee hasn’t got a car and can’t drive, forget it! Hehehehe!!!! Hopefully, can get to meet Mandy in Penang this weekend. Nom! Nom! Nom! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

      1. ROFLOL… thank God I have yet to receive one of those cards that writes ‘to my hardly working teacher’…I would have been dismayed…makes me a bad teacher for not teaching them good grammar… *pengsan*.

        Ooo… I still remember…I gave my teachers roses for V-day too…TSK TSK TSK! Why no students kasi me rose wannnn…. *sobs*

        I think I got one or two before…from some students in the other Form 6 classes that I did not teach. If it had been one of mine, I would have given them hell!

        Btw, you give tuition and your students give you presents on Teachers’ Day? So good! Mine, not a chance! Don’t dream! They think they pay you money, you owe them the whole world…and that coveted A+ in the SPM Examination, never mind even if they suck big time. Have not got a single Teachers’ Day present since I retired from school… Sobs!!! 😦

  4. I totally agree with your 1st paragraph. Sadly, nowadays it is only about the paper chase and nothing else. My teachers always told my class (dulu-dulu tua already), teachers will only remember 2 groups of students..the academic outstanding ones and the mischievous monkeys. Guess which group I belong to..hehehehe..and until today, my teachers still can remember me!!

    I remember most, I would not say all, of my students – never mind good or bad, clever or not. I will make it a point to learn and remember their names by the first week of the year and I would make sure that they remember mine. Can’t stand it when students do not know their teachers’ names and they will tell you, “That fat old woman wearing spectacles…” And many teachers do not bother to learn their students’ names as well, really tragic.

    1. LOL!!! My teachers still remember me… but they certainly do not remember me as the outstanding, brilliant student. No prize guessing which group I belong to too! Bwhahahahah! I think, somehow, they’re glad I’m finally out of their hair… I practically made their life ‘colourful’ with practical jokes and noisiness.

      I love lively students, naughty but not disrespectful – made the class lively and enjoyable, students with minds of their own and would discuss and argue issues with their OWN opinions (not their parents’…or those they had picked up somewhere)…but those days are gone now. Teaching zombies…in cold aircon classrooms only serves to remind me of a mortuary.

      1. Arthur,
        I was a lively student, naughty but not disrespectful-made the class lively and enjoyable,a student with a mind of her own and would discuss and argue issues with HER own opinions… dah jadi mak and bini orang but behaviour still the same!

        People do not change after marriage or becoming a parent and why should they? Then they would no longer be the one the other half has married? I always believe in being oneself, before and after. What you see is what you get…

      2. I was very lively and naughty, but I do respect my teachers. I guess that’s why alot of teachers still remember me. Even if they dun remember my full name, they would remember my nickname in school. Hahahaha…(chamz…. I kno one of my teacher still call me Lizard… *PENGSANNNN*)

        Most of the teachers are very, very kind too…I was pretty sickly back then, you see… and so, each time I ponteng or wud, they will call to my house and ask if I’m all right. There’s once I was hospitalized… some teachers visited me too, they even tumpang some of my classmates in their car during visiting hour… I was really really touched then. The teachers told me the class was quiet without me… so eerie and gloomy(I tink they’re just being nice… i kno I damn chatterbox wan… yak and yak non-stop). LMAO.

        I think my school was different… considering that it was a small school and quite kampung. They din care much about percentage and achievements, so most of the students and teachers are quite close… and we have fun alot. i could still remember one of my teachers words to me when i was feeling miserable that I got a D in maths for my PMR.

        He told me ” It’s ok la… not end of the world… summore, just because get D now, duzzin mean u wun be successful in life. You kno anot last time I oso failed alot? But now not bad wud, still can survive…got car, got house, got family… what matters most is not how many As u get now… what matters is whether when u grow up, ur happy wif ur life or not. if not happy in life, get straight As oso useless”

        He’s a very good teacher… very inspiring… and I remember his words til now. And I quote what he told me over and over again to my students who are weak in the subject that I teach them.

        There is this quotation that goes like this: “Teaching is a work of heart!”

  5. LOL! You said it, it’s the thought that counts! So you see you cannot retire just yet. Oh I met V who said she will probably come out of retirement next year, to help with the new school.

    Sigh!!! I guess it’s true what they say: Good teachers never die – they just go on and on and on…and I’m sure that is not a reference to how loso some of them can be… LOL!!! 😀

  6. Yes, it is the thoughts that counts… i must also let my girl know.. she didnt send anything to her tuition teachers.. 🙂

    I do believe that if they really work hard and try to help the students, they do deserve some appreciation…especially when the students do well.

  7. Hmmm… Dun remember whether I ever said ‘Thank you’ to u. So here’s a big ‘THANK YOU SIR’. This is the only time I’ll call u ‘sir’. ;P

    And please la, dun ask me neemore when I’m getting hitched. When the day comes, u’ll know within 5 mins… Hahaha~

    Will prolly be back in July if I’m not traveling, so block off the whole month! Haha! See ya then!

    Sometimes, we do not need words…we just know. Was my pleasure having you and the others at the time as my students then – gone are the days when fun was part of learning – things are not quite the same anymore. Certainly looking forward to seeing you in July…

    1. Some students… teach them, dun feel like they are students. Some are ‘zombies’ some are ‘pontianak’ and some are ‘Great Wall of China’ enuff said… 😦 these days, kids are too exam oriented…not fun, have to coax most of them to respond to u. 😦

      Yalor…so lifeless. And cannot scold – they will bear a grudge against you. Two just left – scolded them the other day for bad attitude and fooling around in class, nos suddenly stopped coming! Good riddance!! I wish more would leave – no need to sakit hati all the time… 😦

  8. Wah…. Cikgu whips up ‘A’ scorers ah? Must be military styled kinda training(like the dequadin ad on tv) . Don’t play play ….:p

    No lah! Ask my students – I’m so kind, so loving and caring…and they find me so very funny that at times, I would feel I was a part-time teacher and a full-time clown. So much fun and laughter I had had with my boys way back then…

  9. Wa,, you must be one of the celeb tuition teachers in Sibu loh… you know something? there is one famous Malay language tuition teacher near my place, i understand she could like RM12,000 a month and more……

    so are you in that league or not? now can belanja makan and minum already,, over here in Penang ,hahahahahah.

    see you this weekend yoh..

    Unfortunately, no. I only have classes Mondays to Thursdays, 4 to 6…but if I were to have classes 2 to 4 as well…and 7 top 9 at night or lessons on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, then I would earn as much, no problem at all. I guess the teacher either teaches many classes or she has many students – one here had classes of over 200 students and used a PA system to teach and got students to write essays but never marked them. I do not do that – one would have to do it properly and do one’s best to help and besides, I believe there’s more to life than just work and money.

    As for the belanja minum and makan, no problem at all. No need to earn 12,000 a month also still mampu belanja. See you in a couple of days…

    1. I dun have much students too… max is just 6 students…… small group of 2 for each class…duzzin earn much la… just cover bills and whatnot oni…while I teach to add some family income… I dun exactly do it for money alone… it’s the satisfaction that i get when they do well… u kno…

      I prefer to teach small group… easy to teach, can concentrate and can pinpoint their weakness and stuff…

      Geez… can earn up to 12k per mth ah? AIYOOOO… why la I never think of adding more students???

      I hear tuition teachers charge A LOT more over there…and make A LOT more money. Over here, I have not even increased my fees since so many years ago…even though the prices of everything have gone up.

  10. Woe mern tze hua ren.woe mern tze OCBC – Orang cina bukan cina hahaha..cickgu Bananaz got B♭ flat major (fell flat to the ground biting the dust) for English coz my Engrish very the cacat one eg blunders made 1. I doesnt like Engrish 2. Who is you? My girl friend then always got to correct me ‘I do not like.. lah hello.’ and my godfather got stunned and told me ‘Who are you son? Paiseh for angmoh sai Engrish so teruk muahaha

    Bluff lah! You Penang people punya English kuat lihai punya. When I went to Singapore, Ah Ngau from the jungle, my English really half past six one…but our friend, Edmund, helped correct me and it slowly got better…especially with my pronunciation. Mana tau, in the end as the years went by, I ended becoming an English teacher, a poor one…and he (like you) now so kaya-raya… Sobs!! 😦

    1. Ya kah Bananaz got a few cups of *kaya* in the fridge..and plenty jalan *raya* in KL too muahahaha

      Oh? What a coincidence! I just bought “kaya” today… Unfortunately, checked latest TOTO results, still not kaya… Sobs!

  11. Cikgu can give Bananaz Engrish tuition? Cant afford paying you can accept installments or pay you bananas can ah Sir?

    You pay with banana kah? Oooooo……!!!! 😉 Muahahahaha!!!

  12. i remember i just got a mere C6 for my 1119, too bad you weren’t my teacher that time.. anyway, just to aim for a pass, as i really didn’t do any preparation for that, haha.. that’s a really nice gesture of your students to wait for you and pass you that fruit basket yeah??

    That must be the time when the paper was marked in England, had to pay over RM100 to sit. Students would just go and sit, no preparation, no tuition, nothing…and most would get a C6.

    I got some samples and examiners’ reports from England via a friend and spent my Saturday mornings coaching and guiding my small group of around 20 students (free) taking the exam…and in the end, 6 of them got A1. That was so rewarding!

    They do not have that anymore – now, you sit for the subject in the SPM…and you will get two results, one Malaysian one and the other one, Cambridge 1119 (and for that, you get a certificate from England).

  13. Wow, Cleff was such a sincere student, you don’t meet many of them nowadays! *claps clap!

    LOL, yeah… I think your hard work paid off once you know your students are doing well in the exam!=)

    That’s the problem. In the school, I would know as I could go and see the results…but at the private centre, I would not know as I cannot simply go to the students’ schools to check. Have to depend on them to tell me…and the sad thing is most of them do not bother at all. They have got what they want, they have no more use for you…so one kick,and you’re history…

    1. Sincere ah? I was quite a monkey… bet the cikgus in school couldn’t wait to get rid of me den. Very pengacau… recess time will go staff room kacau kacau some teachers… help them angkat buku la…bodek for monthly exam tips la…and sometimes, will pester some of my teachers for a ride home too-some of my teachers was my neighbours…. hahahah… I was one of those manja kind of students… if I like the teachers, I will show my affection wan… and if they bodek me a lil bit, I will work harder and try to please them with my As….unfortunately, I was not that brilliant, so some teachers like me, and others will detest my laziness. LOL!

      Teachers not only favour brilliant students lah. Sometimes, I taught the very weak classes but they were also very nice even though weak at their studies. Those would be the one to call you from far, pay for your drink and food when they see you in coffee shops, give you special prices if they are doing some kind of business… Many are my friends on Facebook…and I’m glad to see that many of them use English…compared to some A-scoring ones!!!

  14. lol kenot must slim down, apalah. ahhh nevertheless some do remember you! dun b down ya

    Well, one day you will become a teacher too, right? Good! Then you will know what it is really like – a thankless job, overworked and underpaid and under-appreciated…standing in the shadows, left out on the cold – all the unsung heroes, so sad.

  15. Boleh tahan,cikgu…whips “A+” scorers for English. Want to attend your English tuition too!…

    This shows that your students appreciate what you have done for them…Well done!… and Keep up your good work!…hahaha. Keep on producing “A+” scorers..

    Frankly, it is not difficult to get A+ for English…as long as you listen and do as you are told – like following everything the driving instructor instructs when going for the driving test. You pass, get a licence but still can’t do side parking or three-point turning… 😉

    1. Learning English is like playing the piano… first you play by the rules… den when you know all the rules, you have to play by the heart. If not, the music will not be beautiful.

      These days, the students are not even bothered what rules there may be… Scold and scold and scold, remedial lesson after remedial lesson…still the same! Sometimes I wonder why they are so unteachable – retarded or what? Tsk! Tsk!

  16. Aww isn’t that sweet of your students! The second one especially, asking you to lose weight! LOL! If I were your student, I’d make you a nice roasted chicken instead! 🙂

    That’s a naughty one! Cheeky! Roasted chicken? Ooooo…I like! So far, I have had a roast duck, half a roast turkey…but never a roast chicken. LOL!!! 😀

  17. I bet you are such a nice teacher……. your students took the effort to ‘reward’ you!!! Well done, sir!

    Wait, wait till you meet me…then you’ll see whether I’m nice or not. I’m the same to everybody, even my students – no Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde one. I know many nice people, teachers…but in the classroom, the persona is completely different. Dunno why…

  18. I think ur student is very thoughtful by sending you fruits… good for you..rather than putting up your weight..LOL!!!

    Ur hardwork definetely have paid off….a big thumb up for you and congrats to ur students.

    I wish I knew what the rest got…over 40 in the class, no need for presents…just let me know if they have done well and a simple thank you, good enough. 😦

  19. Wah! So sweet of your students.

    Should have known you earlier , you can give me English tuition so my English won’t be so teruk now. 😦

    Your time, I don’t think I was giving tuition. Too many responsibilities in the school, no time – had to set my priorities. Quite regret it now as those happily giving tuition then, now so rich…can buy houses, shops etc…and I’m still as poor as a church mouse. 😦 Anyway, you had a good English teacher – I know him, no problem…wouldn’t need tuition one. 😉

  20. I like your second student! Sounds so cool! Lol! Reading this post reminds me.. I should call up my Primary 6 teachers to thank them for the straight As I got!!!

    Oh? And what happened after that? Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

  21. LOL! Blerkkkkkkkk too =)

    You must have been a great english teacher. Even though I wasn’t taught by you, I’m very proud of you nonetheless!

    Sometimes I think they should congratulate the teachers as well for a job well done. 🙂

    I guess with tuition students, you do not see them every day so the relationships would not be as close as with those in the school.

  22. Cleffairy: Yes, it’s me. Makan-makan sounds good. I’ll check with Mandy and let you know. Check back this space…. 😉

    Hmmmm…now got kaki makan liao!

    1. Bwhahahahahhahahaaaaa~ Setapak area there… see la… if can… kekeke…this place u can eat punya, 100% halal steamboat. *grinz* Btw, ur gonna meet Cikgu when he touch down in KL? Have fun ya. 😀

      Not Setapak lah…she Taman Tun kaki one… Dunno what she and Mandy have up their sleeves. 😉

  23. I have heard this untold times..esp mums( no offence meant)
    1, Student did well….” my son clever”
    2, Student failed…….” Teacher stupid”
    3, Student just pass ” …Aiyo…lucky my son clever…he never study one you know..(despite tuition twice a day)

    These days, even worse… Will call centre to complain, or go to the school and quarrel!!! Sometimes, we really wonder why we bother at all…

    1. =.= I din grow up in that kind of family tho… thank God.

      I failed- Woi, why u always never concentrate in class wan ah? Sure keep on yak and yak and yak never listen to the teacher, that’s why failed. How many times i tell u dun tok so much in class and concentrate? So lazy, never do homework summore !#@#!@#$!# (shit… always get into trouble wif my mum… my dad on the other hand, tarik muka hitam)

      I score A- I know u just concentrate on this subject… u bodek the teacher again ah? Why la, maths never get A? Why everytime English, Bm, Bio and Sejarah only???

      I pass – Tsk tsk tsk…see la… pass oni… study last minute summore… how many times I need to tell u… study must be constant wan… cannot last minute last minute! And the bla bla bla will go on and on and onnnnnn~

      And each time ppl ask about my achievement in school… my mum always says this “My dotter ah? She lazy wan… her result always pass onli. Teacher oso kenot help her lah!” ……………………. TSKKKKK~! My mum never say anything nice about me punya. No fun!

      Times have changed. Parents today are not the same – high and mighty, think that the world belongs to them and everybody owes it to them to be at their beck and call, must kow tow to them. Pity their children. With that kind of attitude, I really wonder what kind of future they will have.

      1. sure your mum may not be the type to say things to save her own face..but that doesn’t mean that she has no nice things to say about you… am sure she does it behind your cheer up.

        In the old days, all parents like that – would insist the children so stupid, sikit lagi got last in the class…and then in the end, revealed the kid got 1st! And always praised other people’s kids…

  24. Awwww, so sweet of your student. He thanked you from the bottom of his heart. 🙂

    Yes, but sadly such students are few and far between…

  25. From the “horror” stories I’ve heard recently, good teachers are hard to come by these days. So kudos! 😉

    I not only heard, I know. Teaching all the wrong things and they do not even care! Always have to undo their wrongs…and I always ask the students to go back and tell their teachers that I do not mind going to their schools to help “straighten things up”…but nobody has ever got back to me on this. Either the students did not t ell them or they simply can’t be bothered…

  26. i remember the day i got my SPM results.. mixed emotions on whether i should be happy or not.. haha.. but thats like years ago.. 🙂

    Did you get a string of As? Seems a lot easier to get that now… Your time, still A1-F9…now no more.

  27. wow..maybe i should become a tuition teacher instead..

    Nah! Teacher, no big deal…like me. They give 50-60% of the fees to you. You open a centre, get the best teachers – LOTS of money in that!

  28. Never mind, at least there are a few of them still remember your effort 😉 So the pears in your stomach now, it must be extraordinary sweet? 😀

    They were indeed very sweet… Hehehehehe!!!!

  29. i know why you’re in this size because all your students are sending you food to thank you for the good results! lol

    Not anymore… 😦 Last time, I got so many cheese cakes, I had to give them away to friends. Couldn’t possibly finish all myself. That’s why these days I’m not so much into cheese cakes – quite sick of them…

  30. ^_^ Sweet students eh? The one whom you wrote about at the end of your blog post is the sweetest. 😛

    Well, even if you are not my teacher, I will give you my THANKS for teaching me many things about the culutre of your country.


    Welcome. If only more of my students are like you. LOL!!!

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