Sing along…

LOL!!! Actually, the name of the coffee shop is Sing Long and I’ve been there before here and here

Sing Long Cafe stalls

It’s just that I mentioned yong tofu in my recent post on my fish ball and tung hoon (glass noodles) soup…and so the other day, I decided to go back there and I had this…

Sing Long RM4.50 yong tofu

I did say in that post that we do not have yong tofu in Sibu or at least not that I know of but at this place, they sell it by the sets. This one is the cheapest and they charge RM4.50 for that bowl of 5 or 6 very nice own-made fish balls and 3 fish paste fried wantan plus a whole lot of tung hoon.

For RM8.50, you will get more items including stuffed ladies’ fingers and brinjal…

Sing Long RM8.50 yong tofu
*recycled pic*

I thought the soup had a peculiar taste – quite different from what I cooked the other day, probably because of the bits of seaweed…or perhaps they had other things in their broth…but it was nice and I enjoyed it. I particularly liked the sambal (dip) that they gave and needless to say,  I finished all of that.

I also had the char siew noodles from the stall in front…

Sing Long char siew noodles

…and it is quite obvious that they are different from noodles elsewhere in the town. They use their own handmade noodles and serve them in a way that is similar to those wantan noodles over in the peninsula.

That cost me RM3.50 and looking at all that char siew in it, I am sure everyone would agree that it is not really expensive. Any comments?