Not good enough…

I heard that they are selling very nice nasi lemak every morning at this coffee shop beside the Civic Centre (Dewan Suarah). They will display the packets on a foldable table in the front portion of the shop…and that morning, I just stopped by and grabbed a packet to try…

Wonderful nasi lemak 1

They cost RM1.50 a packet, the same as those that I usually would get from my regular Bandong stall…and as you can see, they do not give very much sambal and there seem to be less fried ikan bilis (anchovies) and kacang (peanuts) too.

The only saving grace is that they give half a hardboiled egg and not the one-eight slice that comes in those packets that I usually buy.

Wonderful nasi lemak 2

As for the taste, it is pretty nice but given a choice, I think I would go back to those that I had before…

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31 thoughts on “Not good enough…”

  1. Ehhhh… the nasi lemak like not enuff sambal la… not enough kao la!

    That’s what I said. Thankfully, the rice is lemak enough even though I thought it was slightly too hard for my liking. My usual ones are definitely nicer…never mind the egg!

    1. Sigh… I guess cannot say much for Rm1.50, eh? A couple of mth ago, there was a Rm0.80 nasi lemak near my house… very nice… with sambal and quarter egg and all… portion oso quite big, but dono why… gulung tikar or wud… no more liao. SOBS….

      That’s why – sell so cheap, in the end…bankrupt. Muahahahaha!!! Maybe they think it is not profitable and they do not want to raise the price, get scolded by people only…so better to close shop.

      1. Now you know the actual price of a Nasi Lemak!

        Never mind. Not many Malays here and not many Chinese would venture far away from their daily fare of kampua noodles…so understandably, they would need to charge a bit more. It would be a lot more expensive in the shops – at those Malay food stalls.

  2. Got this strange feeling of not enjoying nasi lemak for breakfast. Lunch or dinner ok for me. haha

    I thought nasi lemak is the standard Malaysian breakfast?

    1. Bananaz not malaisiya but from Jupiter hehe.

      Thank goodness you’re not from Krypton or you’ll be wearing your red underwear in the outside. LOL!! 😀

  3. Yum!!! Ok , later will go and have my Nasi lemak as breakfast .
    Cannot request for additional sampal to pack back?

    Not this one – they only sell for some Malay supplier, all ready packed. The same with the stall at Bandong but their sambal – so much that at times they gave a little too much…like eating sambal with rice, not rice with sambal. There’s one stall also at Bandong where you can ask for more sambal…and pay for it!

  4. Aiyar, sambal for me is a must (in a bundle)! I miss those day Nasi lemak, deliciously yet generous sambal with fragrant coconut milk rice(these days I didn’t smell any fragrant from the lemak rice though)… splattered curry gravy and crunchy anchovies! Where to find these now har?!

    So far the ones that I’ve bought here quite good – lemak enough…can smell the santan fragrance in the rice. Wouldn’t mind it being a bit more fragrant…but for RM1.50, can’t complain lah. Good enough…

  5. back in time we could get it for only 1 buck…inflation nowadays…haha

    have a nice day! =)

    We still have RM1 packs at some places. I think they also sell them at that price at school canteens here. No need to eat to find out how they taste…

    1. 😦 When i was growing up… this kind of nasi lemak… cost the most is Rm0.50. SOBS… now… dream on… 😦

      Your childhood days so long ago… My childhood days, dunno what nasi lemak was… Our childhood so deprived. LOL!! 😀

  6. It looks pretty good to me.

    To be fair, it is quite good…just that those that I buy from my regular Bandong stall, in my opinion, are better.

  7. RM1-50…with half an egg not bad la.But I don’t like the look of the rice. I prefered the rice one butir one butir.

    You mean whole-grained? Maybe they did not use the long grain type but it is whole…though a bit too hard for my liking.

  8. Hello STP! I’m back!!! XD .. there was a slight lapse in writing yesterday. Missed me? 😛

    Nowadays nasi lemak packets getting smaller and smaller. Even though they maintain the price, but they cut down on the materials… sigh.

    Oh? Haven’t you been around? Gee! I didn’t even notice.Hehehehehe!!!! Ya…that’s what is happening around here too – you pay the same but you get less. 😦

  9. No Kang Kung at all? RM1.50 considered a bit expensive, no?

    Kangkong with nasi lemak? Never heard or seen before leh? Wah…your money bigger than Malacca’s kereta lembu’s wheel! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. Kangkung wif nasi lemak is nyonya style…my late grandma used to make those fried kangkung or kangkung belacan to go wif nasi lemak… kangkung is a must for her… lol! My dad have this habit too, but not me… I’m fine with just egg and sambal.

      Oh? No wonder they have that in Malacca. Not a fan of kangkong, anyway… Just ok with it…

  10. RM1.50 is one of the cheapest meal found in the market today.. other than roti canai which is 0.80sen.. i just bought 2 pieces this morning…
    Over here a packet of nasi lemak can still be obtained at RM1 … with the portion like the above. 🙂

    Here, roti canai RM1 at my regular stall, more expensive at the shops and not as nice. Here, the RM1 nasi lamak not nice at all…small plastic pack with a bit of sambal and not much else. 😦

    1. 😦 Here roti canai maintained at Rm0.80, but horr…. the size reduced liao. SOBS!

      Here, size ok…quite a big piece for RM1.00, no complaint about that…as long as it is very nice.

  11. Hmmm…nasi lemak again!…Not too long ago I think you have a post on nasi lemak, rite? You love nasi lemak hor!…

    Me too!…but not to the extend of having it frequently.

    The nasi lemak from the Stutong market stall is just so-so only. No comment!…”Boh hu hay ai yo”!..(No fish prawn also can)

    No lah. Somebody told me about this one, saying it was very nice…so I went to give it a try. Nope, not really…I would stick to my usual supply. 😦

  12. i will never have nasi lemak for breakfast if in
    will eat kampua or foochow mee goreng and all foochow stuff la
    but got one stall sell nasi lemak very nice in bintangor. but maybe rm2++
    if you come, i bring u there la. hehe

    See! This is exactly my reply to ahkamkoko’s reply to cleffairy’s comment. RM2.00? That would be in the shops, I guess. I’m sure it would cost more now.

  13. If only your Bandong stall was walking distance from my usual hotel. DANK!

    I can always take you there, no problem at all…but not this coming weekend though – I will be in Penang.

  14. RM 1.50 for Sibu is pretty expensive…especially with those ingredients. There’s RM 1 nasi lemak in KL with even more stuff. 🙂

    Like I said in reply to an earlier comment, very few Malays here and few Chinese would eat nasi lemak compared to stuff like kampua, so turnover is pretty low…plus they’re not available all over town (unlike kampua or nasi lemak over there) – quite expected then that it should be a bit more expensive here. Incidentally, HB, kampua is now RM2.30-2.50 here for nothing much more than some noodles and four thin slices of meat. Give me RM1.50 nasi lemak anytime!

  15. It’s 4.19am, Monday. Should have eaten something first before hopping in here…darn, I’m hungry!!!

    You are right about the sambal and the kacang & ikan bilis…so very kedekut. I’m lucky that I have a few makcik nasi lemak (nice ones) selling in walking distance from my house so I have choices. RM1.50 for what you had, I’d say it’s pretty steep even for Taman Tun standard.

    See my reply to Huai Bin’s comment. If we go and eat at the Malay stalls in the coffee shops here, they’re RM2.50 a plate before (dunno if it has gone up) and RM3.00 for the special – with chicken wing or curry). Even more expensive but still a lot cheaper than the place we went to next to BB Plaza…or at the hotel where I always stay – RM13.50 and not that great – biasa aje.

  16. Hard boiled egg is the easiest “dish” to cook. It is one of the few “dish” that I can cook well. The other one is “cooking” instant noodles.

    Bravo! Bravo! At least, you’re good for something. Muahahahaha!!! 😀

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