Can the can…

I still have a can of sardine in the pantry…and that one cost over RM5.00, Ayam Brand. It probably has been a few months since I bought it and I really wonder if the price has gone up even higher by now.

I love sardines, even the canned ones but now that they are getting kind of expensive, I might as well go for the fresh ones, nicely grilled like those served at this place

Red Carrot's grilled imported sardine
*recycled pic*

I have not been there for a long while for the simple reason that that cost RM8.50 and just as in the case of the canned ones, I am not sure whether the price has gone up or not.

The ones from my regular Malay food stall at Bandong may vary in price according to the size. This one cost me RM7.00…

Bandong sardin panggang 1

For one thing, they’re cooked over hot burning charcoal so one can be sure there is no oil added and whatever oil that one may see would be the oil of the fish which people say is healthy.

They also give some very nice sambal (chilli dip) to go with the fish but the one I bought that day was not really that great as I found it a little bit dry…

Bandong sardin panggang 2

Maybe they kept it above the charcoal pit for too long.

Still, RM7.00 for one big one – enough for two for one meal should be quite reasonable compared to a can of a few very much smaller ones considering that they’re not fresh plus it’s not that much cheaper too.

What do you all think?