Could we start again, please…

I did not use my car for two days over the weekend and when I wanted to go out on Monday morning, it simply refused to start. I reckoned that the battery had gone dead- dead as a door nail, considering that I bought it in 2007.

So, I called my mechanic on his mobile phone but I could not get through – there was this lady’s voice telling me that he could not be reached and asking me to leave a message after the beep. I decided to call another mechanic but the employee who answered could only converse in Mandarin. Well, I managed to tell him my problem but he said that the boss had gone out for breakfast and the son who would actually do most of the work in the shop was out too. Darn!

In the end, I decided to look for an old bill from the first mechanic that I had called and I managed to find one…and I called the landline. This time, I managed to get hold of him and in a very short while, he was already at my house.

True enough, the problem was with the battery and so he removed it and fixed a new one that he had brought along…

Car battery1

This is the current type – the so-called maintenance free car battery whereby you would not have to check the level of the distilled battery water in it regularly and keep topping it up when it has dropped to a low level.

Car battery 2

There was also a screeching sound when the engine was started. This had been going on for a while now but the sound would go off after I had driven for a minute or two so i did not pay much attention to it. The mechanic said that the belt was loose and he promptly made the necessary adjustments.

I was charged RM200.00 for all that, inclusive of the cost of the battery. Sigh!!! Just when I thought I could stop giving tuition, something just had to happen to remind me that the extra pocket money would come in handy at times like these…

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29 thoughts on “Could we start again, please…”

  1. Can’t win ’em all mate! 😉
    But I think RM200 is pretty cheap compared to what you may have to fork out over here.

    Oh? City people have to pay more? Hmmmm….I guess so. They need to make a living too. LOL!!! 😀

  2. Dowan to tok about car… mine kip giving problem… 😦 repair one thing, another start giving prob… one after another. 😦 *sigh* Money not easy to come by, hv to live frugally and within means… cannot afford to buy a brand new car. Now have to pray hard so that the car wun keep kapoot-ing!

    Mine is very old…but at least, I use it carefully…and Sibu being a small town, you do not drive so much so it is not really problematic other than the fact that when certain parts grow old, they may just decide to call it a day…

  3. Arthur,
    I’m terrible at cara..only know to drive..even filling in petrol, I struggle…hahahah. It’s expensive to pay for labour what more to pay for parts here. With 2 cars to maintain,we have come to conclusion that it is cheaper to buy a new car every 3 years since new cars here usually have 3 years free service for labour and parts. That way I don’t have to worry about my car buat hal tepi jalan when I have to drive when hubby goes flying. So,now lelong 2 3 years old car with less than 25K km!!

    25K km!!! Gee! I wonder how long it will take me to drive that far. Almost a year, 5K also tak habis… Too long already, so just send for servicing – change engine oil and all that. LOL!!! Here, at the petrol stations, there are people to pump for you – no need to get out of the car. Hehehehehehe!!!

  4. Count yourself lucky lor! Rm200 only. Yesterday one of the igniter on my gas stove is not working, the gas guy charged me $95 for calling out service fee and another $20.90 for the igniter! :(! Don’t get me started on the cars, to service the car the fee they charged is just ‘astronomical’!!

    That’s life in the city mah…here, small town…people like me so poor, how to charge high prices? Later, they chiak ka kee (eat themselves), no business.

  5. wah, 2007, old battery lasted very long lorr!
    Next time if cannot start, try pouring hot water on the connection points. Sometimes it helps.

    Yes, very long already…but the previous one lasted over 5 years. The mechanic said if every customer like me, all the car battery companies close shop liao! Yup…I tried pouring hot water on the terminals – it did not work. 😦

  6. Adjustment plus battery RM200? Reasonable! You can consider to have a bike if next time your car give your problem(touch wood), cheaper and easier to maintain too!;D

    That’s one thing I can’t do – ride a motorbike. Went from bicycle to care, never got to learn.

  7. Worth your money if your battery can last 4 years! normally life span is around 2 years plus.. i am also using the dry type of battery.. it seems you have to recharge it every 6 months to make it last longer life span.. that was what i was told by my mechanic.. my car also got screeching sound esp in the morning.. i think the mechanic put some lubricant at the belt there and it was gone.. but it will come back after some time.. 🙂

    No complaints. The mechanic used a spanner and adjusted something…and so far so good. No sound when I start moving in the morning unlike before.

  8. maintenance-free car battery?? hmm, i wonder how it works.. anyway, RM200 is just something you have to spend since your battery is already so old.. 🙂

    Don’t ask me. As long as it works ok, good. They say it is better and will last longer…and no need to check and refill the water – that’s the best part. 🙂

  9. You see now inflation hit us so hard aye? :p I wanna give tuition too.

    Why not? I hear they pay so very well over at your side – they all make tonnes of money, not like here. 😦

  10. That’s why i’ve to take up a part time job, in order to cope up with the high standard living over here….

    You have? Does it pay well there? Any vacancy? Maybe I can move over there… 😉

  11. We just bought a new battery at RM160 and hubby installed by himself last week.
    Having pocket money is nice. It is like extra money we can use to buy things that are not really necessary but cannot resist to buy. I have just accumulated some pocket money from sales to my florists but my daughter brought home a memo from her kindergarten asking for school fees for second half of their first semester amounting to 1K including misc items. So my pocket money is gone with the wind and I had to go to ATM to top up. Even pre-school education is so expensive nowadays.

    Glad those expenses are all in the past for me…and my daughter is on scholarship, so I can save a bundle there. Pretty comfortable right now, day to day expenses and a little bit of this and that sometimes. RM160 there? Well, I guess it’s a bit more expensive here – shipping charges and all that plus the service charge for house call some more.

  12. Salute you! You never use your car ka? Your car battery can last so long. Hubby’s car punya normally 2years plus change one time.

    RM200 kira okay la. Moreover, he came to your house. Here i think the mechanic will charge travelling fees leh

    Yup…I asked around, they all said it was reasonable…more or less. Sibu, so small the place – jalan kaki also sampai…use car, one song not finished already arrive….so you see lah…of course, the battery will last longer. We also do not drive in between towns as the roads, those so-called highways, are no good, not like over at your side.

  13. Thank God I dont have a car. Amen.

    Count your blessings. But incidentally, those people by the river, when they talked about a car, they actually meant a boat… That was in the late 70s & 80s, dunno now.

    1. Now, they know what an actual car is… Boats are still a major mode of transport though.

      No, not that they did not know. It was a manner of speaking when I was in Kanowit in the late 70s. Like when someone wanted to come to Sibu, he would say that he had to see if he could get a car (“chia”)…and actually he was talking about a boat.

  14. I feel your pain, Arthur. I just plonked down US5k myself to fix up my house. As my mother always says, more things, more trouble.

    Very true. That’s why I don’t bother to buy a lot of things – just the basic necessities, good enough…and spend on food. LOL!!! 😀

  15. Luckily the battery went dead at home and not in the middle of the town. Your mechanic is good for not charging you extra for coming all the way to your home to fix it! I think paying RM200 is reasonable.

    Yup…it’s o.k. And praise the Lord that it’s once in a blue moon.People also need to eat bah! 😉

  16. yes the maintenance-free one is more convenient 🙂

    It seems that most people use this type now. The old type will be extinct soon…

  17. You gave me a big shock that your battery…. 2007!!!! mana boleh? I have to change every year and they costs over RM300 here.

    LOL!!! 4 years…and the previous one, 5 years. You drive around a lot, I guess…and inter-state, that’s probably why…and aircon full-blast, radio, cd, dvd player and all that…and go out a lot at night! 😉

  18. must very sakit hati the money fly out like tat, luckily only once in a blue moon.

    Not really. These things happen…and it’s only money. As long as the person and all loved ones are safe, happy and well, that’s all that matters.

  19. What?! 2007 till now? At first I thought typo error! lol. I have to change mine every one year plus. But I understand…being in a smaller town and if seldom drive, can be more lasting. And the charge is ok, la…workmanship plus cost of battery.

    Yup… Actually I was already planning to change, never mind still o.k. but too late! It conked out before I got round to doing that! LOL!!! 😀

  20. Worth it already, the battery worked for you so long. It’s time! Ours need to change around 2 years.

    Yup…and hopefully this new one will last as long… 😉

  21. At least you dont have to worry about your battery kaput in the middle of nowhere. it even has an indicator. 🙂 And RM200 is cheap, for all the convenience. And better check that belt before it snapped.

    It’s ok…just changed it not VERY long ago. Fine now after the adjustment made. Got indicator? Where? Must open up and check one of these days…or I’ll ask the mechanic on my next visit…but hopefully that will not be too soon. 🙂

  22. Bananaz thought could get away with an award for having the longest surviving MF (maintenance free) battery among my friends but not until you robbed away with your record 5 years. Aiyaaaaaaaa.

    The previous ones – 5 years…and the most recent one, 4 years…not MF. This one is my first maintenance free car battery. So kuno hor…? Jungle people mah! 😦

  23. My last car battery changed was in April 2007 but unfortunately succumbed to all the battery from me finally called it a day on Oct 2010. In order to maximise my RM200 bought a CENTURY NS60 MF, hopefully this one can live up to its name and last a century..muahaha.

    Not bad…only lose out to me by a few months. Century? Dream on lah…the guarantee’s only for one year! LOL!!! 😀

  24. the good thing here is you have a car and you had it fixed already! 🙂

    how’s commuting in sibu? do you have mrts, buses and taxis? 🙂

    No mrts, buses ply the main roads only…not in the housing estates and taxis are expensive. But I guess everybody has his or her own transport, be it a car, motorcycle or bicycle. Sibu is a small place – very centred and some people even walk – not really far unless you stay in the newer areas or the suburbs

  25. apa pocket money bro. I’m sure your savings are more than enough to last you through.

    Aiyor…teachers are so poor, the salary so little…and pencen not enough for even half a month (as it is only half a month’s salary based). Hokkien people say: “Ciak bay pa, gor bay si!” (Eat not full, starve not die) Only now, they are paying teachers more…but I have retired. Memang no nasib lah…

  26. i like the modern battery the one that doesn’t need a refill of battery water. So much more convenient but expensive and not long lasting. I am lazy so no choice! haha

    Oh? Not long lasting? Oh dear…. Maybe next time, I’ll ask for the conventional battery. I’m very disciplined. 😉

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