Could we start again, please…

I did not use my car for two days over the weekend and when I wanted to go out on Monday morning, it simply refused to start. I reckoned that the battery had gone dead- dead as a door nail, considering that I bought it in 2007.

So, I called my mechanic on his mobile phone but I could not get through – there was this lady’s voice telling me that he could not be reached and asking me to leave a message after the beep. I decided to call another mechanic but the employee who answered could only converse in Mandarin. Well, I managed to tell him my problem but he said that the boss had gone out for breakfast and the son who would actually do most of the work in the shop was out too. Darn!

In the end, I decided to look for an old bill from the first mechanic that I had called and I managed to find one…and I called the landline. This time, I managed to get hold of him and in a very short while, he was already at my house.

True enough, the problem was with the battery and so he removed it and fixed a new one that he had brought along…

Car battery1

This is the current type – the so-called maintenance free car battery whereby you would not have to check the level of the distilled battery water in it regularly and keep topping it up when it has dropped to a low level.

Car battery 2

There was also a screeching sound when the engine was started. This had been going on for a while now but the sound would go off after I had driven for a minute or two so i did not pay much attention to it. The mechanic said that the belt was loose and he promptly made the necessary adjustments.

I was charged RM200.00 for all that, inclusive of the cost of the battery. Sigh!!! Just when I thought I could stop giving tuition, something just had to happen to remind me that the extra pocket money would come in handy at times like these…