Easy does it…

I love plain and simple clear soups. That’s why I do not really like the Malay or Indian soups with all those exotic spices added…and they tend to be rather oily. As for the thick soups at Chinese restaurants, sharks’ fins or sea cucumber or sweet  corn to name a few, I do not mind those sometimes for a change but my choice is still the clear ones.

My missus would add this and that when she cooks soups in the hope of enhancing the taste. I would not say that it  is not nice but they will all turn out different e.g. her bean curd stick soup would not be like what I’ve always known it to be and loved.

I would break the sticks into bite-sized lengths, boil some water and soak the sticks in it first to soften them thoroughly and then I would drain away the water and rinse the sticks…

Bean curd stick soup 1

My daughter would take the soup but would not eat these as she said they seemed like plastic to her. Chesh! LOL!!!

For the soup base, I would use pork bones or minced meatballs. The other day, I found this chunk of pork bone in the freezer so I used that…

Bean curd stick soup 2

I boiled that in water with four cloves of garlic, peeled and let that simmer for at least half an hour.

This may be the base for any vegetable soup. Bring it back to boil, throw in the cut and cleaned green leafy veg and serve. I do not like the veg if it has been cooked in the soup for much longer than needed especially when it has gone all discoloured. Cabbage and Chinese cabbage may be cooked this way too.

I guess if you’re not into non-halal stuff, you can replace the meat with chicken or use one of those chicken or ikan bilis (anchovies) stock cubes. Using prawns or beef would probably bring the soup to a different level altogether and would not taste the same even though that may be nice as well.

Anyway, back to the bean curd sticks, once the soup base was ready, I added a pinch of salt and msg according to taste and threw in the softened bean curd sticks, allowing it to simmer for a while for the taste to go into the soup. My mother would add a tablespoon of fish gravy for extra flavour but I did not have that in the house so I used chio cheng (light soy sauce) instead.

Garnish with chopped spring onions or daun sup (Chinese celery) and serve…

Bean curd stick soup 3

You may slice some shallots and fry in oil for the garnishing too, if so desired but I would not use those ready-fried ones sold in supermarkets. Somehow, they seem to have a very peculiar and repulsive smell and taste to me and I just do not like it at all.

So, easy, isn’t it? Plain and simple and clear bean curd stick soup – I love it…and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Easy does it…”

  1. Ooooo… simple and nice. This, i can do without screwing up. LOL!

    I bet you can. Like life… It doesn’t need to be complicated, all stressed out, caught up in the rat race…best to be simple and nice – relaxed, free and easy.

    1. You sounded exactly like my dad. Strange… when I was younger, he’d encourage me to compete with others, which I did, just to please him. But now I’m all grown up… he tells me to take it easy and chill out instead. o.O

      No choice. It’s a dog-eats-dog world, a fight for survival…but once one has been there, done that…one should slow down and learn to relax.

  2. Nice, simple and healthy too. Never thought of making soup like that. Another recipe to add to my blog…thanks!

    Give it a try. I’ve had it like this from young – my mum cooked it this way…and I’m still lovin’ it!

  3. Oh yeah Bananaz loves bean curd stick with just any soup so long it is not ‘hot soup’ ~;). slurpppppppp ahhhhh. yummy.

    But best taken hot though… Bean curd sticks in fish head curry is nice too, don’t you think? Perhaps you can ask for it in your curry mee too…or would that get you into “hot soup”? LOL!!! 😀

  4. you’re such a great cook STP. Making great dishes out of simple stuffs like a bean curd stick. If you give me that same bean curd stick and ask me to cook it, I think i’ll look at it for a good 30 mins, then decide to throw it into a pot of boiling oil and fry it. Then we’ll have Isaac’s special fried beancurd stick! Wahaha

    Never bothered to learn when small, that’s why. Over-pampered, over-spoilt. I learnt that from my mother… 😉

    1. Wahahaha, ouch. that kinda hurts 😦 Nvm, I got my Mrs to cook for me in future. LOL.

      going for this Nuffnang sharing session tonight. See link below Wish me luck! As most of the people who are going, I don’t know them! I’m going because they give free food! LOL


      Poor mrs of yours… You can learn too. Not difficult…and a lot cheaper and healthier than eating outside every day. Ya…enjoy yourself.

  5. Not bad an idea add that into curry mee haha. Saw one signage in Semenyih selling tu ka chiaw *pig leg vinegar* and spicy pepper soup in Cantonese is ‘lat tong’ usually with tu thor *pig stomach* and chicken etc guess what the signboard says? Its “XXX Hot Soup”.~;).

    Pig and chicken? Gee! What a match! LOL!!! I love black vinegar pork leg though… Yum! And I’ve eaten that spicy pig intestine soup before. Nice! That kind of “hot soup”. I like! 😀

    1. Passed by the shop this morning got the exact name – “Seow Man Hot Soups”. Too much eating intestines can get gout got high uric leh can land into real ‘hot soup’ then lolz 😦

      Never mind. Take allopurinol to prevent that… LOL!!!

  6. i like it fried. heheheeh. dunno why i dun love it in soup.lol
    but the soup look good, my mummy cook it often, i wont keep this coz not likey! i prefer the salted veggie soup, kekekeke

    I like salted veg soup too…but that, we cook with ginger and I will eat the meat off the pork bones and drink the soup, throw away the salted veg. Don’t like.

  7. Alamak!…..se..ee..ee..dapnya!… Another great menu from King Arthur. Plain, simple and healthy dish.

    So kind of you to give me the idea of what to cook for today….Great job done!…..

    Never use bean curd stick to make soup. Only use bean curd stick in cooking curry and “too kah” (pork leg). This menu is a must to try!….

    Can I have a bowl of it, pls!……….

    Oh? I like it in curry as well and also fried with pork and soy sauce…but I think I love it in soup like this best.

  8. They say that you’ll save a lot if you cook yourself in UK… in that case i have a request, Can i bring you along in my luggage bag when i go there ? haha

    Unfortunately you will have to spend a fortune…paying for the excessively excess baggage! Muahahahahaha!!! 😀

  9. i mean if you cook for yourself ! Don’t twist my words !

    I know. If I cook myself (literally), I think there will be enough food for the whole of Africa. LOL!! 😀

  10. Looks simple and nice. You are a good cook…..Next time try use ikan bilis as the soup base, taste nice…I always cook beancurd stick soup with ikan bilis as the soup base, add some carrots and black fungus…my family favo soup.

    I use ikan bilis sometimes…but only when I do not have meat or prawns in the house – also nice but it’s a different taste. But ikan bilis is a must if I’m cooking the kampong-style what-we-call sayur rebus…plus belacan and chillies. Yum!!! I don’t like adding too many things in my soups – it wouldn’t be the same anymore. My missus would do that.

  11. looks like something you could serve at a restaurant, nice presentation but no celery for me. yucks!

    They do not serve this at the restaurants here, dunno why. They do have sweet corn soup though…which can be cooked the same way. Just replace the sticks with the corn. You don’t like celery? I do not mind the Chinese ones for garnishing – they say it’s good for high blood.

  12. I love this type of clear soup too. Don’t like Malay or Indian style soup – too much pepper and spices, it becomes too overwhelming.

    Yup…and always so oily like the sup kambing – can see the layer of oil floating on top – at least half an inch thick! 😦

  13. I’m not a big fan of bean curd but I do like variety in soups – considering I’m not a big fan of soups either. 😉

    I drink all sorts of soup but if I had to choose one as my favorite, it’ll have to be chicken broth with ginseng. It just hits home. Comfort food.

    I’m ok with ginseng chicken soup…all the herbal stuff but can’t take too often and definitely no pek ting eyok for me. Not a fan of that.

  14. i don’t know much about cooking but the soup you made certainly looks appetizing. i also like clear soup better 🙂

    This is easy. Give it a try…and see if you like it. Chinese soup, probably Foochow…so people who love stronger tastes may find it bland. Just nice for me…

  15. I also dont like the Fu Chuk but my hubi like it. I remember my mum cook fu chuk + chicken + ginger in sauce sauce. Sedap. But i ate the chicken aje la. Tarak eat the fu chuk

    Then you’re like my daughter… She will eat everything else and put the sticks by the side.

  16. I personally like creamy soup; the richer they are the better. What can I say, I just love those fatty stuff 🙂

    Well, thank goodness you are blessed with only skin and bone! LOL!!! I don’t mind the rich, thick and creamy orang putih soups…but not all the time. Mymissus does not like. Must be freshly made though – not those out of cans or packets…like Pizza Hut’s – not worth the calories…

  17. Guess what! Today I also go and buy beancurd sticks to cook porkbone soup tomorrow after reading your blog. I even found the daun sup to go with it!!! :)!

    Gosh!!! I’m so influential… LOL!!! 😀

  18. I love bean curd stick. I remember when i am young, my grandma also love to cook bean curd stick soup, you can add some glass noodles in it too.

    But now i like my bean curd stick to cook with canned bean paste, very nice , it’s also another dish we had at home when i am young. Maybe i should share the recipe one day.

    Yup…sometimes my mum would add glass noodles as well. Aha! Is that pork fried with bean curd stick and tau cheo… I love that! We cook that sometimes. Think I will do that soon and post on it.

  19. I love ‘fu chuk’.

    Next time I will try your style….boil soup with garlic. Never try that before…..should taste nice with the garlic fragrance.

    What do you normally use? I always use garlic except salted veg or chicken soup, I’ll use ginger…and beef soup, I use Bombay onions.

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