This is the last time…

I saw in the papers the other day that they are going to increase the prices of canned foods again. Well, since I can get freshly cooked food very cheaply around here, I do not need to buy canned stuff so much anymore.

In the past, it was cheaper and also very convenient…but these days, sardines are over RM5.00 a can and tuna over RM4.00 for a small one. Stewed pork is over RM8.00 and corned beef too…and this Gulong brand luncheon meat was over RM5.00. I wonder how much it would cost now.

Well, I had one can in the pantry that I bought when Melissa was home as she used to love  it but I never got round to cooking it then. So I decided to do that the other day…probably for the last time – considering the escalating prices and also, I am somewhat wary about stuff imported from China these days after hearing all the horror stories here, there and everywhere.

I cut the meat into bite-sized pieces and fried them a bit on a non-stick pan for a crustier and harder surface…

Cooking luncheon meat 1

Then I sliced one Bombay onion, broke two eggs and beat them – adding a pinch of salt and msg to it…

Cooking luncheon meat 2

After that, I fried the onions in a bit of oil…

Cooking luncheon meat 3

…before adding the meat…

Cooking luncheon meat 4

…and lastly, I poured in the egg…

Cooking luncheon meat 5

…and stirred well till it is cooked. Then it is ready…

Cooking luncheon meat 6

Instead of luncheon meat, especially those who do not eat non-halal stuff, one can cook sliced sausages (or turkey ham or beef bacon) this same way (and I love it with thinly-sliced mushrooms added)…and it tastes great also with chopped bak kua (barbecued meat) or Chinese sausage.

So, it certainly looks like it’s bye-bye, canned foods – it was great while it lasted.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

37 thoughts on “This is the last time…”

  1. nom3, that is my dad’s favorite but he prefer it in soup. i am eating porridge now, yucks, later can go open my cast, yipppiiieee

    Soup? Got taste kah? Like my corned beef soup, I guess. In the end, the meat becomes tasteless.

    Oh? How long already? I was in a cast for 2 months – in the end the broken bone did not heal – had to go for surgery to put in metal plate and screws…and my arm stuck in an L position! Tsk! Tsk! Took Chinese sinseh three months to work on it and bring it back to normal…almost! Good luck to you!

    1. wont la, still tasty, coz after fried it a while ad water till boil, plus some salt only… my both hand look diff geh .. >.>
      still need physiotherapy. sobs!

      Oh? Usually in cast for a long time, will be smaller – muscle wastage. As long as the bone has mended, ok dah! Will be back to normal soon…

  2. Haihhh… everything will be escalating next… I’m waiting for the blow to hit us… u know… recession…after all…we’re not exactly self sufficient yet…Japan being economically unstable now… more or less gonna effect us too. Hear the news yet? Heard veggies and poultries oso gonna raise price. 😦

    Yes, I would expect a very severe impact from the Japan disaster – hope for the best, expect the worst! I thought those essentials are controlled items? Or is that only during festival time? Must increase my tuition fees now…otherwise, I will starve to death! 😦

    1. Yes, indeed, pray for the best, but prepare for the worst. Well…more or less, it is going to hit my family financially…what with the husband’s client is mostly Japs and foreign clients too…*sigh* gonna have to work harder and extra hours so that the boy will still have everything he needs… no point complaining…got to have to learn to deal wif it, no? Must make do with what we have… and if have prob, find solution to it. I’m kinda tired of complaining and groaning… very depressing. Working for a solution, on the other hand… is rather… motivating, as long as we never give up, that is.

      Yup…we will just have to find other solutions or cut corners and learn to live with it. Moaning, groaning, complaining do not change things in any way – only makes life so depressing for you and for everybody else around you, not going to be a happy family or a happy home, that’s for sure – leaves a very bad taste in the mouth…and the children will feel guilty and helpless as they are dependent on their parents for the money and this may lead to not very desirable consequences…and the parents end up wondering where they went wrong. Not going to go on, so depressing…and long story – can write a book on this! 😦

  3. Arthur,
    Old habit die hard…no matter what, one of my shelves in my pantry is specially for canned food only. I kept buying but never seems to cook them..hehehehe. My family simply love luncheon meat too much for us to stop buying no matter how much the price will increase. I would also try my hardest to stay clear of buying any food product from China whether canned or fresh..even fruits. Love your eggy luncheon…sometimes simple food is the best food!

    Bought this can to cook when Melissa was home – she loves luncheon meat too. Bought two, cooked one – didn’t get to cook this other one. Hmmmm…is that a woman thing or what? My missus loves browsing in the supermarts and buys this and that…and may not cook them – just stuffs them somewhere in the house (not necessarily the pantry… Tsk! Tsk!) and at times, when I find them, it is already past the expiry dates. Yup…steer clear of China products – saw report about even the hen-laid eggs sometime ago! Drop by tomorrow – another very simple dish…

    1. Agree with Shereen, simple food are usually the best. I mean, life is complicated enough…simple food can be quite a comfort sometimes.

      Like all the rich, good food over festive seasons – just a day or two of it…and after that, plain porridge tastes like heaven!

    2. Yes… it’s a woman thingie… hahahaha… I’m no exception… i will stock up on can food and things when they’re on sale and whatnot… but… I think I’m still forgivable, cuz I will cook them and clear them before expiry dates. LOL!

      ps: Sometimes, i will also buy extra pair of shoes when I find cheap and comfy pairs….yunno… it’s hard to find my shoe size…feet too small.. same goes with jeans… I had to go to children’s department to get one that really fits me… hahahaha!

      Now don’t start on me about shoes!!! Come to my house and see the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Imagine my shock when all the shoe boxes came crashing down in the middle of the night! When I saw that, I went back to sleep – simply refused to clean up the mess and stack everything up NEATLY & PROPERLY!!! I wonder why when people have only two feet, they need so many shoes… Tsk! Tsk!

      1. ROFLOL… I dun have that much of shoes… and I usually use all of them… each for diff occasion…but I suspect, if I got the money… or my size is easily obtainable, I’d make the Mount Everest cry in shame too. Bwhahahaha!

        Dun ask that question… hahahaha… beats me… I oso can’t figure out… but I think it’s a comfort kinda thing for us ladies… like me… when I’m all stressed up, must keep me away from shopping centres…else… you’ll see me coming out of it with either a) shoes
        b) undergarments c) tonnes of books or d) tubs of ice creams. *FAINT*

        Ah!!! Ice cream would be nice. LOL!!! 😀 Actually my missus keeps her shoes properly – in their original boxes, silica gel and all… Trouble is she cannot remember which shoes are in which box…so to look for a pair, she would have to try and turn the lids one by one without having to take down all the boxes and so the boxes go in all directions, the lids half open and all that so eventually, they will all come tumbling down. Women! LOL!!! 😀

      2. A woman will never be satisfied with their body me, whenever go for baju shopping, I sure will go into depression. Now, your feet will never grow fat no matter how much weight you put on. So,for me,I love buying shoes…as shoes makes me feel sexy..hahahaha.

        Wait till you see my feet! Definitely nothing sexy about them! LOL!!! 😀

      3. There is a tip for ladies with shoes kept in boxes but always need peek through the lids to see the shoes inside.
        Take a photo of each pair of shoes, print and paste the picture outside the boxes. If you do this for your missus, I am sure she will be very touched and you can prevent next episode of shoes boxes tumbling down in the middle of the night.

        Oh my goodness! She has SOOOOOO many! That will take ages. But that’s a good idea though. Wait till she retires – a lot of free time…maybe she can do it herself. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  4. i guess not only canned food, but many things have increased in price too, haiz.. but i am somebody who loves luncheon meat, especially fried till crispy outside and tender inside.. so nice with fried rice and plain porridge~~ :p

    Me too. That’s why I fried the slices first before cooking. But this Gulong brand isn’t really nice – nothing like the Ma Ling ones I grew up with and loved so much. But these days, the Ma Ling ones are really horrible – mushy and dunno taste like what?

  5. Amboi!….another simple, yet delicious dish. Just have it recently. Cooked exactly like yr way, just that I add some chinese sausage. Chinese sausage has always been my favourite too!.

    Yup!…woman thingie and I am no exception too.. Will stock up canned food and the good thing is I will always clear them out before expiry date. No wasting!!!…

    Yup…I cook with Chinese sausage also sometimes. Nice with prawns too – add thinly sliced leek as well -make egg foo yung. Good for you…at least, if you buy and get to eat it…it isn’t so bad even if it is expensive. So wasteful if already past the expiry date and have to throw away. Some places here stock up on the nearly-expired stuff – probably they get them cheaply…and sell at normal prices. Have to check everytime when buying…

  6. My kids love that style of cooking too! Long time I didnt buy luncheon meat, it is getting more and more pricey!

    What brand do you buy these days? This one isn’t as nice… They ask me to buy the imported ones like Plumrose…but those are so expensive. I would rather buy something cheaper and nicer.

  7. errmm my fave, eat with rice and chili sauce…2 pinggan pls.. 😉

    Too expensive now…and the edible ones these days not as nice as before. Used to love it sooooo much!!!!

  8. This is something new for me to try out. Normally i seldom buy bombay onion. I think it still will work great with those normal big onion, right?

    Those big onions (bawang besar)…size of tennis balls – they’re the ones to use. The small ones the size big marbles are shallots (bawang merah) – I find they’re not suitable for cooking this. Can add thinly sliced chillies, if so desired.

  9. Commodities price like steel make the tin can price higher….pay more for the tin can than the food….ha ha ha!

    Ah! Listen to the words of the expert in the field! So you speculators are the ones making the prices of canned foods shoot up! Tsk! Tsk!

  10. Yes, you are absolutely right!…Some shops will stock up nearly expired canned stuff.
    So be on the alert and always check the expiry date before you buy anything, whether x’pensive or cheap.

    Some people just grab anything that is cheap…like nobody business and don’t border to check. In the end, they will end up regret.

    Yup…and watch out also for those they display in front. Some people may think they’re on offer and simply grab…but actually they’re the same prices as those on the shelves. The worst part is they’re due to expire whereas those on the shelves still have a long way to go. These business people are full of tricks. Have to be careful.

  11. Simple yet delicious, this is my girl’s favourite too! However i rarely cook canned or processed food, the highly preservative and flavoring content might not be suitable for young kids like mine.

    Wishing you a great weekend!

    Ya…better to eat fresh food. All the preservatives really no good. Once in a while, ok…when the need arises e.g. nothing to cook in the house and no time or not convenient to go out and buy.

  12. Whoa! Fast and furious way of woking a yummy meal ho liao.

    Not using a wok there – a big non-stick pan. LOL!!! 😉 I prefer cooking with a wok though…

  13. Aiya never had a chance to eat that for lunch now coz Bananaz mostly skip lunch and accordingly to Wikipedia ~ Luncheon commonly abbreviated to lunch, is a mid-day meal :(. Got any same kind from Gulong or Ma Ling meat for dinner kah? muahahaha..

    Wait for you to produce lah – dinnereon meat! Banana Brand! Sure sell like hot cakes… LOL!!! 😀

  14. My favourite!!! Now i don’t buy Ma Ling or Gulong. Heard a lot about Ma Ling. Someone told me , the one from China in Green canned is safe to consume, so expensive – RM8.50 per can, but it taste good.

    Since i like luncheon meat, on off i still buy and keep, when nothing to eat or cook, this come handy.

    Green can? Must look out for that. Green and white, I think? But RM8 plus is way too expensive…but as you said, it is good to keep handy for times when there is nothing to cook in the house and one can’t rush to the market or supermarket.

  15. Our Pete foodie and financial guru has spoken..petrol price goes up, tin can prices tingling up too, then luncheon meat & food price yummy up, STP tuition fees doubled, students pay through their noses, their parents dig deeper into their pockets, if parents are doctors they raise medical fees to pay STP, if parents are biz men raise prices of commodity to pay STP, if parents are etc etc…oblada obladi the cycle goes on and on. There fore the proximate cause.. all fingers pointing at STP now for raising tuition fees..muahahaha..

    Ooi! Don’t simply accuse! I have not increased my fees since I started giving tuition way back in the 90s. Just make enough for a bit of extra spending money to help pay my bills. But other people simply raise their prices as they like…I really don’t see why I should be so kind – not running some kind of charity, I am not! Tsk! Tsk!

  16. Oh!…typing error….should be “bother”. Sori, Cikgu. Want to get English tuition from you…hahaha

    Come, come…I charge extra! Muahahahahaha!!! 😀

  17. Oh yes, no more canned food for me.. Never liked them anyway.. The only canned food I still eat is baked beans though!! Love them! 🙂

    Baked beans? Eyewww…do they make you fart a lot? Muahahahaha!!!! I don’t think there’s any canned food that I can’t live without…so I will do without them – maybe sweet corn for soup or mushrooms.

  18. Yeah my friend. It is terrible as prices keep on going up and up and up. Sometimes, I just hate to read the newspapers because of the things that I see are these:

    “Price of oil will increase.”

    “Price of bread will increase”

    “Price of vegetables will increase.”

    These news reports just made me feel more frustrated with our economy

    We will just have to learn to live with it – live within our means…and cut our cloak according to the cloth. Buy cheaper things – not as nice, never mind…no snob appeal, also never mind – whatever we can afford and whatever is absolutely necessary. Simply cannot go on living the same way as when times were good.

    1. Cigarettes always comes with warning on their packagings… it’s about time the same be done with newspaper. “Hazardous to health. May cause high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and depression”

      True! True! And TV news too… 😦

    2. I agree with you my friend. The only problem is those people who can’t cut the cloak anymore. The cloak is too short for them. SIGH!

      That’s when the love for our neighbors should be exercised. To weather this storm, we must help one another.

      Yes, as God has commanded, we must love our neighbours as we love ourselves… 🙂

  19. i’d still eat canned food though. Was told gulong is not as bad wor… I’d still eat it for convenient sake la.

    Not bad but not as good as the Ma Ling we had when we were young…and at RM5 plus, it really is not worth it.

  20. but but but.. I’d be wary of food imported from Japan though.. I’d stay clear for some time.

    Never buy anything from there! So expensive…and nothing nice, anyway. We have the 100 Yen shop here. Dropped by once, never again.

  21. sucker for luncheon meat too but told by my gp to cut down on processed food so using bacon sometimes,just as bad i know! Maling n gulong tasted ‘creepy’nowadays not like once upon a time so m sticking to spam n plumrose but of course fresh ingredients always the best!

    I don’t like Spam…and Plumrose is very expensive here…but it does not matter. Ican live without luncheon meat, no problem at all. Bacon? Isn’t that just as bad? All that salt and all that fat? Ooooo….but I love it! Hehehehehe!!!! 😀

  22. In a way the price hike of these preserved food gets you to eat more fresh food instead, which is a good thing. They aren’t that good for your health anyway. 😉

    Yes, Ryan. Always look on the bright side, eh? 😉

  23. Just cooked this luncheon meat with eggs the other day. 🙂 However mine were sliced to small cubes unlike yours all so huge. :p

    LOL!!! You not so kasar, I see…or not so greedy – such a delicate eater. Muahahahaha!!! 😀

  24. i usually dipped the luncheon meat into the eggs and then lightly fry them on the pan. it’s nice!!!

    Ya…that was what they used to do at the economical fast food stalls here – one round slice…and then half a slice…and now no more. Maybe it is now too expensive to be included in the menu. 😦

  25. canned goods are expensive! here it’s like RM1.00 to 2.00 🙂 but that’s okay though because canned goods are not that healthy 🙂

    So cheap there? Gosh!!! Here…all around RM5 and above. Not worth the price anymore considering that it’s not healthy, full of preservatives…and these days, the taste isn’t that great anymore as well… 😦

  26. Gulong brand lunchoen meat cost rm8 something rm9 something nowadays. Depending you buy from which shop. Sundry shops cheaper

    Hah??? *pengsan*… This tin I bought was only RM5 something…and that was quite recent – when Melissa was home for the holidays. I know the stewed pork (I like that too!) is over RM8 – so expensive,so no need to eat lor… You would not see me buying that, never mind how much I like it! Tsk! Tsk!

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