True blue…

My ex-student, Xavier, is back in town again on a week-long holiday so the other day, we went out for breakfast together.

Well, any true blue Sibu-ian who has been away even for a while would have this craving for kampua noodles and since he loves beef, I decided to take him here so that he could have this sizzling pepper beef kampua (RM8.80)…

Sizzling pepper beef kampua
*recycled pic*

I guess that would be something like killing two birds with one stone.

I decided that I would try something else in the menu and was thinking about one of their congee selections but in the end, I decided to have their mee sua (string noodles) or Foochow longevity noodles instead…

Foochow longevity noodles

It was all right but a bit too strong on the ginger for me…and I would love to have a lot of traditional Foochow red wine in it. I must say that at RM9.80 a bowl, that was extremely pricey – I can get the same thing but a lot better elsewhere at a much lower price. Well, I suppose when you go and eat at a classier, air-conditioned place, you should be prepared to pay more…but still, I would expect not just the price but the quality as well to be a class above the rest.

Still, it’s a nice place to go to and sit around in comfort and eat and chat the whole day. They even have their own parking spaces so you do not need to worry about paying any parking fee.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “True blue…”

  1. drooooolllll
    aih, i really x100000000000000000000000000000000000000 miss kampua and tie piang and kompia,
    cikgu, got curry kampua or not now?
    i would love that. hahahha
    aiyah cikgu, if we can meet, i want to eat that ya…. oh semoga we panjang umur, hahahaha

    Nope…got seafood kampua – the seafood’s cooked like the nasi lemak sambal sotong. Just ok…nice but more expensive – the beef is better.

    1. Aiya… u miss it so much, make a trip back and baham all these lorr… I’m sure your family misses u too…

      Yalor…but she wants to stay back there, boyfriend around mah. So no need to complain lah. Live on love and fresh air… Tsk! Tsk!

      1. back soon la, and convert my bf the husband to be to sarawakian.
        cikgu, he want to open a stall maybe in sibu or sarikei. what would sell a…i wonder… but he said want make curry kampua. haha.
        he love kampua a lot.

        Nowadays, a number of places selling curry mee – but it’s just chicken curry and they put the yellow noodles in it. Not my favourite…like what I had at Boston. Sarikei? Eeee…probably easier to do business in Sibu…or Kuching.

      2. oh n he plan to sell yong liu too. those yong tau fu stuff… nom3 my favourite

        No yong tofu place in Sibu – one stall selling sets, own made fish ball and stuff – fixed combinations and it has been doing very very well for a long time now. Dunno of any in Kuching either… Can try!

      3. i prefer curry kuew tiaw. yummy!.. now wan sell food susah oso, ev one eat at home to save money lo

        At Boston here, you have a choice of yellow noodles, kway teow or mihun…as you like. One place here, they use handmade pan mien… Just that I’m not a fan of noodles of any kind with curry… Would rather have rice or bread…or even kompia.

  2. Was there on Monday night with”you know who”, who was in town for a meeting. Had the Lor Mee which was nothing much to shout about. She had the wanton with springy mee.. no comments means “had nothing to say, better not say anything”…

    Oh? I guess you couldn’t ask me to tag along or I would be the lamp post! Hehehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰ Yup…the wanton mee isn’t great, so the lor mee is out of the list too. So far, only the sizzling beef kampua is goos – the seafood is o.k. but more expensive and I do not think it is worth it. Had a couple of side orders -also not really great – many other places that are better. I wouldn’t take a date there for dinner – so many other nicer places…

  3. Ohhh… here in KL we only have the normal kampua… never see the ones with black pepper and beef before…

    Here also, this is the only place… Others, you may have plain kampua and they give you beef soup – same as in Kuching with the kolo mee there – kolomee kosong and gua bak cheng (clear beef), they call it.

  4. mahal?..I guess that covers the parking fee also la.When I visit you,no need to bring me to this place.okey..muahahahaha.But seriously, the food look so so only..I think I have seen better ones in your blog.

    So far the only thing I like is the sizzling beef kampua…and even that, I thought there was a heavy msg overload… Ya, we’ll go elsewhere for something nicer…

  5. wat a coincidence u blog abt meesua,my gf just told me this morning a mutual fren recently open a meesua takeaway nearby my plce n i shld go n check it out.

    Oh? It has spread its wings to Oz too. Go…go and try and let me know if it’s anything like our Sibu Foochow one. I had once at one place in KL, Jalan Alur – sucked big time…RM12 a bowl, wasted!

  6. Foochow longevity noodles! Never makan this kind of longevity noodles before. The mee sua must be long o. :p

    Never? I’ve bought mee sua made in Malacca…packed in red rectangular boxes. Tried that before, not bad…but of course, out own would be nicer. Hehehehehe!!!

    1. Wei, don’t play-play…Malacca mee sua famous,okey!

      …and that Malacca guy has never eaten it before. Tsk! Tsk!

  7. Rm 9.80 mahal for the mee…. It just like ba ku tei soup with noodle added…I should try when I stop in Sibu..

    Nope…it’s Foochow style chicken soup – cooked with sesame oil, ginger, red wine, Shitake mushroom and wolfberries. The mee sua is served in it with a hardboiled egg traditionally eaten at birthdays, anniversaries, birth of a new child etc…signifying long life. It’s nice…just that there are nicer ones elsewhere (around RM5-6 in the coffee shops, I think)…including my own homecooked ones.

  8. It my ex colleague shop. The owner name is Peter Yu and he is ex SHS student as well. He planning to move the shop to better location and make it bigger if he have the chance. This is what he told me last time i visited the place.

    By the way sir, Roy have move his stalls to shop near to Sibu Bowling centre. Got few new cuisine he introduce. Now his stalls open at night only.

    Yup, he added me on Facebook…but I’ve not seen him there. I know Roy has moved too – saw that on Facebook as well…but I seldom/never go out at night so I have not dropped by yet. Perhaps one day…

  9. Gosh!….both are my favourites. 7 early 8 early already makes me drooling…………..

    Slurrr……rrrp…..the mee and the mee sua.

    Ya, prefer mee sua with lotsa of red wine. I think mee sua is the signature dish for Foochow confinement ladies, rite (correct me if I am wrong!!!).. Remember my sister’s MIL will cook this mee sua with red wine for her almost every morning during her confinement and whenever we visited my sis we are invited to have it too. Love it!…..

    RM9.80 for that bowl of mee sua is x’pensive but sizzling pepper beef kampua for that price is consider ok taking into consideration that beef is e’pensive.

    Yup…that’s a lot of beef, can make one slab of steak…and imagine how much that would cost in a western restaurant. Kampua kosong in the coffee shops is almost RM2.00…so all things considered, I think the sizzling beef kampua is a steal and the best part is it is nice.

    Foochow ladies in confinement eat this mee sua with chicken soup while the Hakkas eat kacang ma. I love both!!! But I’m not in confinement though – only look pregnant, VERY pregnant. LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  10. I salute good teachers, the ones are always remembered by the ex students

    Not all, just a sprinkling of them will remember…unfortunately. 😦

  11. I love the kampua anytime! they look so “springy”…

    See! Went to Singapore, didn’t want to come to Sibu – the money you spent there, you can eat till meletup here! LOL!! πŸ˜€

  12. I’ve been frequenting Sibu like almost every month, and how is it possible that i did not know of this place? sigh… it must be hiding. i go kopitiam pun sedap juak kampua mi nya. asal cina molah. πŸ™‚ Your pictures are so yummy! as usual.

    Behind the Central Police Station…in the back lane from either Hua Kiew Road or Lai Chee Lane. Good luck in your search…

  13. Wow! I’m from Sibu and I’ve NEVER seen or tried sizzling pepper beef kampua before. 😑

    I’ve gotta try it when I go back. It sounds delicious!

    See what you miss…for not looking me up when you’re back in town! Hehehehe!!! πŸ˜‰

  14. Keh Liao….that is how they make extra $$$!

    This one…it’s high end, got class lah…and they do it differently from the rest. The mee sua’s a disappointment though – the same as others and not as nice…plus extra expensive.

  15. By the look, I think I’ll love the 1st one & replace the beef with chicken/fish will be better (for my liking) πŸ˜‰

    So far, haven’t seen chicken on sizzling hot plate – venison, we have over here…

  16. Drrrrrroooooollllllll big time!!!!

    Sizzling beef kampua at Noodle house? A must try on my next trip back.

    Yummmm…look at that bowl of mee suah!! Especially on a day that under weather. 😦

    So make sure you KIV that. Ya…rained heavily last night here and whole morning, cloudy and gloomy… I had mee sua for lunch – cooked my own chicken soup…lots of ang chiew. Hehehehehe!!!!

  17. I want the sizzling pepper beef kampua!! You will bring me there next time right? *hint*hint*

    No problem. So when are you coming? Leave a message in my inbox (Facebook) and we can exchange contact numbers… πŸ˜‰

  18. Ya!….I love kacang ma too….Best lah!…

    But West Malaysians don’t take kacang ma during confinement. They have something different…emmm..oh, I forget the name liaw…but the taste is something like cuka. Guess I am right. Excuse me if I am wrong. Can any of our friends from West Malaysia tell me/us what u have during confinement…sori…kaypo mode…hahaha!…

    I think they have the black vinegar pork leg! That one, I like also…. Eeeee…too bad I cannot give birth! I think I would enjoy eating! Muahahahaha!!!!

  19. Ahah…just cooked mee sua last night for dinner. Mine version was vege soup based. Only to realise i cant overcook it else will melt down…ahaah.*first time cook mee sua…paiseh**

    Aiyor…just throw into boiling water to soften, can take out already. I cook mine a bit longer as I like it a bit softer and more translucent. Where did you get your mee sua from? The Malacca ones in boxes sold in supermarket? Ours will not melt – just that it may become too soft and soggy.

    1. Na la…i simply got it from those mini market. A packet which cost RM1.20..tskk..tskkk.

      Not too sure. Our local made ones are definitely a lot more expensive…

  20. Ya!….I love kacang ma too…Best lah!….

    But West Malaysians don’t take kacang ma during confinement. They eat something different….emmm..I forget the name liaw. It taste like cuka…Guess I got it right. Excuse me, if i am wrong. Can any of our friends from West Malaysia tell us what u ppl have during confinement. Sori, kaypo mode…hehehehe

    Hey! Duplicate comment. Never mind…the more, the merrier! LOL!!!

  21. Your misua (meesuah) noodles look good. Our misua here melts when cooked. The strands are quite thin.

    Must be the same as those factory made ones then – real fine and smooth (and very white) but not as nice.

  22. Hey sir.. remember you told me about the mee sua with red wine near Lot 9 ? Any idea what is the name of the cofffee shop =) ? I wanna gooooo try XD

    Lot 9, the centre/middle block next to the car accessories shop…the coffee shop’s on the left end – the block behind SCR’s on the left…and the block with the big furniture shop on the right. Can’t miss it. It may just be the only coffee shop there (other than Tanjong Manis – the Malay cafe).

  23. I love the meesuah with the red wine…I cooked this at home but somehow something is missing …can never get the trick on how to cook a good red wine mee suah. Come to Sibu you must take me and WB to this place :p

    Come, come…and I cook for you. Just cooked some today for lunch…and I can give you the original traditional Foochow red wine and the authentic Foochow mee sua to take home. So when are you two coming? I’m waiting…

  24. eh….Cikgu..the kampua a bit unhealthy with beef leh… however, Im sure I will love the mee sua. I like ginger stuff… sure can help to remove the wind from my digestive system. πŸ˜›

    It’s o.k. We eat beef once in a blue moon – can’t even buy fresh beef here in Sibu! Frozen ones stink…and the nice ones from Australian or New Zealand are so very expensive! This shop uses the NZ beef – that’s why I say the price is reasonable.

  25. i love mee sua with pat chan soup.

    Is that pek ting eyok – the eight-herb mix? I don’t like that. Very popular here too – some stalls selling it – chicken plus mee sua and egg also… I prefer it with duck, if I simply HAVE to eat it.

  26. i always hear about kampua, now here we have a sizzling kampua. Cool!

    Come on over… You can eat to your heart’s content. Spend your honeymoon in Sibu – best, nothing much to do other than eat and sleep and you know what! LOL!!!

  27. Ohh, I’m a big fan of mee sua and ginger! But of course I’d prefer paying less even without cosy air con!;D

    Yup…we have that in a number of coffee shops in town…and many of them are very nice, in fact – even nicer than this expensive one. πŸ™‚

  28. sigh… till now havent try kampua noodles. 😦

    Come, come to Sibu… I know KK has…one coffee shop called Sibu Cafe but I dunno exactly where. People took me there…but I did not think it was the same.

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