Dance, little lady, dance…

It was Claire who first proposed the idea of getting together on 2nd April in Penang with fellow-bloggers and friends to eat, sing and dance…

…and she passed the ball to Eugene to look for a suitable venue for all that. Then she blogged about it here and here and Eugene too put up a post on it.

Unfortunately, response has been very poor. My good friend, Mandy, said she would be around and would join us and blogger, SexyJesse, said she would come too.

IsaacTan is not very sure right now…and that’s about it. Actually it does not matter really as we do not need a big crowd – I am sure just the few of us can be as much fun as a barrel of monkeys, so to speak.

So, come April 2nd, we will be partying the night away…

Anybody else interested in joining us? Just let anyone of us know – we’d love to have you for company…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Dance, little lady, dance…”

  1. i would so love to come, nvm cikgu, meet you in sibu if God willing…

    You will. I’m sure you will be heading back to Bintangor sooner or later one day…so we can meet up in Sibu and go mam-mam or something… 😉

    1. hard to know, if i accident die so cnt meet lor, we nvr kn when we will die ma.. so ya if God willing we can meet and go mam mam. bring my bf too…. hehehe

      Everything in this life is fated, that I believe. Whatever will be will be…Who knows, you will invite me to your wedding reception in Sibu… Bintangor people usually hold it in Sibu…since nicer here, bigger venues…and so near.

      1. never know. hehe. i have many close brush with death i think.. so in my opinion, life is a gift tat cn b taken away. so enjoy the gift 🙂

        You must be a pussy…emmm….a cat, I mean. Muahahahahaha!!!! Cats have nine lives!

  2. I go sulk far far. 😦 If only this is in KL.

    Watch the video clips… They’ll cheer you up. The Stayin’ Alive one is sooooo funny! I saw that movie 1980 either in Oz or in NZ…and laughed till I fell off my seat!

  3. Penang…it’s a bit of a drive from KL, and slightly too close to my birthday *hint hint so I’ll probably have to give it a pass.

    Hey, I would join the next one though, haven’t seen you in ages…didn’t really have time during CNY, with a new relationship and all. 🙂

    Yes, I was looking forward to seeing you, CNY…but was so heartbroken… Sobs!!! 😉

  4. Aiseyman..if I’m in Malaysia,I’ll sure go and join you guys in Penang… to say,ma as I’m in NZ. But seriously I think hub and I would drive all the way to Penang to just see you and join in the fun…especially if there’s boogie all night long.

    Yup…that’s what my good friend, Mandy, does all the time…going out of her way to be around to take me/us here and there and I’ve many good friends in those parts too – in Penang proper, Bukit Mertajam…

  5. That’s so fun. I wish I can join you all. But I have to be careful with my food just in case you eat my share…LOL

    Never mind! Penang mah! Can always go supper…char kway teow!!! Yum! Yum!

  6. STP, join me in Shanghai! 2nd April will be heading to Shanghai 😛 great that you still have these kind of blogger meets. Next time invite me, i wanna feel like im still a blogger 😛

    Too bad… I’ve to be in Penang on the 3rd evening for my niece’s wedding. Let’s see where you’re heading to next…maybe I can join you all. UK perhaps?

  7. STP! Of course I won’t forget the old friends. All of you guys are superb people!

    Have a great wednesday today yea!

    Hopefully not. You too…have a nice day! Btw, when’s your wedding? Can have a table or two of bloggers… We give ang paos…and can be the life and soul of the party!😉

    1. Long time to go STP. It’s at Penang, 25th Sept. I havent finalize any list yet. Waiting for last min. XD I’m just afraid it’ll be too far for all of you.

      Oh? Must KIV the date… Haiyar, Penang again – no reception in KL kah? 😉

  8. All come to the south and you guys can dance before my eyes …… :p

    You’re not going home? Ching Ming weekend, I think… Your place, expensive lah…full of rich Singaporeans with lots of money. No, thank you… LOL!!! Sibu better! Cheap…and MATTA fair extended to 18th. Booked your tickets yet?

  9. Someone told me how to eat last night, what a eater he was, someone told me to wallop, more hahahahahahaha..

    Never mind Cikgu, we will survive and we shall dance and eat and merry, maybe you go karaoke too………..

    Let’s go… 🙂

  10. Love to be there too but facing a huge challenge..have fun with great boogie and bump without stopping..

    Come on over and join us. It’s a weekend and just a drive away along your smooth and nice peninsula highway. We can get together with our old friend, Edmund too! 😉

  11. Dance, everyone, come lets dance.. what a time we will have…
    yes, STP, few or many, let’s enjoy ourselves.. looking forward to meeting up with Mandy, Jessie, Eugene and you… perhaps karaoke is a better suggestion, now coming to think of dancing, the bones are like giving way.. hahaha…

    Can’t wait… Come one, come all! 😀

  12. Haha love the two video the first you are dedicating it to SexyJesse what about the second? The Godfather of Penang and Reanaclaire taking over the dance floor to themselves..haha

    The 2nd to SexyJesse…and the 3rd to Claire. LOL!!! You missed the 1st one – that’s for me…hope I can survive the dancing and not get crushed by the disco ball. LOL!! 😀

    1. Oops…ya missed the first video. You shall survive who knows you might crush the disco ball instead lolz. Will juggle my schedule, God willing ~;).

      Yeah!!! Hope to see you there then… 😉

  13. yeah i believe in miracles…who knows others turn up in last minute,
    but then just like u said, it doesn`t matter how big the crowd,
    just enjoy it and have fun guys 😉

    Thanks…we most certainly will! We always do… 😉

  14. The floor is yours…1!…2!…3!……dance…shake…shake…shake…shake and twist your body but beware of bones cracking sound…hehehe.

    Anyway, enjoy yourself to the fullest and eat to your heart’s desire.

    Sure will, thanks…! 🙂

  15. at Penang!!! I bet it will be very fun!!

    Have fun and enjoy and shake shake shake your bum bum.

    Coming over? It’s a weekend. Quick…MATTA fair extended to 18th – you may be able to grab some really cheap tickets!

  16. The 2nd clip is so funny! hahaha!!! We do need a good laugh this week with all the bad news going around :(! I was waiting and waiting for the the tail of that mouse to be snapped by the trap! hahaha!!!!!

    Yes, the animation is superb! I love that clip…and yes, with all the bad news these days, it certainly is a comic relief. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Poor Raymond…did not expect it to end that way – was so happy when he got the cheese. LOL!!! 😀

  17. I think is not a matter of having a big crowd or not, but the fun and joys you guys will have. Cant wait to see all shaking the bum bum…hahahha..

    I can’t wait too…looking forward to a lovely evening with everybody! I’m sure it will be fun! 🙂

  18. Wow, makan-makan, chit-chat, karaoke and bogey-wogey till the wee hours! Have a great time and don’t over-stress those bones, ya…. 🙂

    Thanks. Never mind, the next day…can go for full body massage. LOL!!! 😉

  19. Ah I would be happy to join if it’s not a million miles north from KL. 😛 *pardon my geography! But if you happen to stop by KL again, do let me know!! 🙂

    A million miles? Aiyor…maybe your Mathematics also, cannot count. LOL!!! Yup…looking forward to that! Hopefully, will have a good excuse to go over one of these days…

  20. Hope you guys enjoys there. Wish i could join

    Thanks. Come, come…just a few hours drive away…and such nice highways…not like our Sarawak roads. 😦

  21. Penang is far from where I am now.. it’s also far from where I used to be.. haha..

    Further now…but from Ipoh, so near…an hour or two,already there – excellent highways some more. Come over here and see ours! 😦

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