Baa baa black sheep…

As far as instant noodles – curry flavour go, my favourites were the made-in-Sibu Mee Daddy or this one…

Cintan mee kari
*recycled pic*

But not too long ago, my missus bought a few packets of this (RM3.30 for a pack of 5)…

Mee Baa...gus kari 1

…and upon trying it, I found that I loved it too!

Initially, I was quite put off by the brand name as I felt it was quite unimaginative but “Mee Baa…gus” certainly brings to mind that children’s song – probably the kids are the target as it may serve to attract them to want to eat it…just that the poor parents will have to fork out the money to buy for them.

It turned to be an Ibumie product, the company that produces the Malaysian-made instant mee goreng that is not as nice as Indomie, made in Indonesia.

Anyway, back to the noodles, I cooked them as usual and had them with some shrimps and an egg that I bought from my regular Malay food stall at Bandong

Mee Baa...gus kari 2

…and it was really nice. Yum! Yum!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Baa baa black sheep…”

  1. LOL… what a coincidence… I just had Cintan for bfast! LOL!

    66sen a packet plus RM1 for the egg and 50sen for the shrimps, total RM2.16 – cheaper than eating kampua noodles outside (now RM2.30 – 2.50 or more)…and nicer! 😉

    1. Ya… very cheap… but eat more… I tink I’ll go bald. SOBS!

      Namind…you’ve got a lot…not like me! 😦

  2. Wow! I usually just crack an egg into the instant noodles or add a couple of crab sticks and that’s about it. Unless I’m feeling adventurous and go all out.

    Your “normal” instant noodles looks delicious, with shrimps and all.

    I think the Ibumee dry mee goreng isn’t bad either, it’s just that it’s not as flavorful, so 3 sachets of flavoring for 2 packets of noodles minimum is required.

    It’s a good thing the family and gf doesn’t eat a lot of the flavor sachets so I can add more. HAHA!

    Yup, that’s usually what I do – just crack an egg in it…or if there are any prawns in the freezer, I may throw a couple in to enhance the taste. The mee goreng – I prefer the original Indomie but not since that Taiwan scare. They say it’s o.k. but I wouldn’t want to risk it. Will buy other brands instead in the hope that they may be safer.

    Good grief! It’s a wonder that you still have so much hair left…or are you balding already? You can always blame it on your dad’s genes…Hehehehehe!!!! I guess you take after your mum – a head full of hair, all black. Mine’s starting to grey a bit and I’m balding too… Cruel! Cruel! Sobs! 😦

  3. I tried this new one, Myojo Singapore Curry, also very nice, but is RM7 for a pack of 5. They also have Singapore Laksa which I’ve not tried. I like the texture of myojo noodles.

    I love Myojo. Used to buy their chicken abalone…but I do not get to see in in the shops anymore. Maybe in Ta Kiong but I hardly go to town, just the shops around my house. The cake of noodles is round, not rectangular like others. I think I had the curry before but I thought the chicken abalone was the best.

  4. Looks good 🙂 with the added shrimps and egg.

    Tasted good too…and cheaper than anything in the shops – that’s the best part! 😉

  5. Baa Baa Baa..gus have you any shrimps
    One for my master One for the dame,
    And one for the little fat boy
    Who lives down Sibu lane.

    I prefer the 2nd version. LOL!!!

  6. Oh my! Carry me to curry mee, today must have curry mee for brunch…yum yum! lolz

    You seem to love it so much. Nice kah? Next time I go KL, I tag along, can?

  7. Version2.

    Baa Baa Baa..gus have you any shrimps
    Yes Sir yes Sir three packets full
    One for Bananaz, One for the dame
    And one for the cute fat boy
    Who lives down Sibu lane.

    Hahahaha!!! Clever boy! *pats on the head*

  8. this is the instant noodle post! i’m eating one right now but not the same brand of course 🙂

    the egg looks different? is it covered with breadings? 🙂

    No Filipino brands here. I wonder what they taste like – we have from Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia… For this egg dish, they lightly fry the hardboiled egg in oil so it has a thin golden layer on the surface…

  9. erm…I prefer Nissin. It’s selling cheap in Spore at $1.90 per 5 packs. 🙂

    Nice? Made in Singapore? That works out to about RM1.00 a packet. Still ok…

  10. Olala!!!!!….that bowl of noodles certainly tastes delicious…..yummy……drool……rrr…..rrr….

    Shiok!… what is written on the mee wrappers. No wonder you are really shiok!……with it.

    Ok lah… Cheap and nice, can’t complain! 🙂

  11. too bad we can’t try any of the sibu made instant noodles here. I love cintan!!!

    LOL!!! I get the hint…but sadly, not going to KL anytime in the near future. No good excuse…unless somebody gets married and invites me… Hint! Hint! LOL!!! 😀

  12. The curry mee certainly looks yum yum! When I have my instant noodles I like the curry and tom yam versions. I hardly take the plain chicken flavour…not nice…

    The made-in-Sibu chicken flavour is nice…and if add ginseng and wolfberries plus egg – best lah! 😉

  13. whoaa! now still can get 5 instant noodles at RM3.30 ?! So cheap la. i seldom eat instant noodles, cz parents dnt allow. 😦

    My Stories

    Good! For lazy people…and not healthy! Once in a while, should be ok. 😉

  14. my all time favorite, instant noodles. LOL!!

    The other day i saw this Mee Baagus at TV advertisement, but have not try it. Usually i will have my korean instant noodles more, as for mee goreng, dry type i love ibumie mee goreng.

    You’re very creative for your instant noodles, if me, i will just add an egg or some vege.

    Indomie mee goreng, original from Indonesia…a lot better than Ibumie. Korean noodles expensive, over RM2…better go eat kampua!

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