Spice up your life (2)…

Mery Sia dropped by my regular Bandong Malay kuih-muih stall and bought the nasi lemak there but she complained that it was not spicy. I don’t know which one she bought but this one that I used to buy all the time in the past was extra spicy (RM1.50)…

Bandong nasi lemak 1
*recycled pic*

….or at least to me (and even my parents’ Indon maid), it was. Perhaps, she likes things a lot spicier so it wasn’t quite up to her standard.

Well, lately, they have the pandan nasi lemak…

Nasi lemak pandan

…also selling at RM1.50 a packet. I’m not sure whether this is made by the same person but I do find that it is nice as well and spicy enough for me. It used to look greener though…on the previous occasions that I bought this for breakfast.

Then, there came another version with sambal sotong

Nasi lemak sotong

…also selling at RM1.50 packet. I love the sambal but unfortunately, you get very little kacang (peanuts) and fried ikan bilis (anchovies)…and there is just one thick slice of cucumber. They do give that bit of hardboiled egg though – like in the case of the rest…and there is one teeny-weeny bit of salted fish too.

Well, whatever it is, I have not come across any nasi lemak that is better and just as cheap elsewhere in town so until I do, I will just have to stick to these.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

36 thoughts on “Spice up your life (2)…”

  1. Cham liao la… now I got to go and have my nasi lemak fix. *cries* I’m a typical Msian. Must have nasi lemak at least 3-4 times per wik. Dahsyat hor?

    LOL!!! I never used to eat nasi lemak as we had to go to the shops (expensive) and those sold at the stalls were not nice. But since I’ve these nice ones easily available, I eat it quite often. 😉

    1. Hahahaa… I wouldn’t makan so much nasi lemak too if it’s so expensive… but there’s still Malay stall in the morning that sell those packet nasi lemak… cheap and very satisfying, RM1.50 each, got fried egg inside along with sambal and fried peanuts as well as anchovies…much cheaper than eat noodles at Chinese kopitiam…

      I like their sambal, very nice…will tell the uncle to kasi me extra too, and he wouldn’t charge me for it too. Their fried bihun and mee also still affordable, RM1.20. So to me, worth buying lo if wanna makan some nice breakfast. Sometimes, I’ll even buy extra so that I can have it later in the day too.

      Me too! Very true…RM1.50 is cheaper than kampua noodles with a few miserably thin pieces of meat – now RM2.30-2.50 or more. The fried mee/mihun at this stall RM1.00 – not the best around but nice enough for me. Sometimes, I buy extra for lunch…and then for dinner, will cook a proper meal or tapao some cheap but nice stuff from the other Malay food stall in that area.

  2. hey, i think this nasi lemak looks nice, nasi biasa with just sambal and egg, many times the most basic ones are the best compared to those with many add-ons.. do you agree with me?? 🙂

    Nasi biasa? No…no! Must be very lemak and wangi…and not too hard. Ya, I know at many stalls over there, you can tambah curry, rendang and whatever like nasi campur. We do not have that here… Not necessary – might as well have nasi campur, if eating it like that. Just the basic condiments will do… 🙂

  3. oh..missed Nasi Lemak -must get a packet today for lunch

    Any good ones in Bintulu? These are very nice…or at least, to me, they are! 🙂

  4. oh great, i will go try the sambal sotong next time. which stall is that in bandung? operate from wat time to wat time?

    Around 5-6 a.m. already open. Bandong shops there – small area, one row only…you can’t possibly miss it! Lots of people in the morning. Usually sold out by around 8-9 but that day, I went after 12 and they still had a few packets left – buy 1, get one free. I bought, threw away the egg and cucumber and ate the rest – nice!

  5. Not enough spice to spice up your life? Go get Spice Girls..

    Ask Pete…he has turned mamasan – want massage, call him. Chicken or duck, all have! Muahahahaha!!!

    1. ROFLOL…. that post got me laughing like mad…

      That Pete! Suddenly naik gatal…or no food to blog about.

      1. Poor Pete… must be working himself to death… so the kepala a little bit senget. BWhahahahahaaha!

        Badly needs a break! School holidays liao…should come over to Sibu – perfect place to relax…nothing to do, just eat and sleep! LOL!!!

      1. Oh yeah love HardRock but still prefer udang muahahaha…

        I see… With due apologies to Frank Sinatra/Paul Anka, “you did it both ways”….? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  6. Yes….I saw they are selling the pandan and halia nasi lemak…I m yet to try the Halia nasi lemak.
    Last time they use to have a malay stall at civic ctr area & their nasi lemak is superb, i love their sambal…xtra spicy(maybe becoz I am Indonesian chs which love to eat xtra spicy food). Now this malay stall has moved to another plc (if not mistaken, move to Paramount Hotel area there).

    Oh? Was it the one manned by a bearded man? They called him Janggut. I heard his sambal was very pedas but when I went once (not really early, around 9), it was not ready…and I saw him cutting things with a pen knife. Eyewwwww!!!! That would take forever. If that’s the one you’re talking about, I was told that he has moved to some shops opposite the Federal complex (government offices) along the road to the sports stadium/Kolej Laila Taib, Teku…

  7. have yet try any pandan nasi lemak, definitely not for RM1.50! Here if they put addition flavoring they will charge a lot!

    Have a great weekend!

    Of course – like nasi campur. Everything you want, they charge separately… In the end, you may have to pay a substantial amount… Not cheap! 😦

    1. Huh? They charge extra if there’s pandan leaves inside the nasi lemak? Aiyo… over here they memang oredi got pandan inside… no extra charge…

      Hmmm… usually the basic nasi lemak-those with kacang and ikan bilis as well as boiled egg is very cheap… but if tambah tambah, expensive lah… at least RM2.50-Rm5 per pack. I prefer the basic…it is enuff for me. But of course, sometimes I would like some kerang or some sotong to go wif the nasi lemak for a change.

      Nope, no extra charge for pandan nasi lemak – different supplier, different gaya – all RM1.50. Even the one with the sambal sotong,also RM1.50…but if you want the ones with chicken rendang, those would be RM2.50 – more worth it if compared to the kampua noodle prices around here these days… Nicer too! Not all msg!

  8. I`m not nasi lemak lover, but this pic really menawan, feel want to have 1 bungkus now.. 🙂

    I’ve had those at 7Eleven…and those in plastic packs at similar shops – not great. They say those at the mamak stalls are better but I’ve never tried…

    1. Those sold at 7Eleven is an abomination. 😦 I makan before, omg, not nice~!

      Yalor…nowhere near these that I get from the stall…

  9. now i crave for nasi lemak.. cant remember when was the last time i had one :/

    I’m sure they’re available all over the place there… What have you been eating? LOL!!! 😀

  10. woot nasi lemaks! I always love to have this in the morning. But always get heart burn after that. I think my heart is dying on me soon 😦

    Oh? So young… Kesian!

  11. Wau lau!!!!…………kua liaw beh tahan lo…..air liur keeps dripping. The nasi lemak looks tempting. Love nasi lemak but will only have it once in a while for fear of too much santan intake….hehehe.

    Have nasi lemak for b’fast this morning. Bought from 1 of the kuih muih stalls at the Stutong market,…so-so only, Nothing to shout abt.

    Sorry, don’t know of any place in Kuching where you can get nice nasi lemak. So far, I’ve only had the one at Old Town at KIA – not really great and very expensive.

  12. when it comes to spicy food…i preferit mildly spicy because i could not appreciate the taste anymore and focus on the spicy-ness of the food 🙂

    Me too…but at times, it may depend on what I’m eating. My missus is not the same though – she would only be able to eat, never mind what, when she has chillies, lots of it!

    1. is that a malaysian thing? 🙂

      Nasi lemak? Yes, it is. But if you’re talking about spicy food, not really – some Chinese Malaysian can’t take hot stuff… I used to be like that too.

  13. cant take nasi lemak cos am a veg. but i’ll have that egg pls! 🙂

    Why not? You can take the fragrant rice and the peanuts and cucumber, sorry…no sambal for you. Can take egg kah?

    1. There’s vegetarian nasi lemak…my MIL is a vegetarian … she goes to those vegetarian shop to have her nasi lemak, got sambal and stuff too…

      I think if kyh wanna makan nasi lemak… can go to those vegetarian restaurants.

      I think she’s in Penang, shouldn’t be a problem there. If I’m not mistaken, they have a lot of Indian vegetarian shops as well. Here, I think there is ONE Chinese vegetarian shop – dunno nice or not, never been there. 😉

  14. Ah…looks delicious.

    Are those dishes have fish meat? If it is, then it is perfect for me. 😀

    The “sambal” is made from pounded dried prawns and onions and chillies and a whole lot of other things, no meat…but the one with “sotong” or squids have that extra ingredient… There’s the fried anchovies, peanuts, cucumber and the egg…no meat unless you buy those with chicken, fried or curry, but they’re more expensive -RM2.50.

  15. no sambal potong stim lah!!! but there r veg versions out there. yep, i’m a lacto ovo! hehe

    I see. So eggs and dairy products are ok… 😉

  16. spicy foods are fine but I am not too keen on it, just mild

    Oh? I thought you would be quite used to spicy food? Maybe not like the Thais or the Indonesians…or perhaps you’ve been away for quite a while?

  17. I also like lots of kacang in my nasi lemak. I always keep one packet of kacang putih in my house to eat with nasi lemak….LOL!

    Oh? You really love nuts eh? Ask from Bananaz – he says he has Hard Rock ones….Muahahahaha!!!

  18. I don’t like to have kacang in my nasi lemak. Only more anchovies will do for me. 😀

    There! You can pass yours to Pete! He loves them! LOL!!! 😀

  19. Absolutely delicious looking. Are they wrapped in banana leaves? I’ll have to look for Janggut next time. But why would he move so far away from town?

    Unfortunately no. I’ve never tried Janggut – only heard that his was very pedas. Dunno any good or not… I guess over there, he gets a lot of business from the government officers across the road and maybe the rent is cheaper.

  20. sir, which bandong stall u mention? i tried to explain to my sis in sibu but yet she say can’t find the shop as there are few shop mushrooming there. Is is the melanau lady staying at Jalan Abang Barieng there?

    Where got a few shops? In the morning, there is only this stall:
    …and now there are two stalls selling ONLY nasi lemak, dunno good or not and a stall seeling roti canai and murtabak – FOUR only! This is the ONLY stall run by a lady (sis-in-law of Kesturi towkay), the helpers all ladies…and they also sell a lot of kek lapis Sarawak nowadays…

  21. i don’t really like nasi lemak, feel want to puke think about it.lol. mybe bad experience with nasi lemak. have you tried nasi lemak kukus(steamed), i like tat one, not very lemak.. got a stall here at pasar malam, people queue to buy it, nom3

    Oh? That probably would be nice. I do not like it if the rice is too hard…and the sambal makes the difference as well – some are not nice at all.

  22. sometime cannot stand the spiciness of sambal they put in nasi lemak. sigh. 😦 but then can see the portion is getting lesser n smaller!

    My Stories

    Still ok here, one bungkus more than enough for me for breakfast.

  23. Nasi lemak!!! After i come back from my holidays, i crave for nasi lemak (no pregnant ok) and finally i had a good one this morning!! YUMM!!

    I miss Sibu one, usually they will add a small salted fish inside the packet of nasi lemak. I don’t think here, we can get nasi lemak with salted fish.

    If i still remember, that is why last time i like to go to Bandung at night to have my nasi lemak there. Drool!

    They have at night? Never go there at night, only in the morning. Ya…when I went to the UK for three months, on our flight back we fought for the nasi lemak even though MAS one not so nice…and I did not get any! So angry! LOL!!

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