What’s in the middle…

I did not feel like having any rice or noodles for lunch that day so I stopped by one of the bakeries near my house

Bread Sense Sibu

The slogan or catchline caught my attention: “We make your sense” and don’t, for heaven’s sake, bother asking me what that means for honestly, it certainly makes no sense whatsoever to me. Sigh! The sign of the times! I would think it is an obvious indication of the direction the standard of English around here is going these days and that is really tragic, don’t you think?

Well, I bought this California roll there…

Bread Sense California roll

…which cost over RM2.00 each and as you can see from the photo, they had a bit of sausage, fried fish fillet, crab stick and chicken meat floss plus a bit of lettuce inside…but wait a minute! They did not have any of the sushi rice and in place of that, they merely wrapped everything up with a slice of bread with the seaweed on the outside. The only saving grace was that it tasted all right.

I also bought these stuffed mantao (steamed bread)…

Bread Sense stuffed mantao 1

…which also cost over RM2.00 for a pack of 3. I would prefer slices of pork stewed in soy sauce but they only had some kind of gravy that tasted like what they would usually use as filling in their char siew pao. It did not taste too bad except that I felt the mantao was a bit hard/tough, probably because it was cold and not cushiony soft.

Bread Sense stuffed mantao 2

Whatever it is, you can jolly well guess that I would not be making the beeline back there anytime soon to get more of these.

But the banana cake was simply superb though. Initially, I thought it was a bit pricey – one little loaf for RM3.00 but when I tried it, I was singing a totally different tune altogether. It tasted so very good, so soft…absolutely perfect…and much nicer than the very nice one that I had here. I would want to go back there again one of these days and get some more…and perhaps, I can buy some chocolate ice cream to eat with it like this – that would surely be like Heaven, I’m sure!