I do but I don’t…

I do love cooking but I don’t like to cook anything that requires a myriad of ingredients and entails a lot of preparation and if the cooking procedure is tedious and long, that is a definite no-no. In my opinion, cooking is something to enjoy and when it spells w-o-r-k, it becomes a chore and I’m sure nobody likes chores.

My missus, on the other hand, is the direct opposite. There can be no denying that she can cook very well and when she is in the mood and puts her heart into it, it becomes a labour of love. Never mind what it takes – she will painstakingly go step by step in preparing a dish that everybody will love.

Like the other day, for instance, she cooked this fried fish with fermented black bean sauce…

Fried fish with fermented bean sauce

…and it was really good. Somehow. the gravy reminds me of the nyonya ayam pongteh that I once had in Malacca. When she cooks sweet and sour fish too, the gravy can be as good as any restaurant in town…or even better.  Normally, I would just steam or simply fry and serve it like that.

To go with the fish, she fried some bitter gourd with prawn and egg…

Fried bitter gourd with prawn & egg 1

…and I liked that a lot too.

Unfortunately, she is still working…so on weekdays, she would just cook something simple…and more often than not, the same old dishes that are a lot easier to cook or I would cook something when I am not having any lessons or tapao something from here, there and everywhere. But even on weekends, however, sometimes she may be too tired or she has other things to do, so we may not get to eat anything special that week.

Fried bitter gourd with prawn & egg 2

Well, she will be retiring in a few months’ time and I’m certainly looking forward to that. No prize for guessing why! Hehehehehe!!!