Every day is exactly the same…

Most of the time, hawkers will sell the same things day in, day out and one will have no choice but to buy those same things or go elsewhere for something else. Thankfully, my regular Malay kuih stall at Bandong here will have some new things every now and then so I do not get bored of dropping by practically every morning to see what they have.

They started selling this curry mee (RM2.50) recently…

Bandong's curry mee 1

…but I did not buy any to try until the other day as I had had an overdose of curry over the Chinese New Year season…so much so that I did not think I would want to eat that again or at least, not so soon.

Bandong's curry mee 2

It wasn’t anything like the curry mee that people sell in Penang or anywhere else in the peninsula – just the yellow noodles and you pour the curry gravy over it. Frankly, it was quite all right but I would think it was a bit too expensive considering that there wasn’t any meat – just those bits of fried tofu and that egg was an optical illusion. It was just a slice and not half a hardboiled egg as it might seem to an unsuspecting buyer, your truly included.

Lately, there are also these kuih renjes, 3 for RM1.00…

Bandong's kuih renjes

…which is something like roti jala but instead of giving you some curry to eat it with, they wrap some curry-flavoured vegetables inside like po piah (spring rolls). Unfortunately, I found the skin quite tasteless and there wasn’t enough filling to save the day. I dipped it in the gravy that came with the curry mee and only then did I find it quite palatable.

They sell kuih talam, brown on top and white at the bottom virtually everyday, I think, but now they also have this variety – pink on top and brown at the bottom…and for RM1.00, you can get three.

Bandong's kuih talam

I quite enjoyed this as it was lemak (rich in coconut milk) enough and while the pink layer was something like kao-teng kueh (nyonya 9-layer cake or kueh lapis), the bottom brown layer had the nice fragrance of gula Melaka (coconut/palm sugar).

My daughter loved the bergedil (3 for RM1.00)…

Bandong's bergedil

– fried potato and minced meat patties but usually I would get quite put off by them as theirs were rather oily and over-fried till dark in colour but these that I bought the other day were pretty well done…and I certainly liked them much better this way.

So, what have you been eating? Anything new or is every day exactly the same?