I miss you…

Don’t worry! This is not going to be an emo-post about how much I miss my daughter in New Zealand. There are things that we just have to learn to live with and life goes on…

The thing was I had not had our local specialty – the Sibu Foochow fried noodles…

Soon Hock's Foochow fried noodles 1

…since my daughter came home in November last year. I wouldn’t say that I missed it a lot but as far as I know,  many true blue Sibu-ians living abroad or elsewhere would long for it, among other  things like the our kampua noodles and kompia. I remember once, I went on a 9-day tour with a group of people from here…and on the flight back, they simply could not wait to land so that they could rush to the nearest coffee shop to have their fix and appease their craving.

My daughter is not a fan of all three so when she was home, I did not take her to eat them and hence, I did not get to eat them myself. Anyway, I was in the vicinity of this coffee shop the other day…

Soon Hock, Sibu
*recycled pic*

…which I would usually go to for the kampua noodles and pian sip but that day, I noticed a lot of people eating the Foochow fried noodles (with gravy) so I decided to give it a try.

Following the recent increase in prices, it is now RM3.00 a plate…and if you can read Mandarin, perhaps you may interested in seeing what else they have on their menu…

Menu @ Soon Hock, Sibu

I certainly was not disappointed as it turned out to be really very good…

Soon Hock's Foochow fried noodles 2

While waiting to be served, I could hear a lot of the banging of the kuali or wok…just like at that Hokkien fried noodles stall at Lot 10 Hutong.

So if you’re looking for good authentic Foochow fried noodles, this is one place that you can go to. I liked it…and I guess you will like it too!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

38 thoughts on “I miss you…”

  1. hey the the fried noodles is almost like Pancit Canton here…. so saucy

    That must be something like out Cantonese fried noodles in KL or over the other side. “Pancit” or something like that here means “punctured” as in punctured tyre. 🙂

  2. oh could you imagine that.. i’m your first commenter for today hahaha
    good morning arthur

    Morning, Milton. Guess everybody’s still sleeping… It’s still early. Have a nice day, my friend.

  3. morning !
    so this is the foochow noodle eh. How about kampua? Is it as delicious?

    Yes, everything here is delicious…all so very nice, like me! Muahahahaha!! Come over one weekend for a visit. Book way ahead on that cheap airline – can be as low as RM9…cheaper than travelling by bus!

  4. Tell me when the next 9rm flight is.. hahaha.. it would be wonderful if we could arrange a bloggers’ trip from the west and fly over to the east.. any good suggestions? Perhaps Eugene can be the leader? or Issac? or Mandy? then we can taste all the SIBU food!!.. hahaha…

    You have to log in to their website all the time…and once you get a good offer, grab it! If you LIKE them on Facebook, they will also let you know of any good deals… I saw the West Malaysian teachers in my school last time, always online on that website. Sometimes, you get something very cheap…then they come out with an offer even cheaper… LOL!!

  5. nom3, the food tat i miss. sobs. if only the pic cn b eaten, lol
    im not missing i read ur blog evday but well, lazy to comment.lol.same as i read small kucing, cleff n bold talk blog evday but din comment much.

    Ya…saw you on Facebook but no comment here. Thought you angry, merajuk over something dah!

      1. Cis… me sick liao la… anak and hubby sick too. Not H1N1, but terrible, horrid cough and fever… but I still will come to kacau wan… no worries, not easy to get rid of me… macam those pest… very susah wanna piakk away!

        Malnutrition… all kurus cicak kering, no proper diet…so sick ALL the time.

  6. Lol…. I thought you are missing some SYT or something! Yeah, it’s like that, when you’re abroad, you will tend to miss the stuffs at home, especially food. Me too, missed the ipoh hor fun and got to pay old town coffee for rm7.50 for my fix of hor fun. I can get it for rm4-5 in Ipoh.

    Gosh! RM4-5! But of course lah…Ipoh a city, everybody so kaya. JB people, even more kaya! 😉

  7. Ok, one day we shall all go from west to east to meet with the taiko of sibu, hahahaha, claire the baton is passed to you now hahahahahaha

    Haiya! No need push here, push there. I know long time already. Nobody wants to come to Sibu… Better go other countries. Sobssss!!!!

  8. If cannot read Mandarin,how to eat at that Soon Hock Cafe then? I dread to go to Chinese makan place for this very reason la. In NZ lagi worse..they have the direct translation in English and end up you lagi bengang!

    Here, you can ask and they can tell you in your dialect – but many dialects are dying out because everybody’s speaking Mandarin…so if you are not conversant in that language, I guess you will have to resort to going in the kitchen and pointing at whatever you want. Many places put up photos of what they have on the menu but not this one. The romanised Chinese names at some places here can be quite hilarious too…

  9. I miss the foochow noodle!! T.T
    Feel like eating it so badly but I can’t get one here. =(

    Never coming home for the hols? Follow boyfriend lah…that’s why. No need to eat liao…already full. Hahahahaha!!! 😀

  10. I think you miss the clanking of the wok more than the noodles bro. 😀

    Not really, but I heard that cooking that way actually makes the food taste nicer. Not for me though…I will only end up making such a big mess!

  11. Have you tried the one at Ming Kwong Restaurant ? I think it is situated near to the sibu exhibition hall

    Yes, Ming Kong is nice too…and with giant freshwater prawns even nicer – but the last time I went, RM20 a bowl! Dunno how much now…

  12. It looks really good. Will definitely try it, soon! All these years, I never knew it was a Foochow specialty. Always thought it was just regular plain fried noodles.

    Ya…only available in Sibu and the towns in the Rejang Basin like Sarikei, Bintangor and the towns upriver but now that the Foochows are everywhere, you can get it even in Kuching. Not available when I was living there in the 70s.

  13. today your post make me hungry. I miss kampua, i miss foochow noodles and kompia, my comfort food.

    …and the trouble is you’re not going to be coming back to Sibu soon. Hehehehe!!! 😀

  14. Kinda gave me a feeling its like the Hokkien char in Penang..hehe..

    VERY VERY different. You just have to hop over here…or to Kuching to try. See Annie, Sibu-born and bred…likes Hokkien fried mee so much but still craving for this! Hokkien char in Penang not the same as KL one kah? Maybe when I go this time, I can try.

  15. yupe, every parent with miss their children as well.

    have the same feeling like you.

    Most people like to say that Asia people is “Live to eat”
    and, europe people is more “Eat to Live”

    Well, looking at the packed coffee shops here every day, it certainly seems true that people here live to eat…

    am i right?

    1. yes, i agree with you.

      But, people at russian … they are eat to live – so the food is weird

      Maybe they do not have that much to eat…not like us!

  16. I miss the Hokkien fried noodles, too. Do you know the recipe? What is the secret behind it?

    Nope…lots of garlic and thick dark soy sauce obviously.

  17. the noodle looks like what we call “mun Yee Mee” over here. Add a bit of cookign wine..yumm

    Nah!! Not even near your yee mee… Like the sun and the moon. Blerk!

  18. That noodles looks abit like my spaghetti masak kicap that i usually cook for my family. It’s more presentable, tho… hahaha… mine… presentation… ZERO. Failed!

    Not that easy to cook this. Tried once – almost like it…but still not there yet. Haven’t got round to trying it again.

  19. Oh the foochow noodles look DELICIOUS! Wet and slurpy! I’m sure I’ll love them too!!

    Delicious…wet and slurpy? Eyewwww…gotta wipe that image off my mind! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  20. i looooveee foochow fried noodles. it’s one of the things i properly crave when i’m away.

    Ya…one of the best that Sibu has to offer. 😉

  21. That looks very familiar….just what I would love to eat when I go back. Hope the weather will be kind to me 😀

    When will you be back? Let me know if you will be in Sibu. Weather’s ok…one day hot, one day rain…so on the whole, not too wet and not too hot and dry.

  22. here we call that foodchow…pansit canton…all the other dish cooked with that noodle is called as such 🙂 kuali here is called kawali…i guess it’s also pronounced the same way…wow! 🙂

    We have “piansip” here but it’s meat dumpling, a little bit of minced meat wrapped in skin – something like wantan.

  23. The plate of Foochow fried noodles looked really good.. and for RM3 only.. I packed my son sweet and sour pork rice that at a nearby coffeeshop and was charged RM7 and the taste.. so-so only.:(

    Sweet and sour pork rice? My daughter liked that a lot and we would stop by one place here for that after school. Haven’t had that for ages – can’t remember what it used to cost and dunno how much it costs now. Maybe one of these days, I should stop by and have that and post on it…

  24. arghh.. is that char chu mee? i used to stay in Sibu when my dad were transferred there to work..
    Love it so much.. expecially when it’s a rainy day and u have a plate of piping hot noodles to accompany you..

    Yum! Yum! You miss them, eh? 😉

  25. lol.. and i thought you were really going to write an emo post about missing your daughter!

    No lah. Just have to get used to it, life goes on… 🙂

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