Living next door to Alice…

I don’t know if  there is any Alice where Melissa is staying in Wellington but a few days after she arrived back there, they had a “floor gathering” for all those staying next door to one another on the 5th & 6th Floors to get acquainted with one another.

It was at this Chinese restaurant named “Big Thumb”…

Big Thumb, Wellington 1

Oooo…they’ve got cloth napkin and nice tablecloth as well…and not those horrendous red ones that we get to see a lot here! We have one Big Thumb in Sibu too but it’s a bakery.

Big Thumb, Wellington 2

The food, though the usual that we would get here most if not all the time, looks good! They had sweet and sour pork…

Sweet and sour pork

…and roast chicken…

Roast chicken

…plus this  dish of ma po tofu…

Ma po tofu

I must say I’m a wee bit disappointed with the mixed vegetables, looking at the yellowish edges of the broccoli…

Mixed vegetables

No doubt we do see a lot like that here in the smaller eateries and the chu-cha places but not when we go for full-course sit-down dinner at a Chinese restaurant…and anyway, ours is a tropical country and the broccoli we have here is imported (or from Kinabalu and Cameron) and they cannot be kept for too long as it will change colour very quickly. I would expect it to be a really fresh and dark green in the nice and cool temperate conditions there.

And this is supposed to be the sweet corn chicken soup…

Sweet corn chicken  soup

…but unfortunately, I do not see any sweet corn…nor shredded chicken.

Still, as the saying goes, “Beggars can’t be choosers.” After all, dinner was free and rightfully so too, considering how much they charge for the rooms…and most importantly, Melissa had a wonderful time meeting her new-found friends!

Wellington residents have been jolted by a 4.5 magnitude earthquake this evening.

One resident told the jolt shook their house, while another said it felt similar to one received in Wellington when the Christchurch earthquake struck. [NZ Herald]

# NZDT: Tue, Mar 1 2011 10:07 pm
# Magnitude: 4.5
# Depth: 40 km
# Details: 20 km north-west of Wellington

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Living next door to Alice…”

  1. For a moment, I thought of Alice in Wonderland. LOL… anyway, the soup really do looks disappointing…but I’m glad Melissa had a great time.

    Yes, she did. Made a lot of new friends… 🙂

  2. Big thumb eh? Got me thinking naughty thoughts.
    So judging from the chinese food that they had, Melissa’s friends are mostly asians?

    My all time favourite is sweet and sour pork. Very nice, prefer it if it’s slightly crispy.

    Chesh! Naughty! Naughty! Yours like thumb only kah? So kesian! Muahahahahaha!!! I think her friends are international – whoever that happen to be staying on those two floors. Crispy pork, they coat with cornflour and fry before pouring the sauce over the meat – nice when eaten hot and on the spot. When you take home, all soggy and not nice anymore.

  3. Hey, don’t fuss lo.. to get these dishes in NZ, are considered “heavenly” already.. at least they are more presentable than what I do for my kids.. hahaha…

    LOL!!! I would not argue with that! Muahahahaha!!! 😀

  4. Well first and foremost, i never thought red napkins can be so horrendous, anyway we Chinese ma, must be ang ang all the way leh….there Wellington is different lol………who cares what colors the napkins are as long as free foods, right?

    Not red napkins lah! The cheap pink serviettes – when wet, the colour will come off and stick to your fingers. Might as well give a box of tissue paper instead. Here, last time, they even give you a toilet roll but I haven’t seen that for a while. And the red tablecloth would be the cheap cotton that Chinese people hang on their doors after a funeral and very often with holes all over…and they usually have a certain smell. Might as well don’t use – just have a nice and clean table top.

  5. Wow, that’s very nice of her floor mates! I don’t mind to get a taste of the corn soup, I ‘m very keen to ‘steal’ the recipe if you got a sip of it! Hehe~ it looks so nice (like those shark fin soup)!

    Not the mates giving a treat lah! The management of that hostel/apartment…and for a studio single like my daughter, they charge over NZ$200 a week. Sure they can afford a simple welcome party!

    You can try the Maggi crab meat and tung hoon soup – you buy in packets at supermarkets. Dilute in water, boil…and add a spoonful of soy sauce and break an egg and add slowly to the boiling soup, stirring it while doing so and presto! You will have a soup like sharks’ fins soup…minus the tasteless fins.

  6. Good way to get to know each other from top and bottom, who knows Alicemight have stayed there once…~;). Cant expect too much great Chinese food in ang moh country despite the ang ang table cloth & napkin haha..

    Not really. Some with the good Hongkong chefs – the food can be quite good…but of course, you will have to pay lah! Hmmmm…you top or bottom? Muahahahaha!!!

  7. Lovely pixs. The food really looks yummylicious!. Makes me feel hungry after looking at them.

    Ya…the meat, chicken and tofu but not the other two.

  8. the food looks good la. yum yum at the sweet sour pork

    That one really looks nice. Dunno nice or not – my daughter did not say anything about the food – just that she had a great time meeting all her new neighbours.

  9. That song definitely reminds me of when Hub went drinking with friends at pubs in Malaysia…There will be a pub singer strumming on his guitar and when that line comes, everyone will shout out ‘Who the f@%* is Alice?’ Good pub song that!!
    Now in NZ, not brocolli season…that’s why a bit ma. And don’t look down on that corn soup…looks can be deceiving…actually they will taste quite sedap although I wonder why they didn’t put any corn as now is corn season. Only 50cents a cob. I think it’s standard recipe la, Arthur..almost all Chinese place in NZ the soup will be like that and food also lebih kurang same also. One thing I can tell you though is that the sweet sour pork in NZ lagi sedap than in Malaysia and the Mapo tofu also syok. And Chinese food in NZ also quite cheap.

    Yup…I’ve heard bands playing the song and shouting the question out loud at pubs and music lounges in KL. LOL!!! I see…no wonder so yellow – guess that makes feel a lot like home. Hahahaha!!! Not too sure about the tofu…but the pork – even here, it varies from shop to shop and we do have very nice ones around. Have never had that in the peninsula or abroad, so I wouldn’t know. Last time in NZ, I only had the dim sum in Auckland and it was really good… Cheap or not, dunno lah…not me paying. Hehehehehe!

  10. The food…well…not of the best looking…especially the to fu. :p

    Well, I’m sure you’ve seen worse as well…in Malacca. Shereen should know, she’s originally from there.

  11. I love the Smokies, don’t you? haha… i thought you were going to story-mory pasal love story yg sik menjadi tek. Duhal, makanan… Ish… Your shots are always so menyamankan… How to diet like this?

    No, not really a fan…and not my favourite song either even though it was so popular around here at one time. No lah…no romantic story to share – definitely not in connection with this song. LOL!!! Hehehehehe!!! Happy drooling! Yum! Yum! 😀

  12. maybe it’s hard to get brocolli there hence the yellow edges.. 😛 or maybe they wanted to have more COLOURS in the vege 😀

    Shereen says not in season, summer and it has been very hot – so something like our weather here lah.

  13. I noticed that overseas Chinese restaurant love to cook sweet and sour pork and mixed vege.

    Very popular dishes mah… The angmohs’ favourites – can even get from Chinese takeaways.

  14. sweet corn chicken soup memang doesnt look like one! LOL! like egg soup only. hahaha

    Yup…but the Maggi oriental soups also look like that and I like! Very nice.

  15. sweet and sour meat and roast chicken look good! Most important is the company, i am sure Mellisa do have a great time and meeting new friends.

    Yes, she had a great week last week…this week back to class…and this evening, earthquake. Thankfully, not serious and she’s ok. So worrying… What a terrible country to live in!

  16. you know the song living next door to alice! i loveee the smokeys. not many ppl know they exist 🙂

    They were famous for a time only a long time ago…and this was just about their most popular song, I think. 😉

    1. i love all their songs…i thought mexican girl and lay back in the arms of someone must’ve been popular too. in any case im just pleased that i’m not the only person who knows them.haha

      LOL!!! Those never made it as big as Alice but don’t worry! We are not alone. Up till today, they still sing that Alice song at pubs and music lounges – something as big as the Eagles’ Hotel California.

  17. The floor gathering sounds exciting! I guess “knowing each other” matters that moment while food comes to second, hehehe… 😉

    True, very true indeed. Good food without good company will not taste as nice…

  18. but i did see some sweet corn in the bowl… some yellow bits near the spoon. haha

    Oh? The blended it in a food processor? LOL!!! Hope the chicken meat is minced too – would be ideal food for babies and toothless people like me. Muahahahaha!!!

  19. i actually find the sweet and sour pork very tempting leh.. drooling~~ :p

    You do? I don;t mind it but not really something I would die for… LOL!!! 😀

  20. gimme song broccoli. n roasted chicken. haha. chinese food restaurant sure do well there. i have few angmoh fren love chinese food ! n they say cn find lot chinese food restaurant their place!

    Chinese food everywhere…but of course, expensive…especially by our standard. Rent, labour, everything there…so expensive mah.

  21. hope your girl is alright. Poor mummy and daddy must have worried a lot upon hearing the news.

    She’s o.k. Wellington’s been getting a bit of tremors lately…but no serious damage. Trust in God, pray that He will keep her safe – that’s all we can do. 😦

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