Rejang Park in Sibu is one of the earliest housing estates in town. There is a commercial centre in this residential area where one can find a market, a number of shops, a traffic garden and there used to be a cinema but it had since closed down. There are a lot of eating places among the shops like the Million Cafe or this one where Philip enjoyed the claypot prawn noodles so very much…

Claypot prawn noodles
*recycled pic*

…and there is even a little post office with only four counters – one for stamps, mails and such and the other three for payment of bills and other businesses.

I would drop by this post office quite regularly to pay my bills…and I had a post on it sometime ago. It was not air-conditioned then but it is now…and there are rows of chairs so people can sit and wait quite comfortably. I like going there during lunch hour as there will not be a lot of people and that was exactly what I did last Monday.

Well, something happened…and when I came home, I sent this email to Pos Malaysia about it:

Re. staff at Rejang Park Post Office, Sibu


I dropped by the aforesaid post office to pay my bills around noon today, 21st February, 2011.

The total amount was over RM500 and I passed the bills and the money to this Malay lady on duty over lunch hour at the counter. She promptly counted the money that I had placed in an envelope and when she discovered an excess of RM100, she immediately drew my attention to it and returned one RM100 note to me.

I must say that I am indeed extremely impressed by her honesty and integrity that certainly deserves praise and due recognition.

Thank you.

I received a very prompt reply from them in response to the above:

Dear Mr. W**,

We thank you for your e-mail which we received on February 21, 2011.

We welcome your constructive feedback and your concern is our priority.

Referring to your feedback, we have forwarded to the respective department for further action.

On behalf of Pos Malaysia Berhad, we appreciate your continuous support and patience. Please feel free to call us at our PosLine number at 1 300 300 300 or +603 2727 9100. Our Customer Service Consultant will be glad to assist you at anytime from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Monday to Saturday (except for 1st Saturday of the month and Public Holiday) or e-mail us at care@pos.com.my

Thank you and warm regards.

Yours sincerely,

M****** M. O***
Customer Care Department

I certainly hope that they would do something in acknowledgement. She most certainly deserves a pat on the back for what she did.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “Honest…”

  1. Good Morning STP, guess I am the first one for today!
    So nice of you to write in to them.. but will they know which lady you meant?
    I have experienced once too, in the bank, the cashier gave me back the excess money which did not tally with my bankinslip.. 🙂

    You certainly are. Looks like a slow Monday. Well, there are only two ladies at that post office…and one or two other guys. The other lady, also Malay, is also very nice and sweet and friendly – excellent frontliner…unlike those I’ve come across at some other places. My previous post, the one I linked, was about her…

    Banks? You should have written in. I think it will affect their bonus and work record. On the other hand, if you write in to complaint, they may not get a bonus that year…and it will be in their permanent record.

  2. I think they didn’t bother to read your email but sent you a standard reply instead.

    Yup…it certainly looks like a standard reply but at least they take the trouble to do so…and hopefully, the matter will be brought to the attention of the local authorities for due action to be taken, as stated in the letter.

  3. Many companies would be a good place to work in if they reward staff for doing the right things rather than trying to catch them doing the wrong thing…

    Well, as far as I know, some do…even if it is just a word of appreciation – that would make people feel good and increase efficiency and productivity, I’m sure.

  4. Its good to know we still have honest people living in our society these days. I hope when that situation occurs to me, and I’m that lady, I would have the discipline to return it.

    Thank goodness you were not the cashier! I can imagine what will happen. Hehehehe!!! 😀

  5. A good heart these days is hard to find…now why the post office no A/C one…now already year 2011 already ma…

    Last time, no aircon which is good in a way – environment-friendly. The two fans were good enough but at that time, there were no/very limited seats so everybody had to stand and wait. Now there are rows of cushioned chairs and TWO aircons – so cold that most of the time, they would only switch on one – the place just about the size of my bedroom…no need so many aircons.

  6. Over here would be the reverse lunch time will be packed as most people would do the usual taking time off during lunch to pay bills.. ‘honesty is the best policy’.

    Not this one… Residential area, near the market, so never go in the morning as the housewives would stop by to pay their bills when they go marketing. Very crowded.

  7. Bro why so much money for bill$ you kept the air con full blast 24 hours izzit? hahaha.

    Must pamper myself a bit mah…not work, work, work half dead and suffer. But no lah…that day, the town council’s bills for the annual house assessment came – I usually will pay one go in case I forget to pay the second half later in the year and then get fined.

  8. Good heartwarming story. I find most people are honest, especially in small towns like Sibu. Hope she gets a commendation for her great service. Hmm.. that bowl of noodles look vaguely familiar. Where have I seen it before?

    Hah!!! I’m sure you’re longing to go back there and eat that again. Don’t worry…not long to July and I can go with you, no problem at all. Yup, I guess small town people – still simple at heart, not so selfish and greedy.

  9. what a nice lady…hope more people are honest these days 🙂

    Ya…if only everyone is like that, the world will certainly be a better place to live in.

  10. it`s good to know that we still have some good heart people surrounding us 🙂

    hopefully ur letter make a difference
    have a nice day !

    Hopefully. Even if it is just a word of thanks and praise, that will make a bit of difference, I’m sure. Imagine the thankless very routine job that she has to endure day in and day out…and I notice that most people do not even bother to say thank you! Tsk! Tsk!

  11. it was a very kind gesture indeed. It will definitely encourage her to be honest all the time and you have been a great customer!

    The least I can do…when people are so nice. Must appreciate every little thing they do.

  12. uiks….your title and Eugene’s title very similar today.

    Ya, what a coincidence! I was also going to use “Honesty” (title of Billy Joel’s song) but I used that twice already.

  13. Ah.. good to know that there’s still honesty around. And Mr W**, time to brush up your maths? LOL! 😛 kidding!

    No lah… Those new bank notes…very smooth and tendency to stick together. Have to be careful. This year, no new RM5 plastic notes – that one even worse!

  14. Am in total agreement!

    P/S please delete previous! Thanks!

    Oh? Identical… Anyway, done! Ummm…what about? The honesty bit or the new currency notes…or me having to brush up my Maths. LOL!!!

  15. I must say that noodles in the clay pot makes me hungry. Looks delicious…mmm. I’m impressed by the honesty of the post office stuff and more impressed that you took the time to email them. You need a big pat on your back, too 😀

    Thank you, thank you. Like I said, I notice that people never say thank you…not even my students. You give them something, they just take and walk away. Real kurang ajar! You wait for your turn to pay your bills and you see people paying – not a word is spoken. No wonder the children are like that – the parents are all the same.

  16. Arthur,
    Somehow their reply to you seems more sinister than friendly..lol! Must be a standard reply! Been under the weather lately but did not miss any of your post(wink!).

    It certainly sounds like it… Every email they get will receive the same reply. Believe it or not, sometimes, you ring customer service here, you get the same standard questions and replies too – like robots! Ask a question out of context, they will just move on to the next question in their list. And some are not even proficient in English. Tsk! Tsk! Oh dear! Hope you’re feeling much better – do take care now!

  17. Ahh, my playground. Vivid memories of listening to Gene Pitney et al on the English afternoon service on RTM, afternoon naps, variety of goodies for afternoon teas.

    Nah!!! Gene Pitney? You’re not that old! Must be Coma Smith on air – been in a coma since he started in the 70s and still playing the same old songs today. LOL!!!

  18. the reply letter sounded as if they are replying to a complain by you! Probably standard format used just to acknowledge receipt of letter.

    I’m not surprised. With the dropping standard of English today, they have a standard reply to be despatched in response to every email received. I can imagine the language if they were to write their own individual replies. Eyewwwww!!!!

  19. Hard to find people who are honest liao these days. I pray God will bless that lady. 😀

    The noodles looks so yummy… *sigh* I got a flu and fever liao… dono y oso… must be the bad weather… anak and hubby oso jangkit from me liao. *sobs* Hope will recover soon… else I will have to rot at home on weekend and kenot go makan makan with my kawan kawan! Sobsob!

    Not H1N1, I hope… Take care now, makan ubat…and sleep!

  20. Well, she deserves a free meal from you, lol! ;D

    I don’t mind…but no halal stuff in the vicinity. I wonder if she will accept if I buy from elsewhere.

  21. It is so nice of you to write in to the pos office. At least they know what’s going on and praises should go to such honest staff.

    Just feel that the lady deserves a pat on the back…

  22. The lady didn’t think the extra RM100 it’s a “tips” for her? LOL

    Now very rare can find someone so honest. The reply to you it do look like a standard reply, i wonder do they really read through your e mail, or they just briefly “scan” through it.

    Thank goodness she did not think that way. RM100 quite a big amount and she could have just kept it. Such honesty deserves much praise.

  23. i encounter the same thing. still many honest ppl in this world. world is a better place bcoz of them

    Yes, and in the Bible, Jesus says, “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.”

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