Count to 10…

When my nephew was home for Chinese New Year recently, he kept telling me about this food court at the basement of Lot 10 in KL where, according to him, the hawkers/stall owners were all finger-picked by Francis Yeoh from among the best in KL and the surrounding areas. So when Annie-Q suggested meeting up for lunch that day, I proposed dropping by that place…

Lot 10 Hutong 1

…which was very near the hotel where I was staying and I could just stroll there and reach my destination before I could finish counting to 10.

It turned out that Annie had been there before and had a post on it in her blog. She gave specific instructions for me not to order anything until she arrived as she would know what was good there.

I got there earlier and strolled around the place…

Lot 10 Hutong 2

…to look at what they were selling and I must say that one would be spoilt for choice there. There were all kinds of stuff – you name it, they have it.

When she arrived with her twins – Fearles & Cruz, she went about ordering for everybody. Upon her strong recommendation, I decided to have the Hokkien fried noodles…

Lot 10 Hutong - Hokkien fried noodles

…which, judging from the sign, was charcoal-cooked…

Lot 10 Hutong - charcoal fried

She had the Cantonese fried noodles herself…

Lot 10 Hutong - Cantonese fried noodles

…and she ordered roast duck and pork plus rice for her sons…

Lot 10 Hutong - roast duck & pork

There was a stall serving German cuisine named Bavaria – the only Bavaria that I knew was the one selling BMWs, if I’m not mistaken. Annie ordered the bratwurst sausage from there for me to try…

Lot 10 Hutong - German bratwurst sausage

…and though it was not the best German sausage I had ever had, it was good enough for me – coming from a town where the only sausages and frankfurters I could get would be those miserable frozen ones from Ayamas and the like at the local supermarkets.

I tried a little bit of Annie’s noodles and I thought it was o.k. The roast duck and pork were very nice – the boys hardly ate anything…and no prize for guessing who cleaned up the plate. LOL!!! As for my Hokkien noodles, they were really very good, much better than any that I had had elsewhere…but the portion was so very small and the price – RM8.90! It certainly isn’t cheap to eat there, I would think.

In the meantime, Bananaz contacted me and I told him to join us for lunch at this particular place. Unfortunately, by the time he got there we had finished eating – the reason being the fact that he had to drive all the way from Kajang. He said he had already had lunch and did not want anything to eat though I suspect he was shy and opted to go hungry instead. Poor fella! LOL!!!

Gosh! I am really flattered and deeply honoured that he actually went through all that trouble to meet me. Thanks, Bananaz…and it was indeed a pleasure to get to meet you in person and thanks also for the coffee. He was so nice as to walk me back to the hotel and since there was sometime left before I had to go to the airport, we had coffee at the hotel cafe and chatted for a while.

And thanks also to you, Annie, for lunch. It certainly was nice seeing you again even though it was only for a while. I guess the next time I will see you and your family again would be in Sibu and it will be my turn to treat then! I’m certainly looking forward to that…

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35 thoughts on “Count to 10…”

  1. Bad move to visit your blog today…sob! sob! sob! I missssss Hokkian mee and the one you had look sooooo gooooood!!!!! German sausage for me okay only la..there are better sausages around (wah…sound so x-rated!..hehehe!). Saw that place during my last visit home and thought that it was just another one of those food court…never knew it was hand-picked by Francis Yeoh and so I didn’t bother to check it out.
    Take care and have a nice weekend!

    Ya…I bet you have much better Kiwi sausages there! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀 The Hokkien mee is the best that I’ve ever had, and the first one that I actually liked a lot! Not a fan of Hokkien mee – had it a couple of times here and there, not exactly jumping up and down in ecstasy over it…but this one, I really enjoyed. But Annie says there’s another place that’s even better!

    You too! Take care there, enjoy your weekend… 😉

  2. Gosh!! Those dishes look so good, just like what I love to eat.. (except for the german sausage, anything western, 2nd choice) hahaa…

    Oh? No western cuisine for you? I do like it once in a while for a change. I was thinking of having the German pork knuckle…but that would be too much – wouldn’t be able to try other things after that and besides, also shy a bit lah… Annie’s treat. Next time, I ‘ll go on my own. Wanna come along? Hehehehehe!!!

  3. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve tried that restaurant yet. Hmm, but now need to budget, maybe I’ll just continue eating at my coffeeshops. Hehe.

    It’s a food court…a classier one, so the things are more expensive. Got aircon bah…and much cleaner! 😉

  4. Yaloh Bananaz very *pai-sei* shy person, so so hungry cant even finished counting ten to get back to Lot 10’s parking lot Bananaz *pengsan* fainted halfway haha. Correction I had brunch so not that hungry.

    Itulah! Chinese people say: “Siao li (pai seh) gor ka kee!” (Shy, starve oneself) Not like me…skin thick thick and ate so much! Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  5. wow this reminds me that it’s been such a long time since i last had a cantonese fried noodles. I want one now…

    I quite like… If Ipoh hor fun fried Cantonese-style, even more! 🙂

  6. Lot 10’s food corner is quite a nice place to have meals and based on what you and Annie Q have commented the quality would have maintained that certain high standard. Everything on that day was my very first experience, first time in Lot 10’s food corner and of course my very first blogging encounter up close with bloggers face to face. Great pleasure meeting the pretty fatso *not that fat after all* and Annie Q with her twins..~;).

    Not that fat? Aiyor…you want me to belanja you, you say so lah! If I’m not that fat, no fat people in the world lor… Hahahahaha!!! Nice meeting you – that’s the first time…and I’m sure it will not be the last. Next time, will let you know…and you can get to meet more bloggers around there.

  7. i`m looking forward to meet u one day, whenever u come to kl, pls count me in k 😀

    have a great weekend !!!

    Ok…looking forward to that too! You too, enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  8. lot 10 food looking good! May cek it out if we r in kl end of yr.normally i only like lepak pavillion or klcc too hot to venture elsewhere.

    Just a stone’s throw from Pavilion, round the corner and very near your hotel and I’m sure Isetan’s better than Parkson…

  9. You should try the Bavaria’s steak, it’s heavenly with its special gravy! Yummy!

    Weep… I didn’t know you were coming to K.L, else like Bananaz I’ll also rush to see you with my 2 rascals!T_T

    have a great weekend!

    Oh? Gosh! Now there are two things that I must eat at Bavaria – the steak and the pork knuckles. I thought you’re in Seremban…very far away?

  10. Ouh…so bananaz is from Kajang heh? :p I see.

    See. He is really earnest in meeting you aye. All the way from Kajang and then he didn’t wanna eat.

    Yes, so very nice of him! Next time I’ll go all the way to Kajang to see him and he can take me to go and eat the famous Kajang satay. His treat, of course! Hehehehehe!!!

  11. Lot 10??? How many stalls do they have? It has always been a dream for me to see this kind of place in Sibu. A stall for the best of this and that, all in one place. But Taman Muhibah ruined it. Everyone like, selling the same thing. =.=

    Just woke up and the tank is rumbling…

    A lot…definitely more than 10, maybe around 20. Taman Muhibah? Cripes…NCAA!!!

  12. i don’t like sausage, it stays in the stomach for so long like i can still taste it whenever i belch 🙂

    but the rest of the food looks delish…what about the hokkien fried noodle? is that sweet and salty? 🙂

    It’s salty plus slightly sweet… Very nice. I love freshly-made sausages…not the rubbery frozen ones sold in the supermarkets.

  13. Went to this food court when I was in KL last year (upon sister’s recommendation). Beef ball noodle was brilliant, and red-wine mee suah was not too bad at all. Two thumbs up.

    Soong Kee beef noodles…supposed to be the best in KL, very famous. Didn’t get to try that – must try one day. Red wine noodles? Anything like what we have in Sibu, Joe?

    1. Richer soup base. Interesting find, Goji berries in amongst the goodies.

      Will have to wait till my next trip to KL. I went to the coffee shop facing Jalan Alor, back to back with Pappa Rich, Bukit Bintang side…selling mee sua RM12.00 but the wine like not diluted, too much ginger…and mostly chicken innards, bits of lousy chicken meat and it actually tasted SWEET! Will never eat that ever again…and they have newspaper cuttings all over the stall – must be so very famous. Blerk! 😦

  14. Yea, i read about it from Annie’s blog too.

    Frankly, I hardly go KL though it will only takes about 1/2 an hour driving journey, but hub just cant stand with the traffic…we will go KL if there is any function such as wedding…ahhahahh

    Daytime ok, just avoid peak hours – no jam, but may have to stop a lot – a lot of traffic lights, I notice. My friend Mandy uses all the short cuts, the jalan belakang and she gets by quite well… Sometimes also got stuck and she would say, “KL would not be KL if there is no jam!” LOL!!!

  15. It has been some time since I last visited the Lot 10 foodcourt. Some of the food are reasonably good, for foodcourt standard. Regret not being able to meet up with you when you’re here, as I was not able to “break myself away” from my kids during weekdays. You were in KL on the last day of cny and fri, rite? I’ll bear in mind to bring you eat the Soong Kee beef noodles and visit Ikea on your next trip 🙂

    Certainly looking forward to that…

  16. Wahh.. not bad not bad.. someone all the way from Sibu has already visited this foodcourt and yet I haven’t! LOL! Heard of the higher price of food there and from your post I guess it’s quite true. But most importantly, I just don’t like driving to the jam-packed KL and park in expensive car parks! hehe

    There’s always the LRT and the monorail – the latter stops right in front of Lot 10, no need to go out into the sun even.

  17. It’s over 10 years since I last been to the Lot 10 food court. We used to have lunch there and they do have pretty mean Asam Laksa. I have to go there and try out the Hokkien Mee the next time I go back home.

    Oh? So I gather you’re from these parts too. Staying overseas as well? Must browse through your archives in your blog…maybe I’ll find out more. Muahahahaha!!! I’m so kay po (busybody)!

  18. Nice to meet up with you again, altho just a short and quick one and because of you i got the chance to meet Bananaz too. LOL!!

    This trip just a small treat, hope you like the food.

    Ya…it was a flying visit. Hope to make a longer trip next time, enjoy to the fullest.

  19. btwin foochow fried noodle n hokkien mee, i choose the first. but hokkien noodle is nice too.
    the one u hv is pricey @_@

    Agree! I’m like you too… This one, Annie belanja…so never mind! LOL!!! 😀

  20. We used to live within 5 minutes walk from Hutong Lot10. We went there many times immediately after the launch. As we are foreigners we were very happy with this Chinese style food court (and also didn’t mind the fact that it is non-halal). We even introduced a few of our local friends to Hutong, and up to this date everybody liked the food over there. All complained about the prices though, and most thought it lacked the right ‘vibe’.

    Tourists however (those that we brought along, but also read about at other places) love the fact that it is relatively clean, that it has aircon, that it is very easy to get to if you are staying in the BB area. I also loved the fact that it is right next to Isetan super market, which meant we could always combine it with a visit to the grocery store :). Now that we moved out to another area of KL, we kinda miss Hutong. Luckily we now regularly visit the authentic places, and even a few that have their shop at Hutong too :). I personally still like the place…and never skip a chance to have lunch over there when I’m in KLCC :).

    Btw. My name is Ilya Houben. I recently launched a huge travel website about Malaysia, Wonderful Malaysia ( The website is still ‘brand new’ and I am trying to get some other sites to link to me in order to get it more popular. You would be able to help me out bigtime by putting up a link within the sidebar section (Blogroll). I can of course imagine that this is only reserved for those that you actually know :).

    Hope you are willing to help me with this. It would be of great help in getting my new website more popular. This in turn will lead to more awareness of Malaysia as a tourism destination.

    Kind regards,
    Wonderful Malaysia

    No problem at all. Thanks for stopping by and welcome. Will link you in my blogroll…and if I can slot it in, maybe I can blog about you website and promote it a little. Will try to find time for that. Do drop by again. Cheers.

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