Hakuna matata…

Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase!
Hakuna Matata! Ain’t no passing craze!
It means no worries for the rest of your days.
It’s our problem-free…philosophy
Hakuna Matata!

But unfortunately, it seems that more often than not, Melissa would worry a lot like when she had to fly from KL to Auckland – her first long-haul international flight alone. When she first went over, she had some of her coursemates with her and even though she ended up flying to Wellington on her own while the rest were on a later flight, it was a domestic flight and only took just an hour.

When she came home for the holidays, once again, she flew from Wellington to Auckland by herself and from Auckland, it so happened that she had a friend on the same flight – somebody from Kuching doing the same course as her but in the university in Auckland. This time around, however, when she had to fly back to New Zealand, she would have to go all the way all by herself and I could see that she was worried.

I had planned to stay in KL so we could go around some places and eat some nice stuff but unfortunately, she did not seem to be in the mood for that. I took her out for breakfast that morning in KL and since she said she would prefer hawker food, we went to this place where I had been to once before

Jalan Alor coffee shop

The hawker stall there is owned by a Foochow man from Sitiawan…

Jalan Alor hawker stall

…and the previous time I was there, I had the pork noodle soup which turned out to be something like kway teow th’ng (flat rice noodles in soup) and was very nice.  I also had the char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles) from another stall, probably the man’s wife’s, and that was very nice too.

Melissa had the century egg porridge…

Jalan Alor - century egg porridge

…which she said was good. I asked for pork to be added…and the Indon maid threw in a few slices of the meat. I had expected her to use minced meat like what we would normally put in our porridge. Unfortunately, Melissa did not even manage to finish half of it. Sigh!

I had the pork noodles again, this time the dry version…for which I got this very nice clear soup…

Jalan Alor pork noodles - clear soup

…and the kway teow (flat rice noodles) tossed in whatever ingredients. The soup was great but I did not really enjoy the noodles…

Jalan Alor pork noodles - dry

That cost RM11.50 altogether which I reckon is the normal KL standard but I would say it is a bit expensive compared to what we would pay here in Sibu. Nevertheless, I think I would still go back to the soup version should I happen to drop by this place again…as it really is nice.

It was way past noon, possibly around 1.00 p.m. already when I insisted that Melissa should have some lunch. After some discussion, she agreed to go for some naan bread…

Bukit Bintang KL - naan bread

…at  a shop near the hotel serving North Indian and Pakistani cuisine. She wanted mutton curry and I asked for chicken…

Bukit Bintang KL - curries for naan

…to eat with the bread. The mutton curry was not that great. It was a rather dry version of curry, something like the Bangladeshi curry that we had here…while the chicken curry tasted different too – something like ayam masak kunyit (chicken cooked with tumeric). Melissa ate a bit but again, she did not finish…and I ate most of the meat in both curries. Sigh! Sigh! In case anybody’s wondering, that was RM14.50, inclusive of a bottle of drinking water and a can of 100 Plus.

Later at KLIA, we sat at the KFC outlet there and waited till it was time for her to proceed to the departure lounge. I ordered a whole lot of things in the hope that she might eat a little – which she did – some of the cheesey wedges and two of the fish donuts plus half of the iced Milo that she wanted.

In the hope that it might help ease things a little for her, I told her to put her trust in God. When something is meant to happen, it will happen and there is nothing we can do to change that – “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” If it is something good, give thanks and praise the Lord and if it is to the contrary, accept it in God’s name as penance for our sins.

Then it was time for her to go…and I sure am glad that she managed to go through it all the way till Wellington on her own without a hitch. Hopefully the next time around, it would be a lot easier for her – as they say, the first time is the hardest. I guess that’s all part of life and living, isn’t it? We learn new things every day…and whatever it is like, we get by…somehow.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

45 thoughts on “Hakuna matata…”

  1. i am the type who worry a lot too, but i eat a lot when worry.lol!!
    i quote
    When something is meant to happen, it will happen and there is nothing we can do to change that – “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” If it is something good, give thanks and praise the Lord and if it is to the contrary, accept it in God’s name as penance for our sins.

    and put it on my fb. vry inspiring. as my hand hurting now:(
    nom3, if i was there, i certainly help her to finish the porridge lol

    That’s my philosophy in going through the days of my life – that’s why when bad things happen, I do not seem disturbed or bothered very much at all…and will just go about trying to rectify the situation the best I can. Ya…normally, I would eat it all too but not after my “double” breakfast earlier at the hotel, couldn’t finish the noodles either.

  2. Jalan Alor? Me and my entire in law family will be having a 5 day KL-genting trip at the end of March, was wondering if you spotted a green looking hotel named ‘Apple Hotel’? We’ll be staying there, it’s new, cheap and very clean. Looking forward to having our meals at Jalan Alor, how’s the rest of the food there, all good?

    Not that great – this is the only one in the morning that I like…and night time, so far I’ve not come across any that I would want to go back to again. One more-expensive place at the corner is very popular (before Loong Kee bak kua place) – ate there once but did not really think it was that great. Should go basement of Pavilion or Lot 10 Hutong – basement of Lot 10…nice but more expensive. Will post on the latter in a few days’ time…and anyway, I think many bloggers have blogged on that place.

    P.S. Not too sure about the hotel. I think I’ve seen it but did not pay much attention to it, maybe next to Old Town. Don’t like Jalan Alor – very crowded, not so clean…and from the photos, the rooms look extremely small…but that’s the case with most newer hotels today – even Capitol or worse, Cititel Mid Valley.

  3. You should get an award. Father of 2011 perhaps? 🙂
    Wondering how Sitiawan Foochows sound like? What are the differences compared to Sibu Foochows?

    The same, it seems. The man spoke Foochow to me but unfortunately, I’m not that conversant in the dialect… 😦

  4. She should be alright… at least she has spent a few years in college and now overseas, it is time to flutter her wings and be on her own.. but when i think of my girl doing that, i shudder… wonder how she can cope too.. lets just pray for their safety…

    She’ll be fine. It’s just her personality, that’s all. Dunno about your girl – I guess everyone’s different in their own way. She may just enjoy being on her own, who knows?

  5. True that, the room indeed are very small, I guess that’s how that could come up with such low fares.

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ll be surfing for more info on Jalan Alor.

    It’s cheap, is it? Many new small hotels along Jalan Bukit Bintang itself too…and very cheap too. Dunno about the rooms though… Bintang Warisan has bigger rooms (but quite old already, like Premier in Sibu – no longer sparkling new)…RM150 if you book through travel agent here.

  6. I guess Melissa had a tough time before the flight and great that you managed to try your best to make her at ease. I’m also the type A personality and I can’t eat much if I’m worried. Well, it all boils down to how u train your mind/yourself to think positively and rationally. I’m still doing that.

    Let’s put it down to youth and inexperience – more emotional… Old people like me – been there, done that…nothing much to get excited about anymore. LOL!!! 😀

  7. I’m just glad she arrived safely in new zealand. See, there was nothing really to worry about. Maybe just the homesickness but I think you two contact daily right?

    All the best to Melissa in her studies and life over in a far off country. God Bless.

    Thanks. Ya…I know she was also depressed by the thought of going back – away from home. Well, look on the bright side – by November, she’ll be coming home again…for good this time.

    1. Ohh… that’s like only 8 short months away. So fast!

      Btw how do you communicate with her when you’re here? Via phone? That must cost a lot!

      Sms…and we chat via skype or Facebppk. Will only call when there’s anything important or urgent like when I saw the CNN breaking news on the earthquake at Christchurch.

  8. Arthur,
    I’m sure it’s not the worries but more of kind of sad leaving home. Even me who has lived away from home for many years would still feel the same. Everytime when I come back to Malaysia for a visit, a week before leaving, I’ll lose my appetite and what’s worse, 2-3 days to the day, my tears will automatically roll down during meal times. No matter how much my sisters and family try to cheer me up, it is to no avail. Lately,my sisters have been smart and start to cook and bring me around to makan everything that I craved for early in my visit. It is the same for my brother who lives in NY. He’s been away since he’s 19 years old and now he’s 39. So,it’s not the worry, Arthur but more of going to be far away from home without all the love and joy being with your loved ones.

    It all boils down to the individual, I guess. My brother left around that age too…and now he’s 60. Seldom came back except now that my mum’s bedridden…so I guess there isn’t any such strong attachment. I think he would feel happier to go back to NZ than to come here, having spent most of his life there.

    Melissa did express her feeling sad about having to leave home after the long holidays…but I told her to look on the bright side, so much fun and so much to experience there, making new friends and all…and studying plus there is less than a year left so she should make the most of it – probably would never pass that way ever again. But she was worried about travelling alone too…and she never liked long haul flights even when we were flying with her.

  9. Agree first time is the hardest. Perhaps its both together “worrying” travelling alone and the emotional part of ‘breaking away’ from close ones especially cool Papa, could have added fuel and fire..hehe. She will be OK who knows she may prefer to be all by herself haha.

    You’re right – it was both…travelling along and leaving home. She has to learn to be all by herself – I/we will not be by her side all the time. That’s why I asked you if you had a son…but too bad, yours is a girl too. No khang-thow liao! Muahahahaha!!!

  10. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” ~ very well said bro. Let go and let God. Not easy to practise non attachment…

    At my age, I find that I can handle things much better than in my younger days. Nothing much can upset me much anymore. Mellowed already, I guess…

    1. …or really you are mellowed and guess Bananaz would be yellowed? You are always young at heart bro dont you ever think of becoming a DOM…muahahaha.

      Nope, not like you…the 40-year itch, after all this time, still going strong! LOL!!!

    2. If only I have such wisdom…and tolerance towards things that upsets me…if only I can be ‘mellowed’.

      Wait till you’re 60 like me… Like it or not, you would have mellowed too… 😦

  11. The food looks awesome. These Foochows sure get around! I’ll have to try that place in June.

    BTW, I’m glad Melissa’s in Wellington. Saw the devastation in Christchurch. Times like these we just have to remember those words you mentioned, “Thy will be done.”

    Yes, I’m glad too…and in the meantime, nothing much anyone can do other than to trust in God and pray for His protection, keeping her safe from all harm in this one year she has left there. Yes, that’s one stall you can try…but as far as I know, it is only open in the mornings – not sure if it is open at night. I think more stalls are open at night but not too sure if they are any good.

  12. eh, thr’s more good food at alor that u must try..

    1) charn kee seafood noodles (middle of jalan alor)
    2) next to it is a good lum mee stall
    3) 2 shops away is a good fish head noodles
    4) the next street (tengkat tong shin) is a kopitiam (adik beradik chua i think) got a great pork noodles
    4) few shops away is another kopitiam sells great pig intestines noodles
    5) diagonally opposite the chua brothers is the meng kee charsiu. the charsiu is nice but abit pricey.

    try them next time!

    Thanks for the info but unfortunately, none in the list is something I think I would like. I’ve heard from ahnel about the very nice beef noodles at Tengkat Tong Shin but I’m definitely not going to walk all the way there to eat that… Hehehehehe!!! I’ve tried this and that here and there but I did not find anything really great – except this one. Maybe next time I go KL, you can come and take me there to eat the things you say are so very nice? Wink! Wink! 😉 LOL!!! 😀

    1. the beef noodles at tengkat tong shin (ngau kee) is nice but if you had it 20 yrs ago (like me), u will know the standard had drop 😦 i prefer soong kee beef noodles now.. can, come kl lesgo and makan!

      Can’t wait….but dunno when my next trip will be. Soong Kee? They have that at Lot10 Hutong but I did not get to try it…

  13. Hakuna Matata!
    Hakuna Matata!

    Love this video clip..no worries..be happy dont worry

    Ya…worrying will not make things better, will only make it worse – all the negative vibes and feelings all round, spoiling everybody else’s mood…and nothing would have changed.

    1. True….my nails, (whatever is left of them) suffer only! LOL!

      Never mind! They’ll grow back again. Take more Calcium supplements! Muahahahahaha!!!

  14. “When something is meant to happen, it will happen and there is nothing we can do to change that”

    i like tis 🙂

    We are all part of God’s vast eternal plan – everything is fated.

  15. yes Mel is big enough to handle things by her own & I guess she did it just great! Best wishes to Mel in her studies 😉

    Thanks. Ya, she’s coping great…just that she doesn’t really like it – prefers to be in her comfort zone, at home. 😉

  16. Poor Melissa, nvm, soon she will overcome her fear of flying alone and she will be a jet-setting corporate excutive and sometimes bringing mommy n daddy along for her working trips 😀

    No such thing. She’s a TESL (Teaching of English as a Second Language) student – going to be a POOR English teacher like a dad. Jet-setting is definitely out of the question…

  17. i love century egg porridge!! yums!!

    p/s: i was wondering whats ur title all about and opened it only know!! lol!!!

    My Stories

    I like too. Btw, something wrong with your comments again – I already commented, was all right…but today, I can’t seem to get to see the comments – mine or anybody else’s for that matter, anymore.

  18. I can’t say I understand your daughter’s worries for I didn’t have to fly overseas when I was studying. My first time flying solo (long haul) was to Australia just last year, to meet my hubby there and I had to fly back alone too since we were on different airlines. The experience was not worrying but boring! lol! I guess what I wanted most that time was to sleep (or wishing I could sleep) the in plane. Glad that your daughter arrived safely! Heard about the earthquake striking NZ, hopefully nothing close to Wellington?

    Lucky you! But personally, I hate long haul flights too – especially because I cannot sleep in the plane, never mind how many hours…and by the time, I arrive, I would be half dead. Real suffering! Yup…the earthquake’s in Christchurch – nothing in Wellington. The news on tv said there were tremors but Melissa said she did not feel anything – so used to tremors around the house everything I walked past… LOL!!! 😀

  19. the first time is the hardest…next time will be easier for her 🙂

    Hopefully… Some people are born like that – take life too seriously. I think my father is somewhat the same too.

  20. i love the porridge but i ll scoop out the century egg first..LOL. Does century egg make the porridge taste better?

    I don’t think it does unless you mash the eggs and cook with the porridge but eating them as a condiment with porridge is nice…that is if you have the acquired taste. I did not know how to eat them when I was younger, only learnt that much later.

  21. Oh yes yes. The first time is always hard. I experienced many firsts in my life and most of them are hard experiences that taught me many things.

    That’s life…and people learn as they plod on day by day through the school of hard knocks! 😉

  22. Hakuna Mattata….if only we can be like Simba… but then again, at the end of the day, no matter how we don’t care about the world, we still have to be responsible on who we are…just like Simba.

    “No worries” does not equate “don’t care about the world” – just not worrying unnecessarily about things and very often, because on worries something is going to happen, it happens. Just do…and in whatever one does, do one’s best – no need to think to much and worry about it…and what’s done is done, cannot be undone…also no worries!

    But of course, responsibility must always be there. Everyone is responsible for his own actions and his own life…and when things don’t work out, worrying yourself sick about it before this is known will not change anything…and when it has turned out like that, then one must responsibly look for other options. One door closes, many more will open…and life goes on.

  23. Well Done, Melissa, for travelling alone to Auckland. My daughter is just the opposite of her & I am the opposite of you. When my daughter went to visit her friend in Moscow (still a teenager at that time), I think I almost died of heart attack…haha. I let her because I knew that girl and the family but still it’s too far away, to a strange land. By my girl insisted on going and so…you know lah….mother’s soft heart.

    Moscow? *pengsan* Well, everyone is different in his or her own way…and there is good and bad in everything. Life would be so boring if everybody is the same… Melissa has always been the stay-at-home, very homely, very close to her parents/family type. I think I can count the number of time she, as a teenager, went to a friend’s party on her own – ONE! I rest my case… 😀 LOL!!!

  24. I do agree with you that it all boils down to the individual when it comes to attachment to the family.. I am not the “attached” type being away from home for almost twenty years now.. but home is where the heart is and they, esp mom and dad will stay close in my heart forever…

    Gosh! 20 years is a long time and if you do not keep in touch or go home regularly, you will no longer be close no matter what you may say – that they are in your hearts and what not. Or maybe it is different with ladies, I wouldn’t know….or it may be different between individuals.

  25. Arthur, yes, I know the emotions we all go through as dads sending off our little “baby girls” all alone to some far off destinations… I went through the same, nagging my baby to keep eating this and that before flight. Rather silly come to think of it coz there’s plenty food and snacks on board but again … Dads will be Dads somehow. Glad Melissa is safely in NZ.


    Ya, I’m glad too. Knowing her, I don’t think Melissa ate much on the plane…and also on transit in Auckland but now that it’s all over, now she’s back to normal – eating away happily. It’s o.k. as long as she does not get plagued by gastric problems… 😦

  26. Your daughter and the lives she touches will all benefit I’m sure. I think of my own time at university (I was only a 2 hour drive from home) and the foreign students I encountered. Many came to Canada to finish high school and would go several years before being able to visit home. In those days, no cell phones, email, Skype, or even cheap long distance. It wasn’t always easy for those kids. I haven’t kept in touch with many people from those days, but I benefited from the experience – my own international education.

    Yes, things were so different in those days…and students did not come home until they finished their studies. These days, they come home every year…and some may even come home during their 1-week or 2-week breaks. She certainly likes it there a lot…but of course, there’s no place like home.

    1. As Dorothy said “if I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with!”

      Yes…it’s not going to be anywhere along the yellow brick road. What we are all looking for is right here in our hearts, all within us.

  27. Don’t worry Mel, it’ll get easier, believe me! I was a timid mouse last time, very shy and with not a lot of confidence. But after having spent a few years overseas where i’m forced to be independent and also through the years of, working in an environment where i have to deal with different people a lot, it has built up my confidence. And yeah, like your dad says, put your faith and trust in God.

    She’s ok…and she can manage pretty well on her own…just that she thinks too much and worries unnecessarily. But then again, if she’s too easy going, happy go lucky…I would also be worried. Sigh!!!

    1. And therefore I am worried for my son! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      No lah! Dan’s a good boy with a good head on his shoulders. Any boy of that age who would still go out with the mother…is a good boy! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  28. adoi..kho lien! no wonder you decided to send her off from KL. Well she got in safely. Yup, first time is the hardest for everything I guess.

    And lucky thing she flew a couple of days earlier! And I gave her lots of money – said if anything happens, with money and can communicate in English, no problem around here. Must be my 6th Sense for I read in Facebook her coursemate (from Bintangor) stranded in Gold Coast as NZ closed its air space…just reopened but dunno when international flights will resume…and they lock up the airport at night, can’t sleep there. Gosh!!! I wonder if she has enough money…

    1. aiyoh, the poor girl. Hope she has someone in GC helping her out. That’s why i think it’s a good idea to give them supp cards, in case of emergencies like this.

      I don’t think she has. Somehow her phone did not work and she could not call home or anybody for that matter but she was on Facebook – maybe they had wifi at the airport so she was sending messages to her friends asking them to help call her mum and what not… Dunno if she has arrived in Wellington yet – last I heard, not yet! 😦

  29. I love that song! I’m glad Melissa is ok in Wellington during all the chaos and thank God nothing happened in Well!

    The century egg on the porridge are arranged so nicely, i likey! 😀

    Praise the Lord…and pray for his continued protection from all harm. The century egg? Don’t they do it like that everywhere? Here too, it’s the same…

  30. all the best to Melissa! Btw, I wanna taste that century eggs porridge!

    Jalan Alor – right behind Istana where you were staying in KL. But I’m sure you can get it anywhere…

  31. No la.. I go back every year and my parents come over every year too.. and we call each other often..

    Ah! That’s better! Good…good! Bet they’re always waiting for you to call or visit…

  32. i think this place is usually too touristy and not cheap as well!

    Yup…not really cheap but it wouldn’t be so bad if the things they sell are really nice – not so, most of the time! This is the only place that I like…so far. 😦

  33. This is one of Juan Juan’s favourite cartoon songs! No worries lar, Melissa in good hands, lol!

    Nice pork balls soup, slurp!

    Yes, thank Gos she’s ok. Now enjoying the rest of her holidays before classes resume coming Monday. I love the clear soup at this stall – very nice.

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