So many ways…

One of my favourite cartoon comic strips is “Bringing Up Father” that revolves around the life of the main character, Mr. Jiggs, who struck it rich when he won a lottery. His favourite food was corned beef and cabbage, much to the disgust of his social-climbing wife, Maggie. I reckon it was because she considered that to be the food of the lower class.

I certainly would not say the same thing about corned beef in Sibu today. In the past, we enjoyed the Great Wall brand, made in China…but eventually, it got really bad. It became so mushy that one would not even know what on earth they had inside…and more often than not, there was a horrible smell. The colours of the label often vary – perhaps there are imitations though I’m not too sure about this.

There are other brands from New Zealand or the South American countries but these are all so very expensive – well over RM10.00 for a standard can. I would buy Mili or Linkz, both of which are quite nice, though not like the Great Wall corned beef that I used to know, and they used to cost around RM5 something in 2008…and then, RM6 something…and now, it is over RM7.00.

I just wonder how people usually cook corned beef. On my part, I would fry it with thinly-sliced Bombay onions and boiled potato chunks…

STP's corned beef with potatoes

My daughter loves it this way. I’ve seen corned beef among the buffet breakfast spread at some hotels a couple of times before but they just fried the thing plain and served it like that – no onions, no potatoes, nothing.

I sometimes cook soup with it – with lots of thinly sliced Bombay onions and potato strips, plus salt and msg according to taste. I would boil it for a long time so as to make the soup thicker and richer…but some people have tried this but they did not like it. For one thing, the beef in the soup would turn completely bland – but what I specifically like about it is the soup itself. Ah well! I guess it’s just a matter of taste, the same way as how I do not quite fancy French onion or minestrone soup.

I’ve also fried mihun (rice vermecelli) with it and I do know that some people make corned beef rolls…using shortcrust pastry like how they make sardine rolls. I don’t think I’ve done that but once I used it to make cottage pie…or what we used to call shepherd’s pie.

Well, my missus is not a fan of corned beef…and since the price seems to be escalating like it is never going to stop, I do not think I will be having corned beef when my daughter’s not around…

Author: suituapui

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30 thoughts on “So many ways…”

  1. My dad loves corned beef, but I’ve never acquired a taste for corned beef…. taste quite weird to me. 😦 It doesn’t help it either that my neighbour when I was 5 treat his dog to some stuff that looked like corned beef. Trauma since then, I guess… see corned beef, will think of dog food. *pengsan*

    Ya…all dog food looks like corned beef. I did not like it when I was younger…or at least, not very much. Would rather have Ma Ling luncheon meat… That one also, not nice anymore. Mushy-mushy…and other brands not as nice.

    1. I dun really go for canned food these days…unless it’s the sardine or tuna la… I dun like the taste of chicken of beef that’s canned. Taste so weird… and I especially hate those sambal sotong/sambal ikan bilis in cans… taste so awful!

      Haihh… these days… canned food are expensive too, better off buy fresh ones… 😦

      Ya…but sometimes, no time to go to the market/supermarket so just open a can of something and that’s a complete meal by itself. I cannot stand the canned sambals…and the canned curries too. The meat is kinda funny. Sardines and tuna are ok, mackerel too…but they’re not cheap either these days.

      1. Ya, canned food r good for rainy days too… I used to keep some Campbells soup at home for emergency… but no longer these days. 😦 Too expensive.

        LOL… those canned curries? Forget it… not only the meat looks funny, but the smell oso funny! Used to eat those canned curries when I was still studying, now I dun bother liao…smell and taste too weird, better off make my own curries….now not like last time liao ma, can use those instant paste. LOL. (this nyonya main tipu punya)

        But still have to cook – easier to just open the can… 😉

  2. I do love corned beef. We used to eat when we were young. I can’t even remember how it was cooked….too young to remember. Have not eaten for many, many years. But if I am to cook it, I would love to add big onions 🙂

    Try adding boiled potatoes – nice! 🙂

  3. I never bought that before.. nowadays even canned luncheon meat is expensive…

    No? I grew up eating that – those days,the made-in-China ones were so nice and so cheap, but not nice anymore… Ya, even the canned stuff not affordable these days… 😦

    1. agree agree…

      What to do? Inflation. In Economics, I studied that inflation = too much money chasing too few goods. That’s the problem, I guess – people earning high salaries, spend…spend…spend – not like the prudent and thrifty people in the past (and that was how they got to be so rich), so the value of money drops and the prices of things increase. Everyone should start saving and spending less…

      1. And then there’s a law of defying gravity… whatever that goes up in Msia, never go down, regardless of how the economy improves after that. Hahahahaha… Mr. Newton sure cry in his grave if he knows this! LMAO.

        Tu…. my damn teh o ice increased by 20cent. GRRRRR… no more tea outside for me. *SULK*

        Same here… 😦

    2. Hah! Canned stuff are more expensive than those fresh stuff sometimes… u know that fish… the china brand punya, inside got black beans and ppl usually eat with porridge…. now not cheap liao leh…. RM4. Gila…. few years back, when I was in college…. it’s frugal food. Rm2 only. I would buy a few of that, keep, and eat with porridge/rice, but now I dun buy that stuff anymore. 😦 Better off buy ikan kering. RM 4 can buy quite nice punya slice of ikan kering.

      My missus loves that…but I prefer sardines. Nice with porridge though…

  4. I love corned beef. I cut red chillies into long strips and fry with sliced onions until a bit garing. Never put potatoes though although I have seen many people do so. Infact,just yesterday I make corned beef buns..homemade bread, yummylicious!
    Mat Salleh’s corned beef is literally a piece of beef usually boiled and served with potatoes and carrots!

    Oh? We get the NZ brand – Palm…but Melissa doesn’t like it – the beef isn’t exactly minced, more finely-shredded and you can see the strips. Ya…I love corned beef in sandwiches… Yum! Yum! Ya…I do add thinly-sliced chillies too, if available.

  5. Since I don’t eat beef, I have yet try the corned beef but my husband said it tastes awesomely good! I thought it was like luncheon meat…;p

    No, not like luncheon meat. Tastes quite different…and their textures are not the same at all.

  6. corned beef? I’ve never tried it yet, probably will soon.

    No? Gee whiz!! I thought Penang people would have eaten everything…from the colonial influence, like us in Sarawak…or Shereen in Malacca.

  7. Never had corned beef before… I guess it’s because I was brought up in a family that doesn’t eat beef for meals. Only started eating beef when I started working and that also, not corned beef. Don’t seem to find them around here… But looks like something I would try!

    Give it a try. You may like it… 😉

    1. I’ve eaten them a couple of times when I was a kid. My dad was still a student, and the corned beef are quite cheap back den…but I dun like it. Taste so weird…. my mum usually make soup/serve it with fried potatoes… and I still remember that I would only drink the soup or just baham the potatoes. LOL!

      My soup recipe did not go down too well with some people – the corned beef is tasteless already after all the simmering – can only enjoy the soup and the potatoes.

  8. i love corned beef, like Mary Moh, i had it when i was young, but i don’t know exact how to cook it. I think my mum just fried it till dried, then we eat with rice, very nice.

    Like you said, now hard to find a good one, and got so many brands. I think last round after reading one of your post, i bought one can, but taste not so good, or i don’t know how to fry it.

    What brand did you buy? Great Wall – it’s horrible now. I would throw up if I eat that. Mili and Linkz are cheaper…and are o.k. There are other brands but they’re all over RM10.00…including Palm Brand from New Zealand. I would rather go and eat something else…

  9. i think i try cook that china brand long time ago, it taste ok, but on second try, its so awful, dunno wat happen to the corned beef. tsk3, n never try again, trauma jor, furthermore, my mum hate it if i open canned food, lol….

    When I was young,the China ones best lah -now really really horrible. I wouldn’t bother to buy it again ever. But I always see it in the shops – can’t believe that there are actually people buying and eating it.

  10. Yeah yeah yeah have seen this cartoon where the wife often wait behind doors with the rolling pin to whack the cigar smoking husband. Can still remember those days always wondering how corn beef looks like as we do not have western restaurant in our kampung. Not 100% sure but think Maggie often used ‘insect’ to scold Jiggs. Betul kah?

    Yup! Insect!!! And the rolling pin….and the lazy brother always sleeping on the couch. I love it!

  11. As scheduled the Dell technician came this afternoon to replace my wireless WLAN card and hopefully to have a smooth connection happily ever after..haha.

    O.k. I would expect you to be around without fail every day then…

  12. Corn beef looks nice leh. Just too bad Bananaz is beef free can have corn chicken or pork? hehe

    Too bad…nothing of the sort. Beef or nothing! LOL!!!

    P.S. Pls check your gmail. Tnx.

  13. STP u know one thing or not? I’ve never tasted corned beef in my entire life! Dah lah now married to william he tak makan beef!

    That means you will never get to eat it as long as you live then. LOL!!! 😀

  14. i like the corned beef when it is just fried but it should be an imported brand from the US. the local brands here don’t really taste like corned beef–maybe because local brands here have extenders (veggie meat or carabao-beef)

    have a nice day! 🙂

    US brand? What brand? Here, we have South American ones – fromArgentina, Brazil…. Can’t remember the names of the brands.

  15. Love corned beef. Fried it the most common way, with slices of bombay onions but add tomato ketchup (couple of squirts) and also some french fries (matchstick-sized potatoe fries- homemade crispy ones are easy to make) just before dishing it out, for added texture; or sometimes, if lazy, just buy from McD or fish & chip shop. The English call this corned beef hash but there other variations but all revolve around the same principle. When I was growing up in Sibu, my mum used to buy Libby’s corned beef as a treat because it was expensive. Not sure if you still have this but she used to get it from Ta-Kiong. BTW, have been quietly following your blog for 3 years now and absolutely love it. Thanks.

    Welcome, welcome…and do drop by often. Something tells me you’re the Bryan presently in Oz, my good friend’s son.

    Ah yes! Libby’s!!! I was trying to recall the name all day yesterday…and I kept thinking of Ligo. 😀 Yes, we do have that brand here…but it’s one of those over RM10 ones which I do not buy. I hear it’s good though….

    1. I’m sorry to disappoint but no I don’t live in Australia but in London and am pretty sure we have not met; although, I am sure with Sibu the size that it is and the possiblity of’ six degree of separation’ theory working, I amnot surprise if we probably end up knowing of each other afterall. Briefly, though, I went to Methodist Secondary School until Form Five (1987) and then did my A-levels in KL before leaving for UK to further my studies and settled here since 1995. I came across your Blog via my ex-teacher’s blog- Sarawakiana (which is also brilliant) and found that your blog really helps me deal with my homesickness and connects me with my childhood. Aiya, all very sentimental wan lah as I get older. For someone like me, when one is young all one wants to do is to leave one’s small hometown and travel the world but as we get older we pine for home as we remember it when we were young- the paradox that I have to live with, I suppose, having made my bed. But thanks to your blog, it has made it that bit easier. So I hope that if you ever wonder if you have wasted your time with your blog, you certainly haven’t, as far as I am concerned. It is not only entertaining but often brings back lovely memories for me. Thank you.

      Oh? So you’re not the Bryan I had in mind. 1987…I was teaching in Chung Hua then. Sarawakiana’s a personal friend of mine, and so are her sisters. Be consoled that you are just older and not old, like me. LOL!!! 😀 Glad that you like my blog and what I’m doing – do stick around.

  16. I love corned beef fried with sliced onions – eat with bread or plain rice. Yummy!
    And oh, I didn’t know that Jiggs got rich from lottery. Hehe

    I didn’t know either until I googled that up. Now that we know of his humble beginnings, everything certainly makes a lot more sense… 😉

  17. I am actually old enough to have some of the good corned beef.
    After you mentioned the slump in quality, I realised no wonder my recent attempts were horrible.

    p/s: I dont mind how food looks though as long as it tastes goooooooooood. Coz I’m old enough to know that not all that glitters is gold & not all that looks like sheet tastes like it.

    Yup…it does not matter if it does not look good but the Great Wall corned beef today not only looks bad but tastes and smells bad too. Then again, many things smell bad too…but tastes great – like cincaluk, petai and what have you…and the same applies to people too, don’t you think? 😉

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