One dark night…

…we went back to this relatively new restaurant in town like I said we would. It certainly looks nicer at night and of course, this time around, we ordered from the à la carte menu.

I had the over-roasted chicken roulade (RM18.00)…

Charcoal grill - chicken roulade

…and loved it very much. Well, I never had anything like that before and I must say that it tasted really great.

My missus had the char-grilled sirloin steak (RM28.00)…

Charcoal Grill - sirloin steak

…which was all right but I would prefer a little bit more sauce or gravy and the meat, a bit more tender. I think what I had here was much nicer…especially with the red wine sauce.

My daughter tried the fettuccine carbonara (RM18.00)…

Charcoal Grill - fettuccine carbornara

I guess it was o.k. – like most pasta dishes anywhere else…but for that same amount of money, I think I would rather go for the chicken.

We were given these slices of garlic bread, compliments of the chef…

Charcoal Grill - garlic bread

…and we also ordered their spring rolls (RM7.00)…

Charcoal Grill - spring rolls

Melissa has a soft spot for deep friend spring rolls, you see.

For dessert, I had the strawberry shortcake (RM10.00)…

Charcoal Grill - strawberry shortcake

…which was not bad but would come nowhere near the banana pancake that I had here, cheaper some more @ RM7.50 only, or the banana cake with chocolate ice cream that I had here – also cheaper @ RM7.00 only.

All in all, the dinner was pleasant enough and I would not mind going back there again…but definitely not until they have finished the road and whatever construction that has been going on and on for so long that it does not seem like it is ever going to end. Well, what can we expect from JKR – Jangan Kerja Rajin!

It was so very dark and I was going at a reasonable speed along one narrow lane, a long line of cars trailing behind me…when suddenly TWO of those huge luxury vehicles came straight at me. I did not know what they were up to but they realised they were in the WRONG lane, so they stopped and did a three-point turning and went back the way they came. I stopped to let them do that…but the cars at the back were honking away impatiently! Tsk! Tsk!

I guess we will just have to wait till there is some horrendously tragic accident in the vicinity or some VVIP is coming to town and will be passing that way before they will get the job done in a jiffy…like magic! Abbacadabra…and presto! Overnight, it is done!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “One dark night…”

  1. I make my own spring rolls. & other Malaysian dishes! The food that I always bought outside, now I have to prepare it by myself!!!

    Of course, everything’s a lot nicer if you cook your own…but unfortunately, you will have to go through the hassle. On my part, I quite enjoy it…when I have the time. 😉

  2. Overall the food looks presentable, I’m going to check out the banana pancake house you mentioned…

    Same here in K.L, certain road still cover with potholes and crooked… but since the election is coming soon, they are start mending it!:p

    Oh? You’ll be in Pavilion? Too bad not on Friday as my daughter and I may walk over there from the hotel then…

    This one is the long-overdue flood mitigation project… 😦

  3. Is that what a strawberry shortcake looked like? lol. i had a different version in mind. And that oven-roasted chicken roulade is so nyaman… *drool*

    Yup, it was nice. I also dunno what a strawberry shortcake is like – despite always hearing the song…so I ordered to see. That was what I got…dunno whether it should be like that or not. Me, so jakun! Jungle people bah! LOL!! 😀

  4. try emailing to the JKR. Here i e-mail to Majlis Bandaran and they will come and fix the road…when it’s near election time LOL.

    well, at least you know where your “over-roasted chicken roulade” comes from. Unlike our mutual friend baham 1st and ask question later.

    Gosh she is so going to kill me when she see this comment 😛

    No use lah. This is part of the flood-mitigation programme…and one thing that I’ve noticed – they take ages to complete a project – most of the time,we do not get to see anybody working…and that maybe due to poor planning. No money, everything put on hold till the next allocation come. That is the case even with normal road upgrading – they start off with it, no money…all stop, leaving everything in a mess for the time being.

    Gee! I wouldn’t want to eat if I do not know who has given me – may be a case for one of her mystery murder stories…and this is not fiction!

    1. LMAO… I hungry liao wun ask question dulu… baham first…

      Dangerous… Like budak kecik, everything they find on the floor – just put in mouth – cockroaches, spiders….

  5. …or the MP in Sibu kick the bucket and there will be new election (repairing the road,I mean). Still not impressed with the food. By the way,did you still get served by house baju man?

    The brother of the chef… I dunno if he read my earlier post but he was there – in jeans…but I think it was the same black t-shirt. LOL!!!

    Well, I think the food was pretty good…not necessarily the best but comparable to what I have had elsewhere e.g. in KL (where such stuff would be a lot more expensive). I heard that the chefs had a 7-year working experience in Singapore Hilton…but that was what somebody told me.

    Nah!!! The campaign period would not be long enough to get everything done. Better don;t – they may get things started and once they lose, they may just abandon everything – will only make things worse.

  6. The food looks good but seems to be very small portion.. enough for you? Seems just right for me only…hahhaa…
    so coming to KL soon?

    Just right for me too – these days, sitting down and idling too much…mustn’t eat a lot – you know where it all goes to! Will be in KL by Thursday evening. I guess you’re there today and would have gone back by then?

  7. Nice food but the portion looks small.

    It was enough for me…and besides, we had the complimentary garlic bread plus the spring rolls and the strawberry shortcake. Don’t tell me you are turning into one of those old-time Sibu Foochows of my childhood days…quantity – everything, portions must be huge, never mind the quality. They worked very very hard, you see…so they needed the energy. The pao then was huge…with not very much filling.

  8. Now i am confused, you were saying the food looked nice when it was dark or the restaurant looked nice when it was dark?……………….trying to be cheeky anyway

    The restuarant…not the food. We sat at a table near a spotlight…so I was able to take nice photographs of the food. Otherwise, the place was too dark for my poor old digicam…

  9. luckily the 2 luxury cars weren’t going at high speed, I do not wish to think what might have happened.

    Wow, u ordered all that for 3 person? Must have been a really hearty meal!!

    Ya…luckily. Otherwise, you may not get to see me in KL in a few days’ time. LOL!!! 😀 No leh? We had our own main order…and the other things, we shared. Just nice…not too much and just enough for the 3 of us.

    1. I didnt take photos, some photographer took the pics, and he says only ready in 1 week’s time. Don’t worry, once the ROM pics are posted, it’ll be beautiful pictures!!! professionally done ones. Hahaha.

      Owh, I wanna share too, I like good food. Pity the wallets not thick enough to try all the great eateries in KL everyday. Sometimes have to settle for chap fan. Hehe.

      Ya, western food is a lot more expensive in KL, I think. My wallet also not so thick but my daughter will only be here for a couple more days so wanna to take here to all the nice places. Otherwise, I would be living a cheap lifestyle…eating simpler stuff like in the next post. Looking forward to seeing your photos…

  10. Confusion is’s dark on the road and not dark in the restaurant? haha. Lucky the two luxury cars were travelling at slow speed. Yummy food.

    It was dark on the road as it was a rainy night and with the construction going on, there were no street lamps…and it was quite dark/dim in the restaurant unless you pick a table nearest to where a spotlight is. I don’t think the cars were going slowly…but they managed to stop in time…probably because they just realised they were in the wrong lane.

  11. the carbonara looks so creamy! nice! so is this for u to celebrate vday with ur wife? :p

    No lah…that was the night b4 V-Day – new restaurant in town, so we wanted to go and try the a la carte menu… 😉

  12. Ahhhh…. now I know what to make for tea tomorrow… fried springrolls. LOL… just sumbat sardine and onions inside, den fry… LOL. Sedap when eat while hot.

    Yalor…the filling – up to your imagination – can be anything.

  13. yeah if got bi-election at your place ah, sure the road will be fixed already!

    Not really… This is a mammoth project – no money, I guess but just have to do something as already promised so progressing at a snail’s pace. In the meantime, they’re resurfacing the roads in my area…which are not in a really really bad state – quite obvious that the state election is round the corner.

  14. i like the char-grilled sirloin steak…or it’s just the picture that’s great 🙂

    It was nice…but not the best – I’ve hard something better elsewhere.

  15. i agree with others, the portion looks a bit small. heheheheh

    Your oven-roasted chicken roulade looks good and the food presentation looks good too. They should add some greens on the plate to make it look nicer. Asparagus, brocolli or some french beans.

    Strawberry shortcake, cake or ice cream? Or mixed both?

    Portion’s ok…but presentation could be better. Ya…only two miserable thin wedges and there we were, complaining about the four I had at Cafe2 not too long ago. I dunno – I never had strawberry shortcake…and it turned out to be like that. Jungle people, kena bluff also dunno. LOL!!!

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