Just a name…

Well, I wouldn’t say that it is just a name…

New Capitol Restaurant

The simple truth is that it was once called the Capitol Restaurant located along Wong Nai Siong Road (where presently, there is a KFC outlet…or somewhere around there) but they moved here and renamed it as the New Capitol Restaurant…and they have used that name ever since despite the fact that it is no longer new in that sense of the word.

As far as I can remember, the owner was an old lady whom everyone called Ah Sap Chay…and it was noted for its roast duck and chicken rice – if I’m not mistaken, in my younger days, that was the only place in town where people could have chicken rice.

The restaurant is still going strong – quite popular among the local folks for wedding banquets and the like and a lot of people drop by for lunch – usually for its chicken rice and kampua noodles. I’ve tried the latter once but I would not say that I enjoyed it a lot. Because of the air-conditioning, the noodles turned cold real fast and rendered them not that palatable – to me, at least.

I’m sure I had had their chicken rice when I was small but I have not had it lately – definitely not since they moved to their present location. My daughter went once with my sister and she quite liked it…so the other day, we made it a point to go there specially for that.

The first time we dropped by, the place was full…so we had to go back there another time.

I’m afraid the photos don’t really do justice to the food because of the yellow lighting…

New Capitol - chandelier

The drinks were more expensive that the normal kopitiam but that is to be expected. After all, they even have chandeliers at the place! *guffaws* The fresh orange juice that Melissa had was RM6.00 a glass while my kopi-o-peng and my missus’ iced lemon tea were RM2.50 each. The iced lemon tea certainly looked different from what they serve in the coffee shops and elsewhere with its two-toned colour – the lemon juice at the bottom and the tea at the top…

New Capitol - drinks

We ordered chicken rice for three and were served all the steamed chicken in one big plate (RM11.00)…

New Capitol - steamed chicken

It was all right, nothing sensational…and if I were to compare, I would think that I like what they have here most of all.

They charged separately for the rice – RM1.60 a bowl…

New Capitol - chicken rice

…and as far as the rice is concerned, I would still stick to Chopsticks. As for the complimentary soup and sauces, my vote goes to the Singapore Chicken Rice…but of course, like I always say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison…so some people may wish to differ. To each his own.

I also ordered a few of their Sibu Foochow sio bee (meat dumplings) to try…

New Capitol - Sibu Foochow sio bee

…since I have been hearing some favourable reviews all round. They were RM1.00 each but unfortunately, I did not think they were really that great. There are some others around that are nicer…and even cheaper too.

All in all, it was an o.k. lunch – not something that I would be dying to go back for but if I should happen to be around that part of town, I might drop in again…or perhaps, I would choose to go to the Singapore Chicken Rice outlet in the same block instead.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

41 thoughts on “Just a name…”

  1. Tok about roast duck… I have yet to solve my roasted chic mystery. Kat say not from her. Not from Ms. Anon no1 and Ms. Anon no.2 either. Eeeeee…I just hope it’s from Cyn! Else I tarak tau whose chic i sapu back liao! =.=

    I thought somebody already mentioned on Facebook or in your blog – the chicken belonged to the people at the next table…and when you took your things, you hampalang took everything. Accidentally on purpose, eh? Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. Tsk tsk tsk… it was inside the cookie bag… i din even kno the chic was there til I got home. Aiyaks… now everyone garu-ing head… waiting for Cyn to confirm wif us… if it’s not Cyn who gave us… confirm orang punya liao. *pengsan*

      Now, who is this? One minute, Cleffairy…and the next minute, illoria… Brings to mind Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde. 😀

      1. Dono why kenot use Cleffairy. 😦 Testing that gravatar thingie for my book review blog… den when I’m all login for that blog, jadi macam ni pulak… haihh!

        Too many at a time…mabuk liao. If old man like me, habis lor…no head, no tail…all kelam kabut.

  2. Didn’t know they served chicken rice there. Yes, AC and kampua don’t go together — kampua is best eaten when you’re sweating profusely. But I like the place, it’s the parking that’s a problem.

    Ya…parking is such a pain there but we were lucky – managed to find a vacant space at the back. I’m not sure how true this is but somebody told me that you cannot go to this place and just order kampua – you will have to order something else.

    1. Well, we can put it to the test this July. I’ll order kampua and plain water. See if they will chase us out, Never eaten kampua under a chandelier too.

      Somebody told me that and I reckon there is some truth in it. Ya….that’s like eating satay at 5-star hotels…or even Secret Recipe. Speaks volumes…

  3. Hi Arthur, Happy Valentine’s Day to you and family. The steamed chicken looks nice and looking at it now at 6.35 makes me hungry for food already. Taking off to KL in a short while. I have been pretty busy since CNY so no time to even say hello to you and others, other than my posting up on my own blog and other obligations.

    Take care and have a blessed Valentine’s day with the Mrs 🙂 What are you cooking for your wife and Melissa?

    Thanks. Nothing…but we went out last night for a great dinner before they jack up the prices – tonight’s dinner is simply not affordable…around RM100 per head. Imagine spending that kind of money at a really good Chinese restaurant here – RM1K table…you would get all the really really really quality stuff. Everything’s so expensive…making it seem like Valentine’s Day/love is all about money. Over-commercialised…like what has happened to Christmas – lost its true meaning.

  4. Aiyo! u r a fussyboots where food are concerned! Rollsroyce tastebuds eh! lol! Our wedding banquet was held in this restaurant ages ago (bride side)! So how are u celebrating Valentine’s day? Enjoy your day with yr ‘laupor’!

    I can’t remember where it was…but I definitely was around when you got married – in Sibu, that is. I remember your brother’s was at Peking (where Yien Kin was before)…now Bei Jiing, but at a different location.

    Not celebrating today – don’t want to be victimised. See my reply to Elin’s comment above. 😦

  5. Is it worth the value? Can’t see clearly the amount of food from here. And they charge the rice separately. RM11.00 + (RM1.60×3) = RM15.80. RM5.27 per person. The SCR’s promo includes a drink and the package costs RM4.90? I can barely remember although I ate it daily with Larry during our working days.

    Got chandeliers or….!!! SCR franchise shop, NCAA (no class at all) bah! Muahahahaha!!!! A lot of people have been telling me how nice everything is…but personally, I was not impressed and even though the price isn’t that much more than the other places, I would think twice about going there again. Btw, the chicken – a whole lot…one of those big plates they use for serving one course in a Chinese sit-down dinner – does not look that big in the photo though.

    1. With that said, I would persuade Larry not to go to SCR next time. LOL~ No choice already. SCR got the air-conditioning. And we both are hot and sweaty. Also had no idea why the sudden craving for chicken at that time.

      I wonder what has caused the sudden craving… Hehehehehe!!! Eyewwww!!! I just hope I do not bump into you two at SCR – I can imagine the stench!…and anyway, I don;t think any of you will pick up the tab either. Tsk! Tsk! LOL!!! 😀

  6. Happy Valentine! It is 7.28am now and I should have scheduled a post for this special day.. but then thinking about it now, what is so special to me? 😦 other than food… ok, will go out with my little love one this evening..
    Sibu seems to have lots of makan place.. ipoh mostly western or coffeeshops… and i think i have savour most of them near my area.. so nothing special anymore to me. I must to wander out further away from my housing vicinity..

    Yes, yes…come to Sibu! Have a great time with your girl! I wouldn’t want to go out on Valentine’s night – all the “specials” and all so very expensive!

  7. I really like this word “Capitol” – it reminds me some of the old places here in Penang that carried such name Capitol, we had Capitol Cinema…Capitol Restaurant… Grand Kapitol but sadly all long gone already…

    have a pleasant V day, spread some love ya

    Ya…there was one in Kuching but not anymore – now a big shopping complex where it once was. You too – have a love-filled day! 🙂

  8. I can’t believe there are so many eating outlets in Sibu. No wonder one of my fb friend said, he likes to go to Sibu. Well it’s because of the food. I should stop in Sibu when I drive down from Bintulu to Betong or stay for a night. Love to meet you there. Kampau ah make me hungry here even though I had a plate of Vietnamese hard noodle with my Ipoh friend. I’m gonna our hard noodle with tomato sauce is much better than the Vietnamese noodle….

    Love to meet you. Thought you’re still in the states? Let me know when you’re coming my way and we’ll meet for some nice mam-mams… Not afan of those Vietnamese noodles – lots of varieties of noodles here anytime better. 😉

  9. is that like a high class kopitiam? Chandelier!

    Btw thanks for the valentine wishes, and congratulatory message. Appreciate it so much. Mrs getting her hair and face done up, for me I’m still lazing around at home, registration at 2pm. Wish me luck! Hehe

    Good luck! Say goodbye to your bachelorhood….and your freedom. Muahahahaha!!! 😀

  10. 1.60 a bowl of steamed rice?! slightly expensive i guess. lol

    Got class mah…not at your regular kopitiam or franchise shops. See the chandeliers? Hahahahaha!!!!

  11. Just a wild guess. Why the ‘New’ appeared, as the original registration is ‘Capitol’ and in many cases the registered owner ‘migrated’ and change profession selling salted egg in heaven. In order to maintain a new registration with ‘Capitol’ they add ‘New’ but some are for direct competition purposes to ‘clone’ the brand with a ‘New’… Bananaz Beleaf It Or Not ~;).

    p/s: Wonder will it work if you can register ‘New McD’ to sell chicken rice in Sibu? Once again this will make some lawyers grinning ear to ear to the bank, just like the McCurry thingie haha.

    Nope…it was the same restaurant – same old lady…moving to a new location, that was all. The old lady had joined the heavenly kitchen already and the daughter is running the place now…plus one young man – probably the grandson.

  12. Quite agree with Godfather of the Pearl of the Orient aka Eugene that Capitol is very sentimental love Capitol Cinema hehe.

    No Capitol here – just Rex, Lido, Cathay, Palace… I think the one at Bukit Bintang (now a parking space) was Capitol or was it Cathay? – Rex was at Jalan Petaling, Odeon opposite Pertama…

    1. Not too familiar with KL then, born in a small town of Kedah very near to Penang. Those days no shows on Thursday nights started off with Coronation, Kim Wah & Cathay. Beatles & Beach Boys, rings a bell? They were on Capitol Records haha.

      I know Nat King Cole was on Capitol Records…and later, the Beatles were on Apple Records. Elvis was on RCA and Cliff on Columbia…and Bee Gees on Polydor! Gee! I’m sooooo old! LOL!!! 😀

  13. Year of the Rabbit change Muaahahaha to guffaws? haha. Oh thought you meant eating chicken lice with chopsticks on a plate huh!!! kakaka..

    No…just laughing cynically at the chandeliers. Like real classy one!😉

  14. Wow wow.. chicken rice in a place with chandeliers! Definitely not to be taken lightly! *LOLL* The place looks nice.. chicken portion also quite big! But too bad it’s nothing sensational

    Some people seem to love it A LOT…but not me, just so-so… 😦

  15. Yes, this restaurant has been there as long as I could remember. My aunt and uncle had their wedding banquet there and their daughters and sons are in their twenties already.
    I agree with you. The kampua is nothing to shout about but my dad likes to order kampua as side dish when we have our meals there. He will also buy those sio bee (meat dumplings) and bring to Kuching for us to eat when we travel there.
    BTW, I will be in Kuching in next two days and enjoy myself there. He he!

    Popular with the older folks, I guess. Old habits die hard… Oops!!! Am I not old too? Muahahahaha!!!! Not coming back to Sibu?

    1. Nope. My parents are celebrating CNY in Kuching. My bro is working in Kuching and bought a house there a few years back. So it is more convenient to go to Kuching.
      I miss Sibu though. Will plan to go back when have the chance.

      Kuching to Sibu, so near…everyone can fly. By now, the tickets should be quite cheap already. Have fun in Kuching!

  16. Nice to find that there is still a chinese name road as most of the roads in KL are changed. I still prefer the olden day rd names.

    Come here and see. Lots of roads with Chinese names… That’s why I always say it is rather different over here in Sibu, quite unlike towns in the peninsula.

  17. Wow..chandelier and table cloth..with kopi tiam/hawker kind of food.. truly Malaysia boleh! Won’t comment on the food though as my perut kenyang as just after dinner and everything looks unappetising at the moment…bluekkk!
    I wonder why the names like Capitol, Lido, Federal and Rex are so popular all over Malaysia? Melaka has numerous places named after these 4 names and I know other states also the same. Anyway, Happy Valentine’s to you. Eh, your missus got any roses sponsored by Vincent Tan?…muahahaha!

    Nope, Vincent not so generous anymore – just gave me RM8 the other day and that’s not enough to buy ONE bloom – roses are SO expensive on this day…even fake ones. I wouldn’t want to waste that kind of money. Dunno why those names – maybe the ang moh influence during the British colonial days.

  18. New Capitol Restaurant move to new place? Last time it is opposite “Sarawak House” at the corner one is it? Or i am talking a different one? hahahhahah

    I remember new capitol very famous for their “siew mai” and also their fried kampua? I went there two years ago after so so many years, i didn’t know they serve good chicken rice.

    That’s the one. It’s still there, opposite Sarawak House. The old original one was in the block of shops behind the post office. Didn’t think the sio bee was great, RM1.00 some more. I prefer others elsewhere…and the kampua also did not appeal to me very much, same with the chicken rice. But other people seem to like them so much – always singing their praises…

  19. I seem to be drooling over every post of yours…..haha. Arthur, help me to remember the best ones, ok? When I go back you have to take me to the best ones, not even the second best. I think I must fast at least a week before I go back 😀 Melissa must be having a great time with all the food!

    I guess she is. Going back to NZ later this week… 😦 Sure, sure…when are you coming? Don’t worry! I promise to take you for nothing but the very best! 😉

  20. both the steam chicken and the chicken rice looks so nice!!! i love chicken rice, even just eating the rice on its own, haha~~ 😀

    Wah! Chicken rice your favourite food? I’m just o.k. with it – not something that I would be craving for.

  21. Rm2.50 for ice lemon tea considered cheap here, here at least charge around Rm3.50-Rm5!(rolled eyes)

    My husband like chicken rice but I prefer Char Siew and Roasted pork(siew yuk) rice.:)

    Yup…it’s a restaurant and not a regular kopitiam – air-con plus chandeliers…so of course, the prices are a bit higher – that’s to be expected. Their roast duck is also very famous but again, I do not think it’s really great.

  22. chicken rice is my favorite, too bad it is rare here in the philippines 🙂

    It’s a Malaysia/Singapore thing. We call it Hainanese chicken rice…but somebody told me they don’t have it in Hainan (China). LOL!!! 😀

  23. i love bai ji jok… love the chicken with porridge, very2 nice!
    siew mai used to taste better when i was kid, now i think no meat inside jor, flour onlyyy

    Here, depends on where you go and buy. A lot of meat, more expensive, of course but traditional ones would have mangkuang/sengkuang with the meat – those would be cheaper…and sweeter too.

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