By the river…

I think they placed an advertisement in the Chinese newspapers when they first opened for business or perhaps, there was a news feature on it but the name did not sound too alluring to me. That was why I did not bother to drop by – after all, it is located very far away on the other side of town…by the river…

Charcoal Grill

Then, my friends kept telling me about it, praising  it to the skies – you can read some of it here and here. They were even invited there for food tasting but not me! Tsk! Tsk! Anyway, eventually, I decided to go there on my own for lunch, taking my daughter with me…

Charcoal Grill - inside

As you can see, it just looks so-so inside…like any other cafe/restaurant and I would think there are a number of others around that look a lot nicer. Personally, I just can’t stand the fake fireplace that they have below the cashier’s counter. Yucks!!! But as they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. LOL!!!

Anyway, as the English proverb says, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and I’m sure everyone would agree with me that what is most important would be the food…

Charcoal Grill - menu 1
*Melissa’s photo*

Unfortunately, they only serve their set lunch for the day in the afternoon, so we were not able to order what they have on their dinner menu…

Charcoal Grill - menu 2

They charge RM10.90 nett for their set lunch which comes with a complimentary soup – that day, we had this very nice pumpkin soup…

Charcoal Grill - pumpkin soup & croutons 1

…with croutons…

Charcoal Grill - pumpkin soup & croutons 2
*Melissa’s photo*

…and a free drink…

Charcoal Grill - free drinks
*Melissa’s photo*

My daughter had the mushroom risotto…

Charcoal Grill - mushroom risotto 1

…which she liked a lot even though she said that it tasted like very nice porridge. I tried a bit of it but I’m afraid it did not tickle my fancy…

Charcoal Grill - mushroom risotto 2

I decided to try the fried noodles with beef…

Charcoal Grill - fried noodles with beef
*Melissa’s photo*

…and it turned out to be fried spaghetti with minced beef and egg plus a sunny side up on top. Pasta with a twist?

It was quite nice but I think it would take a lot more than that to get me to drive all the way there.

The diners that day were mostly office workers from around the vicinity on their lunch break. I heard they had pretty good set American breakfast at around RM6.00 nett but they have stopped serving that as the response had not been good – the father of one of the proprietors told me that there were at best around two or three customers only everyday. He did tell me though that business is very encouraging in the evenings.

I guess I will just have to go back there again then…one of these nights to try their à la carte. Stay tuned!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “By the river…”

  1. Aiyah! You go to fusion restaurant and you makan mee goreng?…lol. not so alluring and wouldn’t pay even if it’s cheap to eat there…get fat for nothing. The risotto doesn’t have the right look and I simply hate to go to a makan place which got the high class smell and yet get served with a person wearing house baju…3/4 pants and shirt. They might as well open a kopi-tiam..tsk!tsk!

    LOL!!! That’s the youngest brother, undergrad…helping out at the place while on vacation. But I do agree with you. Didn’t notice whether the regular waitress had a proper uniform on or not. On the whole, I was not impressed by the place…but after all the praises that I heard about the food, I thought I just would go and check it out. Hopefully, the a la carte’s better – after all, they told me that the chefs had 7 year’ experience at a 5-star hotel in Singapore…but based on the set lunch I had, I think I can fry spaghetti a lot better… 😦

  2. ♪Down by the river that flows by the Charcoal yard..

    Sorry have not visiting laptop gone hay wired with wireless lucky got my old faithful lappie as standby until 16feb when Dell fellas would come over for on site repair.

    Would love to take a risk and have a go on the mushroom risotto aka porridge looks yummy..~;).

    Come, come…any plans to hop over soon? Ooooo….I wonder whatyou’ve been doing with your laptop? Placed it on top of your lap and you pressed “Enter!”…”Enter!”? Muahahahahaha!!!!

    1. No enter.. *Ctrl* *Alt* *Eat* by the river .hahaha. Now can online d. Think lappie too much pressure on and off cari pasal.

      Sometimes must rest a bit mah…mana tahan, go on and on… LOL!!! 😉

  3. I think I know where by the river. One thing for sure, the place has a spectacular view. It doesn’t look very promising from your review. There used to be a restaurant there which was very good and airy. Then they decided to enclose the whole place in AC and the food became really bad. Not sure if you know which one I meant. Looks like Melissa’s got her camera chops down. The photos look very appetizing.

    She has a much better camera than mine (Canon IXUS) but within her 3 months back home, she has been learning more about angles and style, not just simply click…and I find that her photos are much better than mine now…as I have to work within the limitations of my not-so-good and older digicam. I seldom go there…but if I remember correctly, there was a restaurant there that used to serve Japanese cuisine…maybe, among other stuff.

  4. hey, i have to take a 2nd look at the waiter/waitress taking order.. then i read the first comment, so it is owner’s brother.. 🙂 ok, will stay tune for your 2nd visit to that place…

    LOL!! You’re not as observant as Shereen but what she says is true – if you want to charge 5-star prices, the food must be really good…and the place must reflect that kind of class…and not look like some of those cheap places. Will keep you posted once we’ve gone to try the a la carte…

  5. I don’t really get fusion cafes anyway. TO me, I think most cafes use the word fusion because they prefer to serve a variety of dishes without limiting to a certain food type. Might as well call themselves “Rojak” Cafe.

    Anyway looking forward to you reviewing their dinner menu 🙂 Love dropping by here and seeing food, and more food!

    I guess it is safe to use that term – if people complain, they can say that it has been adapted to suit local tastes so that’s why it is not like the real thing. We see that in places like KFC and Pizza Hut even – prefer our local ones to those overseas. Keep sticking around – you can be sure that you’ll get to see a lot more. 😉

  6. you always tag your daughter along your food escapades…how cool is that! 🙂 i wish i could do that with my Mom but she has diet restrictions because of her condition 🙂

    Oh? So sorry to hear about your mum. Ya…my daughter and I go here and there together a lot and since she is home for 3 months on holiday, I make it a point to take her to go and try anything new or nice in town. She’ll be going back to NZ next week though… 😦

  7. LOL… spaghetti goreng… make that quite often at home for the anak…never use the yellow noodles…very ‘angin’.

    Oh? I didn’t know that. Anyway, the yellow noodles over your side very firm/hard and very yellow…not like ours.

  8. the food don’t make me drool. cikgu sobs, me patah tangan. type with one hand jor

    Adoi! What have you been doing? Take care now…take Calcium, drink lots of milk. Hope you will be o.k. soon…..

  9. yeah risotto also not my cup of tea, our porridge version tasted better anytime!

    Well, my daughter likes western…and mushrooms – I guess that explains why she loved it.

  10. Where is this place by the river?

    Mushroom risotto, porridge? Or is it just taste like porridge? I think i will prefer your fried spaghetti more. 🙂

    It’s an Italian dish…but it’s something like porridge. No, thanks…I would rather have our own porridge anytime. This place is in the RH area in Upper Lanang Road…past Chung Hua but before the bridge. Watch out for the post on the a la carte dishes coming up… Yum!

  11. Drooling at your pumpkin soup, Juan Juan will definitely likes the croutons in soup(we both are soup persons);D

    It was very nice…and I could taste a hint of curry powder. I guess that’s why they call it fusion. 😀

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