New look…

This hotel has been around for a long, long time. When I was a lot younger, we used to hang around the coffee house – then called Bamboo House. Later they changed its name to Cafe Palmelia…

Cafe Palmelia

…and Bamboo House was the music lounge with a Filipino band upstairs.

Well, they’ve given the whole place a facelift. Now the lobby looks much nicer…

Premier Hotel lobby

…and the cafe, since renamed Bamboo House, certainly looks a whole lot classier…

Bamboo House 1

…and bigger than before…

Bamboo House 2

We used to dine there very often when my daughter was younger. The food was very nice and the Sunday night buffet was very affordable at around RM25.00 per head. Unfortunately, it got more expensive and the quality of the food dropped – probably because they had a new chef in the house. Thus, we stopped going there…and I would only be eating in the hotel restaurant whenever I was attending some courses, workshops, seminars or meetings where they would have some kind of special package deal, inclusive of meals.

Actually, my daughter and I wanted to go to the Chinese restaurant opposite that afternoon for its special Hainanese chicken rice – famous since those days when I was just a kid and its Sibu Foochow sio bee (meat dumplings) but the place was full so we had to go some place else…and since this one is still sparkling new, we decided to give it a try.

I had the claypot chicken rice (RM12.50) that the waitress recommended…

Claypot chicken rice

…which was o.k. I’ve had better elsewhere but it wasn’t too bad and there was so much that I just could not finish the whole lot. I think it would do nicely if two persons shared one order of that.

Melissa had the so-called Piccadilly fish and chips which certainly looked impressive…

Piccadilly fish and chips

…but she did not think it was great. For a whooping RM24.50, I would expect fresh mushrooms instead of those canned ones. It certainly looks like it has not changed since this 2007 review, just the price…but a RM2.00 hike after so many years should be quite reasonable, I would think.

I love the cute little saucers they used for the sauces…

Cute little saucers

…and that’s just about all the nice things I can say about this place.

There were a few people at one table when we arrived and they left soon after, so we were on our own – the whole place to ourselves until much later when a small group of people from some function upstairs came in for their buffet lunch. They, of course, would have the room guests dropping by in the morning for the complimentary breakfast but I really wonder what their business is like in the evenings.

For things to pick up a little perhaps, I reckon they would need a new chef or a change in menu and revise the prices if they are not going to upgrade the quality of the food. All things considered, I would still stick to my little Garden where the food is cheaper and a whole lot nicer.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “New look…”

  1. err the claypot chicken here is rm7 ka per person. the food look overpriced and not worth it =_=
    canned mushroom? tsk3…

    I think there is only one stall selling claypot rice here…and last time we went, it was closed… Dunno if it will ever open again or not. They charge RM10 there…and theirs is a bit bigger than this one (and nicer too). But that one kopitiam lah…you pay for the class, the ambiance, the comfort, the service – everything. Nothing is free in this world…and you can sit as long as you like to relax and to chat. Kopitiam…it’s a hit and run kind of thing!

  2. Aiyaks… the food looks so-so only. I would drool over ur anak’s pie any day! LMAO!

    No price for guessing whether I’ll be going back there ever again… πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow! The place really ‘rejuvenated’! Bamboo hse, I mean, hubby n I used to go there a fair bit during our ‘courting’ days. hehe! Btw I know the restaurant opp. u mentioned. I still think the hainanese rice,siobee, kampua mee are one of the best i have ever eaten.Even their midin yumz! Even comparable to the ‘chatterbox’ mandarin in Spore…

    Hahahahaha!!! A walk down memory lane – no longer like what it used to be. Yup…I hope to go to that one across the road today – go earlier before lunch hour, maybe got place…

  4. I did saw new changes in this hotel restaurant, but yet to try out the food…I love the new design…

    I think the old cushioned seats that they had before were more comfortable – now, it’s more cafe style…not so comfortable for sitting too long.

  5. Bamboo house ya, on first read, I thought I read “Bimbo” House!!

    Hmmmm…been flirting around too much with the bimbos around you, I see. Don’t let your wife catch you! πŸ˜‰

    1. Haha. I try not to let her know. Shhhh..

      I’m in the office today feeling really bored.

      Working on a Saturday? So kesian… Next week, you will not be bored…if you take time off to meet me. Hehehehehe!!

  6. The clay pot chicken rice really worth it leh. So much chicken although the taste so-so only.

    The taste was good…with salted fish some more, just that I’ve tasted better (and worse) elsewhere.

  7. I used to hang around there with friends when I have some extra in my purse in those days! What do I remember? The ice-cream called “merry widow”! πŸ™‚

    We did not have much choice during our younger days – probably the only coffee house in town to hang out. We also went to Hideaway at Capital Hotel – dunno if you know of that place.

  8. The food looks good but of course need to try first. Not cheap either. Btw, I don’t think hotel food are that great, though it’s comfy dining there.

    That is usually the case. Good, but not great but the place is usually very nice, classy!

  9. ya ya used to hang around that place long ago-guess thats the only decent -class place
    those who can remember that place are that old like us…maybe a bit younger like Stella..haha

    Hah!!! Another one who used to go there phak tho!!! I also liked Royal Flush…at that Shell Station near YMCA – no longer there, of course.

  10. Hotel price is like that and the food is so-so normally.. your claypot portion is good for two, yes.. looked quite oily too but then chinese always like to put lots oil into their dishes, like my mum always say, no oil, not nice!

    Not oily. Must be the reflection of the strong sunlight – we were sitting right beside the glass. It was quite o.k…just not the best that I’ve had.

  11. Just looked at the Filipino band that you said…and they are girls with one guy. πŸ™‚

    Most of them are like that – the guy usually plays the keyboard. Sometimes, there may be a guy and two girls among the frontliners. Those that come here are usually not very good – fresh out of the Philippines. This is their training ground – once they are better, they will go to the bigger cities like KL.

  12. Geez man… you’re making me drool with all those awesome shots! I could almost taste that mushroom, canned or not! Too bad I’ve already eaten…

    Neway, nice blog! I’d like to follow, but i dont see any ‘followers’ link in here somewhere…

    Nope…I don’t have that widget but I’ll add you to my blogroll. Thanks for the compliments and do come again.

  13. Oh….they have changed the name. Didn’t know that. The place looks really nice and clean. But disappointed the food doesn’t match up with the place. I really don’t like to see that canned mushrooms there. Yes, they should use the fresh ones. But presentation is nice though. I think I would rather head for chicken rice and kampua πŸ˜€

    Yeah…if it’s good food you want, it is better to go elsewhere. The kampua at Garden is nice too but of course, it’s halal.

  14. The places looks really good but sadly ppl in Sibu go for cheap & good!
    Where is this CK rice place?

    I don’t mind if it’s expensive but food and service must be really good to make it wort the money. The chicken rice is at the restaurant on the right end of the block opposite the hotel, beside the circular building with the Malay makan stalls, not SCR…

  15. claypot chicken looks delish…and i also like the sauce plate πŸ™‚ as in i like to have those plates πŸ™‚

    Me too. I wonder where they got those – would love to buy some of my own.

  16. The place looks clean and nice. he he he, Bamboo house, got musician playing angklung? LOL!

    Great idea. They should have somebody there playing soft and soothing angklung music to entertain diners.

  17. wah the buffet used to be RM25?!! I’ve never heard of such thing leh.. probably never in KL.

    Come to Sibu…there’s one around here – every Saturday night, and there’s another one RM10 per head only. I guess they need to get rid of their stock of food and order fresh supplies – I hear after 30 diners, they can actually make a profit already. Imagine how much they make when they make you pay a bomb!

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