Something’s changed…

I’ve changed my mind, that’s the thing that has changed – I’ve changed my mind about Japanese food. There used to be only one place in town, you see…and the only other place that I had been to was Sushi King…and there wasn’t anything so great that would keep me coming back for more. That was why I always said that I wasn’t a fan of Japanese cuisine until I dropped by this relatively new place in town

Zen 1

the Zen Japanese Fusion Dining. I took my daughter there for lunch and I like the whiteness of the place that makes it feel so clinically clean…

Zen 2

They were playing some jazz songs by some Japanese singers, pleasantly and tastefully loud enough…unlike at some restaurants where at this time of the year, they would be playing Chinese New Year songs at full blast…and that can be so irritating that I would not wait to bolt out the door!

You can help yourself to the wasabi, some colourful (red and green) dried chilli powder and the pickled ginger…

Zen - pickled ginger

I didn’t fancy any though. I just thought this thing looked nice and I simply had to take a photograph of it. LOL!!!

The Japanese green tea was served in a very nice pot and cup – all white as well, blending in so well with the surroundings…

Zen - green tea

We ordered the soft shell crab (that Melissa wanted at the other place but it was out of stock)…

Zen - soft shell crab

…and I must say that it was perfectly done. One could feel the soft flesh Β of the crab and Β relish the taste. At most places, it would be over-fried, so much so that one could not tell exactly what they were.

The terrayaki steak looked a lot thicker in the menu…

Terrayaki steak

…and though it was good, I did not think it was something that I would have again the next time I drop by the place.

I would not say the same thing about the grilled salmon mentai yaki though…

Zen - grilled salmon mentai yaki

It was simply out of this world – the grilled very fresh air-flown Norwegian salmon covered with cod roe. Yum! Yum! Melissa loved it so very much and blame it on my paternal instincts – I let her eat most of it and I just had a little bit.

That, however, was a blessing in disguise as when they served the next dish, she was already full and could hardly manage two pieces of the dragon rolls…

Zen - dragon roll

These were absolutely flavourful with the fried prawn wrapped with seaweed inside the roll of sushi rice, topped with avocado slices and the sauce over it. I never liked sushi (rolls) before but these, I really really loved so much…and since Melissa felt that she had had enough, guess who wallopped most of it! Muahahahaha!!!!

Service was excellent, very prompt and cordial and the people there are very friendly and hospitable.

It wasn’t cheap though – with the rice and drinks, the bill came up to RM90.10 but good things always come with a price tag, don’t you agree?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Something’s changed…”

  1. yum yum yum. japanese food tasty eh? but the picture do look tasty. waaa. so expensive!!! but well, if the food, service and company is great. ok ma. hehehe
    am i the first to comment today?

    Yes, you are… Yup! It’s o.k. and besides, once my daughter has left for NZ (next week), I probably would not be dropping by just like that again – maybe just on special occasions…or if somebody comes to town, can go there give them a special treat. Anybody coming soon?

      1. I’m here. Working. *sigh* Work piling. 😦 Oh well… that’s what I get for taking a couple of days off to relax a lil bit. *sigh* I think I’m gonna have to start practicing Sabbath for a more quality life. Sabbath is a good idea, dun u tink?

        Definitely. Seek inner peace. Spend some spiritual time whenever you can. Good for the mind, body and soul…

  2. Wow…Japanese food again! I wish I were your daughter lah πŸ˜› I would eat out every meal if I know my dad loves to eat…LOL. Oooh…I really love that dragon sushi. Sayang to eat it and spoil the beautiful look. I must learn to make that. The shop is really SO clean. I wonder how they are able to maintain that white look in the long run.

    They shouldn’t have any problem. They also run the western fusion restaurant and a lounge next door. Both have been around for some time but both still look sparkling new – not neglected and run-down like many places after a year or two. Come, come…contact me when you’re back in Sibu and I’ll take you there. πŸ™‚

  3. Nice…but now I don’t want Sushi or American food!!! I want Malaysian food….

    LOL!!! Missing home,eh? Melissa was too…but after all the curry and everything over the Chinese New Year season and even before that, she said she would not want to eat curry for quite a while…once she gets back to NZ.

  4. I never tried soft-shell crab before. Nice to eat kah?

    This is the 2nd place where I actually like the soft shell crabs. The first one was at this place called Junk in Kuching. All the Chinese restaurants I’ve been to, where they have these on their menu, would fry them so much till they are all brittle or crispy…one can hardly tell it is crab! Could pass off as tapioca sticks or something like that…

  5. Anything for the love of your girl.. pricey price but it is worth it… as long as she is happy! Parents like us are like that.. hahaha..

    Other than that, when the food is really good and you get treated so warmly, you leave the place feeling good about yourself and very satisfied…unlike some places, where you walk out feeling cheated and disappointed. The proprietors would always be around and they would stop to say hello and chat and listen to comments – very nice people…and very enterprising young men.

  6. oh yummmm!!! looks good! The dragon roll looks really yummy too! I’ve eaten it once when I went back to KL. It was really nice!

    Jap food is actually very very very nice. But unfortunately you’ll have to pay the price.

    Yup…everything we had was really good…except perhaps the terrayaki beef – nice but nothing special or sensational about it. I can grill beef marinated in smoked BBQ sauce at home and it would be just as nice.

  7. Good things do come with a price tag. Once in a while can indulge in this, very pretty pictures.

    Talking about soft shell crabs, it has to be my number 1 favourite, if I do go to Jap restaurants, I will never miss this dish out.

    You like? Come…come to Sibu and I’ll take you there. Never mind expensive…must offer you nothing but the best. πŸ˜‰

  8. it’s nice to indulge once in a while.

    Yup…sometimes we must pamper ourselves a bit. No point work…work…work…only. There is more to life than that.

  9. wow seafood galore…. hahaha i keep on scrolling the page over and over just to view the photos yum yum
    i really like that crab

    Enjoy drooling… Muahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  10. Look at the restaurant set up, one cannot say it is going to be cheap there, right? well if the girl likes it, why not ya..

    Fusion food? why must it be fusion, i prefer authentic lah,,,, Japanese food must be tested with it’s all originality not fusion lah,

    by the way, arthur have a great weekend ya, now i am thinking of taking my family out for Japanese food but then again, budget out already lol, due to CNY celebration…

    Do like me – buy a ticket…and hope! LOL!!! Now, I’ve become “puak kiaw kui” also already, after kena onetime. Muahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜€

    I dunno why they call it fusion…when it’s all Japanese cuisine. I would think fusion…maybe they have curry gravy on the beef or something like that…or paku pakis as a side dish.

    True, as long as my girl enjoys it, that’s the most important…and next week, she’ll be going back to NZ already… Sobssss!!!

  11. oh i love Jap foods too! i heard they said sushis in Sushi not handmade one?? lol.

    Sushi King? Dunno…did not observe what the people were doing. These franchise places – I wouldn’t be surprised. Like Secret Recipe – they said all sent from factory, they just microwave it and serve. You do not see any kitchen at those outlets…

  12. Japanese food is never cheap(unless those Jusco take away bento sushi and rice)! Juan Juan loves soft shell crabs while I’m drooling over your grilled salmon!

    They have those at Isetan also… Bought the briased unagi once – other than that, nothing that I would fancy – definitely not the sushi.

  13. My first try on soft shell crab was at Full House. A very first bite have make me falling for it..Nomm..Nomm..**but it’s not cheap..

    I forgot to take away the itemised bill so I don’t know how much each of them costs. It’s o.k. – once in a while, no problem.

  14. I wouldn’t mind the price if the ambiance and food quality is tip top. Should you come for a visit here, I’ll bring you to a Jap restaurant that will change your mind forever. Your heart don’t feel any pain when you swipe your credit card…it’s that good! Too bad Mel only got about 3 hours before her Wellington flight or else I would bring her there.

    Card? Cash lah…paid in full, courtesy of Vincent Tan (Sports TOTO). LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Otherwise, old man, retired…pencen so little – how to go and dine in style. And hopefully, Vincent will kesian me – let me strike a little bit more tomorrow night. Muahahahaha!!!!

  15. sir,

    save my mobile number – gimme a ring when you’re in KL next time

    I’ll bring you and melissa for great Japanese dinner here!!

    Gotta go!! HUngry after looking at your pics…….gosh!!

    Happy Chinese New Year to you sir :)!!

    & pls do gimme a call when u’r in KL πŸ™‚

    Number already saved. Will get in touch in with you when in KL. Trouble is flying visits, not much time…and you biznizman, even worse…have to jaga kedai, duit masuk. πŸ˜‰

    1. no worries sir

      Money can always find

      Great time with old (err pardon me :D) friends are hard to come by!!

      Use Malay better – warga emas… Muahahahaha!!! πŸ˜‰

  16. heheheh…actually i want to comment in the previous Japenese food post, saying, once you try the authentic japanese food you will change your perception towards Jap food, it is very very nice. I love sashimi and that dragon rolls is my favourite too. Yum Yum!!

    They have sashimi…but I did not try and Melissa did not fancy any either, so we did not order. The dragon rolls were really good… Wouldn’t mind having that again. πŸ™‚

  17. SOFT SHELL CRAB !! … yummy ! Great to see that the both of you had a wonderful meal together. The salmon mentai yaki looks absolutely drool-worthy ! Never tried mentai before but have heard that it’s out of this world fantastic πŸ˜€

    It is! VERY nice…and since Melissa liked it so much, I just had a bit, let her enjoy most of it. She loves salmon – always has that in NZ, just pan-grills and eats…but the guy at the restaurant said Norwegian salmon, though paler, is nicer than NZ salmon and they have it specially air-flown in for their use, so pretty fresh.

  18. Oooh!! So you’re finally a Japanese lover! yay! now you have no reason not to like my Japanese food posts. LOL! I love the picture of the soft shell crab.. fried ever so perfectly! And they’re my favourite!!

    Nicely done. I loved it…

  19. Arthur,
    In NZ, nobody carry cash, ma..either eftpos or credit card. I use credit card so that can collect points,ma. Not like you, here no Vincent Tan to sponsor cash…hahahaha.

    I thought they have lottery there? Jackpot, scratch and win etc…? I’m old school…don’t want to owe people money! LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  20. Japanese food can never be cheap. At least for the price you pay for, you’re getting some good food. So now you can start liking Jap food!

    Thank goodness I’m not really into Japanese food – will burn a hole in my pocket! My daughter loves it so I’m going all out to take her to eat as much as she wants before she goes back to NZ. I probably will not be going when she’s not around…

  21. I loved to indulge Japanese food once in awhile. I loved Masuki restaurant in Penang, one of my favourite. It always packed during lunch and PH. Value for money.

    Penang people so rich… Here, the business is also not too bad despite the high prices. I guess there is a following when it comes to Japanese food.

  22. wow…i’m glad there’s a good japanese restaurant there now…:)

    are you a roman catholic/christian? thanks πŸ™‚

    Not that I can afford to go too often…but it’s good. Yes, I am an RC and I guess you are too. Most Filipinos are except for those down south.

  23. The food looks well presented…..sure expensive lah! he he he, extra charge for presentation! LOL!

    Yup…in an earlier post, somebody did mention that Japanese food is about freshness and presentation. If you want all that…plus a touch of class and comfort, you have to pay lor. Nothing is free in this world.

    Btw, haven’t seen you for so long. Just got back from CNY at home…or so busy printing money? πŸ˜‰

  24. i had been there three times since i came back from australia last month and i absolutely love this place. the price does put people off, but with this kind of service, environment and food, it’s pretty worthwhile, even in KL u wont get such a good combination with such price.
    Even my very price conscious mum is very impressed. everytime we went, my mum would say ‘look at de boss, so young so hardworking…u should be more like them’. they really upgrade the culinary fare here in sibu.

    Three times! LOL!!! When the food is good and painstakingly prepared and presented and they treat you well – with lots of smiles and pleasantries, you feel nice inside and do not mind paying more. The young boss actually stopped by my table to wish me Happy New Year and to chat about the food, the business… Very nice guy…and if I’m not mistaken, there are two of them – good to see young people so diligent, so enterprising…and I’m glad they’re doing so well. The other cafe of theirs is more affordable, I would think.

    Btw, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Do come again.

  25. The way you described the grilled salmon mentai yaki…you made it sound so out-of-this world. :p

    It is! So very nice… Never had it before and wouldn’t mind having it again.

  26. Looking at the foods at your photos, I could say that the dishes are well prepares aesthetically. It is a perfect combination. Good taste and good preparation of foods.

    Yup, it was really nice. I enjoyed that lunch with my daughter…

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