Sharing the love…

Chinese New Year isn’t exactly over  – the celebration is supposed to go on till Chap Goh Meh (The 15th Night)…

CNY 2011 decor
*Melissa’s photo*

No doubt it was tiring holding an open house and entertaining relatives and friends who cared to drop by but it certainly felt very nice sharing the love and the joy of the festive season with all of them including my missus’ and also Melissa’s …

Melissa & friends

Mine, of course, included some of my ex-students as well…and also a number of my blogger friends. Kongkay dropped by with his wife and son…and in this group…

CNY 2011 visitors
*Goolooloo’s photo on Facebook*

there were Will Chua, Bongkerz and Alex Allied and his missus, Goolooloo.

Thanks to everybody for taking the time off to pay us a visit and extend your good wishes for the New Year – the Year of the Rabbit 2011.

I was back at work already yesterday, tired…but as they say, the show must go on. Technically, it is still Chinese New Year so do feel free to come by the house anytime when I’m home but of course, there wouldn’t be much to offer other than what’s left of the biscuits or cookies like these traditional peanut ones, for instance…

Peanut cookies

…or the kuih dahlia

Kuih dahlia

…and these butter milk cookies that I like a lot…

Butter milk cookies

As for the ang paos, I’m afraid, ah^kam_koko’, that the following weekend would be too late as I would be in KL then and besides, that would be after Chap Goh Meh. Looks like you will have to wait till next year then – the Year of the Dragon. LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Sharing the love…”

  1. Tsk… I think this year economy very bad lah… u see… my hubby, my son and I went to his friends’ house… most of them are married, but tarak kasi angpow for pun even though nobody died in their house! Tsk tsk tsk!!! Either economy bad or they lupa they’re married liao. Tsk tsk tsk! Busy gambling til lupa sendiri are married and never kasi angpow to the kids who went there visiting! TSK TSK TSK!!!

    His friends…not so generous one bah. Not like me. Hehehehehehe!!!! 😀

    1. Tsk… I so Scrooge oso kasi angpow lah… budak budak nvm la, kasi angpow once a year… soon enuff they will grow up and no chance to get angpow liao.

      Just the brats in their 20, 30s who happen to be my friends and still single I buat bodoh never kasi oni. Hahahahaha! I never kasi CNY angpows to ppl near my age or older then me… hahaha. Kids, ok lah… make it part of their childhood memories.

      I will give…as long as not married or if I know, they are not married. Some friends of friends, not sure…so didn’t give.

  2. Eh Arthur, I recognise somebody in the 3rd photo…there,this man wear soooo red, ang-ang and peluk a brown bantal.You know him,ah?
    So,next week you will be lost and depressed la…your little princess cannot berkepit wiith you somemore.
    Your cookies look so sedap…I paling berkenan the kuih Dahlia…look so senonoh.Sure sedap.

    Oh…that one. Very nice and friendly man, kind and generous too! So good looking too, don’t you think? Muahahahahahaha!!! 😀 The kuih dahlia made by my mum-in-law, old school cookies…but still much loved.

    1. Dun worry, Shereen… this bapak very modern punya… he Skype with his anak la…

      Skype every day…as far as possible.

  3. No lah! don’t want to drop by, not much left to eat now judging from the pics. Lol! But won’t mind if u courier over the dahlias! :)! Enjoy KL n hope Melissa have a safe journey back to NZ!

    Egg product, can bring to Oz? I know NZ, not allowed. I miss your late mum’s kuih dahlia’s – that one she used a chuan where you push the dough out using your thumb. The “flower” is bigger and more like one kind of chrysanthemum. I think her ingredients different too – paler, softer…maybe with milk powder or maybe cornflower, I dunno. Can still remember her in her sarong, tied around the chest…pressing out the dough one by one and baking and she was very generous – always insisted on me eating as much as I liked…fresh from the oven.😉

  4. Btw, my late grandma call that kuih dahlia ‘kuih semprit’. Dun ask me what semprit means… dono wud is that! *PENGSAN*

    Never heard. Here, we have kuih sepit…or what you people there call kuih kapit. Hey! That reminds me…we do not have any this year. Mandy’s mum makes the best – I had them last year, so very lemak and wangi…and not too sweet like most.

    1. semprit…. sounds like lausai….

      Chup! Don’t talk about lau sai lor… Her analklau sai, dunno ok already or not. LOL!!

      P.S. Maybe when pressed the dough out of the chuan to make the flowers, sempriiiit….? Muahahahahahaha!!!

      1. @SWK… yalorr… I oso tot the same thing last time.\

        @Cikgu… Eh? Mebbe that’s why it’s called semprit. LOL…becoz of the sound it made when the dough was pressed through the acuan. The acuan very pelik wan… one silinder liddat…my mum inherited the acuan when my grandma died… it’s made out of some sort of tin or something, very ancient and weird looking punya, and the head can tukar tukar for different patterns. =.=

        Oh? My aunt’s one, I think…brass – shaped like a witch’s hat. Push the dough into the hole and it comes out through the end like a flower. We have one…but plastic – I use to pump mashed potatoes for baking.

  5. Arthur,
    Actually, almost all processed food product can bring into NZ. Just remember to declare them. Even stuff like ikan bilis, udang kering etc can still bring into NZ if it’s manufacture sealed…or you really sealed it properly yourself. Recently,a friend even brought those herbs to make soup. The immigration told my friend to come and get the herbs the next day or they will even post it to you free of charge if it’s not possible for you to go to the airport. All they did with the packet herbs was to unseal the package, took out all the goji berries (one of the herbs in the package) and resealed the package again. They then called my friend to come and collect and even offered to have it delivered to her if she can’t make it. NZ is not as bad as OZ. Here,they are more reasonable as long as you are honest. All these years, I have brought back many items and so far, all lepas. But as for seeds ( to tanam), they are pretty strict. So, rule of the thumb is just be honest what you bring in and declare…and of course, a bit of common sense la what to bring…don’t la bring uncooked pork, poultry and such…and of course our attitude too…oh, and having a husband who is a pilot also helps…hahahaha!

    No lah! Melissa would never hear of it – she would not want to bring anything back…all that hassle of going through customs and what not. Would only travel with “nothing to declare”. But I’ve heard that bak kua is not allowed…and yellowish egg noodles also not allowed… I always tell my daughter – no need to bring, just buy there if they have it, never mind if it’s more expensive…and anyway, she’ll be home again by the end of the year…and this time, for good. 😉

  6. who still got the kueh Dahlia recipe…I remembered cutting the cherries n put on top…

    Amy may have…so nice, crumbles in the mouth. Nobody else does it like her.

    1. If it’s what we call back in North ‘kuih semprit’, my mum haave it… mebbe can ask her send over to share…

      Dunno….never heard of that. Dahlia…is because it’s like the flower, I guess.

  7. So you will be in KL next week? I think Elin and I will be in KL on the 15th..but it is only for a day trip.. 😦 so what are your actual plans?

    Going on 17th, Melissa flying off on 18th night…and 19th, I’ll be flying home. Guess we wouldn’t be there at the same time then… Mandy should be around already by then.

  8. waaah, no cake left ka? sobs. should go to your house on the first day, got many food. hehehehe!

    Yup…or the 2nd. All the cakes habis…which is good – otherwise, guess who will be the one who has to finish all of it! 😦

  9. Huh! Not again too much food I thought haha. So I can get ang pao from Uncle this year..hehe~;).

    What? You – Tiger, two years older than me…want to call me uncle and hope to get ang pao some more? Muahahahaha!!!!

    1. LOL…my anak, on the other hand, very qualified to call u uncle and bodek angpow from u. Bwahahahahahahahahaha! I kenot call u uncle la… me old woman liao… must call u big brother ok la… bwhahahahahahaha!

      Come, come…everyone, single, who comes to the house will get an ang pao. So when are you dropping by? Muahahahaha!!!!

    2. ♫Gimme Gimme Gimme (Ang Pao After Midnight)..

      #1 This year Bananaz is still single; #2 Accordingly one Sage said *we have crossed the Golden Rabbit Cycle its like ‘born again’. Now your good buddy, my ‘twin’ bro *Edmund & Bananaz are 1 year 6 days old so its alright to call you Uncle and when comes to your 60 Golden Dragon Year you probably call us Ah Pek loh..~;) Cleffairy cant qualify to be our sister but dotter maybe.. hehe.

      Chesh! So now I’m only12 years old lah…

  10. No eggs for oz….hmm…no wonder we are always a few dahlias short on cny, now i know haha!….ya, that is my mum alright, always treated every guest like her prodigal child and brought all the nicest things out to eat….even ‘kawi’ who came to chop trees during the festive time got to drink anglia shandy (is the drink still around) and i am not even allowed till the actual cny itself,…..a person with a very big heart who deprived herself from a lot of things and gave others the priorities…….Pollie: Amy shld have the recipe?

    Yup, Amy probably can make those cookies exactly like hers. Yup…I did notice she was always very kind and generous to everyone. As for the children, well, she was blessed with so many – each one took sikit…habis liao lor…no more for guests who dropped by. LOL!!! 😀

    1. Stella… yea… the drink is still around… just saw it in my husband’s teacher’s house…

      Yup…still around, very much alive and kicking. My missus bought a crate/box of that to serve visitors… Oh? So respectful…your hubby went to visit his teacher kah? Gave ang pao to your son or not? 😉

  11. you must be such a happening uncle. Hehe.

    Btw when are you coming down KL? Business, pleasure? I can belanja you some tea 🙂

    Of course mah…always young at heart one! LOL!!! 😉 Will be in KL to see my daughter off – she’s flying back to NZ. Check your Facebook inbox – I’ll send you the details there…

  12. i miss the springroll! I will be there again on the Dragon Year. 🙂 Thanks Mr Wee!

    Come, come…bring Rabbit baby and I promise I will give special BIG BIG ang pao – Chinese New Year plus first time visiting the house… 😉

    Thanks for dropping by – so sweet of all of you.

  13. So nice of your ex students visiting you! It does make you think that time really flies eh.. so many of them already married with families!! Anyway, I wish I could go visit your house to eat those cookies!! 😛

    Come, check the cheap airline… Come for the weekend. By now, should be very cheap already… Not so many people flying in,all going out – in the opposite direction.

  14. Wow Arthur, your new year’s leftover is still better than any of my new years’ feast. I wish I had a family celebration for the new year.

    Bluff! Your own homecooked dinner parties anytime better than my new year feast. If I go to NZ, you have to host one for me… 😉

  15. You must be “famous” and loved by everyone. 🙂

    Not much cookies left? I still got a lot at home, and i am not a cookies person. 😛

    Ah, time flies, Melissa going to fly off again soon?

    Not really…just that I mingle with such nice and sweet people who care enough to take the trouble to drop by. Yup…next week and I’ll be alone again naturally. 😦

  16. Ha? only left these three types of cookies? Many guests must have visited your family. All home made? Feels nostalgic looking at the cookies….unlike those common-looking commercial types. Oh, Melissa will be flying off after the cny? Time flies, so fast holiday break is coming to an end, huh. So, will you be meeting any friends when you’re in KL?

    Got lah! No more cakes…and the food’s all gone but there are still the biscuits including those that I featured in an earlier post:
    Dunno if I’ll get to meet anybody in KL. So far no offers…usually everyone’s too busy with this or that. Sobs!!!

  17. hmmm…i’m being enticed by the cookies! 🙂

    This year, we did not get a lot as every year, we would end up with a whole lot…and guess who would be the one who had to finish everything. After a while, the mere sight of the cookies would put me off… 😦

  18. wah i also haven’t start on my ang pow extortion journey. Just came back from Colombo and I miss the atmosphere!

    Make the most of it while it lasts – once married, no more. LOL!!! I wouldn’t want to go there for Chinese New Year… Singapore would be a better choice – everything’s there…except the firecrackers and the fireworks – peace and quiet all around. Those Singaporeans are so obedient, do well-disciplined…

  19. Wow! 15 days!? I never thought that Chinese New Year lasts that long. I guess it is the longest feast there in Malaysia.

    That’s traditionally…but usually we celebrate it for a couple of days. Some may have other traditional events going on though…and then we have Chap Goh Meh (15th Night) – that is the final night of the celebration.

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