Night on the town…

It was the eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve when my daughter and I went to the town centre. Normally, in the past, it would be so terribly congested but not anymore – traffic was smooth and by George! I could even find a parking space!

We walked past the Feng Shui fountain…

Sibu - Feng Shui fountain

…and went to a departmental store. Melissa got herself a nice purple Chinese-Indian fusion embroidered blouse and after that, we went to the Chinese Zodiac Garden…

Sibu - Chinese Zodiac garden

…where one can get to see statues of the 12 animals in the Chinese horoscope. The Rabbit was accorded special honour with its special decorations for the new year festive season…

Mel & the Rabbit

…and Melissa also had a photograph taken with her animal – the Snake.

Mel & the Snake

After that, we stopped by KFC for a bite…

@ KFC, Sibu

Melissa had their fish donuts (RM5.50)…

KFC - fish donuts

…while I had the jom jimat (RM5.95)…

KFC - jom jimat

…which came with some french fries and a free drink which we both shared.

That certainly was a pleasant father-daughter outing, I must say.

Well, how has your Rabbit Year been?

Nina, rabbit ballerina

All’s well and all of you are enjoying yourselves to the fullest, I hope…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Night on the town…”

  1. So you guys got the feng shui fountain in Sibu no wonder all the feng $hui gather$ there and not in West Malaisiya..lolz ~;). Oh cute 兔tù wearing ballet shoes. This 兔tù Year is the same throughout peaceful & quiet I’m lovin the Year of 兔tù. haha..

    Ah! That’s my idea of a perfect holiday. Now,I feel so tired…and going back to work tomorrow is the last thing I am looking forward to. Perhaps next year, we will take off for some place peaceful and quiet…and come back when it’s all over – fully-recharged, revitalised…

  2. well, I cooked for the CNY eve lunch.

    Lunch? Isn’t it supposed to be a reunion dinner? But it did seem that many ate early – the firecrackers here started at around 2-3 p.m. if that was an indication that their families were already sitting down for the reunion lunch/dinner.

  3. since when kfc have donut? need to go and check! lol. i love cheesy wedges kfc but i dislike the fries there.
    enjoy the moment with your dotter before she go back study!

    Yup…the fries no good, but I tried one of the donuts – not bad…has the texture of fish, not the springy fish cake texture at McD’s.

  4. wow the town center so nice one?? got such a nice fountain and also the sculptures of the 12 chinese horoscope, that’s pretty cool eih.. KFC fish donut, how does it taste?? nowadays KFC doesn’t only sell chicken eih?? haha..

    Yup…Sibu is a nice little town. Must come and visit sometime… Ya…probably will have to change the name to KFFC now. 😉

  5. Did you peep thru the fish dough nut to discover new happenings? haha.. Wonder anybody doing that when they order fish dough nut as what’s been advertised. Goldflower86 this was just out very recent. ~;).

    Oh? Didn’t see the advert. Maybe should try next time…hopefully can see 4D numbers. LOL!!! 😀

  6. You ‘kooi kang’ *open work* on Monday? Thought you pencen no more *kang* but become *bu*..haha.

    What to do? Have to work to put food on the table… Depend on pension, where got enough.

  7. my year of the rabbit so far has been filled with food food and more food for the stomach! 🙂 Glad to see you’re doing lots of father daughter bonding here. Hehe. 🙂

    Put on weight, I guess? Ya…less than 2 weeks, she’ll be going back to NZ. Will miss her heaps then…

    1. oh, back studying? Teacher’s kid, must be a very smart kid!

      p.s: My dad was a teacher too! *hints*

      Oh? So your brother must be very smart lah? LOL!!! *pretends to miss the hint* But frankly, I knew many teachers’ kids who were the worst in the school – some academically, some discipline-wise and some both.

  8. kfc has donuts there? interesting. but then again, kfc phils is tied up with mister donuts, some kfc here sell mister donuts products, too 🙂

    was that a colonel burger that you ate? kfc doesn’t make that here anymore. the burger that it makes now are saltier than before or maybe it’s just me getting older and not appreciating salty food anymore 🙂

    i’m glad you still bond with your daughter. one can never outgrow his/her parents 🙂 i’m sure she appreciates all the time she spends with you. 🙂

    Yup…it was a colonel burger…a badly-shrunk one – very small! LOL!!! “Jom jimat” means come and save/economise… I’ve always been very close with my daughter all her years while she was growing up…and even now, still so close. 🙂

  9. I love the words.. father-daughter outing, a kind of bonding too… i love going out with my kids too, anytime!

    Who knows how long we can enjoy this pleasure… Once married, have kids of their own, these moments will be our memories to treasure… 😦

  10. Traffic is a breeze here in KL, well at least for now. We went to Mid Valley on the 2nd day of CNY, a no-no for us during normal weekends and public holidays and we found a parking in no time.. Bliss…

    In previous years, in the days leading up to Chinese New Year and around the festive season, it would be quite impossible to go to town… That was why I was surprised that there were not that many people around town that night – maybe the economy is really bad so everyone did not have that much money to splurge so they were all staying home…

  11. Never go to Sibu before.

    The night scenery look nice with some unique decorations.

    I never try the burger and jom jimat before. it is only for chinese new year?

    Don’t ask me…I don’t usually go to such places so honestly, I do not know. What? Aren’t you originally in Kuching? And all your life you’ve never been to Sibu? Good grief!

  12. Sighhhhhhhhh…. wanna go bodek my dad bring me go makan before he fly off… sobssss~

    He’s in town? Not at home celebrating Chinese New Year kah?

    1. Nope… he’s not at home… he’s working, on site…hahahaha… my dad tarak cuti. March will fly off liao. Gonna have to bodek him before March. LOLOL!

      Not at home all the time kah? Ah well…I guess he will retire soon – then you will see more of him.

  13. wah it’s been such a long time since I last heard someone using the expression of “by george”. nice!

    😦 Justa bout shows how old I am eh? LOL!!! Typically British… You can hear Professor Higgins saying that in “My Fair Lady”.

  14. I’m pretty sure that our KFC doesn’t have fish donuts! 🙂

    An Arkies Musings

    Probably not. Maybe it’s to cater to local tastes. Heard of students coming home from overseas and they go and eat at KFC. When asked why when there are lots of KFCs overseas, they say ours here are nicer. I guess you only have fried chicken, original flavour? No hot and spicy there?

  15. Chinese New Year Eve eat KFC?

    It was very quiet here too. We had our reunion lunch, then everyone fly off in that evening. Left only our family and parent in law.

    We also didn’t go anywhere on the eve, just rot at home and watch tv and eat the left over food from afternoon. hahahha

    That was the eve of Chinese New Year’s Eve. The mum so busy in the kitchen cooking and baking…so I told my daughter I would take her out to walk around, stretch her legs…to give her a break otherwise, staying at home all the time for a number of days already. Aiyor…so kesian lah like that – not like Chinese New Year. Next year, better come to Sibu – you’ll have a lot more fun here.

  16. Since the eve, traffic was so good over here, like a breeze. In fact, I went to a couple of shopping malls on the 31st and 1st….not congested and parking was so easy! But there were certainly more vehicles on the road by yesterday afternoon/evening…

    You’re in KL or in Penang? Here, I did not go to the town centre on the eve and the 1st two days of Chinese New Year. I saw on Facebook some people even had to queue up for kampua noodles… I wouldn’t want to join in the crowd. Old man, headache… LOL!!! 😀

  17. i am also a snake…a very big snake hehehhehehehe i agree with STP, quite easy to find parking this CNY….i guess not many people came back this year. fireworks also not as noisy and they dont last until d wee hours of the morning….cheers STP!

    …and all day, not a sound. They only play a bit at night. So thankful for that! 🙂

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