Just like before…

Well, not exactly. As a matter of fact, I was quite disappointed the last one or two times I dropped by this place

Mitsu Dimsum

…but to be fair, it is still a fairly nice place to go for dim sum (or yam char) and some of the things that they have are actually quite good like these Portuguese egg tarts, for example…

Mitsu - portuguese egg tarts

The char siew pao are as good as ever…

Mitsu - char siew pao

…and I simply love their butter milk buns…

Mitsu - butter milk buns

I don’t know but I am pretty sure they have salted egg in the filling so you will get one kind of very unique taste. Really nice, very very nice!

The har kau looks nice…

Mitsu - har kau

…but the skin is simply too tough, I’m afraid. The siew mai isn’t much better either – they’re kind of too hard for my liking…

Mitsu - siew mai

These meat dumplings are all right but you would not see me ordering them again the next time around…

Mitsu - meat dumplings

…and I have the same sentiments about these meat rolls too…

Mitsu - meat rolls

But these vegetable dumplings are very nice…

Mitsu - vegetable dumplings 1

They have chives inside – something that I do not like. When I eat char kway teow (fried flat noodles), you will see me picking out the strips and leaving them by the side of the plate one by one. But somehow or other, these tasted really great…

Mitsu - vegetable dumplings 2

I certainly would not mind having those again next time.

I would give the thumbs-up for the porridge as well…

Mitsu - porridge

The bottom line is there isn’t any really good dim sum place in town, so beggars can’t be choosers. One just needs to know what is worth ordering and after all, what I do not like, others probably would not mind. I guess that’s what has been keeping this place running for so long now…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Just like before…”

  1. I always find dim sum places in Malaysia are a little bit of a disappointment. No matter how good the reviews were for certain places, I somehow still not fully satisfied with the quality of food these places served. The best dim sum I ever had was in Hong Kong but very pricey. Melbourne too have some nice dim sum places…much better than in Malaysia while Auckland is somewhat like Malaysia but a little bit better. The worst dim sum I ever had was in Beijing. Tried quite a few places as we were living there once but all tasted pretty bad…maybe my palate is not the same with the locals…the meat smelled funny and loads of fatty matter or ‘something’ in their dim sum.

    The dim sum you had actually got good presentation and looked very senonoh.Too bad taste wise a bit blah.

    Oh? The pork in Oz and NZ had a funny smell before. Heard that they did not know how to slaughter the pigs. Ok now, I hear…as they’ve got people in the know to do it these days. I’ve had bad reviews of food in China from family and friends going there – one even ended up eating instant noodles in his hotel room…and all feasted like crazy the moment they reached Hongkong. No doubt their dim sum is the best.

    This place in Sibu used to be very good, on par with dim sum in restaurants and hotels that I had elsewhere- chef from Shanghai…but I think the guy has left and the sifu did not teach the tootee too well. It’s still quite ok, some things are nice…but Melissa says the dim sum place in Wellington is better – not too sure if the people from Hongkong or China but expensive.

    This one – all that and I also ordered takeaway – the char siew pao and the butter milk buns for my mum…plus drinks for three persons – around RM50 only…roughly NZ$20…enough to pay for one person in NZ?

  2. morning! I really like the way you take the pictures, it’s so clear and the way you shoot it makes the food so delicious. Omg, really got to learn from you.

    Are you using a high end camera?

    Thanks for the compliments but aiyooorrrr….old pensioner, where got money to waste on those monstrosities? I “inherited” my daughter’s old digicam when I bought her a new one – you can read about it here:
    Before this, I just used my handphone camera. As long as it is bright enough or there is enough light, the photos should turn out ok. Good also to take a few and then choose one good one…unless the people you are eating with are so (greedy like they’ve never eaten before and) impatient. Tsk! Tsk!

    1. Hey I checked your post on the old digicam. Not bad old fella, for such a humble camera you could take such great shots!!!

      You said you’re coming over kl this month? What occasion? Call me up, i’ll be around! But maybe you will be the one guiding me instead of me, coz I rarely leave the house, so don’t know any nice places. 🙂

      Sure, will try to get in touch with you then. Would be great if we could meet. 🙂

  3. my bf auntie used know how to make dimsum.. i should learn and then hor, open one near your house. kaakakaka. be my loyal customer kk? hehehe

    Come, come…open one in Sibu. Only one dim sum restaurant (now plus Shabu2 at night) and a couple at food courts and coffee shops – one, I thought was o.k. and another one, I did not try. So limited the choices here.

  4. I went for dim sum with my girl last Saturday and we had a wonderful breakfast… this shop serves small portions of dim sum, even the siew mai comes in smaller sizes, just nice for both of us..our bill came to RM21 for both of us… next time i take u there.. hahaha..

    So cheap… Dim sum restaurant or coffee shop dim sum stall? Anyway, two of you…and three of us and we tapaoed some more – around RM50 and I’m sure you do not eat as much as me. Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. Never never before…lau hiau tua pui no gigi so complaining har kau skin too tough izzit? haha. Love har kau which is a must if I go dim sum. Wowie all the food are yummy & nice leh. Is chives what we call 9 vege in Chinese? That’s my papa fav when we go order ‘chai koay’ with the other common ‘mengkuang’ ~;).

    No lah! I still have ONE gigi left. I also love har kau but this one’s a disappointment. My daughter said in NZ, the moment you take up the har kau, the skin will break – so nice and soft. This one – I think I have had ‘chai koi’ – the ones with mangkuang inside…with much softer skin. Chives = koo chai…or what the Malays call kucai.

  6. Very interesting! Butter milk buns with salted egg? Not that I have seen or eaten over here, moreover seldom go dim sum kinda expensive not a place for beggars like me hehe ~;).

    Aiyor…so kesian. Come, come to Sibu and I belanja you go eat dim sum. Over there, so many places…even kopitiam also got but cheap or not, not too sure.

    Dunno what they put in the butter milk buns but you get the taste like the filling of the baked butter milk buns in bakeries but there is that something very special…and we thought it tasted a bit like salted egg yolk. Nice! Very nice…

    1. Tasted like salted egg, looked like salted egg; not sound like salted egg but may not or could not be salted egg? Gotta be careful with what you write can easily get sued nowadays hehe ~;).

      Not when you say nice things…or are gentle and subtle when talking about things not to your liking. Real sad if something sucks and you cannot say anything about it. There’s this age-old maxim that “the customer is always right”…and what about that freedom of speech crap that young Malaysian yuppies seem to get so emotional about? Personally, I always believe that one man’s meat is another man’s poison…so I may not like it but others may think otherwise…and there are always nicer ways of phrasing things.

      I will ask the captain next time I drop by the place – he may be able to confirm whether there is any salted egg in it or not. It is something like egg custard…and maybe they use salted egg instead of fresh ones for that special flavour. Does wonders, I must say. Love it!

  7. The milk bun looks good, but i dont really like it simply because i feel a bit weird with the taste of salted egg in a bun. But hub loves it…..

    Oh? So it IS salted egg then? They taste like that too over there? I love it! 😉

  8. I no really like dim sum, i guess too oily lol, and kind of expensive lah, now they say they want to increase price somemore, one big pau, increase by 30 cents liao

    hey, arthur have a healthy new rabbit year ya, say hi to your missus and melissa for me, will ya?

    Same to you, Phoebe and the boys. The giant pao here at one place, I think already RM3.00 each – really nice but I don’t think I will buy anymore. Besides, I notice the filling getting less too… 😦

    1. Wonder what is the price for Yip-Zhi-Mui tai pau is selling now after my first bite donkey years ago at Taman Connaught. [ Can anyone please update us? ]. Heard they expanded *not the pau* their biz and gone into franchise years ago. When I go to purchase a bit paiseh to open my mouth errrr Yippp yippp.. (not too nice shy to mention somebody’s boobs lah *haiz*)..then point at the big pau and said “one please”..~;).

      Make sure you point at the right big paus… LOL!!!

  9. Well, dimsum is not a foochow specialty so can’t expect too much. I still remember the old Hock Chu Leu siew mai, maybe I’m wrong but I think that’s more the foochow style, very big and doughy. I still see those old style siew mai at the pasar malam. Well, so sorry I can’t come and pai nien at your place. I’m sure you have lots of goodies ready. Any fruit cake and keropok among them?

    The Hock Cheu Lau sio bee is still available – expensive and not so nice. They say New Capitol’s nicer. Those would be the Sibu sio bee – some nice ones around even at the pasar malam though I do not know exactly which stall. Different from the Hongkong-style dimsum siew mai. Nope, no fruitcake as my daughter’s not into those fruits in cake. Keropok…a lot but no sun to sun them before frying. Raining every day. Not really into those anyway…so maybe I’ll just keep till you come back…and you can feast in those. LOL!!! 😀

  10. Looking at the char siew pao brought back some memories, I think the best char siew pao I ever tasted was at the SH Primary school canteen in our time. Don’t know if you remember them. Anything like that in Sibu these days?

    I went to St Mary’s. Never had any nice paos in the school canteens…but there have been some o.k. ones around – our local variety with the rubbery skin, not these cotton-like Hongkong-style ones.

    1. I think the rubbery skin is the real authentic handmade dough. All the paos used to have those skins but now they use the factory prepared dough and those are powdery and flaky, not nice at all. Forgot you went to St Marys.

      That’s our kind of pao skin – my daughter likes those, not the dim sum type. I’m o.k. with both – as long as the filling is nice. You like the original Sibu market chai pao (vegetable pao) – they used to sell at the stalls in the market facing Palace Theatre? My cousin in Kuching would always ask me to bring some over each time I drop by – she thinks they’re the best – nothing like those anywhere else…as far as chai pao goes.

  11. food again 🙂 u really enjoy food – expecially good food!

    Happy rabbit chinese new year to you and your family!

    Wish your Chinese New year wishes – All come true!

    And a Happy Chinese New Year to you…over there in Russia! 😀

  12. looks like a great place for dim sum. like you i love the buns with the salted egg filling – very high in cholesterol but satisfying though

    I like…never mind what cholesterol! So confirmed – there’s salted egg in that eh? Yum!

  13. Excuse me, I dont think beggars go to that place. It’s pricy!

    Delightful brunch sponsored by Sports TOTO. Hopefully, next round sponsored by kind and charitable handsome young man who draws an equally handsome big fat check every month but has no way and nowhere to spend it… 😉

    1. Get some plastic surgeon to turn you into a SuiChaBoh. Then, I’ll take you there. hahaha~~

      Never mind. Plenty more where it all came from, thanks to Sports TOTO… I can go on my own…anytime. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  14. The salted egg and milk butter bun is Juan Juan and my favourite! Simply delicious!

    Wishing you a prosperous Rabbit year, no going back kampung?!

    Ah! So many people like it, it seems. Same to you and your family… I’m already in the kampung, born and bred here…

  15. The salted egg and milk butter bun is Juan Juan and my favourite! Simply delicious!

    Wishing you a prosperous Rabbit year, not going back kampung?!

    Oops…duplicate comment. Hehehehehe!!!! 🙂

  16. Portugese egg tarts! Those are one of my favourites! Unfortunately, I don’t know where to get them here in KK, so I only get to eat them when my aunt from KL comes back here, she’ll always tapao some for me 🙂

    Those dim sums looks scrumptious… *drool*

    Can come to Sibu for those…though I would think they have them at all the dim sum places. I know there are some nice dim sum restaurants in KK now… Dunno when I can go over again.

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