Getting ready…

Groan! I’m so tired after all the weeding! I wonder why my missus would go and plant all those things…and I’ve got somebody to come and cut the grass in my lawn too…and good grief! The day after tomorrow is Chinese New Year’s Eve…and there is still so much to do!

I’m glad that I’ve got some of the usual traditional family favourites. My foster cousin gave me the kuih gunting (scissors biscuit) she made…

CNY2011 - kuih gunting

I think I have featured these in a post last Chinese New Year…or was it the year before? It is called thus because after making the dough and cutting it into long strips, you use the scissors to cut them into bits to deep fry in the boiling hot oil in the wok.

She also gave me the kuih kereta (engine/car biscuits)…

CNY 2011 - kuih kereta

…and these are thus named because they use some kind of wheel, made of brass, to roll on the thin dough to cut it into pieces and also to cut the lines in each little piece.

My missus bought these very nice kuih bangkit

CNY 2011 - kuih bangkit

…and the pineapple jam tarts…

CNY 2011 - pineapple tarts & cookies

…the rolled ones, not the open ones type that we used to have when we were kids but as they say, beggars can’t be choosers. She also bought a lot of other types of cookies including those in the photo…and also a couple of cakes as well. I think she may make some more in these two remaining days.

Some of the decorations are up…

CNY 2011 decor

…but we’ll leave the cleaning and finishing touches to the last minute or else it will all get messy again by the time the big day arrives.

The money is in the ang pao packets, all ready…

CNY 2011 ang paos

…and here too, like everywhere else throughout the whole country, there are no new RM5.00 notes. I should have asked for RM1.00 notes and prepared the RM1.10 ang paos for everyone instead…like those that I used to get when I was a kid. Too bad it did not cross my mind at the time. LOL!!!

So, how are you are doing? Are you ready for the New Year yet – the Year of the Rabbit, 2011?