Down on the corner…

My daughter and I went to my favourite Sarawak laksa place for lunch but while she had the laksa, I opted for the nasi ayam Pattaya (Pattaya chicken rice)…

Thomson Corner - nasi ayam Pattaya 1

It had been quite a while since I last had it and it seemed that the chicken was a bit less than what I used to get. The rice inside was good though…

Thomson Corner - nasi ayam Pattaya 2

It was something like nasi lemak with the fragrance of santan (coconut milk) but I think there were more raisins and finely-chopped sausage in the past as well. All these did not bother me much though as it was still good and I did enjoy it – that would be the most important thing, don’t you think?

I also ordered the pian sip (meat dumplings), otherwise called kiaw in Kuching and wantan elsewhere…

Thomson Corner - pian sip, dry

They used to sell them before – the soup version but they stopped. It certainly looked like they are back on the menu once more – now with a choice between soup or dry.

We also shared the  salad sotong (squid)…

Thomson Corner - salad sotong

– RM6.00 for a large serving. I cannot remember now but I was pretty sure it was RM5.00 before. Anyway, it was nice but I think I prefer the batter used for the salad sotong here. I wonder if the price there has gone up too or not.

Usually, I would not order such things…

Thomson Corner - durian longan cocktail

…but this one had blended durian in it – their durian longan cocktail. It was pretty nice though I would prefer a stronger durian taste in it and maybe some of the flesh from the fruit as well. This cost RM4.50…and since I never had anything like that before, I am in no position to make any comparisons.

All in all,the bill came up to around RM20 including the sugarcane juice that Melissa had with her laksa.

Business was really good and the place was packed with students from my former school across the road. Gee! Don’t they go home to eat anymore these days?

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27 thoughts on “Down on the corner…”

  1. the dessert looking yum but not sure if i like durian in it. the small black seeds are ‘terasay’ right? Used to love them as a cold drink. I remember Aunt L. used to make a jug n put in her fridge.

    Yup, that’s it…but I do not remember eating that at Aunty L’s or anywhere else. Meliissa seems to like those seeds…

  2. Oh yeah “Down on the corner out in the street, Melissa & STP are eatin’, bring a nickel tap your feet…” Wow the ABC looks yummy you usually dont order it coz not meant for lao hiau tua pui only for the young and young at heart cute tua pui. Poor Paul’s cousin fried with salad all over. haha Bananaz loves sotong..tQ

    I suppose you are right. Old folks like me do not really fancy those colourful sweet things. But hey! “bring a nickel” mana cukup…must bring big, big ang pao… Chinese New Year is coming. LOL!!! 😀 You love sotong eh? Hmmmm…if I’m not mistaken, the name sotong has other connotations – I wonder which one you mean. Muahahahaha!!! 😀

    1. Ask CCR those days a nickel can buy tons and tons of one ton mee..lolz Muahahahaha!!! (tryin to laugh like you) *copy & paste

      You will have to be fat like me to laugh like that! Are you? 😀

  3. There is dry wantan? I think I would still go for soup.

    For the Nasi Pattaya picture, did you carefully position the raisin on top of that rice? lol.

    Now you’re making me hungry, this morning would be a busy morning for me looking for food. Haha

    Got! My daughter will only take the dry ones, never the soup – I’m ok with any of the two. They also have fried ones at some places – not really a fan of those. No lah…I was digging for the chopped sausages and the raisin just happened to be there. I thought it looked good there… 😉 So what are you having for breakfast/lunch today?

    1. I’m not ok with fried ones too! Prefer soupy wantan.

      I had broth made by my fiancee (sounds weird calling her that), for lunch it was some economy rice around sungai wang area!

      and guess what, now she’s craving for cookies. Where in the world do I get cookies at this hour?? (1.36am).

      She has cravings already? Oops…!!! @.@. 7-Eleven… LOL!!!

  4. Best!! Looks good… remember to take me there when I go next time.. the ice kacang is very tempting!

    I’ve been waiting…and waiting…and waiting – 2010 already 2011, Tiger Year already going to be Rabbit Year but still no sign of you or anybody else coming this way. Sobs!!! 😦

  5. Hmmmm…for the Durian Longan Cocktail, I will prefer less durian and no durian meat. I am not a fan of durian. But then, if there is no durian in Durian Longan Cocktail, then it will not be Durian Longan Cocktail anymore.

    There are a lot of other combinations. My daughter was eyeing the one with peaches…but after eating, she said she was already too full. Maybe we will go again another time…

  6. The salad sotong looks really nice. I’ve never tried Sarawak laksa before, but have heard wonderful things about it. East Malaysia does seem to be a haven for food …. drool ..

    Have you started working? Can always hop over for the holidays – can put up at my place, no problem…food, lodging, transport and tours all free. Then you can try all the nice food we have here… 😉

  7. Salad sotong? Where? All I see is the sotong goreng tepung with some tartare(I assume) sauce. Mana the sayur or fruits?
    Wah, syiok habis I see the dessert…can just imagine the icy cool sweet slush sliding into my throat. Others,I tak heran.
    Saw your last few entries…wahhh…you really make me miss home (Malaysia). What with the lantern decorated Sibu. In Auckland although got many Chinese, not a hint of CNY is in the air. The only thing that reminds me CNY is next week was a cartoon bunny jumping across The National Geographic logo while I was watching TV in Fiji!!!!Sobbbb!!!

    Kesian. Drop by Chinatown…and you will get the Chinese New Year mood. My daughter just arrived in Wellington last year when it was Chinese New Year. Well, there was a parade of sorts and she did go out (to a Japanese restaurant) for a mini-celebration on their own. Nothing like home,of course. This year, thankfully…she gets to celebrate it at home. Btw, have you seen this yet?…..

    So touching, so meaningful.

    Salad? Over here, anything that is served with mayo…is called salad – so fried chicken with mayo squeezed all over it is called salad chicken…and I suspect they (the Chinese here) call mayo…salad. That should explain why that is called salad sotong…and thankfully, the dressing is not exactly plain mayo. They mix some things in it…and it tastes really good.

  8. Talking about Durian Ice Kacang, I’ll take you to a place with ice kacang that packs a mean durian punch… in Kuching! haha~~
    Sarawak Laksa is better here too.

    They have that in Kuching? It may be better but I bet it isn’t that much better. I would still prefer the Thai durian-pulut dessert with rich santan – that one’s a killer. Really heavenly!

    As for the laksa, a friend of mine working in Kuching commented that she misses our Thomson Corner ones…and when I said that many would disagree especially people from Kuching…she said that the Chinese has a saying that water is sweeter in own’s own town. I guess when she goes to eat here, she goes with her hubby and her children…but when she goes to eat in Kuching, she either goes with friends or alone. That speaks volumes, don’t you think?

    I do think, however, that the Thomson Corner laksa has improved a great deal – much nicer than two years ago when you had it there…and personally, I have yet to eat laksa in Kuching that makes me go wow…and want a second round… the laksa I cook myself at home. Hehehehehe!!! 😉

  9. Arthur,
    Thank you for the Petronas clip. I love them especially during the late Yasmin Ahmad days. Somehow this year’s one not as melancholy as those days. Agree with you though, very meaningful.
    New Zealand is one of the few countries that does not have a dedicated Chinatown. All we have is a Chinese community that will organise a small fair to celebrate the day which may not be on CNY day itself. Sadly, these fairs do not signify CNY itself but more of the Chinese greed to make money by selling foodstuff and items that has got nothing to do with CNY spirits! I am feeling so sad now thinking of home…feel like crying!!!

    Yeah, I guess people always have ulterior motives in doing such things – like the national-level open houses here. No prize for guessing what the number one agenda is on their minds! I do believe that no one can beat Yasmin Ahmad – her ads are simply the best. This year’s is meaningful but I do not think many will cry the same way as when they watched Yasmin’s productions. In comparison, I like last year’s better even – the father-daughter thingy…and the soft loving heart in the rough and tumble man…and you can guess why I love it so much. 😉

  10. yum. the nasi pattaya chicken look nice. i still havent taken my meal. off to pasar malam 🙂

    What? Past 4 p.m. already and you have not eaten anything? Are you on diet or what?

    1. hahaha, i lost few kg jor. yeap on diet kunun.
      i went to buy sotong goreng because of the picca. so yummmm.

      Hmmm…if you put on an extra kg or two, don’t blame me yah! 😉

  11. haha….nowadays students are very rich. They will rather eat with friends than to go home and eat.

    Love the nasi pattaya. It’s been quite a while I did not had that too….but ours here is the normal fried rice wrapped with egg and topped with chilli sauces.

    …and the poor parents will have to fork out the money. Kesian. Yup…I noticed that nasi patayya elsewhere is just fried rice wrapped in egg. I would think this one’s nicer…

  12. Alamak! The sotong got me drooling. Ishhhh… now, who wanna teman me go makan sotong?

    Drool! Drool! This one is really nice… Yum! 😀

  13. the chicken rice looks appetizing. i love chicken. it’s my favorite. also the durian longan cocktail looks satisfying…mmm 🙂

    They’re all nice.. 🙂 I’m not particular whether it’s seafood, chicken, pork, beef or lamb…as long as the dish is delicious. Yum! 😀

  14. LOL, eyeing your durian longan cocktail, isn’t that an ice blended?! Or perhaps pudding?

    Well, since nowadays most students have both parents working… I think most likely they don’t cook but ta pau and while the kids prefer to eat out with friends.;D

    I think it’s something like ice kacang or ABC. Yup…and some schools have extra lessons and activities in the afternoon so the kids do not have time to go home. Tiring also…drive here and there even in a small town like Sibu.

  15. with such good food and cheap prices, who wants to cook ? 😀
    thks for the clip. this yr, i want to do something different w my 77 yr old dad. I’ll bring him to the cinema for a movie !! I think CNY is more for younger kids and older folks. They are happy, then we are happy, agree?

    Not the same – everyone has money and can buy and order…or have the food catered. Not everyone these days is willing to sweat it out in the kitchen to dish out food which will be so special as it has the extra ingredient – LOVE!

    Ya, taking your dad to the cinema would be good. We used to do that when we were young – reunion dinner…and then to the cinema for a movie. Full House! And they always showed those Chinese tear jerkers (Lin Dai movies) and my father would scold us – Chinese New Year, go and cry your eyeballs out!

  16. I always find wantan, pian sip, and kiaw different. I don’t think it’s the same thing with a different name only.. hmm

    Yup…wantan skin is different, more firm (and slightly yellowish?)…but kiaw and pian sip are quite similar, I would think. Not starkingly different like kampua and kolo mee.

  17. The sotong is still cheap at only RM6! and the dessert looks good too! What more with durian in it! yum!

    RM6 cheap? The cocktail was ok, quite nice…but I am not really into such things. Just wanted to give it a try.

  18. Nasi Ayam Pattaya is it same as Nasi Pattaya without the chicken? I like nasi pattaya, but not everywhere serve good nasi pattya. Some of the rice don’t have the “wok smell”. 🙂

    All food look good, except that dessert, i will give it a pass. hahahhahaha

    Ah…yours must be the fried rice wrapped in egg then. This one is different – very nice. Must try when you come back to Sibu. Hah!!! I wouldn’t want to have that a second time either – just wanted to try. Not into those things. LOL!!!

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