Learn to love…

I first tried the celebrated Penang assam laksa in December, 1973 on Penang Hill and I did not like the seemingly-peculiar taste…or at least, that was what it felt like at the time. On another occasion, I just tried a little bit of it when somebody had a bowl of that in KL and I was not that crazy over it either.

On the other hand, my daughter has had it a couple of times in Sungai Petani and even with her friends in NZ, and she quite enjoys it. Well, the only place that I know of in Sibu where they do sell the laksa would be at my regular Malay kuih-muih stall at Bandong. The problem is by the time I drop by in the morning at around 8 something, they would all be sold out. That was why, the other day, I had to reserve a few packets and we were able to have that for lunch…

Bandong Penang laksa 1

It has some kind of exotic taste that would probably put off those who are not very adventurous when it comes to their dining pleasures but lately, I am more into that kind of cuisine…and that day, I found that I actually liked it a lot. It was particularly nice with a squeeze of calamansi lime, giving it the extra fragrance and a bit of sourish taste.

Bandong Penang laksa 2

This only costs RM2.50 a packet and my daughter had one for lunch and another for dinner so that should give you a fair idea as to how nice it was.

Hmmmm…perhaps on my next trip to Penang, I should go and try the one at Air Itam which many people claim to be the best of the best…

Air Itam Penang assam laksa

I wish they would, in the meantime, replace those wobbly metal stools and the equally unstable tables though…and I will make sure that I will not look at the black murky water in the drain this time… LOL!!!