I’m into something good…

The other day, my daughter and I went  to the Kopi-O Cafe, a food court at the Sing Kwong Complex in the Salim area here in Sibu as she wanted to eat the claypot chicken rice or the pork and salted fish claypot rice there…

Prok & salted fish claypot rice
*recycled pic*

Unfortunately, the stall was not open for business, so we had to look for something else. In the end, I settled for this from another stall at that same place…

Special Taiwan rice

They call it the Special Taiwan Rice with a huge slab of braised pork and salted vegetables plus rice.

It was really very nice and even at RM6.00 a bowl, I thought it was fairly priced considering that they were so generous with the meat. I really enjoyed that and I would not mind going back there again some day.

My daughter had the zhao zai hung ngang – which is actually the bigger version of mihun (rice vermicelli) served in the sourish preserved vegetable soup…

Zhao zai hung ngang

This was only RM3.00 a bowl and my daughter said it was not too bad but because it was a bit too sour for her, she only managed to finish about half of it.

I found out that my ex-student owns the Special Taiwan Rice plus Bak Kut Teh stall and also runs the Economical Fast Food or chap fan stall, the claypot rice stall as well as the coffee shop. According to him, the claypot rice stall would not be open until after Chinese New Year as he is kind of short-handed at the moment and the best piece of news that I got from him was that the prices of drinks at this food outlet would stay the same – no increase of 30 sen.

Well, the drinks were on him that day but unfortunately, not the rice. Tsk! Tsk! LOL!!!

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39 thoughts on “I’m into something good…”

  1. Tsk tsk tsk, u mean that feller increase the rice price?

    Did I say that? If he did, I wouldn’t know – 1st time having it…and I thought it was reasonably priced. I only know that he did not increase the prices of drinks at his outlet – the so-called coffee shop association here has agreed on an increase of 30 sen…..and even before they came to an agreement, some coffee shops here already increased… Cilaka all those blood suckers!!!

    1. 😦 My favourite Chrysanthemum tea oso increased lah the price. 😦 Increased by 20 cents. 😦 sien… just flower tea oso wanna increase!

      Yalor…and sugar price only went up 20 sen a kg. I go any coffee shop, I will ask first. If they have increased, then I don’t want to drink. Would rather choke to death… 😦

      1. Yalorr… the price so unreasonable! 😦

        Going to have another post on that… Wish everyone would boycott the coffee shops, teach them a good lesson…

  2. RM6 for a bowl of rice with such a big portion of braised pork.. tastes nice some more, definitely worth the price.

    Yup, exactly! That big piece of meat, if you buy at the char siew shop…RM10, I would not be surprised.

  3. am going to try cook the Taiwan rice-got some salted veg in fridge….something different about this dish.
    drinks on him–he is smart-he know you will introduce his stall in your blog.

    LOL!!! No lah…ex-student, must be making good money. Here, it’s best to invest in food, sure billionaire very soon.

  4. Special Taiwan Rice looks tasty. I’ve never been to taiwan, but from what I’ve seen here, taiwan food has lots of pork in it. Hehe.

    Lol, only belanja drinks ar?? What is this, tak kenang budi cikgu ! =p

    It is…VERY tasty. Ok lah…better than many students – pretend they do not remember their teachers, wouldn’t even greet them.

    1. If i was your student, sure greet, hug, and belanja u. hahaha. If la..

      Not student, also can greet, hug and belanja bah… Wink! Wink! 😉 Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

      1. No hugs for me, tankiu… I’ll be squashed to death! LMAO!

        No, you’ll just hear the bones crack…one by one. LOL!!!

    2. LOL… I very kenang budi punya… when I go back, i summore will visit my teachers and bodek for their homecook food. The only teacher i dun go find is my maths teacher… I know she tarak like me cuz I made a terrible maths student…. Kakakaka…

      You good student bah… I will also greet – except that most of them already dead. Muahahahaha!!! Lame joke! 😀

      1. LOL… I like my teachers… most of them are very good and friendly… can kawan…some of them are even in in my fb…

        There’s just a few that anti me like hell, I dun dare to cross their path. Scary, man. Dono y I still sked of them after all these years…trauma, I guess…Hahaha… (u kno, the usual, failed maths and whatnot, kepala kenot masuk wud they teach… so sked of them)

        I’m sure you would be scared of me too if you were my student – but my bark is worse than my bite and a few could see through that – not all. 😦

  5. Woke up this morning feeling fine..haha..increase of 30 sen for the drink is daylight robbery and Bananaz got it will not successful. You love meat bro not so much fish and veg? The zhao zai hung ngang *a mouthful to pronounce hehe* looks like with assam soup?

    Not many fish dishes around here. That one’s a Foochow delicacy – if Annie-Q sees thatm sure she’ll be drooling…but luckily, it’s her birthday today, so I guess she’ll be too busy to come online… 😉

      1. LOL… I tink Annie will be busy celebrating… LOL!

        Bet she is. Christmas, she had the whole lok-lok truck at her house. Wonder what she’s having this time…

  6. the sourish soup, looks tempting wor…
    aiyoo…belanja drinks only, sekali ngan food la…hehehe 🙂

    Some people like it – I’m just ok with it, not really my favourite. Be thankful – business is business, belanja minum cukup lah… Friends’ children coming to me for tuition, I also charge them full fee, no discount. Hehehehehe!!!

  7. maybe he already gave you discount that’s why you get so cheap for all the food! lol. i am drooling for that braised pork… >.<

    Perhaps…or he gave me a bigger piece of pork. That huge slab for only RM6, quite unbelievable….and he also gave me a bowl of his bak kut teh soup to try. Thought it was ok…very strong herbal taste.

  8. Now it is not cheap to eat anywhere.. for RM10 we cannot have 3 meals compared to just three years ago. One breakfast for me alone, a bowl of noodles plus a glass of barley can cost RM5 the least….so ex student opened cafe? Should give ex teacher a treat, hor? lol….

    Yup…better buy own and cook at home, can save a bit. Well, he treated us to the drinks, good enough lah. Actually when he was studying in KL, I got in touch with him and he took me out for dinner a few times but those days, not his own money bah. Now earning his own, so I guess he has realised that money is not easy to come by…

  9. That Special Taiwan Rice really makes me drooling. It is worth the price for such a huge slab of braised pork.

    Yes…such a big piece. I dunno if other people get a piece of an equal size if they eat there. I would think this is really cheap. Btw, your first time here? Welcome…and do come again…

  10. i would definitely go for special taiwan rice as i didn’t have it in taiwan

    …and I’m sure you’ll love it. Hey, welcome back. New blog? 😉 Will link you…

  11. tell him you’ll blog about his stall, ask for more “sponsorship” haha 😛

    No lah… Do people favour, don’t expect anything in return one…and you’ll be truly blessed. 😉

  12. Wow.

    Good for your student. Seems like he is having some brisk business. That is good for him.

    My father is a good cook too and I planned to give him a capital so that he can start his own food shop.

    Oh? How old is he? I wished I had gone into the food business – would probably by so rich by now. Too bad, already old… Sobs!!! 😦

  13. I would definitely like to sink my teeth into the Taiwanese dish with the large piece of braised pork.

    Unfortunately, couldnt find in Penang. 😦

    No? I’m sure there’s more than one Taiwan restaurants there – maybe you can find something like this there.

  14. Special taiwan rice looks very delicious…must be very sweet and tender. Wonder how it taste. 😀

    Really nice…but it’s at the other end of town, quite far…so dunno when I will be able to go and eat it again. Drool!

  15. Psst… my mum just called this morning. Told me to convey her regards to u. She said the Sarawak laksa paste is nice to use… turns out very well, and she tried ur masak hitam step by step and used the kicap pekat, she said it turns out very well. She so jahat… told me she and my dad makan nasi minyak with the daging masak hitam… oooo.. T_T *DROOL*

    Hehehehehe!!! They’ve got good taste… From Sarawak, of course…best lah!

  16. for that bowl of noodle at RM 3 I think it’s very worth it. Can’t get that price here anymore. It’ll be at least RM6 at the cafe.

    Here, just increased, I think. Normally, used to be RM2.80…but 20 sen fair enough – gas up, cooking oil up, mihun up, everything up. Just can’t get over the 30 sen increase on drinks. 😦

  17. I like the picture of the taiwan rice too. Something I may want to try and cook myself 🙂

    It was very nice. Dunno what they marinate it with – did not taste like char siew sauce despite the red colour.

  18. oh, that Special Taiwan Rice is just my “bowl of rice”!! i just love that slab of pork ribs on top, so succulent looking and so tempting.. yummy!!!

    Come, come to Sibu… I’ll treat you to that! Yum! Yum! 😉

  19. Wow..i like that bowl of taiwan special rice, look very good!! And i want that Melissa bowl of Zhao Zai Hung Ngang, yum yum yum!! But the soup look a bit “clear” ?

    Yup, when are you coming back to Sibu again? I’ll take you there. Hah!!! I knew it! I knew you would want the zhao zai hung ngang. I also thought it did not look really nice but Melissa said it was good – just too sour for her.

  20. the huge slabs of the braised pork is a win!wow its consider cheap la. here maybe rm10? i would love that one. so drooling worthy picture there

    Can’t wait for the chance to go back there and have this again. The far end of town – I seldom go there… 😦

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