Banana pancakes…

My daughter loves pancakes. That was why she was so delighted when, on one of our stops in KL, we stumbled upon this place at the Pavilion – the Pancake House International

Pancake House International
*recycled pic*

If I’m not mistaken, it is a Filipino franchise and I read somewhere that they first opened an outlet at Sunway Pyramid and this one was their second. We tried their banana pancake (RM8.50 at the time)…

Pancake House International - banana pancake
*recycled pic*

…and Melissa loved it a lot.

Actually, her mum can make very nice pancakes but the occasions when she would do that were few and far between. Melissa has been home for some two months now…and she was so delighted when the mother announced one fine day that she would make some. Finally, she would be able to observe and learn how to make pancakes herself.

The pancakes turned out really nice – light, soft and fluffy…and absolutely great even when eaten as they were…without any syrup of any kind. Then, a few days later, Melissa said that she would try and make some more pancakes – the banana variety this time and she did…

Melissa's banana pancakes 1

They turned out very well indeed. It certainly looks like she can make pancakes all by herself now…

Personally, I prefer the plain ones though as the banana in the pancakes gave them that bottled banana essence smell which I do not really like.

Melissa's banana pancakes 2

I’ve posted the recipe in that earlier post the other day in reply to Annie-Q‘s comment but if anyone is interested, here it is once again…

2 eggs
1 coffee cup of plain flour
A bit of sugar
About 2 ounces of butter
A teaspoon of ENO
Some evaporated milk
Some water

1  Beat the eggs with the sugar first.
2  Shift the flour into the mixing bowl.
3  Add the Ideal milk.
4  Mix the batter till smooth, and then add the butter.
Make sure the consistency of the batter is not too watery. If it is a bit dry, add some water or if too watery, add more flour.
5  Add in the ENO.
6  Grease the pan with butter.
7  Put in the batter using a spoon.
Turn the fire to low heat to get pancakes to turn golden brown slowly.
8  Flip them over when the surface has a bubble-like texture.

So there you are – our family pancake recipe. Good luck! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

48 thoughts on “Banana pancakes…”

  1. I don’t fancy banana pancakes. Would rather make cucur kodok out of those bananas. If i were to make some pancakes for breakfasts, it will either be plain pancakes or blueberry pancakes, and I would serve them with butter…or maybe, if I have some maple syrup… I’ll serve with that too. My boy and my husband loves pancakes, but we prefer all those nasi lemak and stuff more… haha… so I hardly make pancakes for them to eat.

    Yup, I prefer the plain ones too…

    1. I din use eno, but abit soda water… hmmm… mebbe can try this ENo punya and see jadi oso anot….

      Well, Bob in Canada uses baking soda… No harm, give it a try and see whether you think what turns out is better… 😉

  2. Cleff, add Eno, take away the heat and improve digestion…can eat more….ha ha ha!

    I reckon it gives out gas (the ENO…not you) and makes the pancakes extra soft and fluffy. Maybe next time I’ll use 7Up instead of water and see whether it makes the pancakes even nicer or not. 😉

    1. Ya… i oso dun think the function is the same liao after add inside the batter… the pancakes more fluffy after add eno? Hmmm… i must try it one day.

      Go ahead. See Pollie – she has already made some for breakfast and thinks they’re really good! My daughter shared this recipe on Facebook the other day…

  3. ENO is a packet of alkaline powder!!! Anyway I love to try making the banana pancake using your recipe…

    Skip the bananas if you do not like the banana essence taste in cakes. I don’t…

      1. My anak like ma… so have to put lo sometimes… else he dowan eat. 😦 CHOOSY!!!

        Hope next time when choosing a wife, will also be so choosy…and find a real good one or one who will give in to his whims and fancies… 😉

  4. Hmm..interesting..adding eno,I mean. I got a big bottle of eno in my pantry from my disastrous kuih apam. So, your pancake recipe ni die-die also must try. Terpikat with the look of your pancake.
    RM8.50 for pancake…sorry lah, I won’t pay that kind of money just for pancake. Wasteful sebab pancake easy to make and ingredients so cheap!

    Oh? You use ENO in kuih apam too? Interesting… (Don’t they sell it in little sachets/packets there?) Haiyar…that time, desperate bah! Melissa was home since November (and it was already January – almost time for her to leave for NZ) and the mother did not seem to be in the mood to make any… Now that we know how to make, not going to spend that kind of money on the pancakes there anymore. Some bakeries here sell pancakes too…but theirs are not so nice.

  5. What’s with the ENO? O.o So eat liao not so full and easy digestion ar? 😛

    Looks good… hubs and I keep trying to make such pancake… we don’t know what is the secret to make it fluffy… >.<; ours keep ending up flat haha!

    Nope, it gives the pancakes a much nicer texture. Go ahead – follow this recipe… I’m sure you will not be disappointed. Btw, haven’t seen you around for sooooooo…. long! Been so very busy. Hope you and your hubby are doing well…

    1. Actually can use abit soda drink too… makes the pancake fluffier…but I think ENO works well too… oo… see the pancakes so nice!

      I suppose it’s the gas – the effervescence, if I can still remember the spelling of that scientific term. Gosh! So long ago since the time when I studied Science in school… Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  6. Andy loves these pancakes too! in fact he told me that the first thing in a buffet breakfst, he will conquer the pancakes first.. 6 in a row! then only he goes for other foodstuff.. ok, this sounds easy to make.. but then.. why ENO?

    I’ve tried pancakes at hotel buffets – I must say these are nicer. You should give it a try when Andy comes home – bet he’ll love you a lot for that! 😉

  7. ENO is the one; bubbly, bubbly ENO – seems like forever since I last heard of that remedy (I had to Google it then the jingle popped into my head, yeeesh). Personally, I’ll stick to baking soda, haha. I too like my pancakes straight-up with no additives and covered with maple syrup. Now my daughter she likes to add chocolate chips. Kids!

    LOL!!! Not a popular brand in Canada. Here, everybody knows ENO. So you add baking soda, eh? Probably that will have the same effect on the pancakes – make them soft and fluffy. Kids indeed – choc chip pancakes? Eyewwww….first, it was the cookies, now pancakes – soon they will have choc chips in everything. LOL!!! 😀

  8. I like banana flavored stuffs, hehe. Chocolate banana shake, roti pisang, plain old fashioned bananas, etc.

    I think the banana pancake would taste great!

    You teach your daughters to cook? Or the missus teaches.

    This pancake recipe, she learnt from the mum…but she picked up other cooking tips from me too. These pancakes are great – you can give it a try.

    You like bananas? Me too…bananas and papayas – but I do not really like bananas cooked – cucur,cake or whatever… Hmmmm….good thing you said bananas, not Bananaz!!! Muahahahaha!!!!

  9. I usually just use the mix but still cook it my way with additions and all

    Mix? What mix? Those sold in boxes in supermarkets? Eyewww…notnice. Bought to try once – so disappointing. The cake mix also – never mind what famous names, all not so nice…

    1. I agree, not nice… and rather lumpy when u cook the pancakes use those batter!

      Bought once (desperate, as mother did not seem to be “in the mood” to make)…and never again! 😦

  10. ENO??.. wow.. what happens when you don’t add ENO? will it make a big difference?

    The pancakes I used to have when young were flat and rubbery…and tough when cold. With the ENO, they’re soft and fluffy – much nicer. Was never a fan of pancakes until I ate these…

  11. I love pancakes, specially with cream and strawberry jam! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    Wishing you a great weekend!

    Good luck…and enjoy! Bet it’s going to be nice…

  12. I had pancake for breakfast yesterday… hv to fork out RM0.90 to get a small packet of ENO…lol…. vv yummy n soft n we eat with peanut butter and apricot jam…TQ Melissa

    You’ve tried making? Yup, Melissa shared the recipe on Facebook the other day – nice, right? With the ENO, there is a difference – softer and fluffier. Much nicer – not flat and rubbery…like the pancakes I used to eat when young. My dad would eat it with peanut butter…

  13. I prefer the plain ones too. Those banana, strawberry or whatever taste weird to me.

    Me too! All those will drown out the original taste of the pancakes…. 😉

    1. *gimme 5*, Kat. I also love the plain ones… hate the bananas ones… better make cucur pisang or goreng kao kao til crunchy and makan rather than put in pancakes. But occasionally, put abit blueberry on top ok lah…

      It was nice with ice cream though… 😉

      1. Cleff, you still owe me cucur jagung

        See!!! Pandai-pandai cakap, say wanna make pancakes for this fella, that fella… Hahahahaha!!!!

  14. Thks for this post…i mean the recipe. My son and I love pancakes…. here very hard to find. We only can get the nice one in McD. With your family’s secret recipe, I can try to make some…………and I do have all the ingredient you mentioned including ENO.

    McD’s…I think I had that once. Ok lah…same as those pancakes we can get from the bakeries here – small and cylindrical like those fried eggs where they use those rings and fry on a hot plate… Not really crazy about those…

  15. ENO? why have ENO?

    btw STP, if you are looking for good lou sang places, u shud ask Witch as she is more well-versed of the makan places around KL 😀

    ENO? See my replies to the previous comments. Aiyor…witch will go to all those high-class expensive places – where got I mampu to dine there. Me…can only hope to go to cheap places one… LOL!!! 😀

  16. The pancake look really good. Fluffy and i am thinking when i will start doing the pancake. Maybe after my boys finish their those frozen one.

    When i first saw the ingredient i also a bit “shock”, using Eno? hahahhaha..but my friend did said add eno can make the pancake more fluffy.

    See! You’ve heard it too, right? Come, make some for your boys! Nothing pleases a mother more than seeing the children loving and enjoying what she has cooked… 😉

    1. Annie, can also add soda drink inside the batter… fluffy oso… but the eno ones looks fluffier! LOL!

      Soda drink…from the time you open the bottle and mix with the batter and beat, much of the gas already gone. ENO will react with the water in the batter to produce gas… Maybe that’s the difference.

  17. Oh yea…i love pancakes..yup like u i also prefer plain than any type of flavours. gals yet to try my homemade pancakes, maybe will try to make for them one fine day…LOL!!

    Come, come…don’t be lazy now! Nothing like mom’s own made pancakes. They’ll love them and will never leave home ever – will always come back for more even when they’re grown, take my word for it.

    1. Or mebbe one fine day, Auntie Clef make some den feed u and ur anaks. it’s been awhile since Auntie Clef make pancakes…used to make them by the dozen and freeze em up during college years…

      Make, make…don’t just say. Now her anaks all waiting anxiously liao! Muahahahaha!!!

  18. Wow…home made pancakes by wife and daughter! Arthur, are you sure you need to eat pancakes outside again? I think the homemade ones are nicer. You can open a pancake house too! Your wife can make the pancakes, you can be the cashier and your daughter can do the marketing 😀 You should be seeing $$$$ now…haha

    …and then scrimp on the ingredients to make more $$$$$ and then all the customers complain and will not come back, and I go bankrupt! 😦 Hahahahahaha!!!! Nope, now that we know how to make our own, instead of waiting for the mum to do that, we will not be eating pancakes outside ever again… 😉

  19. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Now I know the secret ingredient to fluffy and smooth pancakes- ENO! No wonder the previous pancakes that I make became hard once cold 😦
    And have you tried corn pancakes (own-made ones)? Quite good, actually, though the plain ones are my all-time favourites.

    I think I’ll just stick to the plain ones. Corn reminds me of apam balik – the thick version…with crushed peanuts, sugar and corn inside…

  20. Wow wow! Good job to Melissa! They looked heavenly! So much so that I now crave for pancakes.. Haha.. I didn’t know you need to put ENO in pancakes?!! Fascinating!

    Actually my missus learnt this from some place else and there has been no turning back since. Everybody finds it extra nice…

  21. Aiyah, Arthur. You ni teruk la…I only realise your measurement all a bit of this, about that much and used coffee cup lagi!!! Cittt, I thought I can make this for tomorrow’s brekkie…now cancel la sebab you know la I ni a bit anal when it comes to measurement. I kena measure and try an error baru la I can make cantik-cantik and masuk blog so that I can keep the recipe for my son. Looks like there’ll be lots of pancakes my family got to eat until I find a foolproof measurement!!!

    Hahahahaha!!!! You know me – kampung people…secubit this and secubit that!!! My daughter can manage pretty well and so can my cousin, Pollie… Better this way, not dependent on recipes…so susah. 😉

    P.S. I watched Chef Wan on tv… He has recipes but while cooking, he also tambah this and tambah that so that more sour or sweeter and what not. In a way, also agak-agak lah like that… Didn’t follow measurements strictly.

  22. Difficult to find Eno kat Auckland…no small packets.I found giant bottles though at Indian grocery shop…mahal pulak tu!!

    LOL!!! I guess people there tale alka seltzer instead. Maybe you can try using that. But anyway, you still have your ENO. Otherwise, my daughter can bring you some – not one of those “controlled items”. LOL!!!

  23. oh this is nice.. i like pancakes, especially when piping hot with melted butter and clear maple syrup~~ good for breakfast and tea snack..

    You can make pancakes? Or your missus? Or your mother?…Or where do you go for piping hot pancakes with melted butter and maple syrup? Any place cheaper than that Filipino place?

  24. Banana pancakes? How come they look very strikingly similar to Doraemon’s dorayaki? :p

    You’re not the first one to say that – maybe I should go and watch Doraemon and see. Never watched – always thought it’s some silly Japanese cartoon…and I cannot stand the BM dubbing…makes it seem even more ridiculous, so dunno what a couple of you are talking about. 😦

  25. Eno! Interesting!

    I use baking soda…which I suppose has the same effect. Mine comes out quite soft as well. But I use much less ingredients..being a lazy mom! (eggs, buttermilk, plain flour, baking soda) hahahahahah…

    Yup…same as Bob in Canada. As long as they taste great, that’s the most important.

  26. I think the essential ingredient here is ENO, my pancakes always turns out dense.. nxt time I’ll add ENO.
    Just like frying nien gao with yam.. I added some baking soda to the batter.. makes a whole lot of difference

    Give it a try and see. Nien gao…the Chinese New Year kuih bakul? No, thank you…I don’t like that sticky stuff… 😦

  27. i love mc donald pancake. hehehe.
    i should try the recipe soon. tq for the recipe. i miss my kitchen . huhuh

    Go ahead and try when you can. I’m sure you’ll like it…

  28. when i was in Kl in june iwent to the pancake house at pavillion everyday! LOL! i like it very much! the food they serve were good. STP< i did post the photos in my FB hehehehe thks for putting up this article in your blog. cant wait to go there again. Cheers!

    Yup! My daughter’s looking forward to dropping by when we go over in mid-February. Nice place, nice food…

  29. Hello, I’ve read so much about you. I’m on a pancake mission and came from mnhl’s blog 🙂 Your recipe is rather unique but the measurement is kinda vague for me cos the word “some” doesn’t help much for a dummie cook like me 😉

    Sorry, that’s how my daughter learnt from the mum that day – old school…what we call agak2 one. Perhaps you can give it a try and come up with the exact precise measurements and share? I dunno how to make pancakes myself… 😦

  30. jumping over here from a link on Am feeling bad now as i do not put much effort into making nice food for my kids nowadays. Am definitely gonna try this pancake soon! thanks 🙂

    Good luck! 😉

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