Banana pancakes…

My daughter loves pancakes. That was why she was so delighted when, on one of our stops in KL, we stumbled upon this place at the Pavilion – the Pancake House International

Pancake House International
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If I’m not mistaken, it is a Filipino franchise and I read somewhere that they first opened an outlet at Sunway Pyramid and this one was their second. We tried their banana pancake (RM8.50 at the time)…

Pancake House International - banana pancake
*recycled pic*

…and Melissa loved it a lot.

Actually, her mum can make very nice pancakes but the occasions when she would do that were few and far between. Melissa has been home for some two months now…and she was so delighted when the mother announced one fine day that she would make some. Finally, she would be able to observe and learn how to make pancakes herself.

The pancakes turned out really nice – light, soft and fluffy…and absolutely great even when eaten as they were…without any syrup of any kind. Then, a few days later, Melissa said that she would try and make some more pancakes – the banana variety this time and she did…

Melissa's banana pancakes 1

They turned out very well indeed. It certainly looks like she can make pancakes all by herself now…

Personally, I prefer the plain ones though as the banana in the pancakes gave them that bottled banana essence smell which I do not really like.

Melissa's banana pancakes 2

I’ve posted the recipe in that earlier post the other day in reply to Annie-Q‘s comment but if anyone is interested, here it is once again…

2 eggs
1 coffee cup of plain flour
A bit of sugar
About 2 ounces of butter
A teaspoon of ENO
Some evaporated milk
Some water

1  Beat the eggs with the sugar first.
2  Shift the flour into the mixing bowl.
3  Add the Ideal milk.
4  Mix the batter till smooth, and then add the butter.
Make sure the consistency of the batter is not too watery. If it is a bit dry, add some water or if too watery, add more flour.
5  Add in the ENO.
6  Grease the pan with butter.
7  Put in the batter using a spoon.
Turn the fire to low heat to get pancakes to turn golden brown slowly.
8  Flip them over when the surface has a bubble-like texture.

So there you are – our family pancake recipe. Good luck! LOL!!!