My special angel…

My daughter came across this book just the other day…

Special daughter 1

I remember that I bought that for her a long time ago but I cannot recall exactly when that was, what the occasion was and where I had bought it. However, as I browsed through the pages, I found the lines so very heart-warming and as meaningful now as they must have been then…and here, I would like to share some extracts with you…

Special daughter 2

You are just so special
And I really hope you know
You’ll always mean the world to me
Wherever you may go…

Of all the gifts that I’ve received
So precious and so rare
There’s nothing else that I could have
Which ever could compare…

…To the joy and love you bring
To my life each minute
My world’s a happy, special place
Because it has you in it

You’re a very special daughter
Who I love with all my heart
And I’ve been so very proud of you
Right from the very start…

When you were a little child
And I’d watch over you
I saw you learn from your mistakes
As day by day you grew…

Special daughter 3

Your journey through life so far
Has given me such pleasure
And every day had filled my heart
With love I cannot measure…

I am so very grateful
For all you do for me
And I am so very proud
Of all that you’ve achieved…

You are very precious
And I just want to say
That you’re always in my thoughts
Whether near or far away

Whatever you go through in life
You know I’ll understand
And I’ll always be there for you
If you need a helping hand

Whenever things are getting you down
And you are feeling blue
I hope you will remember
How much I care for you…

Although you and I are family
We’re really more like friends
And the special bond we share
Is the sort that never ends

Special daughter 4

Special daughter 5

Special daughter 6

I guess most, if not all of you, like me, would find these lines from the book so beautiful and touching…

Have a great week ahead!

Just in case any of you is suffering from withdrawal symptoms owing to the absence of food in this post, these were the fluffy and yummy pancakes that Melissa made for tea the other day…

Melissa's pancakes

“So good you can even eat it on its own!” Drool! Drool! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “My special angel…”

  1. Bwhahauhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu….. T_T so sweet, so touching… darn… now see what you made me do… gonna have to call my dad, and he’s gonna be annoyed cuz today is working day. SOB! SOB! Nevermind, dun care him…I know he’s happy when I give him a call just to hear his voice. (Okay, i know… call me daddy’s girl, but aren’t all girls are daddy’s girl, no matter how grown up they are?)

    You don’t call him every day kah? Hmmmm….maybe already married, so different now. My daughter would sms or keep in touch on Skype every day… 🙂

    1. Ooo… no… 1 week once and occasional sms… hahaha… call everyday punya is my husband. LOL. But my sis sms my dad everyday… lagi anak manja. LOL!

      Bukan manja…itu sayang! 😉

  2. AWWW so very sweet. i gonna call my daddy too. lol

    Call… Old people usually say no need, don’t trouble yourself, you people busy…but nothing makes them happier than when you call or visit. 😉

    1. I usually call my dad on Saturdays… cuz dowan to kacau him at work…

      Sms also good…just to say hi. My daughter does that and if she doesn’t, then I send one to her…and she’ll respond. Feels nice just knowing someone’s thinking of you… 🙂

  3. You know the first time i met Melissa, i already had the hunch that she was indeed a girl that was brought up by great parent, especially great father for that matter, giving a good childhood and loads of love, tender and care along the way..

    that’s a wonderful dad you are, now i have to learn tonnes of parenthood tips from you Arthur..

    take care now and have a great week ahead

    Just shower them with lots of love and attention and you will never go wrong…and pull, don’t push. 🙂

  4. Wonder I should buy that for my girl.. hmmm.. daughters will always have a soft spot in the parent’s heart, wont they.. they are so.. sooo.. adorable.. when you look at them, you just wanted to smile warmly inside your heart..

    Boys leh? Not the same kah? In the past, boys were raised to be macho, to be “a man”, no show of emotion…but these days, boys can be just as lovable, sometimes…even more so. Time has changed…

    1. Boys different la Cikgu… girls can continue to be manja even when they’re already married and have children… but boys… haihhh… reach kindergarten 2 oredi dowan hug you or kiss u in public liao… say shy la, kawan see… not macho, ‘girl-friend’ see will laugh….! I kena oso ma! LOL!

      These days, boys not the same anymore. Some are even nicer and sweeter than girls. My students, those really very close to me…no problem with hugging and “going out with teacher”.

  5. Cool great words. Oh you made me wanna buy this book for her birthday this coming first day of CNY. She was the first baby born in Penang on the first day of CNY and got featured in The Star newspapers. Where can I get this book bro? tQ ~;).

    Don’t remember now… Probably in Popular as it was China-produced…and I guess that would mean that it was not that expensive. You can get such beautiful books at MPH or Borders…but those cost a bomb. Maybe kucing may be able to help…? 😉

  6. nice.
    how old was she when you got it for her? How old is your daughter now?

    You sound like a great dad ! gotta learn from you 🙂

    Hah!!! You haven’t even started! September, you say? Inviting me or not? Have to make travel plans… Hehehehehe!!! I’m so shameless! My daughter’s 21 now, free already. I cannot remember when I bought that for her – probably on oneof my trips when I was on travelling duty…possibly in KL from Popular – used to stay at Pearl International (Jalan Klang Lama) a lot…and there’s Popular next door.

    1. You’re funny! I like that, humour makes the world go round.

      That’s why I always check your link to see if there is updates. =p I’m quite new to the blogging world, just started mid december last year. Be my sifu ^^

      I’m funny?…I wonder how many of my students will say that. Scare the living daylights out of them. LOL!!! 😀 Most welcome to drop by anytime… You just started last month? Eeeee….I thought you’re an old hand at this. Like a virgin lah…like that? Muahahahaha!!!! That was the title of my very first post. 😉

  7. Wait a second… is there any chance that you wrote this book and specially dedicated to your lovely daughter? The quotes suit your personality well, lol!

    Thanks for sharing…!! Ok, going for a pancake treat now, you too, have a great week ahead!

    Blush! Blush! No lah…I guess the writer shares the same sentiments as all parents so the lines come across somewhat familiar. Hehehehehe!!!! Pancakes? Where? So far, I only had that once – at the Pavilion. Very nice, hope to drop again with my daughter when we go over in February.

  8. Is there any books for boy? :p I wanna get one for my Jordan.

    Dunno. I can’t remember… Anyway, he can’t read yet…and by the time he can, I’m sure there are lots of nicer books in the bookstores around. 🙂

  9. AWWW… SO Sweet!! I can feel the warmth and the love in all those lines, just like how YOU would write them 🙂

    Thank you for your flattering comment. Do drop by for tomorrow’s post… 😉

  10. looks like you missed your daughter very much… i am ogling at the pancakes. I have some maple syrup, i just need pancakes! lol

    No leh…she’s still here – will be around till Chap Goh Meh, middle of next month. She’s going to make some more pancakes soon…but we do not have any maple syrup. You need my mailing address? Muahahahaha!!!!

  11. So touching! Every single word is so true….

    Yes, it certainly does reflects everything a parent would feel for a child that is very much loved… 🙂

  12. SO sweet!! ahh my dad wont write these for me. 😦

    No? Why not? The traditional father who does not express his emotions much? Never mind, it’s deep in his heart. These lines are all from the book, anyway… 😉

  13. LOL…aiyo …pecah perut liao…tengah reading such touching words then suddenly come out photo of Doremon punya favourite food….those pancake looks like the Pau that Doremon loves to eat la

    Dunno, never watch Doraemon. All I know is there are small buns (bread) that they stuff with sambal ikan bilis (like nasi lemak’s) and deep fry for sale. They are called Malaysian burgers but I know many call those Doraemon as they say the cartoon character always eats something like that.

    1. Cis… not pau… dorayaki lah! LOL. U wan makan or not? I kno how to make…

      Whatever yaki, I don’t know… Never watched. LOL!!! 😀

  14. AWWW!! So sweet!!! Sad to said, i don’t know why i am not close to my dad. They usually said, girl close to father and boy close to mother?

    Now, i want the pancakes recipe, you know i don’t know how to make pancake and i always buy the ready made pancake for my boys and i just heat up and add the maple syrup.

    Maybe he was the traditional father, the sole breadwinner, not close to any of the children…and very much feared. The pancake recipe? Ours always agak-agak one. My daughter posted it on Facebook:
    2 eggs
    1 coffee cup of plain flour
    a bit of sugar
    about 2 ounces of butter
    a teaspoon of ENO
    some Ideal milk
    some water

    1. Beat the eggs with the sugar first and shift the flour into the mixing bowl.
    2. Add in Ideal milk, mix the batter till smooth, and then add in butter. Make sure the consistency of the batter is not too watery. If it is a bit dry, add some water. Or if too watery, add more flour. Add in ENO and then mix some more.
    3. Grease the pan with butter, turn the fire to low heat to get pancakes with golden brown surfaces ( Not so burnt :P)
    4. Pour in the batter. Flip them over when the surface has a bubble like texture (lots of holes)

    1. Yeah. A long way to go indeed. But no matter how long I wait, I want to have a daughter than to have a son. 🙂

      LOL!!! They’re closer to the parents…even after they’re married. 😉

  15. Very touching…its not easy for us Asian parents to say those words face to face with our kids.
    Here’s one we gave to one of our daughters on her graduation day…….

    You make us both so happy
    when in our lives you came
    a precious tiny daughter
    so we chose a special name

    From child into woman
    you grew each passing day
    and gave us treasured memories
    worth more than words can say

    It may be sentimental
    to love you as we do—
    but thank you Daughter darling
    just for being you.

    Nice, very nice. Very touching and meaningful. I guess the greatest reward for parents would for to watch the children grow and make something out of their lives.

  16. Beautiful post today, Arthur. Bring tears to my eyes. My dad passed away in 2003 and I miss him everyday since. His death was a shock as he wasn’t even sick and we did not get to say our goodbyes.
    Like you, I am also not productive. I only have a son and he’s going to 13 this Sept. When he was a toddler, I bought him a book ‘Love You Forever’ by Robert Munsch which I hope he will keep it and pass it on to his own children. Unlike Cleffairy’s son,thank god my son still kisses and hugs me even in public. Now that he’s much taller than me, he’ll walk with his arm around my shoulder macam lovers!..and he’s never shy to say ‘I love you’.

    You are a very loving father and Melissa is very lucky to be your daughter.

    Yup…I bring up my daughter like that too – to be more expressive of her affection…as I had a traditional upbringing where even saying “thank you” was few and far between. Your son so big already? Hey!!! That must have been an extremely old photo that you emailed to me. Hmmmm…now you have to send me another one so that I will know what you really look like…and I can show to Melissa so she can spot you if you two get to meet in NZ.

    Sad to hear about your dad’s untimely demise…but God is merciful. I always tell my daughter that I would want to die like that – just drop dead…and the best time would be when eating happily! I would not want to be sick and be bedridden for years and years….

  17. Arthur,
    The photo that i emailed you was taken on last year(2010) CNY la…where got so old?Of course la budak grow very fast especially if the mother cook non stop.These few days i have been making 3 desserts a day and not to mention snacking items lagi.Surelah my son will membesar macam johan.Only the emak cannot grow taller…only grow sideways…hahahaha.So,I still look the same albeit the body size saja la.Don’t worry,if Melissa cannot spot me,I sure can spot her…I ni kan got mata laser.

    Oh? So young and already taller than you? Gee! You must be small. Muahahahaha!!!! Ya…with all the yummy stuff you dish out, sure he’ll grow like a champion. Get him to exercise, work out…build some muscles… Otherwise, become suituapui like me…see lor! One STP is more than enough. Muahahahaha!!!!!

  18. Beautifully written. I guess not many fathers are expressive enough to actually utter those words to their daughters, especially those traditionally brought up. That’s why they have books like these, huh 🙂
    And those are yummy looking pancakes! I bet they taste just as yummy.

    Nice… She says she’s going to try and make banana pancakes next – looking forward to that. Ya…such books sure are handy when words get too difficult to express…

  19. very beautiful book with beautiful poems inside, i guess those exactly reflected what’s in your heart to your daughter right?? hmmmm, this time the pancakes cannot fight with the book, the book is a food for the thoughts~~ 🙂

    Yes, man cannot live on bread alone…. 😉

  20. wow… that’s very touching and sweet
    i love these stanzas the most
    “Of all the gifts that I’ve received
    So precious and so rare
    There’s nothing else that I could have
    Which ever could compare…

    …To the joy and love you bring
    To my life each minute
    My world’s a happy, special place
    Because it has you in it”

    Is it one stanza per page???

    Yup…small little book. Glad you like the lines… 😉

  21. really sweet messages 🙂
    works for sons too i guess.. haha..

    I guess so…except you need liquid paper to blanco the word “daughter” from the cover. LOL!!! 😉

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