My special angel…

My daughter came across this book just the other day…

Special daughter 1

I remember that I bought that for her a long time ago but I cannot recall exactly when that was, what the occasion was and where I had bought it. However, as I browsed through the pages, I found the lines so very heart-warming and as meaningful now as they must have been then…and here, I would like to share some extracts with you…

Special daughter 2

You are just so special
And I really hope you know
You’ll always mean the world to me
Wherever you may go…

Of all the gifts that I’ve received
So precious and so rare
There’s nothing else that I could have
Which ever could compare…

…To the joy and love you bring
To my life each minute
My world’s a happy, special place
Because it has you in it

You’re a very special daughter
Who I love with all my heart
And I’ve been so very proud of you
Right from the very start…

When you were a little child
And I’d watch over you
I saw you learn from your mistakes
As day by day you grew…

Special daughter 3

Your journey through life so far
Has given me such pleasure
And every day had filled my heart
With love I cannot measure…

I am so very grateful
For all you do for me
And I am so very proud
Of all that you’ve achieved…

You are very precious
And I just want to say
That you’re always in my thoughts
Whether near or far away

Whatever you go through in life
You know I’ll understand
And I’ll always be there for you
If you need a helping hand

Whenever things are getting you down
And you are feeling blue
I hope you will remember
How much I care for you…

Although you and I are family
We’re really more like friends
And the special bond we share
Is the sort that never ends

Special daughter 4

Special daughter 5

Special daughter 6

I guess most, if not all of you, like me, would find these lines from the book so beautiful and touching…

Have a great week ahead!

Just in case any of you is suffering from withdrawal symptoms owing to the absence of food in this post, these were the fluffy and yummy pancakes that Melissa made for tea the other day…

Melissa's pancakes

“So good you can even eat it on its own!” Drool! Drool! LOL!!!